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Avrech: Terror in Jerusalem

An explosion took place on or near a bus in central Jerusalem Wednesday afternoon. This was not a homicide bomber.

Terror in Jerusalem

Israeli medics work to save the life of a victim of Arab Muslim terror.

Just last night, I remarked to Karen that the Arab Muslim war against Israel/Jews has been pushed off the front pages by the current unrest in the Arab world, especially the coverage of Libya.

It's a great relief, I said. Sort of shows that Israel is a side-show in the unstable region. Shows that the problems of the Muslim world are chronic and go way beyond the obsession with Israel. In fact, it demonstrates that the Muslim world is a dysfunctional beast.

Naturally, the Palestinians noticed the same phenomenon. Thus, for the past few days terrorists have been raining rockets from Gaza into Israel. And this morning, a bomb in Jerusalem aimed at killing and maiming innocent civiliansand garnering maximum headlines.

An explosion took place on or near a bus in central Jerusalem Wednesday afternoon.
Police said that a bomb exploded outside Egged bus number 74 at a station in front of the Jerusalem Conference Center in the center of town.
Reports said that over 30 people were injured in the attack although the exact number was still unknown. [Editor: The current number of wounded is now at 68]

JCC Bus 3.jpg

Over 50 are injured. Keep in mind that these injuries are often horrific causing blindness, limbs shorn from the body, ear drums exploded, internal organs ripped by shrapnel, brain injuries, and of course the psychological wounds are beyond imaginationespecially for children.

Magen David Adom said that no deaths were reported in the attack.

A friend in Jerusalem tells me that three people are dead. But this has not been confirmed.

Police suspected that an explosive device inside a bag was left at the bus stop, which then exploded.

This was not a homicide bomber.

Southern Command is on High Alert.

A friend in Efrat reports that the roads in and out of Jerusalem are choked with traffic and check-points are everywhere.

Look for IAF strikes into Gaza in the next few hours.



My friends Israel Matzav and The Muqata are live-blogging the horror.



Soul Food, February 13

The truth is, everyone is going to hurt you. You just got to find the ones worth suffering for. ? Bob Marley