Today in History, May 25: 1873: Theodor Herzl’s Bar Mitzvah.


From Ethiopia to Israel's Knesset

One Jew's incredible true story, revisited on the anniversary of Operation Solomon on May 24, 1991.

“Smelly Jews” and Harvard

The student’s offensive remark was not only anti-Semitic, it violated the sanctity of all human beings.

Autistic Soldiers in the Israeli Defense Forces

Welcome to Unit 9900, where special soldiers provide extra security for the IDF.

Rapper LL Cool J Speaks About Judaism and Israel

LL Cool J was the guest of honor at a symposium of Jewish community leaders on Wednesday.


Behar: Adapting to Imperfection

In reality, there is no difference between nature and miracles; both are expressions of the Divine will.


Portland State

Experiment Finds Portland College Students Perfectly Willing to Donate to Hamas

This disturbing video shows just how deep ignorance and blind hatred of Israel runs within the BDS movement.

Is The UK Golf Scene Anti-Semitic?

A British media mogul has accused the UK’s golf scene of being “full” of anti-Semitism, saying a prominent club banned him because he is Jewish.


Behar: Transactions of Faith

The spoon and the knife can be used as instruments of life or death. What determines their effects is man's intent and his use of these instruments - either to build or to destroy.

Soul Food, May 25

Eggs and oaths are easily broken. -Danish Proverb