Israel Launches Airstrikes in Gaza Following Rocket Attack

Israel’s military launched airstrikes on the Gaza Strip in retaliation for a rocket attack on Israel.

Report: Hamas Tortured Rival Palestinians, Blamed Israel
hamas fighters
Hamas used the cover of last summer's conflict with Israel to torture and kill Palestinians from rival factions, according to a new report.

Blair to Step Down As Mideast Peace Envoy
tony blair
Tony Blair, the former British prime minister, will step down next month as the special Middle East peace envoy of the Quartet group representing the United States, the European Union, Russia and the United Nations.

Egyptian Court: We Can't Designate Israel a 'Terrorist State'
egypt flag
Court in Egypt rejects a lawsuit demanding the designation of Israel as a "terrorist state".

Clashes Resume Between ISIS, Palestinian Factions Near Damascus
isis book burning
Islamic State group jihadists in Syria are trying to retake positions they lost in previous fighting in the Yarmouk refugee camp in southern Damascus, a Palestinian official said on Tuesday. 
Egypt Temporarily Reopens Rafah Crossing
rafah crossing
Egypt reopens border crossing with Gaza for two days, permitting traffic into Gaza.
Air Raid Sirens Sound in Southern Israel
iron dome
Air raid sirens sounded in Lachish, Ashdod regions.

Iraq Blocking Citizens Fleeing ISIS
Aid group says Iraq is forcing people from Anbar province, where Ramadi recently fell to ISIS, to return to the battle zones.
Iran: S-300 Delivery from Russia Coming Soon
s300 launcher
Iran's Deputy Foreign Minister says Moscow and Tehran have concluded talks on the delivery of S-300 missiles to Iran.

Cameron and Putin Agree to Start Talks on Syria Crisis
putin and cameron
British Prime Minister and Russian President agree "that Syria talks should resume".

Israel Thanks U.S for or Opposing Mideast Nuclear Arms Ban At UN
Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu thanked the United States for blocking a resolution that would have opened discussions on making the Middle East a nuclear-free zone.

Former Prime Minister Ehud Olmert Sentenced to 8 Months
Former prime minister given more jail time and a hefty fine for his part in massive corruption scandal.

Abbas's Fatah Calls to Conquer Israel 'By Force'
fatah flag
Fatah 'Nakba' messages call for terrorism as 'only' way to take entire state of Israel for its own, while showing off its terror branches.

ISIS Massacres Hundreds in Palmyra
isis fighter
ISIS has reportedly murdered hundreds of people after seizing the ancient town of Palmyra last week- 400 civilians were massacred by the group since Wednesday.
Obama Pitches Iran Deal, Two-State Solution to American Jews
obama speaking
President Barack Obama on Friday donned a yarmulke (kippah) and pitched his nuclear deal with Iran and the case for a Palestinian state directly to American Jews.
UN Condemns Israel for 'Violating Health of Syrians'
syria flag
UN resolution blames Israel for violating health rights of Syrians in the Golan, ignores the fact that Israel treats wounded Syrians.
World Bank: Gaza Economy on 'Verge of Collapse'
gaza strip
Gaza’s economy, stifled by the highest unemployment rate in the world, blockades, poor governance and a series of military conflicts, is headed towards a “collapse,” a new report by the World Bank says.

Gaza Evacuation Program Launched Ahead of Future Wars
gaza city skyline
The IDF and local Regional Councils are already preparing residents of the Gaza Belt area for another war, and have prepared an evacuation plan following the mass exodus from the area during Operation Protective Edge.
Obama: Disagreeing with Israel is Necessary to Defend It
obama speaking
"When you get in arguments with friends, it’s a lot more newsworthy than arguments with enemies."
Why Does Nobody Give A S*** About Syria?!
syria war
Do you know how many people have died in the Syrian Civil War so far? No? Well, you are not alone because for some reason, NOBODY seems to care.

Iranian Embassy Blown Up in Damascus?
iran flag
Why is only one media outlet reporting that a huge explosion struck the Iranian embassy in Damascus Wednesday night?

The US Wants Israel to Lose Its Nukes
white house discovers drone on grounds
Washington seeks to advance the idea after reaching agreement with Russia about the matter.
U.S. Approves $1.8 Billion in Advanced Munitions to Israel
The Obama administration approved the sale of $1.8 billion worth of munitions to Israel, including precision guidance devices and bunker-busting bombs.

With Capture of Palmyra, ISIS Now Controls Half of Syria
Jihadists from ISIS seized full control of the ancient Syrian city of Palmyra on Thursday, putting the world heritage site at risk of destruction.
Iran: 800,000 Missiles Pointed at Tel Aviv
irans missiles pointed at israel
According to a top Iranian advisor, Tehran has "tens of thousands" of missiles pointed at Israel, and will not hesitate to use them to "sow the seeds of destruction in Israel."
Netanyahu: I Support a Two-State Solution
bibi speaking
"I don't support a one state solution – I don't believe that’s a solution at all. I support the vision of two states for two peoples – a demilitarized Palestinian state that recognizes the Jewish state, and I look forward to discussing with you how we can advance that vision forth in a practical, secure and responsible way.
Will Vatican's Palestine Reference Impact Jewish-Catholic Ties?
pope francis
When considering the Vatican's creep toward recognition of Palestinian statehood, think "Israel-Vatican" and not Jewish-Catholic".

Obama Considering Arming Iraqi Sunni Tribes against ISIS
obama speaking
Besides the more than 3,000 air strikes carried out so far, Washington has supported a deep reform of Iraq's army and offered training to Sunni tribal fighters to retake their own provinces.
Obama Considering Arming Iraqi Sunni Tribes against ISIS
obama speaking
Besides the more than 3,000 air strikes carried out so far, Washington has supported a deep reform of Iraq's army and offered training to Sunni tribal fighters to retake their own provinces.
Biometric Passport Stands Debut at Ben-Gurion Airport
biometric ids israel
The move is the latest in the implication of the Biometric Database Law, which mandates the collection of fingerprints and facial contours from all Israeli residents for integration in domestic ID cards and national passports.
Could Israel Really be Barred from World Soccer?
Here's what the Palestinians want, how Israel is fighting back, and how this could all shake out.
The Pope's "Abbas Angel of Peace" Comment Explained
pope francis
Did the Pope call Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas an "angel of peace" or not?

Israel Criticizes US for Allowing Iran to Violate Sanctions
iran airline
A senior Israeli official criticized the United States for allowing Iran’s reported purchase of civilian aircraft, a breach in the sanctions on the country.

Syria: US-Led Airstrikes Kill 170 Jihadists in Two Days
us airstrikes
Coalition airstrikes in Hasakeh province, northeastern Syria, deal heavy blow to ISIS forces, aiding Kurdish advance

Netanyahu: Radical Islam is Knocking on All Our Borders
gathering at presidental residence
During official ministerial ceremony at presidential residence, PM Netanyahu pledges to protect Israel, uphold the trust of the electorate.

American Tourist Dies After Fall at Masada
A 20-year-old American tourist died after falling during a hike on Masada in southern Israel.

Syria Accuses Jordan of Training 'Terrorists'
jordan flag
Syria claims Jordan is training "terrorists" on its soil, urges the UN Security Council to take action.

The Idealistic Outlaw Who Built the Israel Air Force
israels air force
"My philosophy was that we couldn’t outsmart them, but if we moved fast, we'd be ahead of them all the time."
U.S. Coordinates Special Operation With Syria and Russia
isis flag
The U.S. Delta Special Operations raid that killed ISIS oil chief Abu Sayyaf Saturday, May 16, could not have taken place without prior US coordination with Damascus and Moscow, debkafile’s military sources report.

Israel Appoints New Chief Peace Negotiator
silvan shalom
Israel's new interior minister, Silvan Shalom, was appointed the country’s chief peace negotiator for any future peace talks with the Palestinians.

ISIS 'Conquers Rome' On Twitter
isis rome
Photos purport to show jihadist gloating at various landmarks, following numerous reports ISIS is trying to infiltrate Italy.

Wikipedia Founder Jimmy Wales Likes Israel but Stays Neutral
jimmy wales on israel
While Wikipedia strives for objectivity on Israel, Wales is unabashedly pro.
Paris Jew Pinned Down and Savagely Beaten in Anti-Semitic Attack
buttes chaumont park
Latest anti-Semitic attack by Arab thugs leaves teen in serious condition; passerby joined in the assault.

IDF Decides: No Women in Tanks
idf tanks policy
The IDF has concluded that "placing female warriors in tanks causes damage."
Attack During Jerusalem Day March
jlem day march
Participants in the annual Jerusalem Day flag march came under attack from Muslims in the Old City of Jerusalem.

Poll: 92% of Israeli Jews Say Jerusalem is Eternal Capital
The overwhelming majority of Israeli Jews support keeping Jerusalem as Israel's permanent capital, with just 8% suggesting Israel capitulate to international pressure to move the capital to Tel Aviv.
Boston Marathon Bomber Sentenced to Death
Dzhokhar Tsarnaev
The jury deliberated for more than 14 hours over parts of three days before reaching its decision on Friday afternoon (local time).
Palestinian Parliament: Jews Have No Right to Even "One Inch" of Israel
israel borders various
The Palestinian parliament is continuing to reject any Jewish right to the “land of Palestine”, meaning the entire land of Israel, including the sovereign territory of the State of Israel.
Obama Says Gulf Leaders Agree with Him On Iran
obama speaking
President Barack Obama announced that the United States and the Gulf nations had pledged to work together to address threats to the region, including those blamed on destabilizing behavior by Iran.
Obama Vows Military Assistance to Gulf States Against Iran
obama with gulf leaders
President Barack Obama announced plans to enhance military assistance to Arab Gulf states at a meeting where the sides discussed the emerging Iran nuclear deal.

Hamas: UK Should Pay Us Reparations for Israel's Existence
Britain should pay Palestinians reparations, aid Hamas in terrorizing Israel, Hamas officials claim.

House Overwhelmingly Passes Iran Review Act
capitol hill
The U.S. House of Representatives overwhelmingly approved a bill requiring congressional review of any nuclear deal with Iran.

Presidental Candidate Rubio: Two-State Solution Cannot Exist Today
marco rubio
U.S. Sen. Marco Rubio of Florida, a candidate for the Republican nomination for president, said he would not pursue a two-state solution for the Israel-Palestinian conflict right now.

Meet the Italian Imam With a Plan to Defeat Anti-Semitism
Imam Yahya Pallavicini
"As a Muslim theologian I believe that Judaism and the history and theology and doctrine of the Jews is part of my roots, part of my European citizenship, is part of my spiritual beliefs."
Canadian Minister: Defending Israel Key to Beating Anti-Semitism
tim uppal
Canada's Multiculturalism Minister says his country defends Israel 'not because it's popular, but because it's the right thing to do.'

Four Israelis Wounded in West Bank Car-Ramming Attack
west bank bus
Four Israelis were wounded, one seriously, when a car driven by a Palestinian man drove into a crowd of people standing at a West Bank bus stop.

White House Concerned Over Syrian Chemical Weapons
white house discovers drone on grounds
The White House said it is concerned that international inspectors have received "credible allegations" that chemical weapons are still being used in Syria, Reuters reports.
French-Israeli Relationship Hits Snag Over Palestinian Issue
france and israel relations
Strategic talks between Israel and France turned sour last week as anger mounted over France's plans to advance a United Nations Security Council resolution on Palestinian statehood.
Official: Hezbollah Hiding 100,000 Rockets in Civilian Areas
hez rockets
Military intelligence official states that Iran's funding of the terror group heightens threat of another war, warns of civilian casualties.

American Sentenced to 20 Years for Supporting ISIS
North Carolina man deemed a national security threat after promoting terrorism in social media, attempting to join group.

U.S. Citizens in Israel Warned Ahead of Nakba Day
nakba day
The United States' diplomatic missions in Israel have called on U.S. citizens to exercise caution due to demonstrations and violence associated with Nakba Day.

Young Businesswomen in Gaza Struggle
gaza women
In the Gaza Strip, women do not have many opportunities for entrepreneurship, yet a small number of women are opening their own businesses and serving as a model to young women throughout Gaza.

Jewish Exec Among Missing After Amtrak Crash
rachel jacobs
A Jewish woman reported to be missing in the wake of an Amtrak train derailment near Port Richmond, Pennsylvania, on Tuesday apparently found inspiration for her early nonprofit work from her Jewish connections.

Vatican Preparing to Recognize Palestinian State
pope francis
Foreign Ministry warns that the Vatican's step will not bring peace, may change Israel-Vatican relations.

Watch: European Leaders Back Rabbis Call to Fight Anti-Semitism
antisemitism or antizionism in france
"Europe without the Jews is no longer Europe..."
For Netanyahu and Obama, Mistrust is Personal
obama and netanyahu palestinian state
The U.S. ambassador to the United Nations, told Congress last month that the United States would continue to stand by Israel “when it matters,” suggesting that there may be some diplomatic actions targeting Israel that are not worth the effort to deter.
Israel Buying 4 German Warships to Patrol Mediterranean
german warships bought by israel
Israel will purchase four German warships for $480 million with the help of German government subsidies.
Netanyahu Denounces Resurgent Anti-Semitism
Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu warns against the growing anti-Semitism in Western countries.

Israeli And Germany Mark 50 Years of Diplomatic Relations
rivlin and merkel
A state visit to Germany by Israel’s president marking 50 years of diplomatic relations has highlighted the countries’ deep ties and political differences.

IDF Delegation to Nepal Returns to Israel
idf mission to nepal
The Israel Defense Forces delegation to Nepal returned home as a second powerful earthquake shook the beleaguered Asian country.

Israel Offers More Aid as Nepal Struck by Second Earthquake
City of Kathmandu Nepal
Another earthquake has rocked Nepal, the US Geological Survey said Tuesday morning, just two weeks after a devastating quake killed over 8,000 people.

Veteran Journalist Challenges Bin Laden Assassination Story
bin laden
Pulitzer winner Seymour Hersh claims large discrepancies, cover-ups in White House hit on Al Qaeda leader.

Media Claims Israel Used Aid Mission to Nepal As Cover for Baby Trafficking
israel babies from nepal
Two Spanish-language networks reported that Israel used its humanitarian aid mission to Nepal as a cover for trafficking 25 Nepalese babies.

Likely GOP Presidential Candidate To Visit Israel
scott walker
Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker, a likely candidate for the GOP nomination for president, said he plans to meet with Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu in Israel for what is being billed as an “educational trip.”

Should the Lion's Gate Be Reopened for Jerusalem Day?
lios gate israel
The Lion's Gate is of great symbolic importance due to the fact that paratroopers broke through and liberated the Old City along that route during the 1967 Six-Day War.
One Injured in Stabbing Attack
map of jerusalem stabbing
A Palestinian Arab terrorist is still at large after stabbing a Jewish man at the Al-Zaim junction outside of Jerusalem on Monday morning.
Saudi King to Skip Summit with Obama
kind salaman
King Salman will not attend summit of Persian Gulf leaders with President Obama, will send Crown Prince Mohammed bin Nayef instead.
The ISIS 'Hug of Death'
isis behadings
ISIS terrorists have been giving their victims hugs to show that they are forgiven before chopping their heads off.

Mubarak and Sons Sent to Jail for Corruption
Former Egyptian president and his two sons sent to three years in prison on corruption accusations.

Traces of Undeclared Sarin and VX Found in Syria
syrian flag
International inspectors have found traces of sarin and VX nerve agent in Syria that had not been declared to the OPCW.

US, EU Condemn "Illegal" Building in Jerusalem
eu usa condemn israel... again
The European Union on Saturday criticized Israeli plans to build 900 homes for Jews in Jerusalem. The EU is a major provider of funds for the Palestinian authorities.

Danish Buses Burned in Suspected Anti-Israel Attack
copenhagen bus
Four Danish buses that had recently removed pro-Palestinian ads were destroyed in a suspected arson attack.

ISIS in Sinai Claims Attack on Hamas in Gaza
isis fighter
War of the terrorist groups? ISIS claims explosives attack on Hamas military post, after threatening war; Hamas is in denial.

Netanyahu Congratulates Cameron on UK Election Victory
british pm to visit israel in march
Cameron beat off his Labour rivals handily to secure a shock majority in a poll which until election day had been thought to be neck-and-neck between him and Opposition Leader Ed Miliband.
Experts Warn ISIS is Defeating America Online
hunting for jihadist who beheaded american journalist
The US government is struggling to counter ISIS' fast-paced online propaganda, which played a role in inspiring a failed attack in Texas this week on an exhibit of caricatures of Mohammed, the founder of Islam.
Senior Al-Qaeda Leader Killed in Drone Strike
Reports say senior commander in Al-Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula killed in an American drone strike in Yemen.

Senate Overwhelmingly Passes Bill to Review Iran Deal
The U.S. Senate overwhelmingly approved a bill that would require congressional review of any Iran nuclear deal.

Texas Attackers Honored as Martyrs in Pakistan
shooters in texas
Some 100 Pakistanis gathered for a memorial service this week to honor the two Islamic terrorists who attacked a "Draw Mohammed" event in Texas.
Obama to Back Palestinian State at Security Council
obama and netanyahu palestinian state
The White House is confident that, with the US voting in favor, the motion will be passed by an overwhelming majority and therefore be binding on the Israeli government.
Al Jazeera America Replaces CEO Amid Anti-Semitism Allegations
al jazeera
Al Jazeera America replaced its chief executive officer in the wake of a lawsuit by a former employee alleging that he was the victim of workplace anti-Semitism.

ISIS Threatens to Declare War on Hamas
isis book burning
Clashes apparently spiraled after Hamas demolished a mosque used by members of the Salafist organization called "Islamic State Supporters in Beit Al-Maqdis" as well as arrested nearly 40 of its members.
Report: Hamas Set to Conduct Paragliding Attacks Against Israel
paragliding hamas
Hamas is developing an air attack capability – by recruiting Palestinian students in Malaysia to carry out attacks on Israel using paragliding equipment.
5 Reasons Netanyahu is Having a Hard Time Building a Coalition
bibi speaking
Why is it taking so long for Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to form a government?
Mike Huckabee Promsies to Protect Israel
mike huckabee
Mike Huckabee announced his bid for the Republican presidential race and pledged unyielding support for Israel, saying “hell would freeze" before Iran would get a nuclear weapon on his watch.
Lag B'Omer in Meron: Cops, Helicopters and Zeppelin
Lag B'Omer marks the 33rd day between the festivals of Passover and Shavuot. It is widely celebrated as the date of the passing of the Talmudic-era sage Rashbi, to whom the classic text on Jewish mysticism, the Zohar, is widely attributed.
Iran Claims it Chased US Warship in Gulf of Aden
gulf of aden
The Iranian navy is claiming to have chased off a US warship and several American aircraft, in the latest aggressive move by the Islamic Republic's military.
Iran Nuclear Talks to Resume May 12
nuclear iran
Tensions arose after the preliminary framework was reached, as Iran recently accused the United States of "fraud" and "psychological warfare."
Report: Israel Attacked Hamas Weapons Facility in Sudan
Arab media reports Israeli war planes hit Scud factory, missile storehouses near Khartoum, destroying Iranian missile shipment.
Looted Nazi Art Returned From Louvre
louvre museum
A 17th-century painting that was looted by the Nazis from a prominent Jewish art curator in Munich and ended up at the Louvre in Paris is being returned to the heirs of its rightful owner.

Mike Huckabee Announces Second Presidential Bid
mike huckabee
Former Arkansas Governor announces bid in hometown of Hope; pledges to 'never apologize for America.'

Nasrallah: If Assad Falls, Hezbollah Will Fall
Hezbollah leader reaffirms support for Assad regime, telling senior Lebanese politician his group's very survival is at stake.

ISIS Claims Responsibility for Texas Shooting
isis book burning
Islamic State (ISIS) has claimed official responsibility for Sunday's shooting attack in a Dallas suburb on Sunday, calling the two gunmen "soldiers of the caliphate," according to BBC.
FIFA to Discuss Suspending Israel
A move to consider suspending Israel from world soccer will be put to FIFA's 209 member federations just before they elect their president this month
Netanyahu Meets with Ethiopian Soldier Assaulted by Police
netanyahu and pekada
Prime Minister Netanyahu met with an Ethiopian Jewish soldier in the IDF who was brutally assaulted while in uniform by a police officer in Holon last Sunday which has led to a string of protests among the Ethiopian community.
Why Did Israel's Foreign Minister Suddenly Quit?
avigdor liberman
In past, Minister Erdan and Jewish Home head Bennett were desirous for foreign portfolio, now Steinitz and Hanegbi throw hats into ring.

2 Suspects Dead After Shooting at Muhammad Cartoon Contest
scene of the crime outside muhammad contest shooting
Two gunmen were shot dead by police after they fired toward a Texas building that was featuring an exhibit of caricatures of the Prophet Muhammad organized by an anti-Islamic organization.

Mortar Strike in Golan Heights Injures UN Soldiers
Two UN peacekeepers were wounded on Monday when mortar shells fired from Syria hit their base in the Israeli-held sector of the Golan Heights.
Biden: Iran Has Enough Material for 8 Nuclear Bombs
President Barack Obama and Vice President Joe Biden have gone out of their way in the last fortnight to shower friendly gestures on Israel, Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu and even Ambassador to Washington, Ron Dermer.
Memorial of French Jewish Terror Victim Vandalized
ilan halimi
A memorial plaque honoring Ilan Halimi, a young Jewish man who was kidnapped and tortured to death nearly a decade ago, was vandalized in suburban Paris.

Merkel: World Must Never Ignore Anti-Semites, Israel-Haters
German Chancellor leads moving ceremony at the site of Dachau concentration camp, marking 70 years since its liberation.
Kerry Says Criticism of Iran Is 'hysteria'
U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry on Israeli television called criticism of the framework agreement with Iran "hysteria."

Gang Attacks 2 Jewish Men in Paris
Two Jewish men were attacked in Paris by a gang estimated at 40 people.

Body of Israeli Backpacker Or Assraf Found in Nepal
oz asaraf
Israeli search and rescue organization Zaka reported Sunday that its members had found the body of Israeli hiker Or Assraf, the object of a nearly week-long search in Nepal.
Where is the Jewish Aid to Nepal Going?
idf field hospital in nepal
As soon as news of Nepal's devastating earthquake reached the wider world, Jewish aid groups began mobilizing humanitarian efforts to help the victims. Here's how it breaks down.
Swedish Teens Confront Neo-Nazis' Presence in Schools
sweden neo nazis
Members of a Swedish youth movement launched an anti-Fascist campaign at a high school where neo-Nazis interrupted a lecture by a Holocaust survivor.
No Israeli Left Behind: Helicopters Sent to Search for Missing Israeli
nepal search for missing israeli
The first helicopter has been sent to search for missing Israeli Or Assaraf on Friday, six days after the devastating earthquake in Nepal that has now killed at least 6,100 people.
Biden: U.S. WIll Go to War With Iran If Neccessary
Vice President Joe Biden said the United States was willing to go to war to keep Iran from obtaining a nuclear weapon.

