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Mother's Low-Fat Cholent

Thanks to Michael Lustig from New York, NY for this great recipe!


1 lb. lean meat (chuck steak, etc.)
4-5 potatoes, cut into chunks
1 onion, sliced
2 parsnips, sliced
1/2 bag kidney beans
1/4 bag black beans
1/2 bag barley
1/4 bag baby lima beans
1/4 bag navy beans
2-3 bones (marrow) (optional)
1 tsp each chicken and beef soup mix
chili powder


Thursday Night (i.e., preparation for the final assembly):

Put beans in bowl of water overnight.
Trim the lean meat of all fat and veins. Boil water, cut meat into cubes, and drop into boiling water.
Peel and slice the potatoes and parsnip, put in bowl of water in frig, also for later inclusion.
Peel onions, cut ends, sliced. Store in plastic bag in frig.


Friday Afternoon:

Fill pot approx. 1/3 full of water; bring to a mild boil. Add spices and chicken soup (and any other spice you want), and mix.
Layer-in the beans, potatoes, meat, vegetables and bones.
Stir a bit, and top-off the pot with water, leaving some room for expansion.
Put cover on pot (sealable to lock-in the moisture). A crock-pot or slow cooker can also be used.
Place in oven, set to 215 - 225 Fahrenheit

Eat & Enjoy ~19 hours later!

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