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Today in History, May 1: 1943: The first of four trains carrying nearly 11,000 Jews arrive at Auschwitz from Salonika, Greece. This would mark the next step in the end of this ancient Jewish community that lives on in their unique music including that which is used in chanting Psalm 118.
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World Yawns as Sudan Ethnically Cleanses Christians

The Arab Muslim world has already killed and expelled its Jewish residents. It was only a matter of time before the Christian population was targeted.

World Yawns as Sudan Ethnically Cleanses Christians

Seraphic Secret is jammed with work and preparations for Passover. Hence, we are cheerfully swiping part of an excellent post by our good friend Rob Miller of the Joshua Pundit blog, in which he reveals that Muslim Sudan is ethnically cleansing its Christian population.

Its a horrifying tale, but hardly surprising in that Islam is and always has been a religious, political ideology founded and maintained through ceaseless wars and cruel imperialism. The Arab Muslim world has already killed and expelled its Jewish residents. It was only a matter of time before the Christian population was targeted.

Remember, the Jews are the canary in the coal mine of civilization.

We are waiting for all the do gooders who endlessly protest Israels so-called occupationyou cannot occupy what belongs to youto step up and vigorously cry out against this atrocity.

Just kidding. There is zero chance these self-righteous Europeans and Scandinavians will go up against Sudan because they would be tortured, raped and murdered. Its much safer and theres oodles of friendly press when dealing with the Jews they take such pleasure in demonizing.

The government of the predominantly Muslim nation of Sudan has stripped its 500,000 to 700,000 Christians of citizenship and has put them on notice that they have one week to leave the country. Even sub-jim crow dhimmi status is to be denied them.

According to an ENI report, the government of Sudan has declared that all whose parents, grandparents or great grandparents [were] born in the South Sudan or [who] belong to any southern ethnic group are no longer citizens of Sudan and must leave the Sudan by April 8 or else.

Theres more to this than meets the eye, of course.

The Sudan has always been a borderland between Arab and black African, between slavemaster and slave. And increasingly, between Muslim and Christian. During the decades long jihad by the Sudan between the early 1980 and today against the black Africans to the east in Darfur and in the south, conservative estimates put the death toll at over 2 million.The Sudans President Omar Al-Bashir has already been indicted by the International Criminal Court for genocide, something the Arab League has thumbed their collective noses at, with al-Bashir is able to freely attend meetings and travel all over the region without fear of arrest. The charges he was indicted for, the mass rapes, the slavetaking, the wanton murders make whats going on now in Syria look like a particularly sedate bridge party.

In July 2011, the jihad officially ended when the largely Christian South Sudan achieved independence, although sporadic attacks by al-Bashirs military and aircraft still continue in places like the Nuba Mountains and along the South Sudan borders.

Due to the discord caused by the breakaway, al-Bashir is under pressure to turn the Sudan into a extremist fundamentalist, Muslim Brotherhood ruled Islamist state.

The key figure involved is a Muslim cleric by the name Hasan al-Turabi, who leads the Sudanese branch of the Muslim Brotherhood. Al-Turabi is an interesting figure, rather like our old friend the late and unlamented Imad Mugniyeh in that he has the ability to transcend the usual Sunni/Shiah divide and stay on good terms with a lot of different players and factions.

Al-Turabi comes from an influential and wealthy family and has a legal background, having studied at Khartoum University, the University of London and, finally, at the Sorbonne in Paris.

Head on over to Joshua Pundit for the entire story.



Soul Food, May 1

"Thy fingers make early flowers of all things.
Thy hair mostly the hours love.
A silence that sings, saying
Though life be but a day,
We will go a-Maying."
-E.E. Cummings