Regime Troops Trapped in Hospital as Assad Continues Fall
vatican meeing with pope and rabbi
Nearly 150 Syrian soldiers have been besieged inside a hospital in Jisr al-Shughur since opposition forces including an Al-Qaeda affiliate seized the town last week.
Rome Chief Rabbi, Pope Meet at Vatican
vatican meeing with pope and rabbi
The Chief Rabbi and Pope expressed hope that their two religions would cooperate more intensely to reach common solutions.
Senate Rejects Tying of Sanctions Relief for Iran with Terror
capitol hill
United States Senate rejects effort to tie sanctions relief for Iran with a verification that Tehran is not supporting acts of terrorism.
After Nepal, I'm Clenching My Israeli Passport Tighter Than Ever
danielle in nepal
Like many travelers and many Nepalis, I could’ve been enveloped in the rubble somewhere in Kathmandu, alive but unable to call for help; and when this all too-real scenario set in, I realized something else— I have never been more relieved to be an Israeli.

Belarus President Raps Jewish Governor for Not Keeping Jews "Under Control"
Belarus President Alexander Lukashenko criticized a Jewish regional governor for not keeping the country's Jewish population "under control."
Unity Day Marks Anniversary of Teens' Kidnapping
unity day
Jewish communities will mark the first anniversary of the kidnapping and murder of three Israeli teens by Palestinian terrorists with a Unity Day.

Overstretched Hezbollah May Be Resorting to Child Soldiers
hezbollah children
Death of teenage recruit in rebel assault this week may illustrate Hezbollah manpower shortage, as terror group stretched thin by Iran.
Jewish Senator To Announce Presidential Run
bernie sanders
Senator Bernie Sanders of Vermont will likely run for president.

Mortar Rounds on Golan Heights Were Fired by ISIS
The two mortar rounds fired on Israel's Golan Heights from Syria on Tuesday in estimated "spillover" were launched by the brutal ISIS terrorist organization, which is the closest it's ever been to the Israeli border with Syria.
Jimmy Carter to Visit Top Hamas Terrorists in Gaza
jimmy carter
Former US President Jimmy Carter is to arrive in Gaza on Thursday and meet with top leaders of the Hamas terrorist organization.
Red Cross "lost moral compass" During the Holocaust
red cross flag
The president of the International Committee of the Red Cross attacked his organization's World War II record, saying it "lost its moral compass."

Japan's Prime Minister Visits U.S. Holocaust Museum
shinzo abe
Japan's prime minister at a visit to the U.S. Holocaust Memorial Museum in Washington honored the Japanese envoy who helped thousands of Jews escape the Holocaust.

Parsha in a Nutshell: Kedoshim
The Parshah of Kedoshim begins with the statement: "You shall be holy, for I, the L-rd your G-d, am holy." This is followed by dozens of mitzvot (Divine commandments) through which the Jew sanctifies him- or herself and relates to the holiness of G-d.
It's Official: Obama 'The Worst US President for Israel'
Overwhelming majority of Israelis think current US administration is 'pro-Palestinian' - but there's still some hope...

Chabad Meeting With Obama Includes Women for the First Time
chabad at white house
A Chabad delegation meeting with President Barack Obama included a veteran female educator, a nod to the president’s emphasis on the need for education for girls.

500 Russian Jews to Shop at Paris Market Where Jews Were Killed
hyper cacher to reopen
A Russian chief rabbi is slated to lead a delegation of 500 young Jews to the Hyper Cacher supermarket near Paris where four Jewish shoppers were murdered.
300 Israelis Safely Return Home From Nepal
nepal earthquake
Over 300 Israelis have returned home from earthquake-ravaged Nepal, including 25 infants born to surrogate mothers.

Sirens Blare Across Golan Heights: 2 Rockets or Shells Reported
Sirens blared across the northern Golan Heights around noon Tuesday. The rockets or mortar shells reportedly crashed down in the groves near Ein Zivan.
995 Attacks on Jerusalem Border Police Since 2014
Violence in Jerusalem continues to snowball, and most of the incidents are in what is defined as "peacetime."
UN Blames IDF for Attacks on Hamas Rocket Caches
hamas rockets
Secretary General Ban Ki-Moon deplores IDF attacks on 'UN schools' - despite three proven incidents they were being used to store rockets.

Why Do Israeli Couples Have Nepali Surrogates?
nepali woman
While Israel mobilizes to aid victims of Nepal’s earthquake and locate missing citizens, the Jewish state is paying special attention to the safety of 26 Israeli babies born of surrogate mothers in Nepal.

Iraq: ISIS Stones Two Men to Death for Adultery
isis in iraq
The Islamic State jihadist group said it has stoned two men to death for adultery in the northern Iraqi province of Nineveh, according to a series of photos posted online.
Stanford Fraternity Vandalized With Swastikas
Swastikas along with personal slurs and epithets were painted on a fraternity house on the Stanford University campus.

IDF Successfully Evacuates First Planeload of Babies from Nepal
City of Kathmandu Nepal
The first planeload of Israeli babies stranded in Nepal after Saturday's devastating earthquake has arrived back in Israel Monday morning.
Israel Launches Airstrikes in Syria
iaf planes
Israeli Air Force reportedly launched airstrikes in the Qalamoun region along the Syrian-Lebanese border.

Israeli Airstrike Kills 4 Terrorists on Israel-Syria Border
majdal crossing
Four terrorists attempting to plant a bomb along Israel’s border with Syria were killed in an Israeli airstrike.

Nepal Aftershocks Delay IDF Emergency Aid Mission
nepal rescue
An Israel Defense Forces emergency aid mission to Nepal was delayed after a runway in the capital city of Kathmandu was damaged by aftershocks.

Obama Jokes: Boehner Invited Netanyahu to Speak at My Funeral
obama speaking
Speaking during the "stand-up" part of the White House Correspondents' Association dinner, Obama joked about a long list of people from Hillary Rodham Clinton and Dick Cheney to even Israeli Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu.
Israel Flies Disaster Relief Team to Nepal
City of Kathmandu Nepal
Israel is relaying an emergency assistance team to the site of an earthquake in Nepal, where Israelis are believed to have been trapped by 7.9 scale tremors and a subsequent avalanche that have so far killed over 1,800 people.
Nepal: Death Toll Nears 1,500 in Major Earthquake
City of Kathmandu Nepal
Country's worst earthquake in 80 years leaves tens of thousands homeless; deaths also reported in India and Tibet.

U.S. to Compensate Families of Killed Hostages
warren weinstein
The United States will compensate the families of two Al-Qaeda hostages killed in an operation near the Afghan-Pakistan border.


Former Commander: Next War With Hamas By End of 2015
hamas army
Hamas's neglect of common Palestinians is riling up popular support for another war, says former IDF Southern Command chief.

Report: Italian Police Foil Al Qaeda Attack on Vatican
Arrests of 18 suspects prevented suicide bombing at the heart of Catholicism, police reveal.

Jewish Group Urges Obama to Recgonize Armenian Genocide
armenian flag
The Union for Reform Judaism urged President Barack Obama to use the word "genocide" in describing the murder of 1.5 million Armenians.

Biden: We'll Deliver New F-35s to Israel in 2015
biden in israel
Vice President Joe Biden said on Thursday the United States would deliver new F-35 fighter jets to Israel next year, saying the move would help the Jewish state maintain its military edge in the Middle East.

IDF Strikes in Gaza Following Rocket Attack
air strike
IDF airstrike targets "terrorist infrastructure" in northern Gaza, hours after terrorists fire rockets on southern Israel.

Obama Will Only Meet Netanyahu After Nuke Talks Deadline
obama and bibi
President Barack Obama reportedly said he will not meet with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu before the June 30 deadline for the Iran nuclear talks.

Gaza Fires Rocket at Israel
palestinian rocket on israel
The IDF has confirmed that at least one terrorist rocket was fired from Gaza at southern Israel Thursday. There have been no reports of injuries or damage.
Netanyahu Praises Troops' 'fighting spirit' In Independence Day Message
In his Independence Day address, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu praised the fighting spirit of troops in Gaza.

U.S. Accidently Killed 2 Hostages, Including A Jewish-American
warren weinstein
U.S. forces accidentally killed Warren Weinstein, along with Italian hostage Giovanni Lo Portothe, during a counterterrorism operation in January. 

Canada's Prime Minister Gives Moving Speech on Israel's Independence Day
stephen harper stands for israel
“Israel continues to face existential threats... The Government of Canada remains resolute in our commitment to defend Israel's right to exist."
Erdogan: ISIS is a 'Virus' Working to Destroy Muslims
Turkish President launches one of his strongest attacks yet against the Islamic State.

Hundreds Flock to Kotel for Independence Day Prayers
Rabbi Uri Sherki, who ended shiva for his murdered son, leads emotional prayer session to bridge Memorial, Independence Days.

Pope Francis Knights New York Rabbi
pope francis
Pope Francis will confer papal knighthood on Rabbi Arthur Schneier of Manhattan’s Park East Synagogue.

Visits to Auschwitz-Birkenau at Record High
auchwitz gate
More people than ever are seeking to visit the Auschwitz-Birkenau concentration and death camps.

Iranian Spy Convicted in Israel
iran flag
An Iranian-Belgian national was convicted of spying for Iran in an Israeli court.

Victims of Anti-Semitic Attacks Outside of Israel Recognized
hyper cacher market
The Jewish Agency for Israel remembered the victims of anti-Semitic attacks outside of Israel at a ceremony in Jerusalem on Israel’s Memorial Day.

New York Judge Rules Buses Must Carry "Killing Jews" Ad
new york kkilling jews ads
The ad in question portrays a masked Hamas terrorist next to a quote from Hamas's official MTV TV station declaring that: "Killing Jews is worship that brings us close to Allah."
Netanyahu Warns Putin: "We'll Hit Russian Arms for Hezbollah"
bibi speaking
Following the decision by Russia to deliver S-300 anti-aircraft missile systems to Iran, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu told Russia's President Vladimir Putin that Israel's red line was leakage of Russian military equipment from Iran to Hezbollah via Syria.
Netanyahu: In the Middle East, We Must Fight for Our Survival
bibi memorial day
In official address, PM Binyamin Netanyahu emphasizes the value of the sacrifice made by Israel's fallen soldiers, its 'iron wall.'

Former Auschwitz Guard on Trial Asks For Forgiveness
auchwitz gate
Former Auschwitz guard Oskar Groening, on trial for his role in the murder of 300,000 people in the concentration camp, asked for forgiveness.

Palestinian Driver Admits Car Attack Was Deliberate
shalom sherki
The Palestinian man who rammed his car into two Israelis at a Jerusalem bus stop, killing one and critically injuring the other, admitted that the attack was deliberate.

Morsi Sentenced to 20 Years
Former Egyptian President Mohamed Morsi was convicted of inciting the killing of 10 protesters in December 2012.

Israel Honors 23,320 Fallen on Memorial Day
memorial day
Israel will recognize its 23,320 fallen soldiers as well as civilian victims of terror with the start of Yom Hazikaron, or Memorial Day.

Rabbi Aharon Lichtenstein Laid to Rest
Rabbi Aharon Lichtenstein
Thousands in Gush Etzion pay final respects to leading Religious-Zionist, Modern Orthodox figure; burial to take place in Jerusalem.
British PM Vows to Fight 'New Anti-Semitism'
david cameron
David Cameron speaks strongly against delegitimizing Israel, says Jewish community is 'incredibly important' in Britain.

Netanyahu and President Rivlin Reject Invitation to Meet Jimmy Carter in Israel
jimmy carter
Israeli President Reuven Rivlin and Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu rejected invitations to meet with former U.S. President Jimmy Carter.

Ex-Auschwitz Guard To Stand Trial On 300,000 Counts of Accessory to Murder
auchwitz gate
A former Waffen-SS member is going on trial, charged as an accomplice in the murder of 300,000 victims at the Auschwitz-Birkenau death camp.

Biden: No Major Sanctions Relief at Front End of Iran Deal
An Iran nuclear deal will not include substantial sanctions relief at the front end, Vice President Joe Biden said.

IDF Soldier Arrested for 'Bowing His Head' on Temple Mount
temple mount
Legal rights group slams 'disgraceful' arrest of Jewish soldier at Judaism's holiest site; capitulation to Islamists 'a badge of shame.'

European Rabbis Discuss Anti-Semitism With Pope Francis
pope francis
A delegation of chief rabbis from Europe met with Pope Francis at the Vatican to discuss rising anti-Semitism.

Australia to Demand Erdogan Close Syria Border for ISIS Recruits
tony abbott
In visit to Turkey, Prime Minister Abbot says he will ask Erdogan to boost security on border, which is key route for jihadists.

31 Civilians Killed in Terror Attacks Since Last Memorial Day
eyal gilad naftali
Terrorism on sharp rise in Israel as annual figure from 2013-2014 jumps from 2 civilian murders to 31 terror-related deaths in 2014-2015.

Hundreds March Against Anti-Semitism in Prague
Hundreds of demonstrators, many waving Israeli flags, marched in Prague to protest the rising levels of anti-Semitism in Europe.

ISIS Video Shows Two Mass-Executions of Christians in Libya
isis beahding ethiopians
Jihadists behead, shoot scores of kidnapped Ethiopian Christians in gory new video; vow more killings until Christians accept Islam.

Poland Commemorates Anniversary of Warsaw Ghetto Uprising
warsaw ghetoo
Hundreds of people commemorated the 72nd anniversary of the outbreak of the Warsaw Ghetto uprising.

ISIS Now Issuing Photo ID Cards
isis book burning
The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights says ISIS had begun issuing "identity cards to those without proof of identity and boys over the age of 13 in Raqa province."
Israeli Nonprofit Helps Family of Pastor Abducted by North Korea Win $330 mil.
north korean flag
Lawyers for the Shurat HaDin Israel Law Center helped win $330 million for the family of a South Korean minister believed to have been killed by North Korea’s intelligence service.

WJC Latin America Lauches Website to Combat Holocaust Denial
wjc logo
The Latin American chapter of the World Jewish Congress launched a Spanish-language website to combat Holocaust denial.

23% of Israel's Holocaust Survivors Live in Poverty
israel suvivor
189,000 Holocaust survivors are living in Israel, 36% of them live alone.

FBI Director Makes Holocaust Museum Program Mandatory for New Agents
fbi makes holocaust museum program mandatory
FBI director James Comey called the Holocaust the most significant event in history and said that's why a U.S. Holocaust Memorial Museum program on its lessons is mandatory for new agents.
Biden to Attend Israel's Independence Day Event
biden in israel
Vice President Joe Biden will attend Israel's Independence Day event in Washington, D.C.

Paris Designating 100M Euros to Fight Anti-Semitism
france's antisemtism program
France's prime minister announced Friday the government would pour 100 million euros into a major anti-racism and anti-Semitism action plan, saying ""French Jews must no longer be scared to be Jewish."
Ohio Man's Al-Qaeda Attack on US Soil Foiled
al nusra attack on usa soil
A US man has been charged with supporting a terrorist organization after he allegedly trained in Syria with Al-Qaeda affiliate Nusra Front and planned an attack on US soil, the Justice Department said.
EU Member States Push for "Israeli Settlement" Label on All Goods
eu flag
Sixteen out of the 28 EU countries want the bloc to label products from Judea and Samaria in an economic attack on the Jewish state.
CNN's Latest Screwup: The 32-Year-Old 'New Settlement'
cnn logo
During Passover, CNN broadcasted a story about a "new settlement" that was "causing distress to three Palestinian villages." It turns out the alleged "new" settlement is 32 years old.
Thousands March at Auschwitz to Remember the Holocaust
march of the living
Thousands of young people from at least 45 countries participated in the March of the Living in Poland at the Auschwitz-Birkenau complex of concentration camps.
Obama: Never Forget, Never Again
obama speaking
President Barack Obama condemned anti-Semitism in a Holocaust Remembrance Day message, saying "We must firmly and forcefully condemn the anti-Semitism that is still far too common today. Together we must stand against bigotry and hatred in all their forms."
Terror in Jerusalem on Holocaust Remembrance Day
shalom sherki murdered in jerusalem
"He sat at a bus station and this terrorist killed him... because he's a Jew... It's unreal that it happened on Holocaust Remembrance Day, with all the speeches: 'never again.'"
Mortar Shell Fired in the Golan Heights
alonei habashan mortar shell
A mortar shell struck the Golan Heights on Wednesday night in the Alonei HaBashan area, according to reports.
Israel joins Chinese Infrastructure Bank
Israel is joining the Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank despite US opposition.
Obama Hid North Korea Rocket Component Transfer to Iran
north korea iran and usa
US intelligence officials revealed that during the ongoing Iran nuclear negotiations, North Korea has provided several shipments of advanced missile components to the Islamic regime in violation of UN sanctions - and the US hid the violations from the UN.
Senate Panel Passes Bill Allowing Congress A Say on Iranian Nuclear Deal
capital hill
A key Senate committee approved a bill mandating congressional review of any Iran nuclear deal, and the White House said it would not block the measure.

Poll: American Jewish support for Obama dropping
obama speaking
Until now, Jewish support for Obama has dropped and risen at the same rate as all Americans since he took office in January 2009.
Cuba To Be Taken Off US Terrorist List
obama castro
The White House has announced that the United States will be removing Cuba from its official list of State-Sponsors of Terrorism.

Why Jewish Students Join Anti-Israel Organizations
jewish students for palestine
Why do a small but vocal minority of young Jewish students consistently join the ranks of some of the most rabid anti-Israel organizations, both on and off campus?
Sniper Fire from Gaza as Part of Hamas' Massive Buildup for Next War
hamas sniper
Israelis living and serving security in the vicinity of the Gaza Strip report that Hamas snipers have been harassing them in recent weeks as a scare tactic, which appears to be evolving into a major offensive.
Meet the Hamas Toddler
Hamas publicly unveils its tiny child soldier, who they brought up "on the love of Jihad and Shahada (martyrdom-death.)"
How ISIS Hacked French TV Station
isis book burning
The jihadist cyber-attack against French television channel TV5Monde last week was set in motion in January.
Netanyahu Offers Alternatives to Iran Deal After Obama Criticism
bibi speaking
Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu of Israel offered alternatives on the nuclear framework agreement with Iran, after Obama referred to his "failure to come up with alternatives."
1,500 Missiles and I Are Coming to Israel
I've never been able to stay away from Israel for too long. I just hope that the next time I come-1,500 missiles won't come along with me. As we commemorate the Holocaust, we have to remember that we cannot allow the Jewish people to risk losing their sanctuary.

Pro-Israel Republican Marco Rubio Declares White House Run
marco rubio
Florida SenatorMarco Rubio, a hawk on pro-Israel issues, declared his bid for the Republican presidential candidacy.


Hillary Clinton's White House Bid Sparks Examinations of Her Israel Record
clinton and israel
Clinton's announcement Sunday made headlines in Israel, with newspapers running front-page chronologies of her relations with the country dating back to the 1980s, when as the first lady of Arkansas she introduced an Israeli literacy program to the state.
Holocaust Survivors in Israel Still Living in Dire Straits
auschwitz hits record numbers
Approximately 189,000 Holocaust survivors live in Israel. Two-thirds of the survivors are women. Of those 189,000 survivors, 45,000, or one-fourth, live below the poverty line.
Shots Fired at Nashville Synagogue
shots at nashville synagogue
The shooting outside the 400-member Conservative congregation occurred hours before a Holocaust memorial ceremony at the Tennessee State Capitol in Nashville.
Anti-Semitic Attacks Over Passover Shake Jews Worldwide
global antisemitism reaches 7 wold high
This year's Passover demonstrated more than ever before how widespread anti-Semitic attitudes have become internationally as hate incidents targeting Jews occurred in Russia, Finland, and the US this past week.
Jeb Bush: Obama Meets Castro But Snubs Netanyahu?
jeb bush
Former Florida Governor and possible 2016 Republican candidate expresses displeasure over Obama's meeting with Cuban leader Raul Castro.
Hillary Clinton Officially Launches 2016 Presidential Campaign
clinton on israel
"Everyday Americans need a champion. I want to be that champion."
Report: A-Sisi Declares Death Penalty to Tunnel-Diggers
tunnels in gaza
Sunday proved to be another bloody day in Egypt, as at least five people were killed and some 30 injured in bomb blasts in El Arish.
Copenhagen Kosher Deli Targeted in Anti-Semitic Attack
copenhagen deli
A Jewish deli and kosher supermarket in Copenhagen was vandalized

Abbas To Sign Accords With Putin in Moscow
abbas and putin
Russian President Vladimir Putin will meet Palestinian Authority (PA) Chairman Mahmoud Abbas in Moscow on Monday where the issue of Middle East peace talks will be raised.
Iran Says US Conceded on All Its Red Lines in Nuclear Deal
jarif iran
Iranian Revolutionary Guards Commander Jafari accuses US of 'psychological warfare' in faking nuclear fact sheet to dupe its allies.

Argentina Declassifies 1992 Israeli Embassy Bombing Report
amia bombing
Argentina has declassified files relating to the 1992 bombing outside the Israeli embassy in Buenos Aires that left 29 dead and 200 wounded, according to documents published in local media.
New Simulators to Train IDF Soldiers for Tunnel Warfare
idf tunnel warfare
By the end of the year, all the soldiers likely to take part in future fighting in Gaza will also receive training in tunnel warfare, as well as being trained in fighting in built-up areas at facilities specially designed for this purpose.
Anne Frank's Betrayer Discovered?
anne frank quotes
A book published on Tuesday in Belgium and Holland sheds light on new evidence about Anne Frank and her family and the person responsible for their capture at the hands of the Gestapo in August 1944.
Palestinian Police Expand Security Control in Judea and Samaria
abu dis, palestinian police
Palestinian police will, for the first time, launch armed patrols in towns near Jerusalem, which have largely been under Israel's security control since the Oslo Accords in 1993.
State Dept. Clarifies Obama Statement on Iran's Nuclear Breakout Time
president obama
President Barack Obama did not mean to say that the deal on Iran’s nuclear program afforded it a short breakout time within 13 years of signing, a State Department spokeswoman clarified.

The ICC Has Decided Not to Prosecute ISIS for War Crimes
isis beheads 21 egyptian coptic christians
The International Criminal Court said on Wednesday that it would not yet open a probe into alleged crimes committed by the Islamic State group in Iraq and Syria, including genocide.
BREAKING: Boston Marathon Terrorist Found Guilty
Dzhokhar Tsarnaev
Boston Marathon terrorist Dzhokhar Tsarnaev has been found guilty on all 30 counts he was facing, including 17 counts that carried the death penalty.

Israeli Girl, 12, Dies in Thailand Ferry Fire on Bat Mitzvah Trip
thai ferry fire
A 12-year-old girl from Israel was the lone fatality in a fire aboard a ferry in Thailand, where her family took her as a bat mitzvah present.
Israeli Embassy Confirms: 22 Year-Old Israeli Killed in Berlin
israeli killed body found in church ruins on passover
A dead man found beaten beyond recognition in the ruins of a Gothic church in Berlin was an Israeli citizen, the Israeli embassy confirmed on Wednesday.
Thieves Ransack London's Diamond District Over Passover
diamond heist in london
$300 million in diamonds and jewels were taken from A safe deposit center in Hatton Garden, the centre of London's jewelry industry. Jewish jewelers returned to find this loss after the Passover break.
Would a Modern Death Penalty be Kosher for Israel?
is the death penalty kosher
After last year's prisoner releases and the relapse of several terrorists since being traded for Gilad Shalit in 2011, the calls to prevent those sorts of trades in the future have driven people to call for the death penalty in Israel.
Washington DC Synagogue Defaced With Swastikas
A synagogue in suburban Washington was spray-painted with swastikas and other racist graffiti.

