Natalie Portman's Husband Converting to Judaism
natalie portman husband converting to judaism

In an interview, Natalie Portman's husband said he is in the process of converting to Judaism, and is looking forward to having a home in Israel one day.

Man Skips Seders, Wins $1 Million Instead
man skips seder wins 1 million in poker
A Montreal man who skipped both seders at his mothers home in Florida to play in a poker tournament took home the $1 million title.
6 Bizarre "Let It Go" Passover Parodies
Israeli Filmmaker Amos Gitai Making Movie About AMIA Bombing
Tel Aviv Allowing Some Stores To Open On Shabbat
7 Things Natalie Portman Said About Being Jewish

Report: Scientists Authenticate Papyrus Fragment Referencing Jesus' Wife
fragment of jesus wife
A papyrus fragment referring to the wife of Jesus is likely authentic, scientists believe.
Don't Call Her ScarJo
Mila Kunis Cameos With Ashton On 'Two And A Half Men'
Arab-Israeli Microbiologist Wins Israel's Master Chef
Putin's Israeli School Teacher Opens Up About His School Years

Andrew Garfield Says Spiderman is Jewish
andrew garfield says spiderman is jewish
Apparently, Peter Parker is totally Jewish. And... neurotic?
Why KISS Won't Make Up
Bar Refaeli & Muppet Ad Banned From Prime Time TV
Amy Winehouse Hologram Tour Not Happening
Rolling Stones Concert For Secular Jews Only?

Potato Lentil Soup
potato lentil
This one is delicious!
From Israel's Archive: Golda Meir's Chicken Soup Recipe
New Year's Party Poppers
Cinnamon Bun Cake
Calico Cheese Soup


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