Today in History, August 31: 2014: Dr. Judith Rosenbaum is scheduled to succeed Dr. Gail Reimer as Executive Director of the Jewish Womens Archives.


12 Intersting Findings From the U.S. Jewry Study

The Pew Research Center survey of U.S. Jewry from 2013 is still discussed, as it provides interesting information on everything from intermarriage to Jewish education.

Montreal Man Says Judaism Inspired Him to Save Children From ISIS

A man's Jewish background drove him to save Yazidi and Christian children from ISIS.

Jewish Cafe Re-Opens in Shanghai

A Shanghai cafe that used to serve as a meeting place for Jewish refugees will reopen.

Baron Rothschilds Secret

How the founding father of international finance remained humble and steadfastly committed to Torah values.


Ki Tavo: Listening and Law

God is not a tyrant but a teacher. He seeks not just our obedience but also our understanding.



Streak of Anti-Semitic Violence in Illinois Continues

Anti-Semitic acts continue across Illinois as menorah outside a Chabad Jewish Center torn down for second time in months.

united nations and antisemitism

UN Forum Plans War Against Christian Anti-Semitism

UN Headquarters in New York held a special forum discussing Christian anti-Semitism, marking 50 years since the Catholic Church's historic Nostra Aetate decision canceling claims that Jews killed Jesus and denouncing anti-Semitism.


Ki Tavo: Planting, Never Uprooting

Lapse in moral behavior by an observant Jew is greeted with headlines declaring in bold letters that the accused is a religious Jew. We sometimes wonder what is behind the vulnerability of the observant Jew to this form of social scrutiny.

Soul Food, August 31

Take a chance! All life is a chance. The man who goes farthest is generally the one who is willing to do and dare.-Dale Carnegie