Netanyahu Asks Why Iran Deal Ignores Nuclear Missile Program
bibi speaking
Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu kept up his criticism of the framework nuclear deal with Iran on Tuesday, pointing out that it fails to address Tehran's long-range missile arsenal that he argues is meant to enable a nuclear strike against Israel.
Christians Struggle to Maintain Legacy versus ISIS
isis book burning
"When ISIS took control of Mosul, roughly 20,000 Christians initially stayed, but after the group issued an ultimatum – convert, flee or die – the remaining Christians had no other choice but to leave as well."
Italian Holocuast Survivors Skip Liberation Day Parade After Jewish Group Banned
italian liberation parade
An Italian organization made up of concentration camp survivors said it will not attend the country’s annual Liberation Day parade because a Jewish group was banned.

Violence Against Women "Part of Palestinian Culture"
mahmoud abbas
Palestinian culture give men "right of ownership" over their wives, and Palestinian Arab women have been cultured into accepting this patriarchy.
Syria: Islamists Kidnap 300 Kurdish Civilians
al nursa flag
Al-Nusra Front may be responsible for mass kidnapping in Idlib.

Advocate for Christian IDF Soldiers Receives Death Threats
christian idf solider
Lawyer Eyal Paltak, who works for Christian soldiers in Nazareth, is receiving rampant death threats from those opposed to IDF service.

Israel Details Requirements for Final Iran Nuclear Deal
iran deal
Israel has created a list of modifications it says are needed in a final deal with Iran over its nuclear program.

Thousands Visit Western Wall for Priestly Blessing
preistly blessing
More than 75,000 people gathered at the Western Wall for the Priestly Blessing ceremony.

Abbas Refuses Tax Revenues Released by Israel
Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas refused to accept its frozen tax revenues released by Israel.

Obama: Vulnerable Israel Would be "Failure of My Presidency"
obama speaking
US President Barack Obama has said that a weakened Israel would be a "fundamental failure of my presidency," claiming solidarity with America's long-time ally despite recent differences over the Iran nuclear deal.

Jewish Democrats Ask Obama to Scale Back Netanyahu Bashing
A group of Jewish congressmen met with White House Chief of Staff Denis McDonough in his office last week and asked him to tell President Barack Obama to "soften his tone" toward Israeli Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu and avoid "getting into a daily argument with" him.
Iran Gives Hamas Tens of Millions of Dollars For Tunnel Rebuilding
terror tunnels 1
Iran has sent tens of millions of dollars to Hamas to help rebuild the Gaza tunnels destroyed by Israel during last summer's conflict.

ISIS Beheading Palestinians in Damascus
isis camp refugees
Islamic State has seized nearly all of the Yarmouk district and is reportedly carrying out atrocities.

Paris Supermarket Hostages Sue Broadcasters Over Siege Coverage
hyper cacher
Prosecutors in Paris are examining whether a local television station broke the law when it broadcast live reports about the location of hostages who tried to flee the killer of four Jews in January at a kosher supermarket near the French capital.

Netanyahu: Final Iran Deal Must Include Recognition of Israel
bibi iran deal
Israel will not accept an agreement that allows Iran to develop nuclear weapons, and it demands Iran recognize Israel’s right to exist, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said.

Netanyahu: Israel's Survival is "Non-Negotiable"
bibi speech
Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu issued his first public reaction to yesterday's announcement of a "framework deal" between Iran and the P5+1 world powers over Tehran's nuclear plan.
Israel Not Expected to Attack Iran - For Now
Netanyahu slammed an announcement by US President Obama on the framework of a deal allowing the Islamic regime to continue enriching uranium at limited amounts, saying that if implemented it would jeopardize the Jewish state's very existence.
Missing Israeli Found in Apparent Hoax
niv asraf
The missing Israeli who was the target of a 10-hour manhunt was found in what appeared to have been a hoax.

BREAKDOWN: What Does the Iran Deal Really Mean?
nuclear iran
Here's what you need to know about the Iran deal.

Kenya University Massacre: Over 140 Killed
al shabab
More than 500 students reportedly rescued after Somali Islamist terror attack at university; Christians reportedly singled out for murder.

BREAKING: Nuclear Deal Reached
nuclear iran
A framework for a nuclear deal with Iran has been reached, negotiators in Switzerland announced on Thursday.
IDF Searching for 20-Year-Old who Entered Arab Village
man disappears in beit anoun
Large police and IDF forces are scouring the area of Judea between Kiryat Arba and the Arab village of Beit Anoun, after a man around the age of 20 went missing in the region.
Paratrooper: "He Stabbed Me in the Head, I Pinned Him Down"
First Sergeant Yoav Leitman of the Paratroopers Regiment recounted Thursday the incident in which he was stabbed by a terrorist in Samaria.
Anti-Semitism in Netherlands Up 71%
The report found that people who are recognizable as being Jewish, such as those wearing a yarmulke were especially targeted by anti-Semitism, which included verbal abuse and harassment on the streets.
Boehner in J'lem: U.S.-Israel Bonds Strong Despite Political Spats
john boehner
The bonds between Israel and the United States are strong despite the occasional political dust-up, House Speaker John Boehner said in Jerusalem.
New US-Israel Missile System Passes Key Test
davids sling
The joint U.S.-Israel air defense system known as David’s Sling has passed a set of tests that potentially clears the way for full-scale deployment.

ISIS Seizes Palestinian Camp in Syria
isis book burning
The Islamic State (ISIS) jihadist group seized control of most of the Yarmouk Palestinian refugee camp in southern Damascus Wednesday,
PA Officially Joins ICC to Sue Israel for "War Crimes"
The PA is to sue Israel for "illegal settlements" in Judea and Samaria, despite the fact that the Jewish presence in the region is legal under international law as was conclusively proven in the 2012 Levy Report.
'Anonymous' Threatens 'Electronic Holocaust'
anonymous hackets
Latest cyber-attack threatened for April 7, will allegedly target Israeli government and military servers.


Carter: Pentagon Would Cooperate with Unified Arab Force
ashton cater
American Defense Secretary says the United States supports Arab plans to create a unified military force.

Anne Frank Died Earlier Than Thought, Study Shows
anne frank quotes
"New research... has shed fresh light on the last days of Anne Frank and her sister Margot," the Anne Frank House in Amsterdam said on Tuesday, until now her official death date.

Hamas to Face War Crimes Suit in US Department of Justice
hamas and israel have secret agreement
A lawsuit is being levied against the Palestinian Authority, as 26 US citizens file a complaint to the Department of Justice seeking restitution against Hamas for war crimes committed during Operation Protective Edge in Gaza.
Swastikas Found in Dorm at Northeastern U.
northeastern uni
Swastikas were drawn on a campus dormitory board at Northeastern University in Boston.


Biden: American Jews Can Only Rely on Israel, Not US
joe biden on jews and israel
An incredible admission made at Rosh Hashana event by US Vice President Joe Biden has been revealed, in which he told Jewish leaders that should the American Jewish community be in danger, it has only Israel to rely on - and not America.
Clinton: Relations with Israel Must Not Become a Partisan Issue
clinton on israel
Former United States Secretary of State Hillary Clinton on Sunday called for her country’s relations with Israel to return to "constructive footing" and not become a partisan issue.
'With Jews Gone, the Muslims Persecute Christians'
israel christians
Israel's UN ambassador delivers scalding speech on abuse of religious minorities in the Muslim Middle East.
Ancient Egyptian Beer-Making Vessels Discovered in Tel Aviv
ancient egypt beer making pottery
Fragments of pottery used by Egyptians to make beer and dating back 5,000 years have been discovered on a building site in Tel Aviv, the Israeli Antiquities Authority said.
Netanyahu Says Coming Iran Nuclear Deal "Worse Than Feared"
bibi speech
Israeli Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu has said the deal currently under discussion between Iran and world powers over Tehran's nuclear program is even worse than he had feared.
Woman Arrested for Sexual Abuse of Teenagers at a Bar Mitzvah
lindsey radomski bar mitzvah
A 32-year-old woman was arrested for alleged sex crimes at a bar mitzvah in Scottsdale, Ariz.
Toulouse Rabbi Told to Remove Kippah at voting station
french rabbi told to remove kipah
The chief rabbi of Toulouse filed a complaint with police for discrimination after an election inspector demanded he remove his kippah at the ballot.
EU Keeps Hamas on Terror List Despite Ruling
erez crossing
The European Union kept Hamas on its terrorism blacklist Friday, negating in practice a controversial court decision ordering Brussels to remove the Gaza-based terrorist group from the register.
Some of Lincoln's Best Friends were Jews
A whopping 16,000 books have been written about President Abraham Lincoln. But a new book and an exhibit at the New York Historical Society tell a previously untold story about Lincoln: his relationships with Jews.
440,000 Syrians Pinned Down in War Zones
syrian civil war
'Breathtaking levels of savagery' in Syria as number of civilians trapped in fighting areas doubles from last month, as UN calls for action.

Spain Passes Sephardic Return Bill
spanish flag
Spain's lower parliament passed legislation that would naturalize Sephardic Jews.

Jewish Frat Shut Down at U. of Michigan
sigma alpha mu shut down
Sigma Alpha Mu, the historically Jewish fraternity is shutting down its University of Michigan chapter in the aftermath of an incident that resulted in criminal charges against its president.
U.S. Strikes ISIS in Tikrit
us strikes tikrit, isis
On Thursday morning, the US launched its first air strikes against Islamic State positions in the Iraqi city of Tikrit, rallying to the aid of the Iranian-commanded Iraqi operation, which had failed to dislodge the jihadis in two weeks of fighting.
Amnesty Int'l Admits: Gaza Rocket Attacks Are War Crimes
gaza rockets
Amnesty International said several rocket attacks launched at Israel from inside the Gaza Strip amount to war crimes, and that Palestinian rocket fire during the Hamas-Israel conflict last summer killed more civilians inside the Gaza Strip than inside Israel.

New BBC Database Allows Public to Track British Jihadists
A new database allows people to track some of the hundreds of British citizens who left the country to join jihadist groups in Iraq and Syria, particularly ISIS and Al Qaeda's Nusra Front.
Hackers Promise "Electronic Holocaust" in Israel
computer hack
Anti-Israel hackers are promising to subject Israel to an "electronic Holocaust" next month.
Yemen Prepares for Civil War
yemen civil war
Preparations for civil war between the Iranian backed-Shiite Houthis tribe and forces loyal to President Abd Rabbo Mansour Hadi are continuing, as Houthis wave banners declaring "Death to America! Death to Israel! Damnation to Jews!"

Fund Established in Memory of Brooklyn Children
flatbush victims
A fund to assist parents who cannot afford to pay day school tuition has been established in memory of the seven children who died in a Shabbat house fire in Brooklyn.

Obama Considering Support for UN Recognition of Palestine
obama speaking
President Barack Obama would not count out backing U.N. recognition of Palestine as part of his reevaluation of the Israel-Palestinian peace process.

Palestinian Scientist Named to High Israeli Government Post
tareq abu hamed
Tarek Abu-Hamed of the Sur Baher neighborhood was named deputy chief scientist of the Ministry of Science, Technology and Space.
House of Reps Establishes Anti-Semitism Task Force
house of reps
A bipartisan task force to combat anti-Semitism around the world was established by the U.S. House of Representatives.

The Children of ISIS
isis children
ISIS has trained more than 400 children in Syria as fighters in 2015 alone, and have already used at least ten children as suicide bombers in Syria, while assembling all-child battle units.
Israeli Gov't Issues Travel Warnings for 41 Countries
ben gurion travlers
The Israeli government has issued travel warnings for 41 countries, including Europe and Asia for the upcoming school holidays of Passover and the summer.

Israel Denies It Spied on US
bibi speech
Hours after the Wall Street Journal cited White House officials as saying Israel had spied on the US to obtain information about the talks between the P5+1 powers and Iran, Jerusalem has issued a strong denial.
White House Warns Netanyahu: "Occupation Must End"
The White House on Monday bluntly warned Israel that its "occupation of Palestinian land" must end, dismissing Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu's efforts to take back controversial campaign pledges.
Ted Cruz Pledges Support to Israel During Presidental Race Announcement
ted cruz
In the speech announcing his candidacy for the Republican nomination, Senator Ted Cruz criticized the current president's relationship with Israel and pledged to 'stand unapologetically with Israel'.

Netanyahu's Quiet Campaign Manager
Five days after the election, it's time to talk about Netanyahu's quiet campaigner, one of the people that led to the landslide victory of the right wing in Israel: US President Barack Obama.
Netanyahu Apologizes to Arab Israelis
bibi apolgizes
After controversial comments about Arabs on election day, Netanyahu apologizes to Arab mayors, says he didn't intend to hurt any citizens.

Grief-stricken Brooklyn Father: My Children "Had Faces of Angels"
brooklyn fire
The Brooklyn father who lost seven of his eight children in a home fire called his kids "a sacrifice" to the community.
US Won't Defend Israel at UNHRC, Israel Boycotts
The United States will not take the floor at the main U.N. human rights forum on Monday during the annual debate on violations committed in the Palestinian territories. The step is unprecedented.
Red Cross Cooperating with Hamas-Affiliated University
red cross hamas
The faculty of Sharia at the Hamas-affiliated Islamic University in Gaza is preparing to hold an international conference in cooperation with the International Committee of the Red Cross on the subject of international humanitarian law in light of Islamic Sharia.
Speaker of the House John Boehner Set to Visit Israel
john bohenor
Boehner will make his visit during the two-week recess starting March 30, the Ohio Republican’s office said in a statement over the weekend to National Public Radio.


Pro-Israel Event in London Follows Synagogue Attack
united kingdom israel antisemitism pro israel
One of the largest-ever grassroots conference on Israel in the UK is being held only hours after a group of men attempted to break into a Stamford Hill synagogue, yelling threats to kill the worshipers

6 Arrested For Forcing Their Way Into London Synagogue
london street
Six men were arrested after they forced their way into a synagogue in north London.

ISIS Hackers Publish Hit List of 100 American Soldiers
american army targedted by isis
The group, which calls itself the Islamic State Hacking Division, included names, units, addresses and photos of the service men and women from the US Air Force, Navy, and Marines.
7 Children from Orthodox Jewish Family Killed in Brooklyn Fire
brooklyn fire
Seven children from an Orthodox Jewish family died when a fire tore through their Brooklyn home.

WATCH: Ron Prosor's Powerful Speech on Status of Women in Israel
ron prosor women
A few days before the UN's top women's rights body released a report listing Israel as the world's greatest violator of women's rights, Israeli Rep to the UN Ron Prosor gave a powerful speech illustrating the exact opposite reality.
Guess Who is the World's Worst Violator of Women's Rights?
israel called world's worst oppressor of human rights
Out of 193 UN member states, guess who the UN's top women’s rights body declared as the worst and only violator of women's right in the world?

ISIS Beheads Kurds in Front of Children in Iraq
isis beheads kurds
Three prisoners, dressed in orange jumpsuits with their hands bound, are shown kneeling one at a time with masked terrorists standing guard at locations said to have been hit by peshmerga fire, and are then beheaded as young children are visible looking on in the background.

Ex-CIA Head Says Iran is a Greater Danger than ISIS
Rebuking Obama rapprochement, former CIA head Gen. David Petraeus warns Iran is taking control in Iraq, and is an enemy of the US and its allies.
Obama Calls Netanyahu to Congratulate on Reelection
obama talking on the phone
President Barack Obama called Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to congratulate him on his reelection and to reaffirm the U.S. commitment to a two-state solution.

Netanyahu Flip Flop: I Want a Two-State Solution
netanyahu flip flops on palestinian state
Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu has retracted his pre-election statements, according to which he would not allow a Palestinian state to be established.
British Prime Minister Pledges Millions in Security for Jewish Institutions
united kingdom pledges millions for jewish security
British Prime Minister David Cameron pledged millions of dollars in new funds to Jewish schools and synagogues to be used for security, "this year and every year, for as long as necessary."
Gilad Shalit "Was Surrounded by Suicide Bombers" in Captivity
New details of former captive Israeli soldier Gilad Shalit's time in Hamas captivity have been revealed.
Obama to Lay Down Punishment on Netanyahu?
Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu may have just scored a large victory at home, but Israel's relations with the United States could be on the brink.
University of New Orleans Holds Drive to Divest from PA
uno campus
Allies of Israel sponsors two-day drive at Univ. of New Orleans urging students to sign petition against 'abuses perpetrated by the PA.'

Netanyahu Comeback Propelled by Hardline Rhetoric
bibi winning
This city’s Rabin Square was full of young men wearing large knit kippahs and women in long skirts and long sleeves cheering as right-wing politicians declared their opposition to Israeli withdrawal from the West Bank.

Christians United for Israel Presses Uncommitted Democrats on Iran
cufi stands with israel against iran
Christians United for Israel published full-page newspaper ads in the home states of four Democratic senators urging them to back a bill that would mandate congressional approval of any Iran nuclear deal.
Why Did Israelis Reelect Bibi?
bibi reelected
Binyamin Netanyahu’s Likud party owed its March 17 election lead of 30 seats as much to its rivals' myopia as to the prime minister's stunning last-ditch campaign blitz.

Netanyahu at the Kotel: Moved by the Weight of Responsibility
bibi at the kotel
Netanyahu visits Western Wall and notes on historical meaning of holy site, vows to act for every citizen of Israel.

Record Number of Women Elected to Knesset
In an election with the highest voter turnout since 1999, a record 28 women were chosen for the 20th Knesset.

Jewish Shopper Hit, Kicked in Lower Austrian City
bibi wins
Austrian police arrested a man who is suspected of a hate crime against a Jew in a shopping mall near Vienna.
Likud Victorious with 30 Seats After 99% of Ballots Counted
bibi wins
"I am proud of the people of Israel who, at the moment of truth, knew how to separate between the important and the secondary issues and focus on the important ones," said Netanyahu.
5 Takeways From the Israeli Election
election day
In the United States, the magic number on Election Day is 270, the number of Electoral College votes needed to win the presidency. In Israel, it’s 61, the number of seats needed to capture a majority in the 120-seat Knesset — and with it, the premiership.

Election Results Mean Palestinians Will Press at ICC
icc pic
The chief Palestinian negotiator expects Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to form the next Israeli government and has declared that the Palestinians in turn will push forward with diplomatic efforts at the International Criminal Court.

Netanyahu Remains the Prime Minister of Israel
bibi wins
Prime Minister Benjamin "Bibi" Netanyahu has been reelected for the fourth time as Israel's Prime Minister.

Shootings, Rock Throwing and Car Attack Leave 4 Wounded
rock attacks in israel on day of elections
In time for elections, shots have been fired at the IDF in an Arab neighborhood, rocks have wound 3 on a bus, and a soldier was wounded in a car attack attempt in Gush Etzion.
Religious Party Promises Heaven for Votes
shas ad
Several petitions were filed against the religious "Shas" party Tuesday, alleging the party is violating a host of bans on religious imagery because of promises of "blessings" for voters in its advertisement campaign for the 20th Knesset elections, and an ad that features an image reading "those who choose Shas go straight to heaven."
More than 100,000 Israelis Share Their Vote on Facebook
facebook logo
More than 111,000 Israelis had used the special elections day function on Facebook to let their friends know they had gone to the ballot box to cast their vote.
How Do IDF Soldiers Vote?
idf voting
While Israeli citizens only began voting Tuesday morning, IDF soldiers across Israeli have been casting their ballots since Saturday night.
How Voter Turnout Could Sway Israel's Election
bibi voting
Israel’s politicians have spent the past three months telling voters they’re the best choice to serve Israel. But their success tomorrow will depend not just on whom they convince, but on how many of their supporters make it to the ballot box.

Toy Drones: The New Form of Terror With No Solution
toy drone
The least appreciated cyber threat today comes from the potential of toy drones reaching terrorist hands.

Reform Rabbis Inaugurate First Openly Gay President
denise eger
The Central Conference of American Rabbis, the rabbinical arm of the Reform movement, installed its first openly gay president, Rabbi Denise Eger.

Netanyahu: No Palestinian State On My Watch
bibi speaking
Benjamin Netanyahu said in an interview that as long as he is Israel’s prime minister, a Palestinian state will not be established.

Everything You Need to Know About Israel's Elections
elections 2015
When Israelis head to the polls for the March 17 elections, 26 parties will be vying for the Knesset’s 120 seats.

Religious Zionists Hope for Surprise Turnout at World Congress
tel aviv nuclear attack
"The Religious Zionist slate stands for Zionist education, meaning that all Jews no matter where they are in the world should have access to Jewish education with a sense of history, culture and traditions."
The Burning of Tel Aviv: What a Nuclear Attack Would Look Like
tel aviv nuclear attack
According to one expert, a nuclear attack on Tel Aviv would result in tens of thousands of deaths, and widespread destruction.
Herzog: I, More Than Anyone, Will Keep Jerusalem Safe
buzi herzog
In recent days, Zionist Union/Labor Party co-leader Yitzhak Herzog has taken great pains to emphasize his family's traditions.
Envoy: European Jews "Bankrupted" by Security Costs
antisemitism in europe
Jewish communities in Europe are on edge after being targeted by Islamist gunmen in recent attacks in France and Denmark. Now, many Jewish bodies in Europe are being bankrupted by the growing need for security measures.
United States to Provide $70 Million in Aid to Syrian Opposition
gravestone of syrian child
The proposed funds would include $30 million to bolster the Syrian opposition and local governance structures in their efforts to provide basic services in the war-torn country.
Israel Opens Embassy in Lithuania
lituhania flag
Israel opened its first embassy in Lithuania. Lithuania used to have 250,000 Jews but the vast majority were killed by German Nazis and their local collaborators.
Can Israeli and Palestinian Women Help Forge The Road to Peace?
women wage peace
More than 3000 women braved a rainy Jerusalem afternoon to call on the Israeli government to put peace back on the nation's agenda.
#AskHamas is Breaking Twitter
ask hamas
Hamas thought it'd be a good idea to launch a Twitter campaign answering user's questions, but they probably didn't expect to receive such hardball questions. Here are 33 amazing inquiries they received.

Paris' Hyper Cacher Market Reopens on Sunday
hyper cacher to reopen
The kosher supermarket on the edge of Paris that was the site of a bloody hostage situation in January will reopen Sunday.
Officials: World Powers Considering Lifting Iran Sanctions
nuclear iran
Major world powers have quietly begun talks on a UN Security Council resolution to lift UN sanctions on Iran if a nuclear agreement is struck.
Ethiopian Citizen Wins Jerusalem Marathon
jlem marathon 2012
Tadesse Dabi Yae, 26, won the fifth annual Jerusalem marathon, which the Ethiopian citizen concluded in two hours, 18 minutes and 20 seconds.

