"Around the World in Eight Days", Chanukah Customs

    Olive Oil In Yemen:
    The children went from house to house, tins in hand, to collect wicks for the Chanukah Menorah. They would chant (in Yemenite): "O father Salim, give us a present." If they received wick-ends along with fruits, candies and coins, they would respond in Hebrew - "sleep well."

    But if they didn't get anything, neither wicks nor goodies, they would shout in Yemenite: You miser, may your wicks be as dry as your bones!"

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    Olive OilIn Aden:
    The children wore blue clothing on Chanukah: blue for the color of the heavens, the abode of the Holy One who sent forth the miracles of Chanukah.

    Olive OilIn Germany:
    The eighth and last night of Chanukah used to be very special. All the left-over wicks and oil were lit in giant bonfires... People sang songs and danced around the fire, often until the small hours of the night.

    Olive OilIn Southern France:
    On the evening following the Shabbat of Chanukah, the Jews of Avignon opened casks of new wine. Parties would roam from place to place tasting the new wine and toasting the holiday.

    Olive OilIn Israel:
    The fifth night of Chanukah has been called "The Black Fifth Night", after that fateful night during World War I when the Turks expelled all Jewish residents from Tel Aviv and Jaffa.

    Olive OilIn Tunis:
    Women would specially commemorate the seventh day of Chanukah on which day the widow Judith is said to have performed her brave acts during the period of Syrian Greek dominance. In Tunis, the women would come to the synagogue and file past the Torah and kiss it as they passed; concurrently the men would complete the Talmudic study of Tractate Shabbat, containing the story of Chanukah


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