From Farm to Seder Table: Locally Grown Matzah on the Rise
local matzah makers on the rise

In a labor-intensive process, bakers are producing a bread of affliction that feels ancient and modern at once.

Murdered at Auschwitz
My name is Yechiel Michoel Friedman. I was "murdered" at Auschwitz.

Jewish Pictorial History: The Lost Battalion of WWI
Scientists: Romanian Troops Behind 1941 Massacre of Jews
Passover 1941
From Farm to Seder Table: Locally Grown Matzah on the Rise

50% of Holocaust Survivors Living Below Poverty Line
50% of Holocaust Survivors Living Below Poverty Line
The annual report from the Holocaust Survivors Fund was released Wednesday - and revealed that a shockingly high percentage of survivors live in poverty.
Better Pension For Former Nazi-Laborer Jews in Germany
British TV Lambasted For Buying A 'Lock of Hitler's Hair'
New Chilean Art School To Promote Nazi Ideology
Jewish Groups Slam Latest Khameini Holocaust Denial

Reincarnation in Judaism?
The concept of reincarnation most likely predates the receiving of our Torah at Mt.Sinai 3300 years ago. Curiously there is no direct mention of reincarnation in the Torah...

Is it "OK" to Celebrate New Years?
Is the Channukah Bush Kosher?
Meet Rav Parry
The Evil Inclination in the Garden

Soul Food, June 2
One doesn't go to Jerusalem, one returns to it. That's one of its mysteries. -Elie Wiesel

Today in History, January 22
Birthdate of Bruno Kreisky, the first Jewish Chancellor of Austria. He died in 1990.
Today in History, March 30
Today in History, November 11
Today in History, November 6

French Court Punishes Man For Quenelle Salute
french court punishes man for quenelle
A French court punished a 28-year-old Morocco native for performing the controversial quenelle gesture in front of a synagogue.

Anti-Semitism In Ukraine Worries Russian Jewish Group
Ukraine Prime Minister Vows To Protect Jews
Crimea Synagogue Vandalized Amid Ukraine Unrest
Farrakhan: 'I Don't Hate Jewish People'

Acharei Mot: Shabbat HaGadol
shabbat hagadol
Our sages teach us that if all of Israel fully observe just two Shabbatot we will merit the coming of the Messiah.
Metzora: A New Start
Tazria: Parenting Advice
Shemini: When Pigs Fly
Tzav: The Greatness Of Man's Soul
Acharei Mot: Physical And Spiritual Protection
physical and spiritual protection
When we defend our lives and property we maintain our physical existence, but when we protect our spiritual identity through Torah we safeguard the purpose and meaning of that very existence.
Metzora: How We Treat Nature
Tazria: Spiritual And Physical Recovery
Shemini: The Power Of The Spoken Word
Tzav: A Humble Spirit
Parsha in a Nutshell: Acharei Mot
acharei mot parsha
Following the deaths of Nadav and Avihu, God warns against unauthorized entry "into the holy."

Parsha in a Nutshell: Tazria & Metzora
Parsha in a Nutshell: Tazria
Parsha in a Nutshell: Shemini
Parsha in a Nutshell: Tzav


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