Australian Preacher: Jews Are the Most Evil Creatures of Allah
india israel flag
"Recognizing the Jews and giving them even a single inch of Palestine constitutes the epitome of evil, because this will strengthen that cancerous entity," Ismail Al-Wahwah, spokesman for the Australian chapter of the Islamist extremist group claimed in the speech
Israel Might Be More Reliable Ally than the US for India
india israel flag
Israel and India still see the world differently despite growing defense ties.

'Jew stickers' Found in Jewish Amsterdam Suburb
amsterdam streets
Two Dutch mayors condemned the appearance of anti-Semitic stickers on shops in a heavily Jewish suburb of the Dutch capital.

Report Praises Israel's Efforts In Last Gaza Operation
protective edge
Israel's military went far beyond its legal obligation last summer during its Gaza operation to prevent civilian casualties, according to report by a panel of former senior U.S. military officials and legal experts.

2 Jewish Teens Attacked in Southern France
marseille synagogue
Two Jewish teens in France were robbed and beaten after leaving their Marseille synagogue.

Netanyahu: There is Real Danger - We Could Lose
bibi speech
Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu conceded Thursday that the center-left opposition could win the March 17 general elections and appealed to voters not to take the chance with national security.
Netanyahu Rating Plummets Among U.S. Democratic Voters
bibi speech
U.S. favorability ratings for Benjamin Netanyahu among likely U.S. voters dropped dramatically among those who lean Democratic in the aftermath of the Israeli prime minister’s speech to the U.S. Congress.
Man Rips Down Swastika Display in Sacramento
A non-Jewish man tore down a swastika display from a home in Sacramento.

Obama Extends Iran Sanctions
President Barack Obama noted improved Iranian behavior while nuclear talks are underway, but said a yearlong extension of sanctions is still merited.

ISIS Brainwashed My Son
isis mossad execution
ISIS' latest victim - 19-year-old Mohammed Said Ismail Musallam, an Arab resident of eastern Jerusalem who joined ISIS not long ago and whose beheading was published on YouTube Tuesday night - was "brainwashed" into joining the group.
Watch: Arabs Abuse Australians on Temple Mount
temple mount
Shocking video shows Arabs shouting at young Australian visitors to Temple Mount, before shoving and chasing after them.

Jewish Producer Threatened Over AMIA Bombing Film
amia bombing aftermath
A Jewish producer making a movie about the 1994 AMIA bombing case and its late special prosecutor Alberto Nisman said he was threatened.

UCLA Passes Resolution Condemning Anti-Semitism
ucla campus
The undergraduate student government of UCLA unanimously passed a resolution condemning anti-Semitism.

IDF to Shorten Warning Times for Incoming Rockets
idf gaza rockets
Israelis living within 7 kilometers (4.3 miles) of the Hamas stronghold will be expected to live in or immediately next to protected areas - dramatically reversing a trend so far of warning times lengthening, not shortening, for Israelis in times of war.
Missing British Girls Stole Jewelry to Fund Syria Flight
isis flag
Three London schoolgirls who fled to Syria are believed to have stolen family jewelry to fund their travel.

ISIS Executes Israeli Arab 'Mossad Spy' in Syria
isis mossad execution
19-year-old Islamic State recruit from Jerusalem executed by young boy; French-speaking terrorist issues chilling warning to Jews in France.

Danish Muslims Permitted to Form Peace Ring
copenhagen memorial
Danish Muslims will be allowed to create a peace ring around a Copenhagen synagogue that came under a deadly attack. 

PA Detains 500 Hamas Militants in Attempt To Thwart Coup
Acting on direct orders from Palestinian Authority Chairman Mahmoud Abbas, Palestinian special forces raided the nine PA-ruled towns of the West Bank in the past 48 hours and detained 500 Hamas suspects.

Women in the Middle East Still Far from Equality
afghan women
Middle Eastern women use international women's day to call for more rights

"Over 1,000 Jews Have Come to Israel Since Paris Terror"
french jews israel
Forecasts of a large wave of immigration from France pushing up Israeli apartment prices might be materializing.
Jerusalem Mosque Address Calls Muslims to Wage War on America
abu hamza
In a recent address at the Al-Aqsa Mosque, a Palestinian Arab political researcher declared that Muslims should pray that Allah will enable them to wage war on America and vanquish it.
Report: Half of British ISIS Terrorists Already Home
isis flag
Around half the estimated 700 Britons who have gone to fight with Islamic State jihadists in Syria have returned home.
"New Israel Fund" Received More than $1M from US State Department
new israel fund gets 1 million from us state department
Vocal critics in both the US and Israel charge that the New Israel Fund has knowingly financed groups that support the Boycott, Divestment, and Sanction movement, and worked to get Israeli soldiers prosecuted for so-called "war crimes."
Drone Spotted Over Jewish School in Toulouse
hamas and israel have secret agreement
An unauthorized drone was spotted flying over the Jewish school in Toulouse that was attacked in 2012.
Hamas, West and Israel in Talks for 5-Year Ceasefire
hamas and israel have secret agreement
Despite its recent threats to kidnap IDF soldiers, Hamas is more than willing to sign a long-term cease-fire agreement - sometime in the near future, Israeli News revealed Monday.
France: Four Arrested over Paris Kosher Supermarket Attack
Amedy Coulibaly
Four people have been detained over their connections to one of the Islamist terrorists who carried out the Paris attacks in January, according to a judicial source.
ISIS Beheader Apologizes to Parents
hunting for jihadist who beheaded american journalist
Mohammed Emwazi, the man revealed as ISIS executioner "Jihadi John", has reportedly written a letter to his family apologizing for "shaming" them - but not for his murderous acts.
Arabs to Propose New Resolution to "End Israeli Occupation"
arab league wants to stop israel... again
The Arab League will on Monday propose a new resolution calling for bringing an end to "Israel's occupation of Palestinian territories".
Iran's New Missile Puts Israel "in Range"
iran unveils new missile
As the US and its allies continue to discuss limiting Iran's nuclear program with Tehran, the Iranian military on Sunday announced that it had developed a new long-range cruise missile with a range of some 1,200 miles, putting Israel well within reach.
Could There Be 10,000 Europeans in Syria by 2016?
syrian war
French Prime Minister Manuel Valls predicts exponential exodus of radicalized European Muslims to Syria and Iraq; 3,000 there now.

Report: ISIS Destroys Ancient City of Hatra
isis book burning
The United Nations' cultural body on Saturday condemned the "destruction" by the Islamic State jihadist group of Hatra, a stunning Roman period ancient fortress city in the Iraqi desert.
Boko Haram Pledges Allegiance to ISIS
boko haram
Leader of Nigerian terrorist group, Abubakak Shekau, pledges allegiance to 'Islamic State' in new recording.

Iran FM: Iran "Saved Jews Three Times in its History"
iran minister says israel is a terror state
In an extensive interview, Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif accused Israel of supporting terrorism, said Iran does not want to produce a nuclear weapon and praised his country for protecting Jews.
Car Terror Attack Near Border Police Base in Jerusalem
terror attack israel
The Arab terrorist attack was conducted in a private car that approached the Border Patrol's base in the Shimon HaTzadik neighborhood in  Jerusalem from Zaks Junction before going up on the sidewalk and running over five people, of whom four were from the security forces.
NYC Schools to Close for Muslim Holidays
new york to close for muslim holidays
New York will become the first major city to close its public schools for Muslim holidays.
BBC's Bowen: Bibi Playing Holocaust Card with Wiesel
elie wiesel n congress speech by netanyahu
A BBC Middle East Editor was slammed for tweeting criticism as Netanyahu acknowledged Elie Wiesel in Congress speech, calling the move "the Holocaust card."
PLO Votes to Cut Security Cooperation With Israel
The central council of the Palestine Liberation Organization has decided to end all of its security cooperation with Israel.

Who Will be Iran's Next Supreme Leader?
Amid reports of Khamenei's hospitalization in critical condition, Iran expert speculates who will take the helm of the Islamic regime.

Kerry Reportedly to Offer Nuclear Umbrella to Gulf States
john kerry
Sources report that US Secretary of State John Kerry is offering Gulf States an American nuclear umbrella to deal with the Iranian nuclear threat, as Kerry is finalizing a controversial deal with Iran.
Kansas City JCC Shooter Will Be Tried for Capital Murder
Miller, a former Ku Klux Klan grand dragon, said that he began planning the attacks when he became so sick with emphysema that he thought he would die soon, and he wanted to "make damn sure" he killed Jews before he died.
France Seeks Arrests in 1982 Kosher Eatery Attack
goldenberg bakery in paris
France issued an international arrest warrant against three Palestinians suspected of carrying out a deadly terrorist attack 32 years ago against Paris Jews.

Netanyahu Says 'World Heard' Israel's View During Speech
bibi speech
Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said he heard "encouraging responses" from U.S. lawmakers after his speech before a joint meeting of Congress.

Israel to Double Water Supply to Gaza
gaza city skyline
The decision was in response to growing needs in the Hamas terror enclave.
Britain Bans Ad Saying Jerusalem's Old City is Part of Israel
jerusalem old city
Britain's advertising watchdog has banned an Israeli government tourism advert for suggesting that the Old City of Jerusalem was part of Israel.
Brussels University Urges Ban of Palestinian Speaker
university in brussels
A Belgian watchdog on anti-Semitism urged a Brussels university to ban students from having a dialogue with a representative of a Palestinian group that the European Union considers a terrorist entity.

North American Federations Fund Scholarships for Students Near Gaza
gaza border
Academic scholarships funded by the Jewish Federations of North America and individual Jewish federations were awarded to 1,300 students who live in communities near the border with Gaza.

Obama 'Unimpressed' With Netanyahu 'Theater' in Congress
Obama dismisses Congress speech as 'nothing new,' claiming Netanyahu 'didn't offer an alternative' to Iran deal - despite his outline.

Pelosi 'Saddened to Near Tears' by Netanyahu's Speech
nancy pelosi
House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi said Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's speech to Congress nearly brought her to tears because it insulted the intelligence of the United States.

The Full Transcript of Netanyahu's Speech
bibi speech 2
The full transcript of Prime Minister Netanyahu's historic speech to Congress on Tuesday, March 3rd.

Binyamin Netanyahu Delivers "Historic" Address to US Congress
netanyahu at congress
Acknowledging the controversy surrounding his speech, the Israeli Prime Minister reiterated that it as never his intention to offend the White House.

When ISIS' "Jihadi John" Denounced the 9/11 Attacks
hunting for jihadist who beheaded american journalist
Politicians and the media responded furiously after the famous beheader was described as a "beautiful young man" who had been "harassed" by British intelligence to the point of becoming radicalized.
Watch Live: Netanyahu's Historic Speech
bibi speech
Watch Live: Prime Minister Netanyahu's Historic Speech to Congress
Hamas Admits It's Producing Rockets to Attack Israel Again
erez crossing
A senior Hamas terrorist said Monday his Islamist group which controls Gaza is rebuilding its heavily depleted rocket arsenal to prepare for a new terror war against Israel.
Obama: Disagreement with Netanyahu Won't Destroy Ties
obama and bibi
Obama admitted there is a "substantial disagreement" between his administration and the Israeli government over how to achieve their shared goal of preventing Iran from acquiring nuclear weapons.
Arab Israelis Volunteering in Israel's National Service
arab israelis in the idf
Frowned upon by Arab leaders but growing in popularity, Arab Israelis are volunteering in Israel's National Service.

Kerry Defends Israel Against UN Human Rights Council
john kerry
There is an "unbalanced focus" on Israel by the United Nations Human Rights Council, U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry told its members.

Netanyahu Promises "New Information" on Iran Pact
obama and bibi
The proxy war between Benjamin Netanyahu and Barack Obama is nearing a climax.
As Nuclear Talks Drag on, How Iran is Slowly Encircling Israel
In the background of this week’s dual drama of US-Iranian negotiations regarding its nuclear program and Prime Minister Netanyahu’s high profile speech aimed at influencing them, Iran has continued to encroach on the fabric of the Middle East.
White House Releases List of What Obama's Done for Israel
After weeks of tension between the United States and Israel over Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu's upcoming address to Congress, the White House released a guide to the US-Israel relationship on Sunday.
Netanyahu to Unveil Details of Iran Agreement During Speech
netanyahu yad vashem
Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu plans to unveil some specific details of the agreement between Iran and the West during his speech to Congress on Tuesday.

Netanyahu Embarking On A "Historic Mission"
congress speech
Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said he was leaving on a "fateful, even historic, mission" as he boarded a plane for Washington, where he will deliver a controversial address before Congress.

ISIS Beheader Contemplated Suicide in 2010
hunting for jihadist who beheaded american journalist
The London man believed to be Islamic State (ISIS) executioner "Jihadi John" told a journalist in 2010 ago that surveillance by British security services had left him contemplating suicide.
Italy "Supports the Goal" of a Palestinian State
italian palestinan state
Italian deputies on Friday approved two resolutions calling on the government to support the goal of a Palestinian state but stopped short of supporting recognition now, AFP reported.
Leonard Nimoy, Spock of "Star Trek," Has Died
leonard nimoy, spock has died
Leonard Nimoy, best known for playing Spock in the much loved Star Trek franchise, died on Friday morning at his home in Bel Air. He was 83.
Spanish-Speaking Jews Urge Spain to Follow Portugal's Jewish Law of Return
should spain follow portugal with jewish law of return
A representative of Spanish-speaking Jews urged Spain to follow Portugal's lead and adopt a law of return for descendants of Sephardic Jews.
U.C. Berkeley Condemns Anti-Semitism
uc berkeley
The student government at the University of California, Berkeley, unanimously passed a bill condemning anti-Semitism.

Israel and Jordan Sign Water Agreement
dead sea
Israel and Jordan signed a bilateral agreement to exchange water and to work together to save the Dead Sea.

ISIS: Pro-Palestinians in Europe Actually Sleeper ISIS Cells
isis book burning
Pro-Palestinian rallies and groups are being used to aid the rise of Islamic State (ISIS) in Europe, according to a book the group released this month - united under the front of "bringing down Zionsim."
Global Antisemitism Reaches Seven-Year High
global antisemitism reaches 7 wold high
In the 77 countries in which Jews were harassed, Jews were "much more likely to be harassed by individuals or groups in society than by governments."
Palestinians Working for Israelis Are Paid Triple Those Working in Gaza
soda stream factory workers
EU survey finds that Palestinians working for Israelis are paid double those working in the West Bank and triple those in the Gaza Strip.

Reissuing of Mein Kampf in Germany Provokes Outrage
mein kampf to be resissued in germany
Adolf Hitler's anti-Semitic manifesto Mein Kampf (My Struggle) is returning to German bookshelves in early 2016, sparking public and political outrage across the country.
Senate Resolution Addresses Europe's Rising Anti-Semitism
europe rally
The U.S. Senate introduced a bipartisan resolution addressing the rise of anti-Semitism in Europe.

ISIS Beheader Finally Identified
hunting for jihadist who beheaded american journalist
The masked, British-accented ISIS executioner who appears in most of the brutal beheading videos is reportedly the son of a wealthy London family, and a graduate of a British University.
220 Assyrian Christians Abducted by Islamic State
isis beheads 21 egyptian coptic christians
Islamic State terrorists have abducted 220 Assyrian Christians from villages in northeastern Syria in recent days, more than twice as many as previously reported.
3 NY Men Arrested For Attempting to Join ISIS
fbi agents
The FBI has arrested and charged three Brooklyn residents with providing material support to ISIS.

German Jewish Magazine Hides Name as a Precaution
A monthly Jewish magazine in Germany said it will deliver copies to subscribers in blank envelopes as a response to recent anti-Semitic attacks across Europe.

Israel To Resume West Bank Power Disruptions
power lines
The Palestinian Authority and Jerusalem Electricity Corp. owe the IEC NIS 2 billion.

Netanyahu Turns Down Invitation to Meet Democrats
netanyahu yad vashem
The invitation was extended on Monday by Senators Richard Durbin and Dianne Feinstein, who explained they invited Netanyahu to a closed-door meeting with Democrats "to maintain Israel's dialog with both political parties in Congress".
"British Girls Who Ran Away to Join ISIS "Crossed into Syria"
isis flag
Three teenage girls from London feared to have run off to join the Islamic State (ISIS) terrorist group are believed to have crossed from Turkey into Syria.
Netanyahu 'Regrets' Partisan Perception of Speech
Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu told top Senate Democrats he regretted the partisan perception that has attached to his speech to Congress as President Barack Obama's top security adviser said the speech was "destructive".

The 10 U.S. Colleges With the 'Worst Anti-Semitic Activity'
columbia campus
The David Horowitz Freedom Center based in Southern California launched a campaign to combat the “rapidly growing anti-Semitism” on U.S. campuses with its list of the 10 having the most anti-Semitic activity last year.

Senate Dems Seek to Clear Tensions With Bibi
bibi congress speech
Two top Senate Democrats urged Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to meet privately with the party caucus to alleviate bad blood arising out of his upcoming speech to Congress.

Hollande Says Anti-Semites Have No Place in France
French President Francois Hollande said the country would protect its Jews against rising anti-Semitism.

Copenhagen Police Forbid "Peace Ring" at Attacked Synagogue
copenhagen says no to peace ring
The Copenhagen organizers were hoping to duplicate a similar initiative that took place in Oslo, where reports said that more than 1,000 people, including many Muslims, formed a human chain around a synagogue in a show of support for Jews.
ISIS Kidnaps 90 Christians in Syria
isis beheads 21 egyptian coptic christians
Jihadists from ISIS have kidnapped at least 90 Assyrian Christians in northeast Syria. The abduction raises particular concerns after ISIS last Sunday released video showing its terrorists beheading Egyptian Coptic Christians in Libya.
London Soccer Fans Chant Anti-Semitic Slurs
british transport police
The British Transport Police is investigating an incident in which soccer fans allegedly chanted anti-Semitic slurs while riding a London subway train.

Gallup Poll Finds 7 in 10 Americans View Israel Favorably
usa israel flag
Seven in 10 Americans continued to view Israel favorably, despite the breakdown of relations between the U.S. and Israeli leaders, a Gallup poll found.

Al-Qaida-Affiliated Terrorists Threaten American and Jewish Malls
mall of america
A threat on "American or Jewish" shopping centers by the terrorist group responsible for the deadly 2013 attack on a Kenya mall has the U.S. security apparatus calling on the public to be vigilant.

Palestinian Groups Must Pay U.S. Terrorism Victims Over $218 Million
manhattan federal court finds plo and pa responsible for americans deaths
A New York jury ordered the Palestine Liberation Organization and the Palestinian Authority to pay more than $218 million in damages to American victims of six terrorist attacks in Israel.
David Cohen Becomes CIA's No. 2
david cohen, jewish number 2 at cia
Jewish-Americans have been working in American intelligence since the days of the CIA’s predecessor, the World War II-era Office of Strategic Services, but a number of Jews have long alleged that they hit speed bumps in the American security services.
Charlie Hebdo Survivor Targeted by ISIS Supporters
charlie hebdo cover
Islamic State (ISIS) supporters have put a target out on Zineb el-Rhazoui, a Franco-Moroccan cartoonist for the French satirical magazine Charlie Hebdo.
Terror Victim Was Rescued by Jerusalem's Mayor
terror in jerusalem
Avraham Goldschmidt, who suffered moderate wounds Sunday when he was stabbed by a terrorist in Jerusalem, speaks about fighting off the terrorist with his tefillin bag, and the moment he realized his rescuer was the none other than the mayor of Jerusalem himself.
Israeli, U.S. Security Advisers Meet Amid Tensions
susan rice in israel
The Israeli and U.S. national security advisers met amid tensions between the two countries as the top U.S. negotiator joined a new round of nuclear talks with Iran.

Israeli Envoy to Germany: Jews Should Come to Israel
israel germany
Israel's ambassador to Germany reiterated that Jews who feel unsafe in Europe due to recent anti-Semitic attacks should "come to [Israel] at any time" - an approach rejected by the head of German Jewry.
Israel Orders 14 More F-35 Stealth Warplanes form U.S.
stealh 34 war plane
The follow-on deal brings to 33 the number of F-35 aircraft that Israel is buying from the US.

Grave of Breslover Founder's Daughter Torched, Vandalized
rabbi nachman tomb
The grave of a daughter of the Breslover movement's founder, Rabbi Nachman, was set on fire and daubed with a swastika.

European Governments Unite Behind Jews
bernie madoff
This past week saw a host of encouraging statements by European leaders in the wake of growing anti-Semitism and Islamic terrorism. It remains to be seen whether the words will be followed up with actions.
Oslo Synagogue 'Peace Ring' Tainted By Organizer's Anti-Israel Remarks
oslo synagogue
Some Norwegian Jews said the so-called "peace ring" on Saturday night was tainted because one of its organizers said over the weekend that he dislikes people who support Israel.

Haredi Man Attacked by Arab Teen
jlem stabbing
Arab teen terrorist wounds haredi man in stabbing attack; video captured shows Jerusalem Mayor tackling the terrorist.

State Dept. Official: Solve ISIS Problem by Getting them Jobs
isis beheads 21 egyptian coptic christians
US State Department deputy spokesperson Marie Harf has been placed on the defensive for saying that the "root cause of [ISIS and other] terrorism... is poverty and lack of opportunity."
French Chief Rabbi Rejects Netanyahu's Call for Emigration
france antisemitic rape
"France will no longer be France" if there were a mass Jewish exodus, says the country's Chief Rabbi, Haim Korsia.
Waqf Guard Assaults Jew on Temple Mount, Isn't Arrested
Police Officer on Temple Mount
During the visit by members of the "Returning to the Mount" movement, the Islamic trust guard kicked and punched the Jew after he didn't comply with a demand to rush through his visit and leave the holy site.
Thousands March in Memory of Prosecutor Alberto Nisman
alberto nismanma
More than 400,000 people in Buenos Aires braved a heavy rain to pay tribute to the late AMIA special prosecutor Alberto Nisman in a "silent march."

How ISIS Uses Anti-Semitism
isis beheads 21 egyptian coptic christians
The Anti-Defamation League released a new report that explores the impact the Islamic State and other Islamist terrorist groups have on domestic security in the United States.
State Dept. Issues New Travel Warning for Israel
tourists in israel
A new U.S. State Department travel warning for Israel cites recent injuries to and deaths of U.S. citizens.

UC Davis Overturns Divestment Resolution
uc davis water tower
An Israel divestment resolution passed at the University of California Davis last month by the student senate was overturned by the university's Court of Associated Students.

Swedish Radio is Really Sorry for Antisemitism Question
city in ukraine
Swedish public radio apologized for a presenter's question to the country's Israeli ambassador about whether Jews are responsible for anti-Semitism.

Oslo Closes Traffice Around Main Synagogue
oslo synagogue
The city of Oslo has closed traffic permanently on the street leading to the Norwegian capital's main synagogue.

Northwestern Passes Divestment Resolution
northwestern university
The Northwestern University student government passed a resolution calling on the university to divest from six companies that are being used by Israel to violate Palestinians' human rights.

