8,000-Year-Old Olive Oil Discovered in Galilee
Olive Oil

Researchers find oldest evidence of olive oil usage in Israel and likely in entire Middle East at Lower Galilee excavation.

The City of David vs. the Propaganda Machine
city of david propoganda
For years, archaeology has been playing an increasingly crucial role in the battle of two opposing national narratives.
British Press Bans "Pigs" to not Offend Muslims
Holocaust Comic Author Slams Charlie Hebdo Censoring
Why did Cameron Diaz have a Jewish wedding?
German Neo-Nazis Go Hipster

Miss Lebanon in Trouble for Selfie with Miss Israel
miss israel miss lebanon selfie
Miss Lebanon is under fire after appearing in a selfie with Miss Israel, with some Lebanese calling for their country's contestant at the Miss Universe pageant to be stripped of her title for "consorting with the enemy."
Transgender Woman Says She was Denied Access to Western Wall
Stock Up on Matzah: Streit's Closing Lower East Side Factory after 90 Years
Living on Anne Frank Street
Poland to Restore PhDs Voided by Nazi Germany

Anti-Semitic Israeli 'Ex-Jew' Has UK Performance Cancelled
gilad atzmon anti jew antisemite
An anti-Semitic Israeli jazz player who describes himself as an "ex-Jew"has seen one of his performances cancelled in the UK, after residents complained over his history of anti-Semitism.
Israeli Arrested for Hacking into Madonna's Computer
Hollywood Discovers Israel
New Play "Wiesenthal" Extends Special Invite to Holocaust Survivors

Healthy Honey Cake From Israel
healthy honey cake
It's good, it's easy and it's fairly healthful. Enjoy and have a sweet and healthy year!
Potato Lentil Soup
From Israel's Archive: Golda Meir's Chicken Soup Recipe
Cinnamon Bun Cake
Calico Cheese Soup


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