Riots Begin in Jerusalem After Muslim Prayers
stone throwing riots jerusalem

Dozens of Arab youth rioted in Jerusalem on Friday, as they tried to break through police barriers by the Shalem police station near the Damascus Gate, located on the eastern end of the Old City's northern wall.

Christians Celebrate Good Friday in Jerusalem
Local Christian Arabs and pilgrims from around the world made their way down the cobbled Via Dolorosa in Jerusalem Friday, where Jesus is believed to have walked to his crucifixion.
Palestinian Authority Flags Replace Israeli Flags in Tel Aviv
Riots Begin in Jerusalem After Muslim Prayers
Putin Praises Russian Jews in Passover Greeting
Ukraine Leaflet: Jews Ordered to Register or Face Deportation

Israeli Gadget Solves Your Phone Issues in the Car
sticko car phone gadget
Sticko has developed a tiny phone mount for attaching a smartphone to a car's windshield. The company has raised $52,000 by crowdfunding, more than four times its target.
Sheldon Adelson Approved To Buy Israeli Paper, Website
Israel Launches A Virtual Coin
Yeshiva University To Run Out Of Money In 2015?
18 Israelis Make "Forbes" 2014 Billionaires List
White Supremacist Website Linked to Nearly 100 Murders Worldwide
white supremacist group linked to over 100 murders
Nearly 100 murders around the world in the last five years can be traced back to users of the biggest white supremacist forum on the Internet.
Alan Gross Goes On Hunger Strike In Cuban Prison
Hezbollah Cell Nabbed In Germany
Senate Votes To Ban Iran UN Ambassador From Entering The US
PA's Czech Ambassador Killed By Explosives In Books

The Donetsk Flier, Translated
jews ordered to register in the ukraine
A translation of the flier that demands all Jewish citizens of Donetsk, Ukraine to register themselves as Jews or face deportation.
Missouri Mayor Endorses Suspected Kansas Killer's Views
Customs Officials Nab Underwear Diamond Smuggler
Irish Bomber Blows Himself Up After Forgetting to Change Clock
Kosher Nightclub to Open in Moscow


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