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Avrech: People Magazine's Fashionable Anti-Semitism

People, in their bathroom-ready prose, defines Mrs. Weiner as a "refined Muslim" in contrast to her husband, a "brash New York Jew." Think about this for a moment.

People Magazine's Fashionable Anti-Semitism


Huma Abedin Weiner with BFF Hillary Clinton.


Last week's issue of People magazine published a typically squishy article on Weinergate that focused on Weiner's Muslim wife Huma Abedin.

The purpose of the article was to paint Mrs. Weiner as a noble victim.

This is a standard liberal strategy: the victim as hero.

The mainstream media carried out exactly the same campaign on behalf of Hillary Clinton when it was revealed that her husband, then President of the United States, was receiving oral sex in the Oval Office from intern Monica Lewinsky, a girl young enough to be his daughter.

Vogue immediately did an expert makeover on Hillarykill the pants suit, cried the stylistand splashed her on the cover in deep soft-focus.

The liberal media are reliable enablers to emotionally dysfunctional, if not criminal, Democrats.

In People's profile of the Weiners, Huma Abedin is painted as a glamorous, virtuous and pious Muslim. So pious that out of respect, husband Anthony Weiner fasts during Ramadan.

We wonder if Weiner also fasts on Yom Kippur out of respect for y'know, Judaism?

But here's the kicker: People, in their bathroom-ready prose, defines Mrs. Weiner as a refined Muslim in contrast to her husband, a brash New York Jew.

Think about this for a moment.

Let the ugly implication sink in.

My wife Karen was properly outraged and fired off the following note to People.

From: Karen Avrech
Date: Mon, Jun 20, 2011 at 1:03 PM
Subject: Weinergate
To: "Editor@people.com"

I would like to know if you would ever consider slandering another minority with impunity as you did your Jewish readers in your article describing Anthony Weiner's marriage. To label him a "brash" Jew in contrast to a "refined" Muslim, is to engage in the lowest form of stereotyping. As an Orthodox Jew I am offended and I demand an apology. You would never dare apply such broad stroke slander to any other religious or ethnic group. You have engaged in the basest form of anti-Semitism.
Karen S. Avrech, Ph.D.

There are some questions about Mrs. Weiner that People has not addressed:

1. How did this refined and pious Muslim marry a brash New York Jew? It makes no sense. Pious Muslims only marry Muslims. See Front Page for an eye-opening discussion of this mystery.

2. Okay, maybe Anthony Weiner is so devastatingly charming and handsome that Huma couldn't resist. I mean, just dig into his Tweets to porn star Ginger Leehow come there are never porn actresses, just porn stars?and you can see what a class act is The Weiner, obviously perfect marriage material for a pious Muslim.

3. But what about Huma Abedin's family who are all Islamists with strong ties to, get this, the Muslim Brotherhood? Did they actually give their daughter the okay to marry an infidel?

4. My friend Rob Miller of Joshua Pundit analyzes the backstory of the Weinergate scandal and reasonably asks: Did Anthony Weiner secretly convert to Islam? And is Huma Abedin Weiner, current Deputy Chief of Staff to Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, and a long time member of Hillary's Pants Suit Brigade, an Islamist mole?

5. These are questions that should, but won't, receive wide coverage.

Look at it like this: if Weiner's wife were an Orthodox Jew with strong ties to, oh, say, Israel, don't you think the media would be all over that story with charges of conflict of interest, dual loyalties, state secrets, etc?

Of course they would.

When and if we get a reply from People, we'll be sure to post it.


Soul Food, May 1

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Thy hair mostly the hours love.
A silence that sings, saying
Though life be but a day,
We will go a-Maying."
-E.E. Cummings