When Himmler Resisted Hitler

The largely overlooked story of how Heinrich Himmler saved thousands of Jews at the end of WWII.

Online Campaign Aims To Build Third Temple
online campaign to build third temple
The Temple Institute, an organization in Jerusalem which works toward the rebuilding of the Third Temple, began a revolutionary campaign on Sunday to literally rebuild the Third Temple - through the power of crowdfunding.
Jewish Museums in Norway Closed for Fear of Attacks
In Riot by Synagogue, French Jews Left to Protect Themselves
A Prayer for the IDF
Home of Netherlands Chief Rabbi Attacked Again

Woman Behind 'Auschwitz Selfie' Defends Her Actions
auschwitz selfie woman defends actions
An Alabama teen has defended her actions this week, according to the Huffington Post, after she posted a "selfie" in the Auschwitz death camp.
The Iasi Pogrom
Auschwitz Poster Pulled From Major US Retailers
German Teacher Caught Smuggling Inmate's Possessions From Auschwitz
The Brown Silk Dress

Reincarnation in Judaism?
The concept of reincarnation most likely predates the receiving of our Torah at Mt.Sinai 3300 years ago. Curiously there is no direct mention of reincarnation in the Torah...

Is it "OK" to Celebrate New Years?
Is the Channukah Bush Kosher?
Meet Rav Parry
The Evil Inclination in the Garden

Soul Food, May 5
In prayer it is better to have a heart without words than words without a heart. -Mohandas Gandhi
Soul Food, June 2

Today in History, June 12
1912: A kosher kitchen was installed at Ellis Island for use by immigrants.
Today in History, January 22
Today in History, March 30
Today in History, November 11
Today in History, November 6

Dutch Watchdog Reports Record Levels Of Online Anti-Semitism
record levels of antisemitism
A Dutch watchdog group said it was observing record levels of anti-Semitic hatred online.
Sydney Jewish Board: Cartoon 'Racially Vilifies' Jews
Synagogue, Cars In North Miami Vandalized With 'Hamas'
What Really Happened to Jews in Paris
Windows Smashed in Belfast Synagogue

Devarim: When Victory is Assured
Jewish History repeats itself, we don't know how it will end, but in the past Jews have put our trust in God that we will be victorious.
Matot: Jewish Soldiers
Pinchas: Lover Of Peace Or Fanatic?
Balak: Not Reckoned Among The Nations
Chukat: Miiriam, The Life Giver
Devarim: "Aycha" - How? "Ayeka" - Where?
The answer is within you.
Matot: Avenging G-D's Vengeance
Pinchas: The Laws Of Zealotry
Balak: Blind Hate
Chukat: The Price Of Purity
Parsha in a Nutshell: Devarim
Moses begins his repetition of the Torah to the assembled Children of Israel, reviewing the events that occurred and the laws that were given in the course of their 40-year journey from Egypt to Sinai to the Promised Land.

Parsha in a Nutshell: Matot-Massei
Parsha in a Nutshell: Pinchas
Parsha in a Nutshell: Balak
Parsha in a Nutshell: Chukat


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