Why is ISIS Using Kittens and Nutella?
isis, kittens and nutella
For some reason, ISIS terrorists are filling social media with irresistibly cute baby animals and candy.
Iranian American Council Slams Netanyahu Speech
bibi talking
The National Iranian American Council took out a full-page advertisement in The New York Times slamming the planned speech to Congress by Israel’s prime minister.

Jeb Bush 'Eager' to Hear Netanyahu's Congress Speech
jeb bush netanyahu
"I don't blame Netanyahu for wanting to share his views and in fact, I think it will be important for the American people to get the perspective of our closest ally in the region."
Syrian “friendly fire” Kills Scores of Hizballah Soliders
hezbollah flag
The Syrian army's 9th Division mistakenly directed artillery and missile fire on Iranian, Hizballah and its own forces.

Obama Administration: Israel Must Stop Distorting Details On Iran
obama's cabinet
Israel is distorting the U.S. negotiating position in nuclear talks with Iran and must stop, Obama administration officials said.
Gaza Hackers Use Porn in Cyberattack on Israel
A group of hackers from Gaza used pornographic videos in a wide-scale cyberattack on several Israeli institutions and individuals.

Fighting ISIS is Strengthening Israel-Jordan Relations
isis book burning
The fight against Islamic State (ISIS) has helped strengthen the relationship between Israel and Jordan, a senior security source stated Wednesday night.
Stanford Passes Divestment Resolution
stanford university
The Stanford University student senate passed an Israel divestment resolution that it narrowly defeated a week ago.

For Obama, Iran Is A 'Done Deal'
obama and bibi
Some US and Israeli media have reported that the Obama administration reduced the exchange with Israel of sensitive information about its nuclear negotiations with Iran - because Binyamin Netanyahu has leaked "details of the US position to the media."

Muslims in Norway to Form "Peace Ring" Around Synagogue
frenden ring oslo
Muslims in Norway plan to form what they are calling a “peace ring” around an Oslo synagogue following Sabbath services. More than 800 people have signed up.
Baby Terror Victim, Adelle Biton Laid to Rest
adelle biton
Adelle had struggled to survive since being struck directly in the head by a fist-sized rock thrown by Arab terrorists in March 2013 while riding in the family car outside Ariel in Samaria.
ISIS Burns 45 Iraqis Alive in Latest Horrific Execution
isis beheads 21 egyptian coptic christians
ISIS terrorists apparently started a sickening new fad by burning a captured Jordanian pilot, a trend that was ramped up this week in al-Baghdadi in western Iraq where ISIS terrorists burned 45 people to death
Argentina Asks To Include AMIA Bombing in Iran Talks
hector timerman
Argentina's foreign minister asked U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry to include the 1994 bombing attack on the AMIA Jewish center in the negotiations with Iran.

Jewish Gravestones Desecrated in New Zealand
jewish cemetry
Three headstones were vandalized in the Jewish section of a cemetery in Dunedin, New Zealand.

Organizer of Anti-Semitic Rally in London Arrested for Abusive Tweets
The organizer of a planned far-right protest of the "Jewification of Great Britain" was arrested for posting a series of allegedly abusive tweets aimed at a British Parliament member.

Danish Jewish Radio Station Stops Broadcast for Security Reasons
A Jewish radio station based in Copenhagen canceled its daily broadcast for security reasons following the deadly synagogue shooting in the Danish capital.

4-Year-Old Terror Victim Adelle Biton Passes Away
adelle biton
Adelle Biton, the four-year-old terror victim who two years ago miraculously survived a rock attack which left her with severe neurological damage, passed away on Tuesday after her condition deteriorated rapidly.

Thousands of Afghan, Pakistani Shiites Join Hizballah's Advance on Golan
golan heights
The Iranian-backed operation to capture the Golan brings Afghan and Pakistani Shiite fighters to an Israeli border for the first time.

French President Says France Will Protect Jews "With All Its Force"
lesley gore jewish
French President Francois Hollande promised French Jews that the state would protect them "with all its force" as he led a ceremony Tuesday at a Jewish cemetery where hundreds of graves were vandalized.
Scholarship Endowed in Memory of Lone Soldier Max Steinberg
max steingberg
A scholarship endowment fund has been established in memory of Max Steinberg, an American lone soldier killed in Gaza during last summer's Operation Protective Edge.

Dozens of Wisconsin Homes Hit With Anti-Semitic Graffiti
Anti-Semitic and racial slurs and swastikas were spray-painted on at least 30 homes in Madison, Wis.

Two Arrested On Suspicion of Aiding Denmark Gunman
great copenhagen synagogue
Copenhagen police are holding two men who are "suspected of aiding and abetting the perpetrator in connection with the shooting attacks" at a cultural center and at Copenhagen's central synagogue.

5 Teens Detained in Vandalism of Jewish Cemetery in France
Five French teens were detained in the vandalism of some 300 graves in a Jewish cemetery in northeastern France.

30,000 Attend Rally to Commemorate Copenhagen Victims
copenhagen rally for jews
Some 30,000 people gathered in Copenhagen Monday to commemorate the victims of twin shootings that shocked the nation, with the Danish premier telling the crowd that an attack on the country's Jews was an attack on all of Denmark.
Israeli Government Minister Uri Orbach Dies at 54
uri orbach dies
Israeli government minister Uri Orbach died a month after announcing that he was taking a break from politics to be treated for an unspecified blood illness.
Egyptian Jets Strike Libya after ISIS Beheads 21 Christians
isis beheads 21 egyptian coptic christians
The Egyptian army conducted air strikes against Islamic State (ISIS) targets in Libya, including training camps and arms depots, after ISIS published a graphic video showing the beheading of 21 Egyptian Coptic Christians.
ISIS Morality Police Say Women Must Stay Home, 9-Year-Old Girls Can Marry
isis flag
ISIS's "Morality police" regularly beat women with iron rods who are not dressed modestly according to a strict interpretation of Islamic Sharia law, and say that Islam calls for non-Muslim women to be forced into sexual slavery.
Peres: Jews Should Move to Israel Out of Desire, not Fear
peres speaks about jews moving to israel
Former Israeli President Shimon Peres repudiated Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's call for embattled European Jews to move to Israel.
Copenhagen Synagogue Victim Named as Dan Uzan
dan uzan
The volunteer guard killed outside Copenhagen’s synagogue was identified as Dan Uzan, 37.

Obama Administration Rejects Claims of Leaving Israel Out of Iran Loop
obama and bibi at the oval office
Obama administration officials flatly rejected a claim that it was cutting Israel off from updates about nuclear talks with Iran.

Hundreds of Graves Vandalized in French Jewish Cemetery
Jewish cemetry
Gravestones were toppled and broken in the Jewish cemetery in northeastern France.

Danish Terrorist Identified
 Omar Abdel Hamid Hussein
Danish authorities have named the terrorist who murdered two people. French FM notes 'striking' similarities to Paris attack; 'First an attack on a symbol of freedom of speech, then an attack on Jews.'

The United States is No Longer Updating Israel on Iran Talks
united states no longer updating israel on iran talks
The US administration under President Barack Obama has stopped updating Israel on the progress of talks with Iran over that country's nuclear program, because the "Israeli government is using the information in a manipulative and political way."
"You Can't Make Europe's Streets an Anti-Semitic Shooting Range"
european shooting range
"We will not agree to get used to the point where people can just shoot the Jews in the streets of Europe, you cannot make the streets an anti-Semitic shooting range."
Danish Police Kill Man Responsible for Copenhagen Attacks
copenhagen shooting valentines day
Copenhagen police have shot dead a man they say opened fire on them, and have stated that he is the lone shooter responsible for a double attack on a "Blasphemy Conference" and a synagogue.
Shots Fired Outside Copenhagen Synagogue
copenhagen shooting valentines day
One person was shot in the head and two police officers were wounded in an attack on a synagogue in central Copenhagen on Saturday night. Two terrorists are estimated to be behind the attack; both are still at large. Danish police will not say whether the incident was connected to an earlier one at a cafe in the city.
New Report Finds Luxembourg Adminstrations Cooperated with Nazi's with 'Zeal'
"The Luxembourg administrations under occupation were not forced to participate in Nazi anti-Semitic persecution under threat" yet, "they collaborated once they were invited to by the occupier and often fulfilled their task with diligence, zeal".

UN Calls Assad 'Part of the Solution' in Syria
UN insists the 'only solution is a political solution' in Syria, despite four years of war and ISIS advances.

Two Anti-Semitic Incidents Reported in French Schools
paris playground
A high school in western France suspended three pupils for anti-Semitic bullying, and similar incidents forced a Jewish girl to leave her school in the country's South.

Wiesel Asks Obama, Congress to Settle Differences, Let Netanyahu Speak
elie wiesel says let netanyahu speak
Elie Wiesel urged President Barack Obama and Congress to put aside their differences over Benjamin Netanyahu's speech to the body next month, saying the Israeli prime minister's message in Iran was too important.
Iraqi Terrorists Destroy Synagogue, Take Over Ezra's Tomb
lee zeldin
Terrorists in Iraq seized a major synagogue and holy site in Amara, and according to reports, have already destroyed much of it. An Iraqi media site states the synagogue will become the new southern headquarters of the terrorists.
Jewish Republicans Seek to Add Jews in ISIS Bill
lee zeldin
Jewish Republicans want Jews added to a military force authorization bill as one of the minorities threatened by ISIS in Iraq and Syria.

UN Calls For A 3 Year Truce for Hamas to Rebuild
erez crossing
UN envoy warns of another war if Israel doesn't allow building supplies used in terror tunnels, urges advancing Hamas-Fatah unity.

ISIS Claims to Have Caught an Israeli Arab Mossad Spy
isis book burning
Islamic State (ISIS) made an as yet unverified announcement on Thursday claiming to have captured an Israeli Arab from Jerusalem who was recruited by the Mossad.
White House Finally Admits Paris Attack Was Anti-Semitic
White House has finally stopped justifying the comment by Obama which suggested attack on kosher supermarket was just 'random'.


ISIS Magazine Caims Hayat Boumeddiene is in Syria
hayat boumeddiene surfaces isis syria
Hayat Boumeddiene, widow and co-conspirator of Amedy Coulibaly, the terrorist who shot and killed four people at the Hyper Cacher kosher supermarket in Paris, has surfaced in territory held by the Islamic State.
Greece Planning Joint Military Exercises with Israel
greece flag
Greek Defense Minister says close ties with Israel are important for regional security.

S. African Student Board Calls to Expel Jewish Students
dut campus
The vice chancellor at a South African university called a student government demand to kick out pro-Jewish students "outrageous" and "preposterous."

Obama: ISIS Operation Won't be Like Afghanistan
obama talks isis
President Barack Obama on Wednesday said he would not flinch from sending special forces to kill top Islamic State (ISIS) extremists, as he called on Congress to authorize operations that stop short of a full-scale invasion.
Kosher Restaurant Attacked in London
london ambulance kosher restaurant shot at
The Orli kosher restaurant in Edgware, London was attacked Wednesday night. Reports state a group of young men threw rocks and fired shots at the eatery.
Abbas Opens Palestine Embassy in Sweden
PA President Mahmoud Abbas inaugurated the embassy of Palestine in Sweden, the first European country to officially recognize a state of Palestine.

Stanford Student Senate Defeats Israel Divestment Measure
stanford university
The Stanford University student senate defeated an Israel divestment resolution.

Jewish Woman Killed by Shelling in Eastern Ukraine
gunmen patroling in crimea
A Jewish woman was killed in the eastern Ukraine city of Donetsk when shells fired by pro-Russian insurgents hit her home.

Israel Suffers Worst Air Pollution in Five Years
Pollution in israel
The sand and dust storms that hit Israel over the past 48 hours were the worst such storms in the past five years.

State Dept. Backs Obama: Paris Attack Didn't Target Jews
white house controversy
It's the controversy that just won't go away - and it's hard to understand why.
White House to Ask Congress for 'War Authority' to Fight ISIS
isis flag
White House reveals details of its request to Congress for a three-year war authority to battle Islamic extremists.

German Gov't Ripped for Absence of Jews on Anti-Semitism Panel
germany flag
Jewish activists are blasting Germany’s Interior Ministry for failing to appoint Jewish experts to its Commission on Anti-Semitism.

Suspect Arrested in Painting of 'Jew' On Cars in Paris
pictures of juif painted on cars in paris
A suspect was arrested in the painting of "Jew" on at least a dozen cars in a Paris neighborhood.

Trade Between Israel and Turkey Booming
turkey flag
Trade ties between Israel and Turkey are flourishing despite the continuous escalation of political tensions.

Holocaust Survivor Roman Frister, A Former Haaretz Editor, Dies
roman frister
Roman Frister, a Holocaust survivor who was a former editor of Haaretz, has died.
Kayla Mueller's Last Words to Her Parents From Captivity
kayla mueller
"If you could say I have "suffered" at all throughout this whole experience it is only in knowing how much suffering I have put you all through; I will never ask you to forgive me as I do not deserve forgiveness."
Is Abbas Choosing A Successor?
mahmoud abbas
Calls to “save Fatah" sound as concerns for the health of Abbas and the law of succession drive the President to seek a second-in-command.

Rockets hit Jewish Welfare Center in Ukraine Without Exploding
city in ukraine
Two rockets hit the building housing a Jewish social welfare center in the eastern Ukraine city of Kramatorsk but did not explode.

Obama Admits US Hostage Killed in Airstrike on ISIS
kayla mueller
The White House said that over the weekend ISIS had sent Kayla Mueller's family a "private message" with additional information, that was "authenticated" by intelligence, allowing them to confirm her death.
EU Ready to Strike Israel with Sanctions One Day After Elections
eu flag
Report: EU countries behind sanctions against Israel scheduled against right-wing gov't, will push for full withdrawal from Judea-Samaria.

New Canadian Defense Minister is a Friend to Israel
canada supports israel
"The real reason that we have taken these positions is because we see what is, in our view, plainly evident. Israel faces a daily existential struggle for its survival and is a refuge for the Jewish people born out of the ashes of the Holocaust."

5 Fatah Members Charged With Terrorist Activity in Jerusalem
fatah flag
Five Fatah members from eastern Jerusalem were indicted on terrorist activity charges.

Belgian Teacher to Jewish Student: 'We should put you all on freight wagons'
jews outside of train wwii
A Brussels high school teacher was summoned to appear before a local school board for telling a Jewish student, "We should put you all on freight wagons."

Fatah Glorifies 'Martyrs' and 'Pure Blood' of Terror
kid with fatah flag
PA's ruling faction and its youth group released statements glorifying terrorists as 'watering the land' with blood, watchdog group says.

Man Tries to Burn Israeli Flag Outside Paris Kosher Market
israeli flag
Paris police arrest a man who tried to burn an Israeli flag at the entrance to the to the Hyper Cacher market.

U. of Calif. Student Group Votes to Divest from Israel, U.S.
ucla campus
The University of California Student Association passed two resolutions urging the university to divest from several countries, including Israel, the United States and Mexico.

Intel Shows ISIS Planning Synchronized Israel and Egypt Attacks
israel egypt border
Intelligence gathered by Egypt and Israel indicate that the Islamic State's operational arm in Sinai is in advanced preparations for a large-scale terrorist offensive targeting Israel forces manning the Egyptian frontier and a string of Egyptian targets across Sinai.

Britain Must Act Immediately to Halt Soaring Anti-Semitism
big ben
A new All-Party Parliamentary report released Monday says Britain must take immediate action to quash the rise in anti-Semitism in the country.

IDF Completes Demolition of Terror Tunnel From Gaza
idf soliders
The Israeli military completed the demolition of a Gaza terror tunnel discovered during its operation last summer in Gaza.

Pew Report: European Jewry Declining Rapidly
jewish population shrinking
The factors behind the decline were not limited to anti-Semitism - although Europe did see a 436% rise in anti-Semitic incidents in 2014. A decrease can also be linked to immigration to Israel, assimilation, and intermarriage.

Economic Ties Between Israel and China Mushrooming
china and israel
More and more Chinese business people are visiting Israel looking to invest and to learn from Israel’s entrepreneurs.

Mideast Quartet Calls for Resumption of Peace Talks
oslo peace process
The Middle East Quartet called for the resumption of Israeli-Palestinian peace negotiations as soon as possible.

Suspect in Knifing of French JCC Guards Charged With Attempted Murder
French police
The alleged knife-wielding attacker of three soldiers guarding a Jewish community center in France was charged with attempted murder during a terror operation.

Yemen Coup Advances Iranian Ambitions
ali abdullah saleh
The strings of the pro-Iranian Houthi rebels' coup which toppled the Yemeni government in Sanaa were pulled from Tehran and Washington.

Over 200,000 Killed in Syrian Civil War So Far
gravestone of syrian child
Some 210,000 people have been killed in Syria since civil war broke out there in 2011, a report Sunday said.

Arab Arrested for Throwing Rock Into Jewish Kindergarten
Parents of children in a haredi kindergarten in Ashdod said that they felt unsafe after an Arab threw a large rock into the school.

Netanyahu: Israel 'Will Do Everything' to Prevent Iran Deal
"The major powers and Iran are galloping toward an agreement that will enable Iran to arm itself with nuclear weapons, which will endanger the existence of the State of Israel," Netanyahu stated.
Report Exposes EU Illegal Settlement in Judea and Samaria
judean hills
Regavim details how EU breaches Oslo by conducting widespread illegal building in Israel-controlled area to create de facto 'Palestine.'

Abbas Forms Committee to Sue Israel for 'War Crimes' at ICC
Abbas appoints Erekat to head group preparing documents to sue Israel for Gaza op, which Abbas's Fatah took part in committing war crimes.

Did ISIS Blow Up a Hamas Official's Car in Gaza?
car bomb illustration
ISIS has been active in Gaza and stealing Hamas support; car of official who reportedly criticized ISIS bombed, latest in series of blasts.

Turkish Court Threatens to Block Facebook
facebook logo
A Turkish court is threatening to block Facebook if it doesn't restrict access to several pages deemed insulting to the Prophet Muhammad.

No Charges Against Teens Who Called to Kill Jews on Twitter
teen in nazi uniform
Police say NJ teenagers who posted photos in Hitler costume, said kosher ice cream shop 'perfect for bombing,' 'did not commit a crime.'

UAE Demands USA Arm Sunni Groups Against ISIS
isis book burning
The United Arab Emirates, which suspended air strikes against the Islamic State (ISIS) terror group, wants the US-led coalition to arm Sunni tribes in Iraq to fight the jihadists, government media reported Friday.
U.N. Ex-Envoy: Months Left to Avoid a One-State Reality
oslo accords
Robert Serry, the United Nation’s outgoing special coordinator for the Middle East peace process, said Israel and the Palestinian territories have months to avoid a one-state reality.

Turkish FM Pulls Out of Germany Event Over Israeli Presence
Turkish Foreign Minister Mevlut Cavusoglu cancelled his attendance at a security conference in Munich over the presence of Israeli representatives there.

Sky News Apolgizes for Gaza Images During Chief Rabbi's Holocaust Interview
sky news logo
The British broadcaster Sky News apologized for showing images of the Gaza conflict during an interview about the Holocaust with British Chief Rabbi Ephraim Mirvis.

US Coalition Against ISIS is Fraying
us airforce planes
The group of nations US President Barack Obama assembled last September for an air offense against ISIS in Iraq and Syria is fraying.

Abrupt Shutdown of Major Jewish Nonprofit Stuns Community
fegs fb
It was one of the largest Jewish nonprofit agencies in the country and until December, when FEGS unexpectedly announced that it had lost $19.4 million in the last fiscal year, it was considered by many to be a model social service agency.

Israeli Driver Attacked Near Hebrew U
hebrew U
An Israeli driver was attacked by about 25 Arab rioters who were lying in wait to attack Jewish cars, just 300 meters from Hebrew University.

Funeral for Ellen Brody, Killed in Crash to Be Held at Chabad
ellen brody
The funeral for Ellen Brody, the Jewish mother of three killed in Tuesday's deadly Metro-North train crash, will take place at 10 a.m. Friday at Chabad of the Rivertowns in Dobbs Ferry, N.Y.

Wife of Kosher Market Terrorist May Be in New ISIS Video
is french terrorist wife in new isis video
A woman in a new video released by the ISIS titled “Blow up France 2" may be the wife of the Islamic terrorist who killed four at a kosher supermarket in Paris.

British Anti-Semitic Incidents Set Record in 2014
The Jewish security watchdog group in Britain recorded 1,168 anti-Semitic incidents for 2014, the highest annual total ever.

Israel Invests in Border Crossings with Gaza
goods and gas enter gaza
Trucks carrying goods will increase at Kerem Shalom Crossing, and Erez Crossing will receive a complete security overhaul.
Senators May Boycott Netanyahu's Congress Speech
A group of Democratic Senators consider boycotting Netanyahu's speech in protest of Boehner's 'disregard for US protocol.'
Israeli Arrested on Temple Mount for Answering Islamic Hecklers
Police Officer on Temple Mount
Prof. Yoel Elitzur was arrested Thursday for saying 'Hashem Hu Ha-Elokim' in response to Islamists who shouted 'Allahu Akbar' at him.
Wounded Vets IDF Overcoming Obstacles Through Ski
After Yinon Cohen lost his legs in an accident involving a rocket-propelled grenade, it wasn’t clear he’d ever be able to walk again, much less ski down a peak in the Rocky Mountains.

Reward Offered in Search for UC Davis Swastika Vandals
uc davis logo
The Anti-Defamation League has offered a $2,500 reward for assistance in catching whoever spray-painted swastikas at a Jewish fraternity house at the University of California, Davis.

Driver in Metro-North Crash Was Jewish Mother of 3 from N.Y.
valhala train wreck
Ellen Schaeffer Brody, a Jewish mother of three from Scarsdale, was identified as the driver of the SUV that caused a deadly Metro-North train accident in suburban New York.

Hamas Calls on Palestinians in Syria, Lebanon to Attack Israel
hamas rally
Hamas leader Mahmoud Zahar calls on Palestinian terrorists in Lebanon, Syria to 'help liberate Palestine' amid concerns over attacks.

Police Seize Weapons In Raid on West Bank Settlement
can of gas in street
The items, including knives, saws, flammable liquids, tear gas canisters and black masks, were to be used against Palestinians and Israeli military forces.

French Firm Denies Responsibility for "If Possible Not Jewish’ Job Ad
paris antisemitism
A Paris graphic design company said that hackers were responsible for a job advertisement that called for applicants who are "if possible not Jewish."
Mine Blast Along Syrian Border Injures IDF Officer
mine field idf golan
A preliminary investigation shows that the mine had been uncovered as the IDF worked on the border fence between Israel and Syria.
Greek Leftist Group Claims Israeli Embassy Shooting
greek flag
Far-left People's Fighter Group claims drive-by gunfire on Athens embassy last December, in mysterious memory stick confession.
Holocaust Historian Martin Gilbert Passes Away, Aged 78
Jewish cemetry
Renowned Jewish British historian was a leading authority on modern history, the Holocaust, Jewish and Israeli history.
France: Jewish Center Stabbing Raises Security Questions
french policeman
French police interrogating knifeman Moussa Coulibaly, who stabbed 2 soldiers outside the center in Nice.

