Nazi Refuge Discovered in Argentine Jungle
nazi underground hideaway found near paraguay

A team of archaeologists and researchers discovered what they believe was a refuge for Nazis in an Argentine forest near the border with Paraguay.

French Jew Attacked Upon Leaving Synagogue in Paris
paris - jewish boy, 13 year old attacked
French authorities are investigating the complaint of a Jewish man who reported that three young men viciously beat him on Saturday as he left a synagogue in Paris.
A First: Women of the Wall Read from Large Torah Scroll at Kotel
Jews in Line for Portuguese Citizenship
Hasidic Rebel on Leaving Orthodoxy and Losing His Children
Parsha in a Nutshell: Shemini

Passover in Hell
passover in hell
In March 1943, five weeks before Passover, the Germans liquidated the ghetto either killing or removing all remaining Jews. Krakow, a city that had been home to Jews for 700 years, was officially declared Judenrein.
Nazi Refuge Discovered in Argentine Jungle
Prague Unveils Holocaust Memorial
China, WJC Commemorate Shanghai Ghetto Liberation
Alleged Auschwitz Medic, Now 94, Charged as Accessory to Murder

Reincarnation in Judaism?
The concept of reincarnation most likely predates the receiving of our Torah at Mt.Sinai 3300 years ago. Curiously there is no direct mention of reincarnation in the Torah...

Is it "OK" to Celebrate New Years?
Is the Channukah Bush Kosher?
Meet Rav Parry
The Evil Inclination in the Garden

Soul Food, April 27
No one saves us but ourselves. No one can and no one may. We ourselves must walk the path.-Buddha
Soul Food, August 5
Soul Food, July 31
Soul Food, May 5
Soul Food, June 2

Today in History, April 27
1933: The American Jewish Congress and other organizations continued preparations for a march to be held on May 10 in New York to protest Germanys treatment of her Jewish population.
Today in History, Jan. 2nd
Today in History, December 20
Today in History, August 5
Today in History, July 31

French President Warns the Holocaust "Could Yet Return"
lesley gore jewish
In France, President Francois Hollande warned that the continued existence of racism and anti-Semitism meant "the worst could yet return," as Europe on Sunday remembered the atrocities and horror of three death camps run by the Nazis.
Nearly a Third of Americans Think Jews "Aren't Loyal"
Swastikas painted on Jewish frat house at Vanderbilt
Europe's Undercover Yarmulke Journalists
Italian Politicians Want EU to Establish Anti-Semitism Task Force

Tazria: Parenting Advice
parenting advice
The parental responsibility is a serious one and is the essential basis for all service of God.
Shemini: Fire, Holy and Unholy
Shemini: When Pigs Fly
Tzav: The Greatness Of Man's Soul
Vayikra: On Leadership: The Sins of a Leader
Tazria: Spiritual And Physical Recovery
spiritual and physical recovery
Only when a person purifies his or her spirit can he or she attain a state of physical health in the truest sense.
Shemini: Honoring the Elders
Tzav: A Humble Spirit
Vayikra: Inscribing God's Name
Pekudei: Accountability And Public Service
Parsha in a Nutshell: Tazria & Metzora
parsha tazria
The Parshahs of Tazria and Metzora continue the discussion of the laws of tumah v'taharah, ritual impurity and purity.

Parsha in a Nutshell: Tzav
Parsha in a Nutshell: Vayikra
Parsha in a Nutshell: Pekudei
Parsha in a Nutshell: Ki Tisa


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