Bank of Israel Bought $7 Billion in 2014


The Bank of Israel in 2014 bought over $7 billion in an effort to prop up the value of the dollar versus the shekel.

Axel Springer Seeks More Israeli Start-ups
The German media giant is looking for Israeli start-ups for its Berlin accelerator.

Israel's Largest Solar Plant to Be Inaugurated
solar panels
Israel's biggest solar energy project in the Negev receives a license for producing electricity, will be inaugurated Wednesday.

Poverty Report Fuels Election Rhetoric
Against the backdrop of the election campaign, the alternative poverty report by the Latet non-profit organization, according to which 2.45 million people in Israel are poor, became a political weapon today.

Forget Petroleum, a Solar Field Grows in Israel
In the sun-parched fields near where the largest oil spill in Israeli history poured millions of liters of crude oil into the desert, an ambitious effort is underway to help reduce global dependency on petroleum for energy.


Sodastream Jumps On PepsiCo Deal
sodastream jumps on pepsico deal
The home carbonated drinks maker will test several PepsiCo flavors in Florida stores.
Israel's Elbit Lands $85 Million Asian Defense Contract
asian defence contract
The world-leading Israeli defense company Elbit Systems announced Wednesday that it has been awarded contracts from an unnamed Asian country for roughly $85 million, as Israel's Asian ties continue to blossom.
Google Offers $15m Prizes For Best Educational Apps
logo for google
Google is opening its wallet for the purpose of narrowing educational gaps in the developing countries.
Bank Of Israel Unveils New 50 Shekel Bill
new 50 shekel bill unveiled
The Bank of Israel on Wednesday released the first samples to the Israeli market of its new 50 shekel (just under $15) banknote that is posed to enter circulation.
Apple Unveils the iPhone 6, Apple Watch
apple watch and iphone6
Apple unveiled the iPhone 6 on Tuesday, the newest entry in its highly popular line of cellular phones, along with its foray into the smart-watch market entitled the Apple Watch.
RedHill Buys Rights To Pancreatic Cancer Treatment
redhill buys rights to pancreatic cancer treatment
RedHill is acquiring rights to RP101 from German biotech company RESprotect.
Hamas Tunnel Workers Earn $200 Per Month
hamas tunnel workers earn 200 permonth
An indictment and detention request against six Hamas detainees presented by Israel's Southern District (Criminal) State Prosecutor yesterday against the operatives reveals details about the salaries they earned for digging tunnels.
Tel Aviv Rises To 18th Most Expensive City
tel aviv 18th most expensive city
Tel Aviv is the world's 18th most expensive city for foreign visitors, according to Mercer's annual cost-of-living survey for expatriate employees.

OECD: Only Mexico has Worse Poverty Than Israel
only mexico has worse poverty than israel
It is no wonder that your average Israeli is struggling financially on a daily basis. OECD's inequality report also shows Israel with the fifth highest after-tax inequality of any member nation.
Herzl's Personal Dedication Sold for $67,000
hertzl's personal dedication
Binyamin Ze'ev (Theodor) Herzl's personal dedicated autograph from 1900 was sold last weekend for a figure of $67,000.
Intel Plans To Invest $6 Billion In Israeli Economy
intel to invest 6 bilion in israel
Intel officials said the $6 billion investment will completely revamp the company's plant in the southern Israeli city of Kiryat Gat.
Israeli Gadget Solves Your Phone Issues in the Car
sticko car phone gadget
Sticko has developed a tiny phone mount for attaching a smartphone to a car's windshield. The company has raised $52,000 by crowdfunding, more than four times its target.
Sheldon Adelson Approved To Buy Israeli Paper, Website
adelson to buy israeli paper, website
A Jerusalem court approved the sale of the right-wing newspaper Makor Rishon and the NRG news website to billionaire Sheldon Adelson's Israel Hayom company.

Israel Launches A Virtual Coin
israel launches a virtual coin
Like Bitcoins, Isracoins are cryptographic, meaning they are created by a computer that anyone can download.
Yeshiva University To Run Out Of Money In 2015?
yeshiva university to run out of money 2015?
Yeshiva University is at risk of running out of unrestricted cash in the near-term future, Moody's Investors Service warned.

