Amid the Unrest: Background on Baltimore's Jews
baltimore's jewish community

A look at the Jewish community of Baltimore, a city rocked by protests since the death of African-American resident Freddie Gray.

10 Incredible Shavuot Recipes
Not for your average Shavuot meal...

1,400-Year-Old Wine Press Discovered by Israeli Teenager
Madonna Posts Conterversial Photo of Arab and Jew Kissing
World Marks International Hummus Day
10 of The Craziest "Crazy Jewish Mother" Texts

65-Year-Old Israeli Gives Birth
orthodox woman has baby at 65
The 65-year-old woman, who is Hasidic, had been trying to get pregnant since marrying over 45 years ago.
Israel Welcomes Christian Version of "Birthright" Trips
Natalie Portman Talks Netanyahu, Israel, and Being a Jew Living in Paris
Israel's Present for Britain's Princess Charlotte
Amid the Unrest: Background on Baltimore's Jews

Natalie Portman is Back with a Vengeance
natalie portman about being jewish and israeli
After winning the Academy Award for Best Actress in 2011 for her intense role in Black Swan, the Israeli-American actress took a well-deserved break and settled down with her husband and a kid, but now she's back with a vengeance.
The Backstreet Boys Arrive in Israel
Why Mad Men Was One of TV's Most Deeply Jewish Shows
Natalie Portman to Star as Jackie Kennedy in New Film
Drake Names Nightclub After Jewish Grandparents

Healthy Honey Cake From Israel
healthy honey cake
It's good, it's easy and it's fairly healthful. Enjoy and have a sweet and healthy year!
Potato Lentil Soup
From Israel's Archive: Golda Meir's Chicken Soup Recipe
Cinnamon Bun Cake
Calico Cheese Soup


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