Head of UN's Gaza Probe Lashes Out at Netanyahu After Resignation
un building flags
In an interview following his resignation over PLO work, UN "war crimes" probe head slams "childish" Israeli reaction and targets Netanyahu.
Iranian Commander: We Helped 'Palestine' Produce Missiles
amir ali iran
Senior Iranian commander boasts that Tehran has provided Israel's enemies with the needed know-how to produce missiles.

Iran May be Allowed to Enrich Uranium Under Deal
iran flag
Diplomats say the United States and Iran are discussing a compromise that would let Iran keep much of its uranium-enriching technology.

Jordan Executes Jihadist Prisoners in Response to ISIS
king abdullah
Jordan executes two jihadist prisoners, a response to ISIS after it brutally murdered a Jordanian pilot.

'American Israel-Haters are Buying the Government for the Left'
MK Struk slams foreign-funded V15 campaign featuring Obama staff as a 'foreign anti-Semitic hand trying to bring the left to power.'

ISIS Reportedly Holds Nazi-esque Mass Book Burning
isis book burning
UNESCO warns reports of mass burning in Iraq may be one of 'most devastating' acts of 'cultural cleansing' in history, rivaling Hitler.

Schabas Replaced by Judge Formely on Discredited Cmte. Against Israel
robert goldstone
After 'war crimes' probe head resigns over work with PLO, his place is filled by NY judge who was on discredited committee against Israel.

Jordan to Execute Terrorists After Pilot Burned Alive
isis flag
After ISIS releases video of pilot being burned alive, official says would-be female suicide bomber, 4 others, to be killed in response.

Hamas 'Conquers the University of California'
UC Davis logo
BDS vote passes as 'Allah is greater' shouted at Jews, student senator gloats over 'Hamas victory'- hours later swastikas on Jewish frat.

ISIS Burns Captive Jordanian Pilot Alive
isis flag
After beheading Japanese journalist, ISIS releases video showing captured pilot burned alive inside a metal cage.

'No Jews' Job Ad in France Sparks Anger
boys with kippahs
French anti-racism group files discrimination suit after design website publishes ad looking for designer who is 'preferably not Jewish'.

3 French Soldiers Stabbed Outside Jewish Center
french policeman
Three French soldiers who were guarding a Jewish center in the southern city of Nice as part of the country's recently upgraded counter-terrorism campaign were attacked and stabbed repeatedly on Tuesday.
At Least 8 Dead as Truck and Bus Collide
Truck, bus filled with passengers, and private car involved in Negev crash, leaving at least 8 dead, 50 wounded.
No Shame: Grieving Family of Slain IDF Soldier Robbed
Mourning Dor Chaim Nini
Dor Chaim Nini's family home broken into despite clear signs marking a family in mourning; father: they have no conscience.
Murdered Japanese Journalist's Peace Tweet Goes Viral
isis holds japanese hostage
A poignant tweet by murdered journalist Kenji Goto on the virtue of being calm was spreading rapidly on social media Tuesday, days after he was apparently beheaded by Islamist terrorists.
Merkel Remembers Hungary's Holocaust Victims
Angela merkel
German Chancellor Angela Merkel on a visit to Budapest’s Dohany Street Synagogue paid tribute to the 600,000 Hungarian Jews killed in the Holocaust.

Iranian Official Threatens to Respond to 'Israeli Aggression'
fire along border
Senior Iranian official Alaeddin Boroujerdi says his country has the right to respond to airstrike in the Golan Heights.

Liberal Democrat MP Could Lose Whip for Anti-Israel Tweets
david ward
The Liberal Democrat's most senior Jewish minister says MP David Ward is treading 'thin line' with anti-Israel, anti-Jewish tweets.

Could Iranian-Backed Rebels Threaten Eilat?
The Houthi rebels in Yemen are trying to take over the strait of Bab el-Mandeb, thus allowing it to control Israel's southernmost naval bay.

Head of UN's Gaza Probe Resigns
William Schabas resigns as head of the UN commission probing Israel's actions in Gaza, citing Israeli allegations of bias.

Australia Warns ISIS May Expand into Afghanistan
2 days after sydney siege
At security summit between Australia and UK, assessments shared on possible ISIS spread into Taliban elements.

Israeli Bird Flu Epidemic Continues
turkey coop
37,000 turkeys put down as two-week spread of lethal flu rages on; already over 157,000 birds put to death in attempt to halt spread.

McCain: Relations With Israel 'the Worst I've Ever Seen'
john mccain
Republican Senator John McCain says President Obama has had "unrealistic expectations" of Israel.

Burned to Death by Arabs in Revenge Attack
fire in pisgat ze'ev
Young woman killed in arson attack on apartment below hers, where a Jewish woman and Arab man lived and were targeted by Arabs.

Jordan to Return Ambassador to Israel
jordan flag
Jordan will return its ambassador to Israel three months after withdrawing the envoy over tensions on the Temple Mount.

Jewish Teens Attacked on Temple Mount Spend Night in Jail
mulims on temple mount throwing rocks
Six Jews, 5 of them minors, were arrested Sunday on Temple Mount after Muslim Waqf men cursed and attacked them.

Swastika Graffiti at Former Nazi Concentration Camp
swastika grafitti
Police investigating offensive graffiti at Mauthausen concentration camp, where 90,000 people perished during WW2.

Teens Picking Fruit for Needy in Honor of Tu B'Shvat
fruits tu bishvat
Youth movements throughout Israel will send teams of teens to pick excess fruit from trees in people’s gardens for distribution to the needy in honor of Tu b’Shvat.

Mass Grave of Yazidi ISIS Victims Discovered in Iraq
yazidi refugees
Kurdish forces have found the remains of about 25 members of the Yazidi minority killed by the Islamic State (ISIS) jihadist group in a mass grave in northwest Iraq.
ISIS "Wake-up Call" May Change 'Pacifist' Japan
isis holds japanese hostage
Japan's failure to rescue two hostages beheaded by Islamic State (ISIS) terrorists has raised doubts about the ability of the country that renounced war after World War II to handle an international crisis.
Neo-Nazis Plan Rally in London Jewish Neighborhood
neo nazis
Anti-Semitic rally expected to draw counter-protest; comes as British Jews face growing wave of anti-Semitism.

Iran's Hebdo Revenge: Another Holocaust Cartoon Contest
charlie hebdo cover
Iran plans to get its revenge for the caricatures of Mohammed that appeared in French magazine Charlie Hebdo - by sponsoring a contest that will seek cartoons on the theme of Holocaust denial.
Nine Killed in Damascus Bus Blast
Al-Qaeda's Syrian branch blows up bus carrying Lebanese Shiites. Hezbollah decries 'barbarity of the terrorists'.

Killer Filmed Paris Kosher Supermarket Attack
go pro
The Islamic terrorist recorded seven minutes of the attack on a GoPro, including the shooting deaths of three of the victims.

Galilee Residents Still Fear Hezbollah Tunnel Attack
idf soliders
Chairman of northern moshav says residents continue to fear terror tunnels and calls on the IDF to increase security in the area.
Firebomb Terrorist Killed by IDF in Samaria
fire on border
 Paratroopers identify two terrorists as they hurl firebombs near Yitzhar, kill one. The second one was caught.
ISIS Executes Remaining Japanese Hostage
isis victim keji goto
Islamic State terror group releases video showing beheading of Kenji Goto; Jordanian pilot's fate still unknown.

Egyptian Court Blacklists Hamas's 'Military Wing'
Egyptian court bans Hamas's Al-Qassam Brigades and lists it as a terrorist organization.

Hizballah Leader Threatens Israel with War
hizollah flag
In his first speech since the cross-border military clash with Israel this week, Hizballah leader Nasrallah tried dictating terms to Israel for border calm to continue.

PLO Ambassador Expresses Joy Over Hezbollah Bombing
hezbollah flag
PLO Ambassador on Hezbollah bombing: Palestinians hoped “the resistance fighters would capture Israeli soldiers” to exchange them for Palestinian prisoners, “forcing Israel to free them all".  Israel demonized as "rampant villains" and "wild bull".

Dozens Killed in Series of Terrorist Attacks Claimed by ISIS
isis masked man waves flag
ISIS branch claims attacks that killed at least 26 people in army and police positions as well as a hotel in El-Arish.

Anti-Semitic Incidents Nearly Doubled in Austria
vienna pogroms
Last year, Anti-Semitic incidents nearly doubled in Austria where several thousand Jews live.

IDF Knew Golan Attack Was Coming, Preparations Failed
idf solider on golan border
Har Dov anti-tank missile strike was anticipated but checkpoint was moved to another exposed spot; barriers placed but after attack.

Breach by Terrorists From Gaza With Grenades
gaza skyline
Two terrorists from the Hamas stronghold of Gaza breached into Israeli sovereign territory on Thursday night, where they were arrested.

Anti-Semitic Politician Becomes Greek Defense Minister
Panos Kammenos claimed Jews 'don't pay taxes' to outrage and backlash last month - but it did not diminish his popularity in elections.

Defeating 'Ugly' ISIS With Shoes
isis flag
Zippers, shoelaces and trash - these are the weapons of a Baghdad artist and professor, whose personal battle is to embarrass the jihadists.

Fatah Names Sports Tournament After Terrorists
child holding fatah flag
Arch-terrorists Raed Al-Karmi, Dalal Mughrabi glorified in PA-sponsored sports tournament in 'Palestine solidarity' event.

Muslims Greeted by Israeli Flag at US Lawmaker's Office
israeli flag
A Texas lawmaker instructed staff to greet Muslim visitors with an Israeli flag.

Israeli President at 9-11 Memorial: We Will Continue to Fight Terror
Before returning to Israel, President Rivlin visited 9-11 Memorial at Ground Zero, and had a long chat with former President Bill Clinton.
Everything You Thought You Knew About Religious Zionists Is Wrong
rabbi at neve daniel
For years, Israelis have had a particular idea of what being a "religious Zionist" meant: being modern Orthodox but not haredi; supporting the settlements and opposing territorial compromise; supporting the Chief Rabbinate's control of Jewish marriage and opposing gay rights. Well, someone finally asked the religious Zionists. And it turns out we were wrong the whole time.

Italian Jewish Leader Arrested Trying to Flee Auschwitz
auschwitz camp
'Disgrace' as Rome's Jewish community leader gets locked in death camp parents were murdered in, then interrogated by Polish police.

Is Hezbollah Digging Tunnels to Israel? IDF Plans to Find Out
hamas operatives
For many, the prospect that Hezbollah is preparing an underground assault is far more worrisome than a mortar attack.

Surviving ISIS Only to be Massacred by Iran-backed Shi'ites?
isis flag
Testimony surfaces as Iraq to probe whether its army stood by while Shi'ite militias gunned down Sunni villagers who had escaped ISIS.


Dor Nini's Last Texts to His Girlfriend Will Break Your Heart
"I love you most in the world. Soon I will speak to you."
"Dor Always Gave Money to Soldiers Who Didn't Have"
Yochai kalangel
Hundreds of people paid their last respects on Thursday at the funeral of Staff Sergeant Dor Chaim Nini hy"d (20), who was murdered by the Hezbollah anti-tank missile attack on the Golan Heights the day before.
"Where You Should Have Buried Me, I Bury You"
Yochai kalangel
Yochai Kalengel drove to the north on Tuesday night after celebrating his daughter Elinor's one year birthday. Just this week, he and his wife learned that she was four months pregnant with their second child. He was killed on Wednesday.
Jordan Arrests Two 'Reporters' Over Hostage Swap Rumors
Jordanian Protesters
Managers of Jordanian website arrested for fueling rumors suicide bomber in Jordanian custody to be exchanged for ISIS hostage.
Netanyahu: Iran Responsible for Golan Attack, Soldiers' Deaths
Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu
None other than Iran was behind the attack on an IDF patrol on the Golan Heights Wednesday, Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu said.
Obama: I Won't Meet Netanyahu Because it's Too Close to Election
President Obama delivering his State of the Union Speech 2015
President Obama says it's "inappropriate" for him to meet Netanyahu so close to Israel's election.
ISIS Wants Female Jihadist Released by Sunset
isis holds japanese hostage
The Islamic State group (ISIS) has used Japanese hostage Kenji Goto to relay a new threat to kill a Jordanian pilot, unless Amman hands over an imprisoned female jihadist by sunset Thursday.
Hollande to French Jews: 'France is Your Country'
franch flag in front of kosher market
French President Francois Hollande told French Jews "your place is here," responding to Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's call for French Jews to emigrate to Israel in the wake of the recent terrorist attacks in Paris.

A Hostage's Terrifying Eyewitness Account
police do not cross
Zarie is the 22 year old cashier at the kosher supermarket in Paris that was attacked last week. In an exclusive interview with Aish.fr, Aish.com's French site, she recounts the nightmare of being held hostage, her terrifying encounter with the terrorist and the steadfast faith that enabled her to get through this tragedy. 

Charlie Hebdo Attack Sparks Free Speech Debate Between Arab Scholars
arab man reading charlie hebdo
Rampage over Mohammed cartoons leads to tough questions for Arab scholars, including if Holocaust is 'indisputable.'

Women Joining ISIS 'Cheerleaders, Not Victims'
women of isis
Women who join Islamist groups actively support terrorism, experts say - and it may be the key to stopping female recruitment.


Netanyahu says: Hezbollah, Iran Will 'Pay a Price' for Soldiers' Deaths
bibi speaking
Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu said Wednesday that the parties responsible for the attack on Har Dov earlier in the day that claimed the lives of two IDF soldiers would "pay the full price for their actions."

Social Media Cracking Down on ISIS
ISIS and twitter
The fight against Islamic State jihadists is taking place online as well on the battlefield. Social media networks are quietly shutting down ISIS's accounts as they leave others up for spying purposes.
Killed IDF Soldiers Named
soldiers killed by hezbollah, yochai kalangel, dor nini
The two soldiers killed in Wednesday's antitank missile attack on the IDF are Major Yochai Kalangel and Sgt. Dor Nini, the IDF Spokesperson's Office has announced.
Two Dead After Hezbollah Attacks IDF Positions on Lebanon Border
IDF fires back at Lebanon
Two soldiers were killed when Antitank missiles were fired at two IDF vehicles from the Har Dov area (Shebaa Farms) in a Hezbollah ambush Wednesday morning.
Report: Jordan Agrees to Prisoner Swap with ISIS
Report: Jordan Agrees to Prisoner Swap with ISIS
Jordanian gov't says it is willing to free a senior female terrorist in return for a pilot captured in Syria, as 24-hour deadline looms.
Hezbollah Fires Antitank Missile at IDF Vehicle Near Border
IDF fires back at Lebanon
Mortar shells fired at IDF outposts and a missile shot at an IDF vehicle, in escalation. There are casualties and the IDF is firing back.
IDF Attacks Syrian Artillery in Retaliation for Rocket Attacks
golan syria artillery
The IDF on Tuesday night attacked artillery targets belonging to the Syrian army, in retaliation for rocket attacks earlier on Tuesday towards the Golan Heights and Mount Hermon.
Netanyahu: The World is Still Anti-Semitic- Jews Have Changed
netanyahu yad vashem
"My responsibility as Prime Minister of Israel is to ensure that the State of Israel will never again be threatened with destruction," began Netanyahu. "My responsibility is to see to it that there will not be a reason to build additional memorial sites such as Yad Vashem."

BBC Asks "Is it Time to Lay the Holocaust to Rest?"
bbc tweet asks if is time to lay holocaust to rest
On International Holocaust Memorial Day, a BBC Tweet suggests that it's time to forget the Holocaust.
ISIS Urges New Attacks Against Western World
charlie hebdo isis
The Islamic State terrorist group urged Muslims on Monday to carry out new attacks after the targeting of France's Charlie Hebdo magazine, in a recording by its spokesman posted online.
Survivors Gather for Historic Anniversary at Auschwitz
auschwitz survivors
Holocaust survivors gathered in Krakow on the 70th anniversary of the liberation of Auschwitz amid unease regarding the safety of Jews in Europe.

Drone Infiltrates the White House
white house discovers drone on grounds
In a shocking breach of security, an electronic device described as a small drone was recovered on the grounds of the White House on Monday.
Arabs Attack with Sticks in Haifa, Shout 'Slaughter the Jew'
Arab Rioters
Jewish neighborhood in Haifa comes under assault as young Arabs hurl anti-Semitic epithets while attacking with rocks, sticks.
Hamas to Allow 'Zionist' Products into Gaza
Hamas Parade
Hamas says it will allow Israeli goods into Gaza, claims this past summer's war affected local production.
Reporter who Fled Argentina Arrives in Israel
Alberto Nisman
Damian Pachter, who fled Argentina over threats after breaking the story of prosecutor's death, lands in Israel.
Iranian Revolutionary Guards Site Threatens Netanyahu's Sons
PM Benjamin Netanyahu with family
Mashregh News indicates response to airstrike that killed Iranian general may include assassination of Israeli leaders' sons.
Hamas Preparing Seaport for International Travel
hamas seaport
A ministerial committee in Hamas-controlled Gaza announced plans on Sunday to prepare the enclave's sole seaport to allow Palestinian Arabs to travel abroad.
ISIS Confirms it Executed Japanese Hostage
isis holds japanese hostage
The Islamic State group's radio confirmed on Sunday that its terrorists have executed Japanese security contractor Haruna Yukawa, following the release of a video announcing the hostage's death.
Bibi Defends Congress Trip: I'll Go Anywhere to Defend Israel
Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu
Netanyahu warns critics it is his responsibility as PM to prevent Iran from achieving nuclear weapons, during Cabinet meeting Sunday.
Obama Expresses Solidarity with Japan
President Barak Obama
During official visit to India, US President Obama phones Japanese PM to offer condolences and convey solidarity with the Asian nation.
Report: France the Most Dangerous Country for Jews
antisemitism in france
July and August of last year particularly saw a 400% increase in anti-Semitic incidents from 2013.
Dutch Jews Demand Troops Near Synagogues
netherlands flag
Dutch Jews asked their government to post troops outside synagogues to match security measures in France and Belgium.
What does the International Criminal Court Action Mean for Israel?
icc and israel and palestine
What does a "preliminary examination into the situation in Palestine," even mean?

Kippah-Wearing Swedish Reporter Assaulted in Malmo
peter junggeren
A Swedish reporter who walked around Malmo while wearing a kippah to test attitudes toward Jews was hit once and cursed at by passersby before he fled for fear of serious violence.
Attacks on Jews Doubled in London Area
british jews get extra protection
Hate crimes against Jews in London more than doubled last year, according to the Scotland Yard.
ISIS Goes East: 300 Chinese Join Jihad Via Malaysia
chinese muslim
"Around 300 Chinese have joined the Islamic State active in Syria and Iraq using Malaysia as a stopover," with the Chinese Uyghur Muslim minority a likely source of the jihadists.
White House: Obama Will Not Meet Netanyahu
obama wont see netanyahu in usa
The White House said Thursday evening that President Barack Obama will not meet Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu when the Israeli leader visits Washington in early March.
Clock Ticking for Japanese ISIS Hostages as Deadline Looms
isis holds japanese hostage
The clock was ticking Thursday towards a deadline imposed by Islamist terrorists threatening to kill two Japanese nationals unless Tokyo pays a $200 million ransom.
Terrorist-Fighting Bus Driver Regains Consciousness
Tel Aviv Bus Stabbing
Herzl Biton, the driver of the number 40 bus attacked in Tel Aviv Wednesday, is conscious, but still in danger
German Police Arrest Two ISIS Terrorists Returning from Syria
ISIS Propaganda
26 and 27-year-old suspects to be charged with joining a foreign terrorist org; third of German jihadis have returned home already.
Ambassador Calls on Security Council to Condemn Tel Aviv Attack
Israel Ambassador to UN Ron Prossor
Israel's ambassador to the UN says Security Council is giving terrorists a "free pass" by failing to condemn attacks.
Americans in Israel Advised to Stay Away from the North
tel aviv stabbing americans told to be careful
The United States' embassy in Tel Aviv on Wednesday issued a travel warning to American citizens and government personnel in Israel, citing the recent tensions along Israel's northern borders and the terrorist stabbing attack in Tel Aviv.
Jewish Boy, 13, Assaulted Near Paris
paris - jewish boy, 13 year old attacked
Rendered temporarily blind, the boy was rushed to a nearby clinic for medical treatment.
Can Europe Convince Jews Not to Leave?
can europe convince jews not to leave?
The EU faces a "huge challenge" to reassure Jews about their future in Europe after Islamist attacks in Paris, a top official said Wednesday as it discussed fresh counter-terror measures.
'He Stabbed Her in Front of My Eyes Until She Collapsed'
Arab with Knife
Armed man at Tel Aviv stabbing relates horror of seeing passersby stabbed as he couldn't shoot for fear of hitting innocents.
Driver Said: 'I'm Dying, Save Me'
Tel Aviv Bus Stabbing
Wounded bus driver called his manager and asked him to take care of his children if he dies.
12 Wounded, 2-4 Seriously, in Tel Aviv Terror Stabbing Spree
10 wounded in tel aviv
Terrorist, 23, stabbed passengers on #40 bus on Begin Road. At least two are seriously wounded. Suspect shot in leg, caught.
Bomb Threat Called in to Delta Flights Heading to, From Tel Aviv
delta gets bomb threats on flights to tel aviv
Two Delta Air Lines flights arriving at New York’s John F. Kennedy International Airport, one continuing to and one arriving from Tel Aviv, were evacuated following a bomb threat.
Watch: PA Tourism Ministry Replaces Israel with 'Palestine'
palestinian authority wipes israel off map
Two states? The Bethlehem festival of the Palestinian Authority on official Palestinian TV features popular song claiming Israeli cities are in "my beautiful Palestine."
Rising Tensions Make IDF Close Road Along Lebanon Border
israel lebanon shut down road due to rising tensions
The IDF has closed the old road between the towns of Avivim and Dovev in the northern Galilee, due to their close proximity to the border with Lebanon, in the latest sign of rising tensions in northern Israel.
ISIS is "Particularly Targeting Educated Women" for Execution
isis executing educated women
Numerous women have reportedly been executed recently in ISIS-controlled areas. Educated, professional women, particularly women who have run as candidates in elections for public office, seem to be particularly at risk.
American Muslims Visit Israel, Others Promise to Boycott Them
boycott israel
Critics in the Palestinian Authority called the trip a "brainwashing" tour, and that it could lead to unwanted "normalization" with the "Israeli occupation."
Alan and Judy Gross to attend State of the Union as Obama guests
alan gross at the end
Alan Gross and his wife, Judy, will be guests of first lady Michelle Obama at President Barack Obama's State of the Union address.
Lapid: I Could Support Legalizing Marijuana
Lapid: I Could Support Legalizing Marijuana
Surprise turnaround for former finance minister, after Lapid vehemently denied being involved in or promoting drug use in 2013.
Israeli Arabs Strike
Former MK Taleb al-Sana
General strike declared over deaths in Bedouin community during police raid, rock-throwing attacks. Former MK involved.
Report: One of the Japanese ISIS Hostages Mentally Ill
ISIS holding japanese hostages
Local media reveals Haruna Yukawa has a history of suicide, may have gone to Syria to die.
ISIS Gives Japan 72 Hours to Save Hostages
isis holds japanese hostage
The Islamic State (ISIS) group threatened to kill two Japanese hostages unless Tokyo pays a $200 million ransom within 72 hours, in a video posted on jihadist websites on Tuesday.
Report: IDF Deploys Iron Dome on Syrian Border
iron dome in action
The IDF has raised the terror alert level on Israel's border with Syria in the Golan Heights, foreign media reported Monday night, after the IAF reportedly attacked a Syrian military target Sunday.
How Can the Largest Muslim State Stop Giving ISIS Terrorists?
indonesia and isis
How Indonesia can help combat the threat of homegrown extremism by banning its citizens from traveling abroad to fight with terrorist organizations such as the Islamic State (ISIS).
Canada "Stands Shoulder to Shoulder with Israel"
baird and netanyahu
Canadian Foreign Minister John Baird meets Prime Minister Netanyahu, and says "our generation's great struggle is against terror... too often, the state of Israel and the Jews worldwide stand at the front lines of this struggle."
British Police: "Heightened Concern" for Safety of Jews
british jews get extra protection
The UK must redouble its efforts to "wipe out anti-Semitism", Home Secretary Theresa May said Sunday, stating never thought she'd "see the day when members of the Jewish community" would be fear staying in Britain.
ISIS Cell Busted in Israel
The Israel Security Agency has arrested seven Israeli Arabs, residents of the Galilee, for setting up an official Islamic State (ISIS) affiliate branch in Israel.
CNN's Jim Clancy Steps Down After Anti-Israel Rant
jim clancy anti israel tirade
Veteran CNN news anchor Jim Clancy resigned on Friday, one week after posing a strange series of anti-Israel tweets on a Twitter thread discussing the Charlie Hebdo attack.
Belgian Army Deployed to Defend Jews on Shabbat
jews in belgium guarded over shabbat
In the last two days, Belgian security forces have taken up posts guarding sites including Jewish schools and institutions, as well as the American and Israeli embassies, given their potential as terror targets.
Britain Orders Extra Security for Jewish Areas
british jews get extra protection
Britain is to step up police patrols in areas with high Jewish populations, Prime Minister David Cameron said Friday, while warning that it was impossible to provide "100 percent protection".
Defendants Sorry for Setting fire to German Synagogue
berlin synagogue arson
The defendants, ages 18, 24 and 29, are all of Palestinian descent and said they had been angry about the war between Israel and Hamas is Gaza. They claim they do not want "to hurt anyone."
ICC Launches Probe into Israeli "War Crimes"
The International Criminal Court's prosecutor on Friday opened a preliminary probe into possible war crimes committed by Israel against Palestinians, including during last year's Gaza war.
Belgian Terror Raid Puts Europe on High Alert
counter terrorism op in belgium raises european alert levels
Belgium's terror alert has been raised to its second highest level; security has been tightened and Jewish schools in the port city of Antwerp closed Friday due to fears of further trouble, after two suspected jihadists were killed in a police raid.

