Today in History, Jan. 2nd : 1893: It was reported today that Professor Cyrus Adler of Johns Hopkins University acquired a rare manuscript while in Constantinople that related to Columbus and the New World.


Eagles of Death Metal Reconfirms Israel Show Following Paris Attacks

Eagles of Death Metal confirms show in Israel this summer, in the wake of a deadly attack on its concert in Paris.

Ex-Porn Star Jenna Jameson To Star in Reality Show On Her Judaism Conversion

Jenna Jameson will be the subject of a reality show documenting her conversion to Judaism and her upcoming marriage in Israel.

Matisyahu Says He Was Proud to Stand Up to BDS

American Jewish reggae singer Matisyahu said that he was proud to stand up to the Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions movement.

Haim Saban Reportedly Pulls out of Campus BDS Initiative

Haim Saban has reportedly pulled out of a campus anti-BDS initiative.

Human Interest

What to Know About Jonathan Pollards Upcoming Release?

30 years after his arrest, Jonathan Pollard is due to be released on parole on Saturday.

Jewish Man with Nazi-Raised Identical Twin Dies at 82

Born in Trinidad in January 1933, Yufe and Stohr were separated at 6 months old when their parents divorced. Stohr moved to Germany with their Catholic mother, and Yufe stayed in Trinidad with their father.

Actress Zooey Deschanel Converts to Judaism

Deschanel, the daughter of a Quaker and Roman Catholic, converted shortly before marrying producer Jacob Pechenik.

WATCH: Senior's Moving Speech After Terminal Cancer Diagnosis

The incredible end of year speech given by 18-year-old New Zealand student Jake Bailey after he was diagnosed with a potentially terminal form of cancer and given just three weeks to live.


einstein and israel

7 Einstein Facts About Religion, World War II and Israel

A look at the lesser known side of Albert Einstein.

yizthak rabin 1974

5 Yitzhak Rabin Quotes About Peace

In honor of the 20th anniversary of Prime Minister Yitzhak Rabin's assassination, we remember the Israeli leader with his own words of peace.

seinfeld is coming to israel

The Four Israeli Seinfeld Episodes We Wish Existed

In the spirit of Modern Seinfeld, a feed that imagines new Seinfeld episodes in the age of social media and Netflix, here's the best potential plots for Jerry going to Israel.

israel railways

10 Tips for Surviving the Israeli Railway

The Israeli Railway is a great way to explore Israel, but before you climb on board read these 10 tips.


Guaranteed Hit "American Hustle" Takes Over Theaters

In American Hustle, FBI agent Richie DiMaso employees Jewish criminal Irving Rosenfeld and his girlfriend, Sydney Prosser, as they are thrust into the dangerous underbelly of corruption with NJ government, the Mafia, power-brokers, and many more.

Arrested Development Creator Talks New CD

Arrested Development releases it's long-awaited CD, and Miz Hollywood has two copies to give away!

Wonder Woman is Israeli

Israeli actress and model Gal Gadot will become the first big screen adaption of the iconic character Wonder Woman in the upcoming film "Batman vs. Superman."

Stars Join Together for "Kirstie"

Kirstie Alley's new television show, Kirstie, will debut on Wednesday, December 4th, and will star TV alum favorites Michael Richards and Rhea Pearlman.

Soul Food, December 2

Pursue some path, however narrow and crooked, in which you can walk with love and reverence.-Henry David Thoreau