Today in History, February 10: 1944: The first ship to break the British blockade of Palestine arrives in Eretz Israel.


IDF Warning: Hamas is Focusing on One Major Tunnel

IDF investigations are showing that Hamas is utilizing over 1,000 terrorists to construct one massive tunnel leading directly into Israel.

British Newspaper Twists Netanyahu's Words

British newspaper, The Guardian, skewed Netanyahu's words into something he certainly did not say.

Arab-Israeli Startup School Launches

The school for innovation in Kafr Qasim will also soon feature a startup accelerator.

Iranian Cyber Hacker Infiltrated Former IDF Chief's Computer

An Iranian cyber hacker successfully infiltrated a former IDF chief's computer.


Obama Backtracks on Additional Defense Package for Israel

President Barack Obama has refused to provide extra defense aid to compensate Israel for the damage caused by last year's Iran nuclear deal.

Israel Innovates Intelligent Socks for Diabetics

Hebrew University students aim to reduce foot ulcers by linking pressure-sensing socks to a smartphone app that informs patients of developing risk.

Israeli Startups Raise Over $550m This Month

This is a record breaking amount of money!

Sony Drops $212 Million on Israeli Company

Japanese consumer electronics giant Sony Corporation has confirmed that it is acquiring Israeli company Altair Semiconductor.


Anne Frank's Diary: Copyright Battle Ensues After Becoming Free Online

The Diary of Anne Frank has become available for free online and is facing legal action over copyright laws.

Aleppo's Ancient Synagogue Threatened with Destruction

As regime forces move in on rebels amid intense fighting, group calls for help in saving last traces of Jewish heritage in the ancient city.

50,000 Children are Starving in Somalia

The UN is calling for $885 million in food aid to ease the state of crisis in Somalia caused by the intense drought.

Will Bloomberg Join in the Presidential Race?

Former New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg confirmed he is considering entering the 2016 presidential race.


Israeli Spy Vulture Captured in Lebanon

Israeli intelligence forces may or may not be panicking over the arrest of one of their featheriest agents.

The War on Hummus

Anti-hummus activist strikes stores across New York City, then brags about it on Facebook.

H&M Apologizes, Pulls 'Tallit Scarf'

The international retailer faced a barrage of Internet backlash and laughter for a scarf resembling the traditional Jewish prayer shawl.

Soul Food, February 10

I don't believe in the kind of magic in my books. But I do believe something very magical can happen when you read a good book.
? J.K. Rowling