Today in History, July 2: 1826: Official date on which the Hebrew Mutual Benefit Society, the oldest such organization in New York, was formed today


Iran Receives 13 Tons of Gold in Sanctions Relief

Repatriated gold bullion brings interim deal relief total to $12 billion, as sanctions regime fails in stopping nuclear aspirations.

Hamas Terror Cell Planning Attack Arrested in West Bank

A terror cell planning an attack in the West Bank has been arrested.

Israel Closes Southern Borders as ISIS Moves into the Sinai

The Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant moved ominously close to Israel’s borders Wednesday, July 1.

WATCH: Terror Victim's Father Sings at His Son's Funeral

"I raised an ambitious boy, wise, with such great intelligence. He went out to play basketball, a competition between communities, and didn't come back. It's shameful, what is happening in our country."


"Israeli Government Has No Credit Exposure to Greece"

Experts warn that Greece's bankruptcy will have consequences for the global economy, and is liable to harm Israeli exports indirectly, while increasing the risk in global markets.

Israeli University Joins India in Developing Cancer Drug Based on Nobel Prize Winner Technology

The Israeli biotech industry and institutions of higher learning are tightening their connections with India, and have announced a cooperation agreement with an Indian pharmaceutical company for the development of new products for treating cancer.

Teva Launches Generic Schizophrenia Treatment

Teva Pharmaceutical has launched the generic equivalent an antipsychotic medication, approved for the treatment of schizophrenia and for the acute treatment of manic and mixed episodes associated with bipolar I disorder.


Obama Announces Opening of Embassy in Cuba

President Barack Obama will announce on Wednesday that the United States and Cuba have reached an agreement to open embassies in Havana and Washington.

ISIS Executed More than 3,000 People in One Year in Syria

Among those executed are 1,787 civilians, including 74 children.

Transsexual Gay Duo Seeks Acceptance - in ISIS

A transsexual man and his gay female friend, have left to join ISIS, unaware that ISIS publicly executes gay people by throwing them off buildings and stoning them.

IDF Chief Pledges to Protect Syrian Refugees

The Israel Defense Forces' chief of staff said the army will act to protect Syrian refugees from being slaughtered by the Islamic State, or ISIS.


Netanyahu's Hospital Ride is a Pita Truck

The Israeli Prime Minister was smuggled into medical appointments on more than one occasion, with the help of a pita truck and a pest control vehicle.

Pub Owner Names Cocktail After Holocaust

Human rights activists in Belarus complained about a pub owner's decision to name one of his signature cocktails after the Holocaust.

Hitler's Secret Champagne Stash Found in Saxony

One well-known German restaurant owner was surprised to see a Nazi secret lurking under his eatery: the champagne and cognac stash of Adolf Hitler.

Israeli Military Admits Error in Non-Kosher Sandwich Scandal

The Israeli military admitted its error in punishing a soldier from the United States who brought non-kosher sandwiches on his base.

Soul Food, July 2

In order to carry a positive action we must develop here a positive vision.-Dalai Lama