The Jews Gave Me Wonderful Medical Care Because They Are Evil

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 Date Posted: 2012-01-17 17:14:48

The Jews Gave Me Wonderful Medical Care Because They Are Evil

Ilse van Heusden, Jew-hater.

The hydra head of Jew-hatred appears in an article by  Ilse van Heusden, a Dutch woman who gave birth to a healthy boy in Israel. She points out that her medical care was excellent. In fact, too excellent, proof positive that Israel is a racist society.

To be pregnant in Israel is comparable to a military operation. Countless echos and blood tests should produce the perfect baby, nothing can be left to the luck of the draw. The state demands healthy babies and a lot of them too.

Van Heusden's article, published in the Dutch Christian daily Trouw, portrays Israeli prenatal care as a military operation by a state obsessed with producing perfect babies. Her imagery is meant to conjure images of a cold Spartan state that breeds healthy children for military service. And of course, her carefully chosen language evokes memories of Nazi superbabies bred by pliant frauleins.

As van Heusden writes: "The chosen people have to be perfect."

Ilse van Heusden's Israeli doctors discovered that she carried the CMV virus, the reason she had to undergo multiple tests. In her article she admits that CMV can cause severe damage to the fetus. Yet van Heusden chooses to interpret the exquisite care she received--a non-Jew and a non-resident of the Jewish State--in the most negative light possible.

Ilse van Heusden's article is a study in classic Jew-hatred using the Progressive rhetoric of the left.

Yochanan Visser of Missing Peace, wrote a point-by-point refutation of van Heusden's vicious article and asked Trouw to print it as an Op-Ed.

Trouw didn't even bother to reply.

That van Heusden is a Jew-hater is beyond question. That the Dutch newspaper Trouw is knowingly disseminating a racist libel is also a simple fact.

But the problem goes beyond Jew-hatred. The lies and distortions about Jews/Israel have woven themselves into the fabric of European society to such an extent that the very media organs that are supposed to guard against such evil are, for the most part, enthusiastic supporters of a genocidal-yearning ideology.

Every article written by a van Heusden seeps into society like poison. The lies and distortions flow with ease because the groundwork for eliminationist Jew-hatred has a long and bloody history in Europe. And this Jew-hatred, disguised as intellectual anti-Zionism, is nourished by the Islamic jihadist fervor that has allied itself with the European left. This expedient marriage has produced a political and social miasma that is rapidly devouring Europe.

Decent people will spend hours writing point-by-point rebuttals of van Heusden's poisonous libel, but the lies will already have found their receptive audience. And who will bother to read a thoughtful defense of Jews/Israel? It's easy to spread lies; it takes but a few minutes to author such trash. But hours if not days go into proper research in order to refute the lies and present the truth.

Decency is at a disadvantage.

As in the Muslim world, delusions about Jews/Israel are the ties that bind societies that would otherwise fracture into warring tribes. There are no true Westphalian Arab states, just unruly clans and tribes held together by the leftover spit of the European colonial powers.

And in today's Europe, slowly bowing to Sharia, their entitlement economies capsizing like the Carnival Cruise ship off the coast of Italy, the warm and familiar tunes of blaming the Jews for, well, everything, beckons like the suicidal call of Homer's Sirens.

Here's the link to van Heusden's Facebook page.

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