Son of Paris Victim: Don't Wait, Move to Israel
yonatan saada on moving to israel, son of paris victim
Yonatan Saada's father was murdered by a terrorist five months before he planned on moving to Israel. He now tells other Jews "Don't wait for people to take decisions for you."
ISIS Shows its Most Popular Execution Style is Crucifixion
isis back to crucifixion
In the last two days alone, ISIS terrorists have crucified 15 Syrian civilians in several villages, over accusations of "opposing" the Islamic State.
CNN's Jim Clancy Deletes Twitter Account after Anti-Israel Rant
jim clancy anti israel tirade
Senior CNN international correspondent Jim Clancy appears to have deleted his Twitter account following a firestorm over a bizarre anti-Israel tirade last week.

Man Arrested for Planning "ISIS-Inspired" Attack on Capitol Hill
isis attack on capitol?
The FBI has arrested an Ohio man for allegedly plotting an ISIS-inspired attack on the U.S. Capitol, where he hoped to set off a series of bombs aimed at lawmakers whom he allegedly considered enemies.

Netanyahu: Can Jews Everywhere Say "Je suis Juif'"
netanyahu calls on jews to return to israel
Netanyahu: "In Israel every Jew can say 'I am a Jew,' without any fear or hesitation and with great pride. I call on all the Jews around the world; come to Israel, this is your land, this is your birthright and the only place you can proudly proclaim 'I am a Jew.'"
Noah Pozner's Parents Suing Over Sandy Hook Massacre
noah pozner's parents sue school over sandy hook massacre
The family of a Jewish boy killed in the 2012 Sandy Hook Elementary School massacre is one of two families suing Newtown, Conn., and its school board for alleged lax security.
"Shape-Shifting" "Magical Jews" Blamed for Paris Attacks
je suis juif
Muslims were well-represented at Sunday's solidarity rally in Paris, as world leaders convened to join the public in condemning the Islamist terror attacks last week which killed 17 people. Meanwhile, some others believe "magical Jews" are to blame for the attacks.
Al Qaeda in Yemen Chief Officially Claims Charlie Hebdo Attack
charlie hebdo suspects
Al Qaeda confirms involvement in attack, one week after shooters told bystanders, victims they were working on the group's behalf.

Prominent Rabbi Calls on Europe to Allow Jews to Carry Guns
French soldier gaurding jewish institution
Following last week's deadly attacks in Paris, Rabbi Menachem Margolin urges EU gov'ts to allow special gun permits for Jews.
"We Are All Germany", Says President at Muslim Rally
German President Joachim Gauck
German President Joachim Gauck tells Muslim community that "we are all Germany" at a rally against rising Islamophobia.
French Jewry 101: From Rashi to Dreyfus to Hyper Cacher
Gathering in Paris
Who are the Jews of France? Here's a primer.
Half of Britain's Jews Fear Future in Europe
britain's jews fear
Almost half of British Jewish people fear they have no long-term future in Britain or Europe, according to a new survey cited by AFP.

Jimmy Carter: Israeli-Palestinian Conflict a Cause of Paris Attacks
jimmy carter blames israeli conflict for france attacks
Former President Jimmy Carter said the Israeli-Palestinian conflict was among the factors that led to the deadly attacks last week in Paris.
U.N. to Hold Informal Meeting on Global Rise of Anti-Semitism
U.N. to hold informal meeting on global rise of anti-Semitism
"We have a great deal of work to do to move this issue from the headlines to the history books," said Israel's ambassador to the United Nations.
Who Were the Four Jews Murdered in Paris?
paris kosher market victims je suis juif
A rap fan, a student, two family men: a look into the lives of four who were murdered by an Islamist terrorist in a kosher supermarket in Paris.
"Russian Spies" Executed by Child Soldier in Shocking ISIS Video
isis child execution
A shocking video posted online Tuesday appears to show ISIS using a young child soldier to execute two alleged Russian spies in Syria.

Kosher Supermarket Terrorist Was on Terror Watchlist
Amedy Coulibaly
Amedy Coulibaly had been on an American terror database "for a while", according to an official.
Funeral for Paris Terror Victims in Jerusalem
zaka team and victim caskets
Four victims of Islamist attack on kosher supermarket laid to rest Tuesday in emotional ceremony.
BBC Reporter in Paris Apologizes for Saying "Palestinians Suffer at Jewish Hands"
bbc reporter interrupts discussion on jews of france by saying palestinians suffer because of israelis
BBC reporter Tim Willcox apologized after saying at the Paris unity march on television that Palestinians “suffer hugely at Jewish hands," when he responded to a woman’s comments about the state of Jews in France.

Kosher Supermarket Survivor Recounts Harrowing Ordeal
kosher paris supermarket attacker says hes with isis
A woman who survived the attack on a Jewish supermarket in Paris recalled on Monday the horror of the four-hour ordeal in which she saw a fellow hostage shot dead by terrorist Amedy Coulibaly.
Kerry to Visit France, US's 'Oldest Ally', over Islamist Terror
Kerry to visit France
Kerry announces Paris trip to speak with French officials after terror attacks, noting both nations committed to 'freedom of expression.'

Hamas Official: Abbas a 'Hypocrite' for Attending Rally
Bibi and Abbas at Paris rally
Top Hamas official Mahmoud a-Zahar slams PA chief Mahmoud Abbas for participating in the anti-terror rally in Paris.

Japanese PM to Make Historical Israel Visit Solidifying Ties
bibi and abe
Sealing the deal as Israel-Japan alliance takes shape, Abe will bring 30 companies to expand bilateral ties and counter-terror cooperation.

France to Deploy 5,000 Troops to Protect Jewish Schools
je suis juif
France will deploy nearly 5,000 security forces and police to protect the 700 Jewish schools in the country, its interior minister said Monday, after last week's deadly terrorist attacks, one of which targeted a kosher supermarket.
Photos: 2 Million Pay Tribute to the Victims of Terror in Paris
je suis juif
Incredibly chilling sights from the huge rally held in the French capital following the carnage Islamists left behind last week.
French PM: Losing Jews Would "Destroy France's Soul"
je suis juif
In an interview, French Prime Minister Manuel Valls said that a mass migration of Jews out of the country spooked by last week's terror attacks would be evidence of "the failure of the French Republic."
Resourceful Muslim Worker Saved Many Paris Hostages
kosher paris supermarket attacker says hes with isis
The number of people killed at a Kosher supermarket Friday in a Paris neighborhood could well have been higher were it not for the resourcefulness and calm thinking of a market employee named Lassana Bathily.
Four Jewish Victims of Paris Terrorist Attack Named
paris victims from kosher market
The victims are Yoav Hattab, 21, Philippe Braham, in his 40s, Yohan Cohen, 22, and Francois-Michel Saada, in his 60s.
French Officers Warned of Active "Sleeper Cells"
Aftermath of terror attack on Paris offices of Charlie Hebdo Reuters
French law enforcement officers have been told to delete their social media accounts and to carry their weapons at all times because terror sleeper cells have been activated over the last 24 hours in France.
Kosher Supermarket Gunman Said He Belonged to ISIS
kosher paris supermarket attacker says hes with isis
The gunman killed by police on Friday after taking hostages at a Jewish supermarket in Paris said he had "coordinated" with the suspected Charlie Hebdo attackers and belonged to ISIS.
Netanyahu to France: A Global Struggle with Radical Islam
charlie hebdo shooters take hostages
Netanyahu emphasized "this is a global struggle. Bringing to justice the Paris murderers is just the beginning. It must be followed by a broad based assault on the forces of radical Islam throughout the world. This is everybody's battle."
Hollande Condemns "Appalling Anti-Semitic Act" in Paris
charlie hebdo shooters take hostages
In an address to the nation, the French president confirmed reports that four hostages were killed at the Hypercasher supermarket, located in Porte de Vincennes on the edge of the city.
5 Dead in Hostage Drama at Paris Kosher Supermarket
charlie hebdo shooters take hostages
Three tense days in France have come to an end, but not without tragedy, as five people were killed, including the gunman, and four were left critically wounded after a hostage drama in eastern Paris ended with a police assault on Friday, AFP reports.

Paris: Reports Say Two Dead in Hostage Crisis in Kosher Store
charlie hebdo shooters take hostages
A second hostage crisis is unfolding in Paris, French police announced to the media Friday afternoon: Two armed people, reportedly a man and woman, have taken hostages in a kosher grocery store in the French capital.
Paris: Hostage Crisis in Kosher Store, 1-2 Wounded
police french kosher market
Amidst tense standoff in Dammartin-en-Goele, developments on police shooting, as many as 5 hostages at kosher supermarket.

Several Wounded in Charlie Hebdo Manhunt, Hostage Situation
charlie hebdo shooters take hostages
The main suspects in Wednesday's shooting rampage on the Charlie Hebdo satirical magazine in Paris are on the move, currently taking hostages in a business in Dammartin-en-Goele in the Seine et Marne. Schools and airports are on closing and on alert.
Israeli Arab Receives Permit to Return After Joining ISIS
Marwan Khaldi, whose passport was frozen two weeks ago, will return to Israel on a temporary permit issued by the Interior Ministry.

Hundreds of Hamas Terrorists in Israel Switching to ISIS
Hevron ISIS cell just 'tip of the iceberg' as Arab terrorists flock over from 'moderate' Hamas - PA, Hamas in their sights, not just Israel.

Stabbed in the Lung with a Screwdriver Returning From Kotel
xray of a stabbing victim
Doctors at the Shaare Tzedek Hospital in Jerusalem clarified Thursday night that the 21-year-old Jewish yeshiva student, who was stabbed by an Arab terrorist armed with a screwdriver earlier in the night is out of danger.
What Will Saudi Arabia's Next King Mean for Israel?
Saudi King Abdullah, 91, is in worsening medical condition, posing the question of succession and what it will mean for Israel.

Egypt's Sisi: 1.6 Billion Muslims Antagonizing the Entire World
In unusual speech, Egyptian leader tells clerics Islam has become 'a source of anxiety, danger, killing and destruction' for humanity.

Who Were the Victims of the Charlie Hebdo Shooting?
5 cartoonists, 3 contributors, guest at editorial conference, maintenance worker and two policemen murdered by terrorists.


Meet the American Families Bankrolling Netanyahu's Reelection Bid
As Benjamin Netanyahu kicked off his re-election campaign Monday night in Tel Aviv, JTA reported that over 90 percent of the prime minister’s campaign funds have come from American donors. And of these American donors, the donations from just three families make up over half of Netanyahu's total campaign funds.

Arab Stabs Jew with a Screwdriver in Jerusalem's Old City
Jewish yeshiva student stabbed in Damascus gate by an Arab terrorist, apparently while on his way to pray at Western Wall.

Rand Paul Bill Cuts U.S. Funding to Palestinians Until ICC Bid is Dropped
Sen. Rand Paul introduced a bill that would cut U.S. funding to the Palestinian Authority until it withdraws its request to join the International Criminal Court.


Jewish Institutions on High Alert Following Terror Attack
Jewish institutions in the Paris region have upped their level of security to the maximum following the deadly attack at the Charlie Hebdo offices.

Israeli Embassy Targeted in Uruguay Bomb Scare
bomb at embassy
Authorities in Uruguay detonated what turned out to be a fake bomb found near Israel's embassy in Montevideo, officials said Thursday.
Danny Dayan: World Leaders Backing Off Two State Solution
danny dayan
The concept of the "two-state solution" is fading in the minds of many world leaders, Danny Dayan said after many meetings on the issue.
4,500 Homes in Israel Remain Without Power
snow storm
Power outages continue throughout Israel as storm moves into second day; many roads blocked in affected areas as well.
Donald Trump: French Gun Control Allowed Terrorists to Succeed
paris shooting donald trump
French patrolmen, members of the Police nationale are generally unarmed. Footage of the massacre at the offices of satirical magazine Charlie Hebdo in Paris shows one of the radical Islamist shooters shooting a policeman at close range, after he begs for his life.
Jewish cartoonist Georges Wolinski among 12 dead in Paris shooting
george wolinski collage
Details of the attack on the Charlie Hebdo offices are still sketchy, but witnesses said the three assailants knew exactly whom to target at the magazine.

Youngest Suspect in Paris Attack Turns Himself In
paris shooting
The youngest suspect in Wednesday’s deadly attack at the Paris office of the satirical newspaper Charlie Hebdo has turned himself in. The attackers were armed with Kalashnikov rifles and a rocket-propelled grenade.
Rivlin to Hollande: We Stand with France
Rivlin conveys condolences to Paris after attack, urges unity and cooperation to fight Islamist terror.

US: 'Palestine' Not a State, So Not Eligible to Join ICC
State Department spokeswoman says PA not a country so can't sign up to Rome Statute, as Congress threatens to cut all funding to PA.

French Authorities 'Know the Identity of Paris Terrorists'
paris attack2
Two out of three gunmen are allegedly French nationals in Islamist attack on magazine office staff.

Islamic State Terrorist Praises Charlie Hebdo Attack
An Islamic State terrorist praised Wednesday's attack on Charlie Hebdo, telling Reuters the attack was revenge for insults against Islam.

Islamist Gunmen Not Done After Massacring 12 People at Paris Magazine
paris shooting
The heavily armed gunmen who murdered 12 people at the satirical Charlie Hebdo magazine in central Paris Wednesday, Jan. 7, got clear away and are feared by European security agencies to be seeking out more targets. They are on the loose with AK-47 assault guns, a supply of ammo, and possibly a grenade launcher

Snow in Jerusalem as Storm Begins to Taper Off
Israel's capital receives a light dusting as storm activity lessens slightly throughout the country.

French MP Habib: 'Writing Was on The Wall' for Attack
French parliamentarian Meir Habib visited the site of the Islamist massacre at the offices of the Charlie Hebdo magazine.

Burning Car Outside Synagogue Unrelated to Charlie Hebdo Attack
A car that caught fire outside a synagogue near the site of the deadly attack on the Paris headquarters of the Charlie Hebdo satirical magazine was not related to the attack, the mayor of a Paris suburb said.

French Muslim Leaders Condemn Charlie Hebdo Attack
Muslim groups call shooting rampage 'barbaric' as manhunt for shooters is still underway.

US Condemns Charlie Hebdo Attack, Volunteers to Help Paris
obama condemns charlie hebdo attack
US President Barack Obama has released a statement on Wednesday’s deadly shooting attack on a French newspaper, after a White House spokesman condemned it in the "strongest possible terms."
Paris: 12 Killed in Offices of Paper that 'Mocked Mohammed'
Gunfire erupts in central Paris offices of satirical news magazine Charlie Hebdo; ten wounded, five of them critically.

Jerusalem Lockdown, Police Chief: We're Prepared for the Worst
2013 snow storm
As a major snowstorm settles in on Israel Wednesday morning, snow has already begun pouring in on the Golan Heights, the Upper Galilee, and Jerusalem, with major roads being shut down.
U.S. Donors Providing Most of Netanyahu's Reelection Funds
More than 90 percent of Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's reelection funds have come from the United States.

Indictment Filed: 'He was Murdered Because He Was a Jew'
Details on roadside murder of Avraham Ben-Tzion strengthen claims he was targeted as an Israeli Jew, say lawyer and family.

Qatar Expels Hamas Chief Khaled Mashaal
Mashaal and Muslim Brotherhood members given the boot in apparent push by Qatar to repair ties with Egypt.

Three Arabs Planned Terror Attack Disguised as Hareidim
Jerusalem District Court convicts three Israeli Arabs for planning attack on event hall in Bayit Vegan, disguised as Jewish guests.

Israel Passes Japan Alliance Plan, Asian Coalition Takes Shape
india japan makes plan with israel
A roadmap plan to radically strengthen economic ties with Japan introduced by Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu was approved by the Cabinet on Sunday, and paves the way for a strategic array of alliances with three Asian superpowers - Japan, China and India.
Report: Food Running Out in Jerusalem
2013 snow storm
Jerusalem is running out of staples, with residents stocking up on basic food items before supermarkets can restock.
Palestinian Seeks Refugee Status in Canada
canada flag
Resident of Edmonton who was raised in a family with ties to Hamas warns he will be killed if he is deported back to the PA.

Knife-Carrying Terrorist Thwarted in Samaria
terrorist with knife
A Palestinian from Qalqilya was stopped by Border Patrol forces, who arrested him after he pulled a knife out from his jacket pocket.

Two Teens Shot Outside Maryland Synagogue
gun shooting
On their way to a party being held at Mishkan Torah Synagogue in Greenbelt, MD, two teens were shot - one in the back, one in the shoulder.

Arab-Israeli Parliament Member Waves Palestinian Flag on Temple Mount
Ahmed Tibi, an Arab-Israeli Knesset member, raised the Palestinian flag on the Temple Mount.

Kosher Restaurant Fired on in Paris
bullet hole
Bullet holes were discovered in the window of a kosher restaurant in Paris.

Mario Cuomo Married Strident Liberalism and Sensitivity to the Orthodox
Mario Cuomo, a three-term New York governor, was the rare politician who appealed to the Jewish tent's opposite poles.

Czech Politician: Walk Your Pet Pig Near a Mosque
In a Facebook posting, Tomio Okamura listed "specific instructions" about "how we can protect our democratic way of life."

Hamas Terrorist Entered Israel for Medical Treatment and Stayed
hamas terrorist entered israel for medical treatment and stayed
Why was a Hamas member so keen on staying in a country that his terrorist organization will not recognize and is insistent on destroying?
Hamas 'Totally Opposed' to PA Statehood Bid
Hamas spokesperson blasts Abbas for plans to refile draft resolution to UN Security Council as 'political foolishness.'

Israeli Living in Berlin Attacked by Seven Men
berlin stabbing on israeli man
A young Israeli living in Germany was attacked by a group of seven men singing anti-Semitic songs on a Berlin subway car.
ISIS Terror Cell Members Arrested in Hevron
Islamic State-affiliated cell already carried out one failed attack; planned to kill soldier and use his weapon for future attack.

Erekat Threatens: We'll Dismantle the Palestinian Authority
PA chief negotiator says the PA will not agree to the status quo, threatens the PA will dismantle itself and “hand the keys” back to Israel.

Saudi Arabia Denies it Will Allow Jews to Work in the Kingdom
no jews will be allowed to work in saudi arabia
Saudi Arabia's Labor Ministry is denying a report in a local newspaper that it will be employing Jews within the Kingdom, according to Middle East Eye.
IDF Creates New Intelligence Dept. to Monitor ISIS
idf makes isis unit
The Israeli Defense Forces have created a new department dedicated to intelligence information on the terrorist organization Islamic State.

Jerusalem Prepares for Snow
2013 snow storm
Guidelines released before snowstorm predicted for next week; municipality takes precautions, building on lessons from 2013 snowstorm.

Ballots to be Recounted in Likud Elections
primary likud boxes
Fearing possible human error, Likud's Election Committee will re-test results from polling stations in Yarka and Modi'in.

Israelis Fed Up with Poverty, Corruption - But Not Israel
army and flag
1/3 of Israelis facing financial difficulties, 42% believe government is corrupt - but overwhelming majority, including Arabs, patriotic.

Israeli Official Met Abbas's Rival Without PM's Consent
Dahlan and Abbas
PM sent message to Abbas through ISA head, that senior official's meetings with Abbas' rival Dahlan does not represent Israel's policy.

Israeli Freed After Two Years in an Egyptian Prison
egyptian soldier
Andrei Pashnichikov, who was arrested by Egypt in December of 2012, released from jail and deported to Israel.

Thirteen Coptic Christians Abducted in Libya
terror march, christians kidnapped in libya
Fifteen armed and masked gunmen in central Libya abducted 13 Coptic Christians on Saturday, according to a priest and an eyewitness, several days after seven more were abducted from the same area.
India Moves Toward Closer Ties with Israel
Warming of relations unmistakable albeit low-key.

HarperCollins Apologizes for Leaving Israel Off Maps
The HarperCollins publishing house apologized for omitted Israel from maps in atlases it sells to English-speaking schools in the Middle East.


Did Obama Agree to Fund an Iraqi Army in 2015?
iraqi militants
President Barack Obama's New Year gift to Israel and the Middle East is a multibillion fund for establishing an Iraqi army as a division of the Iranian Revolutionary Guards (IRGC).

Islamic Leader to Visit Temple Mount Mosques
The secretary general of the Organization of Islamic Cooperation plans to visit the Temple Mount in Jerusalem and meet with Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas.


