Today in History, September 2: 1937: An Arab constable was shot and killed by Arab terrorists at the high commissioner's summer residence at Atlit.



PM Says He is 'Ready' to Meet with Abbas for Negotiations

Netanyahu tells Women Wage Peace activists that he is ready to go to Ramallah to forge the solution 'two states for two people.'

chabad room

Melbourne Chabad Rabbi Steps Down Over Sex Abuse Scandal

Chabad's chief Rabbi in the Melbourne headquarters has resigned.


Netanyahu Vows 'Zero Tolerance' for Road Terror

PM tells security arms to beef up presence along Highway 443 and in Judea-Samaria; considering changing open fire orders.


Arafat Poisoning Case Closed Without Charges Filed

The Arafat case is now closed without charges filed. 


oval office

If You Don’t Like What’s Being Said, Change the Conversation

The policies of the next POTUS will shape our country, for at least the next few years, decades and possibly even the next century-don’t you want to know what those policies are instead of if the person potentially making them is wearing a toupee or not?


Jewplexed: How to Become (Again) a Citizen of Spain

During a period when many Americans have mixed feelings about the number of foreign nationals, a group of about 60 Jews, sat in the chapel of Sephardic Temple Tifereth Israel in Los Angeles, listening intently to a speaker explaining how to become a Spanish citizen.

hillary clinton

Suissa: Hillary Clinton Has the Answer To BDS

It’s not about demonizing BDS or defending Israel. It’s about providing calm, clear, credible information that will topple BDS from its throne of high morality.

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Suissa: Why do Jews Embrace Shame?

Don’t be fooled by the loudness and the hysterics coming out of Israel. Beneath all the public flogging and recriminations is a quiet engine of self-correction. It’s cumbersome, halting and flawed, but it’s there.


syrian civil war

First Fight Islamists in Syria- Then Move To Israel

Grandson of Holocaust survivor has big plans after he is done fighting the Islamists in Syria.



Arafat Poisoning Case Closed Without Charges Filed

The Arafat case is now closed without charges filed. 

Obama Clinches Congress Support for Iran Deal

Maryland Senator becomes latest member of congress to back White House, granting Obama the votes he needs to veto opposition.


dnb bank

A Norway Bank is Sorry for Credit Card with Anti-Semitic Image

The image shows a hook-nosed, bearded Jew wearing a kippah and a tallit laughing against a background of gold coins.


Orthodox Students at Dartmouth Press for Stricter Kashrut

Orthodox students at Dartmouth College are urging for stricter kashrut.


Man Threatens French Troops Guarding Paris-Area Synagogue

The troops were posted outside the school after the slaying of four Jews in January by a Muslim Islamist at the Hyper Cacher kosher supermarket on the eastern edge of the French capital.

orhtodox jews

12 Intersting Findings From the U.S. Jewry Study

The Pew Research Center survey of U.S. Jewry from 2013 is still discussed, as it provides interesting information on everything from intermarriage to Jewish education.


Elul: The High Holiday Anthem

We are entering a season of profound, powerful, and exponentially diverse days on the Jewish calendar. The festivals and special dates of this season pluck every string of our being and sound virtually every note our soul can sing.


Elul: Fit For a King

God judges us, not because He wishes to punish us and see us get what we deserve, but because He believes in our ability to transcend our blockages.

The Elul Process

Holiness requires preparation. Our chief task is not to create it, but rather to become a receptacle for holiness, which comes about according to the manner of the preparation.

Soul Food, August 5

You know how I feel about pretty boys - there aren’t enough of them in the world as it is - we can’t have people wantonly removing them. -Kerry Greenwood