Today in History, February 7: 1947: This date marks the official founding of the Jewish Agency, a world-wide organization centered in Israel. It is dedicated to the establishment of Israel as the Jewish Homeland, and to the encouragement and fulfillment of Jewish Aliyah from around the world.


Prayer Books, Torah Scrolls Destroyed in Suspected Palestinian Arson Attack

Palestinian arsonists are suspected of burning Jewish prayer books and Torah scrolls in a West Bank outpost’s synagogue.

Brazil Hillel Fakes Closure in Strange Marketing Strategy

Hillel Rio announced it would not close down just three hours after lamenting that it would, all via its Facebook page.

The Thin Line Between Criminals and Terrorists

"The line between criminal activity and terrorist activity is a very thin and dangerous line."

Israel Returns Bodies of Terrorists Who Killed Hadar Cohen

Israel handed over to the Palestinian Authority three bodies of terrorists who died in a Jerusalem shootout, in which they killed one soldier.



Playing With Matches: Exception to the Rule

You know the totally deluded, helplessly pathetic lead in He's Just Not That Into You who continually goes after guys that are very clearly not into her? I am her.

Avrech: Finland Teaches Women How to Get Raped

State TV in Finland teaches women how to get raped by Muslim invaders.

Avrech: IslamoNazis Murder Another Jewish Woman

Three terrorists committed a combined stabbing and shooting attack Wednesday afternoon at Jerusalem’s Damascus gate, wounding two female Border Police officers and a young man.


Jewplexed: Like the New Barbie, Jews Come in All Colors

Should the Jewish community follow the doll maker's example?


IDF Soldiers Rescue Abandoned Puppy

Toby was found alone, freezing and hungry, by a group of soldiers who made it their task to save him.


WATCH: Israel's Inspirational One-Legged Triathlete

"Disability is only something in your head"

Haneen Zoabi

Supporters of Terror Within Israel's Government

Knesset member Haneen Zoabi has used her power to incite action against the state of Israel.


Former Nazi, 93, is Third Auschwitz Guard to Face Trial This Year

Three relatives of people murdered at Auschwitz are co-plaintiffs in the case.

Holocaust Survivors Sue Hungary for Mass Transport of Jews

The lawsuit accuses the two defendants of cooperating to deport over 500,000 Jews during the Holocaust from Hungary and freezing their assets.

Palestinian Cartoons Depict Israel as a Snake

Palestinian publications are depicting Israel as snakes, rats, and octopi.

UPDATE: Australian Stationery Chain Recalls Globes that Exclud Israel

An Australian stationery chain has recalled globes that omitted Israel, labeling its location Palestine.


kosher options for valentine's day

Some Kosher Options For Valentine's Day

On Valentine's Day, for a people tasked in the Bible with being fruitful and multiplying, what goods are good for the Jews?

Holocaust Memorial Day: The Brides of Bergen-Belsen

These were the postwar weddings, the bittersweet marriage celebrations of thousands of men and women who had experienced the horrors of the Holocaust.

Inside the Nuremberg Mind

As a young German Jewish soldier, Howard Triest witnessed unusual intimate encounters with evil.

A Nazi in the Family

Three years ago I discovered that my grandfather was a member of the SS and arrested for crimes against humanity.

Soul Food, February 7

“You must not let anyone define your limits because of where you come from. Your only limit is your soul.” – Ratatouille