Today in History, March 28th: 2011 - Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu offered aid to the victims of the massive earthquake in Japan


Netanyahu to Trump: Let’s Vanquish Militant Islam

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu told AIPAC that Israel would work with the United States to defeat the “forces of militant Islam.”

Meet the Israeli-Arab Who is Defending Israel in the United States

Muhammad Kabiya, an Israeli Bedouin who recently completed his service in the IDF on a search and rescue team in the Israeli Air Force, says critics of the Jewish state abroad display a remarkable ignorance of Israel.

US Ambassador: Israel Bashing at the UN is Over

"You're not going to take our number one democratic friend in the Middle East and beat up on them."

Senior Hamas Operative Arrested in the West Bank

The Shin Bet has rearrested Rafat Nasif for rock throwing and organizing other acts of violence.


Meet The World’s Eight Richest Men

They have wealth equal to half the population. It's a striking statistic but it's also irrelevant.

Israel Aims to Become the World's 5th Largest Economy By 2025

Several bilateral trade agreements have been signed today at the China summit.

Bloomberg Ranks Israel's Economy as 8th 'Least Miserable'

Israel comes out ahead of the U.S. in latest poll.

Gaza's 'Capital Mall' Opens Amid Turbulent Economy

Most of the mall's products are imported, since Gaza's local industry is virtually nonexistent.


Kushner’s Russian Meetings Are Being Eyed by an Intelligence Committee

The US Senate Intelligence Committee is seeking to interview President Donald Trump’s son-in-law and senior adviser Jared Kushner on his Russian meetings

Four Killed, 20 Injured in Terror Attack at UK Parliament

Parliament is on lockdown after an apparently multiple terror attack, during which multiple people were mowed down by a vehicle on Westminster Bridge and a police officer was stabbed.

Hezbollah Uses Crash of Israeli Drone to Force International Conflict

The IDF has confirmed that the Israeli drone that crashed on Sunday did so as a result of malfunction; but why did Hezbollah claim it was shot down by the Syrian army?

UN Report Accuses Israel of 'Apartheid'

A unprecedented document released by the UN condemns Israel for allegedly dominating and oppressing the Palestinian people as a whole.


A Dig Reveals British Soldiers Stashed a Whole Lot of Liquor in Israel in WWI

Archaeologists were expecting to find 250,000-year-old Paleolithic artifacts, but instead were surprised to find a sizeable 100-year-old booze stash.

Skeletons of Uniformed Soldiers Found in Jerusalem

It is unclear whether the soldiers were Jews.

Netanyahu Takes Call From Trump During Police Questioning

An indictment could lead to the Prime Minister's resignation.

Israeli Tourist Arrested For Climbing Brooklyn Bridge For a Selfie

The incident involving the 18-year-old man, who was charged with criminal trespass, comes days after youths nearly died while posing on a frozen pond in Central Park.

Soul Food, March 28th

"Whoever is careless with the truth in small matters cannot be trusted with important matters." - Albert Einstein