Today in History, May 3: 1942: Nazis require Dutch Jews to wear a Jewish star


Iraqi army

Iraqi Forces Prepare for Major Push into Fallujah

With 50,000 civilian lives at stake, Iraqi special forces prepare for their toughest battle yet - ISIS looks increasingly weakened.

ISIS Fighter Tries to Sell Sex Slaves on Facebook

“To all the bros thinking about buying a slave, this one is $8,000.”


Israeli Company Will Build Medical Marijuana Plant in New Mexico

Panaxia has devised a method of extracting precise dosages of medical cannabis, which will be the basis of their U.S. pilot plan.


880 Refugees Died in One Week Trying to Cross the Mediterranean

In 2016 alone, over 2,500 migrants have lost their lives in shipwrecks and capsizing in a desperate bid for safety across the sea.


Omar Diaby

WTF: Why Did a French Terrorist Fake His Own Death?

French jihadist Omar Diaby has resurfaced after announcing his death via Twitter last year "for a very precise reason."


Just Ask: 12 Essential Ways to Master Communication

Want to succeed? Communication is absolutely key.

Trump effigy

Jewplexed: Burning Up Over Trump

This year's big question: Should I burn an effigy of Donald Trump in my Lag B’Omer bonfire this year?


Just Ask: 3 Steps to Take Before Making Important Decisions

We have been given the awesome and monumental gift of free will - but how do we decide how to impact the world with our decisions?


Israel: Land of Milk & Whisky

“Whiskey sales in Israel went up 45 percent in the last three years. This happened elsewhere years ago, but here things take a little longer.”



Hiroshima, the White House, and Israel

Those who instigate war need to pay the price for their evil - unless it’s waged against Jews.

Light festival

WATCH: Light Festival Lights Up the Old City

Jerusalem's 8th annual Lights Festival is taking place right now in the Old City!



Hiroshima, the White House, and Israel

Those who instigate war need to pay the price for their evil - unless it’s waged against Jews.


Can Being Religious Make You Healthier?

New research shows that leading a religious lifestyle is linked to lower risk of death from literally anything.

Hyper Cacher

French Jews Flee Paris Suburbs as Anti-Semitism Skyrockets

Harassment and attacks have forced Jews remaining in France to abandon their homes in the Parisian suburbs.

Holocaust Memorial

Holocaust Monuments Vandalized in Poland and Italy

Several newly-inaugurated Holocaust memorial sites were hit by anti-Semitic vandals, who broke and spray-painted expletives on the monuments.


The Israeli Astronaut and Shabbat

The story of Ilan Ramon has left a mark on the heart of every Israeli who witnessed it.


10 Incredible Shavuot Recipes

CAUTION: Do not open while hungry. Trust us.


Shavuot: Open The Book

Shavuot reminds us that the Torah is not only a cherished ceremonial ornament to revere and dance with on Simchat Torah, but the source of all our wisdom, knowledge and understanding about life and how we are to live it.

7 Quotes About Jerusalem

Beautiful words about the Holy City.

Soul Food, June 1

“I've got the key to my castle in the air, but whether I can unlock the door remains to be seen.”
- Louisa May Alcott