Today in History, August 30: 500: Having conquered Italy, Ostrogoth King Theodoric gave the Jews freedom to worship.


west bank

Israeli Man Injured in West Bank Shooting

A drive-by shooting injured an Israeli man.


Meet the Jewish Woman Getting Ready to Live on Mars

One Jewish medical doctor is preparing to make a big move.


Major US Industrial Union Joins BDS Movement

Citing Israel's 'history of violating human rights,' United Electrical, Radio and Machine Workers of America votes to boycott Jewish state.


Arab Driver Tries to Run Over Soldiers Near Hevron

Arab driver tries to run over a group of soldiers at the Hakvasim junction on Mount Hevron. One soldier lightly injured.



Jewplexed: How to Become (Again) a Citizen of Spain

During a period when many Americans have mixed feelings about the number of foreign nationals, a group of about 60 Jews, sat in the chapel of Sephardic Temple Tifereth Israel in Los Angeles, listening intently to a speaker explaining how to become a Spanish citizen.

hillary clinton

Suissa: Hillary Clinton Has the Answer To BDS

It’s not about demonizing BDS or defending Israel. It’s about providing calm, clear, credible information that will topple BDS from its throne of high morality.

gay parade

Suissa: Why do Jews Embrace Shame?

Don’t be fooled by the loudness and the hysterics coming out of Israel. Beneath all the public flogging and recriminations is a quiet engine of self-correction. It’s cumbersome, halting and flawed, but it’s there.

carly fiorina

Avrech: Talking About Carly Talking

A major, but frequently overlooked ingredient that contributed to the glamorous image of Hollywood’s greatest stars were their voices.


ehtiopian rescue mission

‘Homeland’ Creator to Direct Film on Rescue of Ethiopian Jews

ince “Prisoners of War” was turned into “Homeland,” Gideon Raff's career has blossomed.



Meet the Jewish Woman Getting Ready to Live on Mars

One Jewish medical doctor is preparing to make a big move.

duma fire

Is U.S. Taxpayer Money Subsidizing Jewish Terrorism?

A New York state Attorney General’s Office alleges that it's American taxpayers that are subsiding Jewish terrorism.


orhtodox jews

12 Intersting Findings From the U.S. Jewry Study

The Pew Research Center survey of U.S. Jewry from 2013 is still discussed, as it provides interesting information on everything from intermarriage to Jewish education.


Montreal Man Says Judaism Inspired Him to Save Children From ISIS

A man's Jewish background drove him to save Yazidi and Christian children from ISIS.


Jewish Cafe Re-Opens in Shanghai

A Shanghai cafe that used to serve as a meeting place for Jewish refugees will reopen.

mayer Rothschild

Baron Rothschild’s Secret

How the founding father of international finance remained humble and steadfastly committed to Torah values.


Elul: The High Holiday Anthem

We are entering a season of profound, powerful, and exponentially diverse days on the Jewish calendar. The festivals and special dates of this season pluck every string of our being and sound virtually every note our soul can sing.


Elul: Fit For a King

God judges us, not because He wishes to punish us and see us get what we deserve, but because He believes in our ability to transcend our blockages.

The Elul Process

Holiness requires preparation. Our chief task is not to create it, but rather to become a receptacle for holiness, which comes about according to the manner of the preparation.

Soul Food, August 30

There are people who have money and people who are rich.-Coco Chanel