Today in History, February 8: 1944: The Nazis deported 1,000 Jews from Holland to Birkenau, including 268 hospital patients.


UPDATE: Australian Stationery Chain Recalls Globes that Exclud Israel

An Australian stationery chain has recalled globes that omitted Israel, labeling its location Palestine.

Who are the Jews of New Hampshire?

Discover the Jews of the Granite State!

Anti-Semitic Incidents Down 22% From Record High in Britain

An annual report counted far fewer anti-Semitic incidents in 2015 compared to the previous year.

Half of Israel's Jews Support Annexing Judea-Samaria

A startling discovery about Israeli thinking has been made as a result of a recent survey by the Israel Democracy Institute.


Trumah: The Gift of Giving

How can you build a house for God?


Former Nazi, 93, is Third Auschwitz Guard to Face Trial This Year

Three relatives of people murdered at Auschwitz are co-plaintiffs in the case.

Palestinian Cartoons Depict Israel as a Snake

Palestinian publications are depicting Israel as snakes, rats, and octopi.


Terumah: G-d's Dwelling Place Among Us

G-d's presence must be felt constantly and reflected in our behavior. His place among us must always be guarded.

Soul Food, February 8

Our fate lives within us. You only have to be brave enough to see it. Brave