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The Most Interesting Seder Plate In The World

Every so often something comes around that manages to capture the spirit of Jewish tradition in a new and exciting way.

The Most Interesting Seder Plate In The World

Every so often something comes around that manages to capture the spirit of Jewish tradition in a new and exciting way. Gary Rosenthal, a prominent artist and sculptor, has done exactly this with the latest gem in his Judaica collection, a Seder plate that people are calling “The Most Interesting Seder Plate In the World.”

The Most Interesting Seder Plate In The World
This year as we sit down to repeat the ancient customs of our ancestors, Rosenthal’s unique design brings a new look to our Seder table. Standing vertically, this Seder plate not only has a place on it for the traditional six dishes, but for the matzah, salt water, and a bowl of charoset as well. Rosenthal jokes that this is the one Seder plate that could really be called "the whole Megillah."

Rosenthal has always been an innovator when it comes to Judaica items. Since the 70s, he has combined copper, brass, and steel with fused glass, creating timeless pieces for every Jewish occasion. Works from his collection have been presented to Presidents Obama, Clinton and Carter, and many celebrities have been known come to Rosenthal for their Judaica needs. Rosenthal’s works include Tzedakah boxes, dreidels, mezuzot, and Seder plates, many of which can be seen in museums worldwide.

Rosenthal says his inspiration comes from the rich history of the Jewish people which tells us it’s a blessing - a mitzvah - to make beautiful, functional, art.

The Gary Rosenthal Collection is more than just an artistic statement. Rosenthal’s collection has also become a catalyst for using art to further social action and community. Rosenthal was recently recognized as “Employer of the Year” by the local autism association, and currently employs two autistic associates who he says "do their job with more skill and precision than I ever could."

Rosenthal is also known for creating the Hiddur Mitzvah and Glass Ribbon projects. The Hiddur Mitzvah project is an incredible program which allows anyone to create Judaica using Rosenthal’s unique style. Many schools participate in this program, in which students create mosaics of tumbled glass pieces on precut glass templates. Those mosaics are sent back to the Gary Rosenthal Collection studio where they are fired and become part of a finished piece of Judaica. Many of these pieces have gone on to be donated to those in need.

Gary Rosenthal
The Glass Ribbon Project, another creation of Rosenthal’s, is a free community art project that supports the fight against breast cancer. People touched by breast cancer and who want to help join together to create the pink glass mosaics that adorn the Gary Rosenthal Collection’s Glass Ribbon line of Judaica. A portion of the proceeds from this line is donated to help Jewish women living with breast cancer.

"It's always been important to me to do good business, but to do good at the same time," says Rosenthal.

Through innovation like his newest Seder plate and his practices of social responsibility and action, he's certainly lived up to those self-set expectations.

To learn more about Gary Rosenthal, his collection, and his programs, visit his website or facebook page, and for a limited time you can purchase his newest combination Seder plate here with free shipping anywhere in the US!

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