18 Israelis Make "Forbes" 2014 Billionaires List
18 israelis make forbes billionaire list
There are 18 Israelis in "Forbes" 2014 Billionaires list, which was published today.
EasyJet Expands Low Cost Israel-Europe Flights
easy jet
The low-cost UK carrier easyJet inaugurated a new Tel Aviv-Berlin route to add to their new Israel-Europe low-cost flight roster.
Shekel Weakens Sharply
The shekel has weakened against the dollar and euro in morning inter-bank trading today.
Israel Sells UAVs To Finland
israel sells uavs to finland
The first 50 Orbiter mini-UAVs are about to be delivered to the Finnish Army.
Larry King, Technion Team to Promote Israeli High Tech
larry king
Larry King and the Technion are establishing the Israel Silicon Valley Chambers of Commerce to foster Israeli high tech.
Obama Nominates Stanley Fischer as Vice Chairman of the Federal Reserve
stanley fischer new vice chairman of federal reserve
Stanley Fischer, former Governor of the Bank of Israel, will be nominated to serve as vice chairman of the Federal Reserve, the Obama administration said on Friday.
50% of Israeli Children on Threshold of Poverty
peres agrees to meet iran's rouhani
"We must not neglect children. This is a mistake that we will pay for in the future," said President Shimon Peres after receiving the National Council for the Child annual report.
Knesset Wants Google Royalties For Israeli Content
knesset wants google royalties for israeli content
The Knesset is demanding royalties from Google Inc. for Israeli content.
Historic: Over $1 Billion In 2013 U.S. Israel Bond Investments
israel bonds reach historic high
Annual Israel bond investments in the U.S. domestic market exceeded $1 billion for the first time, as 2013 sales broke through the historic threshold in early November and continue to surge.
US to Finance More Iron Dome Batteries
iron dome golan israel syria strike
Tuesday's budget deal between the chairpersons of the US Senate and House of Representatives budget committees includes hundreds of millions of dollars in increased military aid for Israel.
Israeli Developed "Swallowable" Camera Sella for $860 Million
israel invents swalloable camera
An Irish company will purchase Given Imaging Ltd., an Israeli firm that developed a swallowable camera to diagnose problems in the digestive tract.
New Large Natural Gas Field Discovered on Israel Coast
new gas field found on israeli coastline
A large natural gas field has been discovered near an already-large natural gas reserve in northern Israel.
El Al to Launch Low-Cost Flights to Europe
el al low cost flights to and from israel
From March, El Al Israel Airlines Ltd. will operate 5 Boeing 737 airplanes on their low-cost flights. Budapest, Berlin and Prague will be among the destinations, and possibly Cyprus and Greece.
Huge Facebook Deal Acquires Israeli Company
facebook israel
Facebook will acquire Israeli startup Onavo, which developed an application to help users save money on internet data connection charges. The deal is said to be worth up to $200 million.
Nobel Prize Winner Couldn't Get Tenure in Israel
michael levitt nobel prize winner jewish
One of the winners of this year's Nobel Prize in Chemistry said he left Israel because he couldn't get tenure at the Weizmann Institute.
Intel Israel president: I Hate Start-up Nation
start up nation
Mooly Eden: Start-ups are fine, but we must attract the multinationals.
Israel 25th in WEF "Human Capital Index"
human capital report 2013
The report examines the ability of countries to develop and exploit the economic potential of their citizens, and is intended to help improve the allocation of resources for developing human capital.
EasyJet Inaugurates Tel Aviv-Rome Flights
easy jet
From today, easyJet will operate two weekly flights on the Tel Aviv - Rome route on Tuesdays and Saturdays.
Dollar Hits Two Year Low
The shekel has weakened slightly against the dollar and euro in morning inter-bank trading today, after strengthening sharply yesterday.
Tel Aviv Among World's Ten Cheapest Stock Markets
In 2011, in line with the global trend, the Israeli market fell. But internal and external forces last year resulted in only a partial correction in Israel, while all other markets enjoyed rising prices.
US Cuts Jeopardize Iron Dome, Arrow
tel aviv missile
The US budget cut could reduce aid to Israel by $729 million, including $429 million for anti-missile programs, Washington sources say.
Defense Officials Confirm Turkish AWACS Delivery
israeli aerospace
Defense officials: Boeing softened the Defense Ministry's position, and it allowed IAI-Elta to fulfill its contract with Boeing.
Apple to Open Third Research Center in Israel
The tech giant's new center will open later this year in Raanana's industrial zone.
Something Big Is Happening in Karnes City, Texas
eagle ford shale
Karnes City sits on top of one of the largest shale formations in the world... The Eagle Ford shale is 50 miles wide and spans 400 miles through the entire state of Texas. 
Merrill Lynch: Israel is in Good Shape
merril lynch israel growth forecast 2013
The Israeli economy is in very good shape in global comparison and will grow by 3% in 2013, said Merrill Lynch Wealth Management chief investment officer for Europe, Middle East and Africa Bill O’Neill at a press conference in Tel Aviv today.
Shekel Tumbles as Gaza Conflict Flares
tel aviv missile
The shekel was sharply down against the dollar and the euro in morning inter-bank trading after Israel launched Operation Pillar of Defense in Gaza and southern Israel was hit by a barrage of rockets.
45% of Israelis Cannot Make Ends Meet
israeli shekels
45% of Israelis over the age of 20 cannot make ends meet, the Central Bureau of Statistics reported today.
U.S. Extends $4 Billion in Loan Guarantees to Israel
The United States extended nearly $4 billion in loan guarantees to Israel through 2016. As part of the deal, Israel must also hit certain economic targets regarding the size of budget deficits and levels of government spending.

Merrill Lynch Ups Israel 2012 Growth Forecast
merril lynch israel growth forecast 2013
Although Merrill Lynch reiterates its 2.9% growth forecast for 2013, it warns of risks.
Orthodox Receive 80% of Institutions Welfare Budget
Hebrew daily "Ma'ariv" cites an internal Ministry of Social Affairs report that 80% of its budget for public institutions goes to haredi (ultra-orthodox) institutions, such as yeshivas of various kinds.
Twice as Many Israelis at Risk of Poverty as in EU
In Israel, 43% of single-parent households were at risk of poverty in 2010. The risk of poverty among Israeli children was 40% - double the EU average of 20%.
Fischer: World Close to Recession
stanley fischer imf bid
In an interview with "Bloomberg", Stanley Fischer said that Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's early elections decision was "the right move".
iPhone 5 Price Doubles in Israel
iphone 5
The new Apple smartphone, which sells for $700 in the US, will cost at least double in Israel when it arrives in December.


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