Police Catch Drug Traffickers Posing as IDF Troops

Their plan went awry when police raided the Bedouin town of Bir Hadaj and discovered the loot.

Nikki Haley: "I Will Not Shut Up"

Haley's words were a response to the Palestinians' negotiator Saeb Erekat.

Hamas Leaders in Disarray over Mixed Signals from Tehran

Hamas leaders are evidently divided on where to go next.



Netanyahu Seeks to Strengthen Israel-India Bond

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu today spoke to businesspeople at a power breakfast with Devendra Gangadharrao Fadnavis, the chief minister of Maharashtra Province.

Israel's Economy Grew 3% in 2017

The budget deficit reached its lowest point in recent years.

Israel Considers Switch to the Digital Shekel

National cryptocurrency design would cut cases of tax evasion.

Cracking Cryptocurrency

Israeli co-founder of Cointree Capital gives us the lowdown on why you may want to invest in cryptocurrency.


South Africa to Cut Ties with Israel

While South Africa has been critical of Israel for a long time, the announcement marks a dramatic turn in the two nations' relationship.

UN Warns of Nightmare Scenario if Israel, Hezbollah Clash

The possibility of a direct confrontation between Israel and Hezbollah is growing by the day.

Israel Fears Syrian Poison Gas May Leak into Country

This comes just after last week's exchange of fire after an Iranian drone infiltrated Israeli airspace from Syria.


New Israeli Law Seeks to Curb Camels

A law to regulate oversight of camels in the public domain passes first Knesset reading.

WATCH: Denver Broncos' Chris Harris Jr. Visits a Hamas Terror Tunnel

The football star talks about his life-changing experience.

Virgin Atlantic In-Flight Menu Says Couscous Is "Inspired by Flavors of Palestine"

The offensive, one-sided description has ignited a proxy war.

Iranian Military Official Is Convinced the West Is Using Nuclear-Spying Lizards

Senior advisor to supreme leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei believes Western spies infiltrate Iranian nuclear programs using small reptiles.