Israel Independence Day, This is Zionism

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 Date Posted: 2011-05-10 17:59:23



May 10, 2011

Israel Independence Day, This is Zionism





Israel is constantly accused, by those who love Zion, of being deficient in hasbarah, media relations.

Seraphic Secret believes this is an incorrect charge that betrays a fundamental misunderstanding of how images and messages are best created and delivered.

The reason Hollywood is the epicenter of movies is because American films are produced through a free market system. Hollywood movies are made by creative thinkers who operate outside the constraints of state funding and state control.

In Europe, films are, for the most part, state financed. Thus, their movie industry is on life-support both financially and creatively. Involve government--any government--in a creative endeavor and mediocrity, if not total disaster, is guaranteed.

So too with messaging.

No democratic state is deft at propaganda.

Only totalitarian and anti-Israel, Jew-hating movements--Fatah, Hamas, Hizbullah, Muslim Brotherhood, and their Western enablers, B'tzelem, J Street, etc.--are effective at delivering an all-encompassing message based on a mosaic of lies and lunatic conspiracy theories.

It is independent, free-thinking individuals who are best poised to exploit their media skills, it is these people who best make the case for Israel, for Zionism, for working against the Jew-hating narrative that oozes forward under the guise of human rights and social justice.

In the past ten years Seraphic Secret has witnessed the explosion of the blogosphere. And it is pro-Zionist bloggers--Jewish and non-Jewish--and those who read and support such blogs who are most effective at delivering and spreading a truthful, freedom-loving message.

In the forefront is Elder of Ziyon, a blogger who understands this urgent mission.

His latest posters: This is Zionism, are masterful.

And in honor of Yom HaAtzmaut, Israel's 63rd birthday, Seraphic Secret is posting a selection of Elder's posters.


this is zionism1.jpg



this is zionism2.jpg



this is zionism3.jpg



this is zionism4.jpg



this is zionism6.jpg



this is zionism8.jpg



this is zionism9.jpg



this is zionism11.jpg


And if you are not a Zionist, here is what you are supporting:



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