Israel is Deeply Disappointed by France's U.N. vote on Palestine
Israel said it was “deeply disappointed” with France’s U.N. Security Council vote for Palestinian statehood.

Who 'Assassinated' Feiglin in Likud Primaries?
Shocking statements reveal Feiglin was the subject of a 'targeted killing' removing him from the Likud Knesset list.


Lawsuit Against Revlon CEO for Racist, Anti-Semitic Remarks
revlon antisemtic
A discrimination lawsuit has been filed against Revlon cosmetics CEO Lorenzo Delpani, according to the New York Post, for making bigoted remarks against African-Americans, Jews, and Americans in general.
Israeli Company's Vaccine Blocks 90% of Cancer Types
cancer vaccine
An Israeli biotech company is developing a vaccine for cancer that it says can help prevent the return of the lethal disease for 90% of the different types of cancer.
Watch: The IDF Wishes a Happy New Year 2015
idf year
The IDF was sure to wish all its supporters, including those abroad, a special happy new year message in its own unique style.
Fatah Anticipate a World Without Israel
Official PA TV to kids: All of Palestine - occupied Palestine - will return to us"
Israel Signs UN Resolution on Arms Sales
Israel in recent days signed the UN's Arms Trade Treaty (ATT), promising not to sell weapons to terror or criminal groups.

IDF to Continue Guarding Gaza Belt - For Now
Decision to pull Gaza Belt patrols postponed until Sunday, while the security establishment re-evaluates the risks.

US, Iran Deny Reports of Prisoner Swap
Both Washington and Tehran rush to reject Iranian news agency's claim of a prisoner swap deal.

HarperCollins Leaves Israel Off Maps in Middle East Schools
The HarperCollins publishing house has omitted Israel from maps in atlases that it sells to English-speaking schools in the Middle East.

Mahmoud Abbas Files Request to Join ICC
abbas lashes out at israel
Palestinian Authority Chairman Mahmoud Abbas Wednesday signed a Palestinian request to join the International Criminal Court, seeking a new avenue for action against Israel after a failed UN resolution calling for Israel to withdraw to 1949 Armistice lines.
IDF Convicts Leader of Israeli Teens' Abduction, Murder
bring back our boys
The IDF military court has convicted the ringleader of the terror cell behind the abduction and murder of Israeli teens Gilad Sha'ar, Eyal Yifrah, and Naftali Frenkel in June.
China to Hold Free Trade Agreement Talks with Israel
Chinese state media on Tuesday reported that the Asian economic superpower, which holds the world's second largest GDP, will begin negotiations for a free trade agreement with Israel next year.
U.N. Fails to Pass Palestinian Statehood Resolution
A Palestinian backed U.N. Security Council resolution setting a deadline for a peace deal with Israel failed to garner sufficient votes for passage.

PA Minister: Killing Babies Part of 'Resistance' Against Israel
PA Prisoner Affairs Minister Issa Karake claims murder of one year-old is 'resistance' and that punishment 'deligitimizes' 'struggle.'

Likud Prepares for a Primaries Showdown
Danon speaks about his challenge on Netanyahu for Likud leadership as roughly 100,000 party members head for the ballot boxes.

IDF to Withdraw Troops from Israeli Communities Near Gaza Border
The Israel Defense Forces will withdraw its troops from southern Israeli communities near the Gaza border that are not directly adjacent to it.

PA Co-opts Jesus the 'Palestinian Messiah and Martyr'
PA Christmas tradition of rewriting history continues as Jesus claimed as 'first Palestinian' by senior officials and Abbas.

PA Buries Har Nof Massacre Terrorists as 'Heaven-bound Martyrs'
After Israel returns bodies, PA and Fatah laud attack on 'occupation synagogue' in detailing burial of 'martyrs ascending to heaven.'

Arabs to Outnumber Jews in Israel, West Bank and Gaza in 2016
west bank
The number of Palestinians living in Israel, the West Bank and Gaza will equal the number of Jewish Israelis in 2016, according to Palestinian statistics.

Netanyahu's Son Injured in IDF Training Accident
Avner Netanyahu, the youngest son of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, reportedly was injured in a training accident.

Britain Opposed to Palestinian U.N. Draft Resolution
Britain joined the United States in declaring opposition to the new Palestinian draft proposal introduced in the United Nations on Tuesday calling for peace with Israel within 12 months of an agreement.

UN Security Council to Vote on Palestinian Bid Tonight
The UN Security Council will vote Tuesday on a draft resolution from the Palestinian Authority unilaterally demanding recognition as a state and Israeli withdrawals

Deri Hands in Resignation
Aryeh Deri resigns
After Rabbi Yosef tapes expose opposition to Deri and his responsibility for Oslo, Deri steps down - rest of Shas MKs vow to follow him.

Malaysia Confirms Debris Found is Missing AirAsia Jet
Air asia
Malaysian officials have confirmed that they have found the debris field for AirAsia Flight QZ8501, which disappeared on Sunday over the Java Sea with 162 people on board.
IDF Save Palestinian Baby Who Collapsed at Border
israel saves palestinian child
Israeli paramedics and the Israel Defense Forces saved the life of a Palestinian baby who collapsed at the border crossing between the West Bank and Jordan.
Watch: Are These the 10 Most Memorable UN Moments of 2014?
saudi arabia
As 2014 draws to a close, Geneva-based human rights NGO UN Watch has released a revealing list of its 10 "top videos", highlighting some of the most memorable and outrageous moments of the year at the United Nations.
Netanyahu Calls on States to Oppose PA's 'Diktats' at the UN
Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu says PA statehood bid 'puts Israel's future in peril' in meeting with Indiana governor.



"Neo-Nazis are Raising Their Heads" in Greece
neo nazis greece
The Larissa Jewish cemetery was desecrated in the latest incident in a long string of anti-Semitic vandalism in Greece.
ISIS Executes Nearly 2,000 in Syria in Six Months
Syrian monitoring organization says ISIS has killed 1,878 people in Syria over the past six months.

Indonesia Says Missing Plane Likely at Bottom of the Sea
Air asia
Indonesian authorities believe missing AirAsia jet is likely at the bottom of the sea, based on radar data from its last contact.

Hamas Bans Gaza War Orphans from Traveling to Israel
hamas rockets
Hamas on Sunday prevented dozens of children orphaned during its 50-day war with Israel from entering Israeli territory in a pre-arranged trip, despite Israel making the effort to allow the children to visit.
Egypt Bans "Zionist" and "Inaccurate" Film on Exodus
exodus movie banned in egypt
Egypt announced it has banned a Hollywood film based on the Biblical book of Exodus because of what censors described as "historical inaccuracies", reports the BBC.
IDF Deploys Iron Dome in Prep for Possible Gaza War
iron dome
After sniper fire critically wounds soldier and Hamas terrorist leader killed, IDF taking steps indicating escalation may be on the way.

Shots Fired at Kosher Restaurant in Paris
Shots from an air gun fired at a kosher restaurant in Paris. Window damaged, but no injuries.

Netanyahu: The Fire of Radical Islam is Lapping at Our Borders
Prime Minister appraises threats facing Israel to new air force graduates; reveals recent purchase of four new battleships.

Israeli Team Searching for Remains of Missing Soldiers in Egypt
Egyptian media reports first such Israeli delegation for four years; comes a day after Israel hands bodies of Har Nof terrorists for burial.

Israel Returns Bodies of Har Nof terrorists
Israel returned the bodies of two terrorists who killed five worshipers in an attack on a synagogue in the Har Nof neighborhood of Jerusalem.

Jordanian Pilot's Capture May Be Pivotal to War on Terror
The US military is going to great lengths to deny any evidence that ISIS shot down the Jordanian Air Force F-16 which came down Wednesday, Dec. 24 over the northern Syrian town of Raqaa.

PA and Fatah: "Jaffa, Acre, Haifa, and Nazareth are Ours"?

Fatah official: Israeli cities "Haifa, Jaffa, Acre and Nazareth are Palestinian, despite the Americans and the Israelis."

Watch: Two Officers Stabbed in Jerusalem's Old City
old city
Knife-wielding Arab terrorist catches officers by surprise, wounds them.

Two Officers Stabbed in Jerusalem's Old City
Two police officers stabbed and lightly wounded near the Lion's Gate. The stabber fled the scene.

Father, 11 Year Old Girl Badly Hurt in Samaria Firebomb Attack
israeli girl attacked in firebomb attack
An Israeli driver, Avner Shapiro and his 11 year old daughter Ayala were attacked by Arab terrorists who threw a firebomb at his vehicle Thursday night.
Palestinian Factions Call for Resumption of Ceasefire Talks
Palestinian Arab factions called on Egypt to resume its status as broker in the negotiations between them and Israel to maintain a Gaza ceasefire, the Egyptian Al-Ahram newspaper reported.

Is France Still Living in Denial?
MK Ayelet Shaked expresses hope that more French Jews will make aliyah, in the wake of the growing anti-Semitism in the country.

Sister of Killed Lone Soldier Max Steinberg Living in Israel
The sister of American-Israeli lone soldier Max Steinberg, who was killed during this summer’s Gaza operation, has moved to Israel.

Israel to Almost Completely Stop Gas Mask Production
Israel will halt almost all of its gas mask production due to a decline in the threat of a gas or chemical attack.

Netanyahu Hires Republican Strategist John McLaughlin
Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has reportedly hired Republican strategist and pollster John McLaughlin ahead of Israel’s March 17 election.

Sony Will Release "The Interview" After All
Sony Pictures says the film will be available in a limited number of theaters starting Thursday.

ISIS Downs Jet over Syria, Captures Pilot
Jordanian official confirms aircraft went down over Raqqa, northern Syria; jihadis post pictures of captured pilot.

Support Dwindles for Two-State Solution
Joint poll finds summer war has hardened attitudes and skepticism on both sides; most Israelis believe Palestinians want entire country.

Hamas Denies Responsibility for Gaza Sniper Attack
Hamas says sniper who critically wounded Israeli soldier 'not one of ours', says it has communicated with Israel via a third-party.

Netanyahu: Israel Will Respond Forcefully to Gaza Attacks
netanyahu responds to hamas
Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu reacted Wednesday afternoon to a sniper attack by Hamas terrorists along the border with Gaza, which left one IDF soldier critically wounded.
BBC TV Chief "Deeply Troubled" by UK Anti-Semitism
Danny Cohen, the BBC's director of television, said this week that he was deeply troubled by the anti-Semitism in Europe in general, and in Britain in particular.
NY Chabad Stabbing Victim Lights Hanukkah Candles with NYPD
Levi Rosenblatt thanks police for their swift action after attack; Shomrim show solidity after police shooting.

Must See: BBC Reporter Too High on Heroin to Continue Reporting
BBC's Middle East correspondent finds out why it's never a good idea to report from in front of a burning pile of drugs.

NGOs Use Christian Anti-Semitism to Urge Israel Boycott
NGO Monitor annual report shows how the 'holiday spirit' has NGOs worldwide pushing religious demonization of Israel.

Abbas: We Will No Longer Deal with Israel if UN Bid Fails
Mahmoud Abbas threatens: If UN Security Council resolution calling for Israeli withdrawal by 2017 fails, the PA will cut all ties with Israel.

Millions paid to neo-Nazi Victims
neo nazi
The German government has paid some $2.6 million to victims of neo-Nazi violence since 2007.

Shots Fired at Paris Synagogue Miss Rabbi
terrorist attack on david ben ichay synagogue
Following a string of high-profile Islamic terror attacks that have rocked France, yet another attack occurred on Monday night as automatic gunfire was sprayed at the David Ben Ichay synagogue on Paris's 3 Danjon Street.
Iraq Debuts Reality Show... On ISIS Attacks
isis reality show
The show, entitled "In the Grip of the Law," forces Islamic State and other Islamist terrorists to return to the scenes of their crimes, where they experience the wrath of the victims' families on live television.
ISIS Holds 'Surprise' Public Amputation
The Islamic State (IS), which has firmly established itself as the ruling entity in a large portion of Syria and Iraq, has recently begun instituting Shari'a Islamic law as the law of the land – in its full and literal sense.

US May Place North Korea Back on Terror List
President Barack Obama said on Sunday the United States is considering putting North Korea back on its list of terrorism sponsors, after the hacking of Sony Pictures, reports the BBC.

India Considering Changing Pro-Palestinian Stance at UN
Bibi Modi
India's changing its pro-Palestinian Arab stance and will abstain in United Nations votes related to the Palestinian Authority, The Hindu news website reported on Sunday.

Crazed Motorist Rams Car Into Crowd for 'Children of Palestine'
French Motorist
The French motorist who slammed his car into a crowd shouting "This is in the name of the children of Palestine" did not commit a terror attack, a prosecutor said.

Obama Signs US-Israel Strategic Partnership Act
After unanimous votes to approve the legislation in Congress, Obama signs bill that will strengthen the US-Israel alliance.

EU Ambassador Reassures Israel: Hamas is Still a Terrorist Group
Lars Faaborg-Andersen says recent decision to remove Hamas from EU's list of terrorist orgs means nothing in practical terms.

Muslim Scholar Calls for Jewish Place of Worship on Temple Mount
temple mount, israelites should pray on it
One Jordanian Salafi cleric makes a surprising ruling, noting that Jewish presence dates pre-Islam and saying that "Israelites" should thus be given a right to pray.
Police Admit Arab Stabbing of Jew in Jerusalem was Terror Attack
terror attack
A month after he was stabbed in a planned Arab ambush on Jerusalem's Mount of Olives, a young Jewish student has finally been recognized by the police as being a victim of a terror attack.
North Korea Threatens to Attack the White House
Interview - korea threatens white house
North Korea on Sunday threatened the White House and other targets in the United States, CNN reports.
Syria Claims to Have Downed Israeli Drone
israeli drone in syria
According to the report, which appeared on Hezbollah television and on official Syrian TV, an "unmanned aircraft of the Zionist regime was downed over the skies of Quneitra, close to the border."
For Cuban Jews in U.S., Rapprochement with Castro Regime Cause for Concern
cuban americans protesting
"The chance of person-to-person contact changing things in small ways in the island is not insignificant."

ISIS Executes Fighters who Tried to Escape
girl injured in car attack israel
The Islamic State (ISIS) terrorist group has executed 100 of its own foreign fighters who tried to flee their headquarters in the Syrian city of Raqqa.
Four-Year-Old Injured in Gush Etzion Rock Attack
girl injured in car attack israel
A four-year-old boy was lightly wounded Sunday morning after rocks were thrown at a car he was traveling in near the Gush Etzion Junction.
Hamas Official Says a 'New Chapter' Open with Iran
hamas rockets
Ali Baraka, Hamas's representative in Lebanon, said Friday that a recent visit by a Hamas delegation to Iran had "opened a new chapter" in relations between Tehran and the terror group.

WHO: One Million People Wounded in Syrian War
syrian victims of war
At least one million people have been wounded and 200,000 killed in Syria since its years-long Civil War began in March 2011, Syria's World Health Organization (WHO) representative stated on Friday.

Gaza Rocket Lands Outside of Eshkol Town
A rocket was fired from Gaza early Friday afternoon, breaking the truce reached at the end of the last Hamas terror war.
Hamas Rebuilding Terror Tunnels into Israel with Aid Materials
There is clear evidence that Hamas has begun rebuilding its terror tunnels into Israel using international aid.
Obama Signs Law Stripping Nazis of Social Benefits
us underestimated isis
The bill was unanimously approved two weeks ago by the House of Representatives and closes legal loopholes that have allowed some World War II-era Nazis to collect government benefits even after many other Nazis who escaped to the United States were deported or prosecuted.
Alan Gross Credits Jewish Efforts for His Release From Cuba
alan gross back on american soil, thanks jewish groups
Newly released from prison in Cuba, Alan Gross thanked his wife, his lawyer, the Jewish community, President Obama and numerous others in helping secure his freedom.
Sydney Menorah Lighting Canceled Following Siege Tragedy
chanukah lighting in sydney canceled after seige
The public Hanukkah candle lighting at Sydney’s Martin Place was canceled for the first time in nearly 30 years due to the deadly attack at a city cafe.
Israelis Want Netanyahu Out But See No Better Option
netanyahu elections march
Most Israelis would like to see Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu replaced after March elections but, paradoxically, he is seen as the most suitable for the job, an opinion poll said Thursday.
Hamas Holds Largest Military Exercise Since Op. Protective Edge
hamas and rockets
al-Qassam Brigades hold largest military training exercise since Op. Protective Edge; Israelis report hearing explosions all night.

Canada Urges EU to Place Hamas Back on Terror Blacklist
hamas in gaza parade
Canada's Foreign Minister calls on the EU to "take the steps necessary to keep Hamas listed as a terrorist entity."

Chairman of Knesset Fianance Committee: Lapid Was 'A Nightmare to Work With'
Nissan Slomiansky
"In the case of Lapid, Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu preferred not to get involved. I, in the end, was the only one who stood in his way."

ISIS Establishing Itself as Political Entity in Every Way
hunting for jihadist who beheaded american journalist
Since the terrorist organization Islamic State (ISIS), which controls wide expanses of territory in Syria and Iraq, proclaimed a worldwide Islamic caliphate in June, it has gradually formed into a fledgling political entity.
PA Submits UN Resolution to Force Israeli Withdrawal
The Palestinian Authority submitted a draft United Nations resolution paving the way to a final peace deal with Israel, AFP reports.


Jeb Bush Uses Chanukah-Christmas Greeting to Announce Presidential Bid
Jeb Bush
Jeb Bush announced his intention to explore the presidency in a Christmas and Chanukah greeting message

US Slams EU Removal of Hamas from Terror Blacklist
Washington urges the EU to maintain sanctions on the terror organization as Hamas spokesman declares 'victory' in ruling.

Obama: Cuban Embargo 'Outdated' and 'Does Not Work'
President Obama
US President Barack Obama formally announced the renewal of diplomatic ties with Cuba on Wednesday, in a special press conference following the announcement of a landmark prisoner swap.

US, Israel Boycott Geneva Conventions
UN in Geneva
An international conference in Geneva on Wednesday called on both Israelis and Palestinians to respect humanitarian rights laws in Judea-Samaria, but was condemned by Israel as a "political exercise," AFP reports.

Netanyahu: Europe 'Learned Nothing' From the Holocaust
Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu contrasts the negative attitude of the EU to Israel with the 'true friendship' expressed by the US.

Jewish-American Alan Gross Freed From Cuban Prison
Alan Gross and his wife Judy
After years of campaigning by his friends and family for his freedom, Alan Gross has finally been released.

Cuba, US to Resume Ties after Fifty Years
us cuba alan gross
The United States and Cuba were on the brink of a historic thaw in ties Wednesday after a prisoner exchange cleared the way for talks on ending their five-decade-old stand-off.
European Parliament Votes to Recognize "Palestine"
eu parliament recognizes palestine
The European Parliament overwhelmingly backed the recognition of a Palestinian state "in principle" on Wednesday, following a series of votes on the issue in EU nations which have angered Israel.
Europe Poised to Remove Hamas from Terror List
Hamas, in both its military and governmental branches, is on the European Union's official list of terrorist organizations - but that is likely to change in a decision on Wednesday, at least temporarily.
Sydney Hostage-Taker Terrorist Swore Loyalty to ISIS A Month Ago
lindt seige hostages sydney updates
Australian media has unearthed new details about "hate sheikh" Man Haron Monis (49), who took just over a dozen people hostage in a Sydney cafe Monday before being killed along with two of his victims as police stormed into the cafe.
Mossad Agent Infiltrated Hezbollah's Elite
Nasrallah in public appearance
A 'cell' reportedly managed to thwart a significant number of major plots against Israeli targets; agent was dept. head of foreign ops.


Greek Politician Slammed for Saying Jews Don't Pay Taxes
kammenos in greece, jews
Jewish community angrily condemns a Greek politician for  saying that Greek Jews don't pay taxes, coming hot on the heals of drive-by shooting at Israeli embassy.
Netanyahu: "International Islamic Terrorism Knows No Borders"
netanyahu kerry
Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu released a response to the resolution of the hostage crisis in Sydney on Monday night, after three people were killed and four injured in a police raid on a cafe held by an Islamist.
Gunman, Two Others Dead, Four Injured in Sydney Siege
lindt seige hostages sydney updates
Mother of three, 38-year-old Sydney barrister Katrina Dawson and 34-year-old cafe manager Tori Johnson are confirmed dead as the Sydney siege ended in a dramatic standoff, leaving the gunman dead and four others injured.
Former SS Guard to be Tried for Murder in Germany
Groening in Berlin
Oskar Groening, an alleged guard at Auschwitz, the Nazi's deadliest concentration camp during the Holocaust, and will be tried in 2015, a German court stated Monday.
Live: Gunman is Dead; Police Reveal Details of Sydney Siege
lindt seige hostages sydney updates
Police have now stormed the cafe in Sydney where a radical Muslim cleric has held tens of people hostage, according to live footage from the scene - and New South Wales Police have now officially declared the siege "over."
Hostage Crisis in Belgium Resolved Quickly
belgian special forces
Second hostage crisis of the day resolved: Four armed men entered apartment building taking one hostage. Police quickly dealt with incident.

Massive Suicide Bombing in Tel Aviv Thwarted
guns and knives
Shin Bet reveals Arab terror cell planned to disguise Arab woman as pregnant Jewish woman to set off a bomb in the heart of Tel Aviv.

Jihadist Hostage-Taker Demands Talk with Australian Prime Minister
lindt seige hostages sydney updates
The terrorist has demanded to speak with Australia Prime Minister Tony Abbott, and asked for an Islamic State (ISIS) flag. He has also asked to present his demands and explain his motives, but local Australian media has refused to put him on air.
Minor Who Terrorized Jewish Children to Visit Jewish Museum
kid who terrorized jews goes to holocaust museum
One of the five youths arrested for terrorizing Jewish children on a school bus in Australia earlier this year consented to visit the Sydney Jewish Museum as well as attend a tolerance program as part of his agreed punishment.
Portugal's Parliament Calls to Recognize "Palestine"
portugal calls for palestinian state
Portugal's parliament on Friday adopted a resolution calling on the government to recognize the Palestinian state, following a growing number of similar votes around Europe.
Lapid Says 'No Room For 4 Million Palestinians In Israel'
lapid presents yesh atid
Lapid presents Yesh Atid as the paragon of the political Center, amid polls which show a loss of at least 10 seats in the next Knesset.

CIA Chief Defends Interrogation Methods
cia chief defends interrogation methods
CIA Director John Brennan calls some of the agency's torture techniques "abhorrent" but defends the program overall.
'US Should Fund Jewish Construction In Judea-Samaria, Not Gaza'
huckabee says washin. should stop funding gaza
Former Arkansas Governor Mike Huckabee says Washington should stop funding Gaza, divert funds to Jewish communities.
U.S. Chaplain Reprimanded For Quoting Religious Sources
chaplain reprimanded for quoting religious sources
A U.S. Army chaplain has been reprimanded for "using Christian scriptures and solutions" at a suicide prevention training session.
Anne Frank Statue Dedicated In Buenos Aires
anne frank statue dedic. in buenos aires
A statue of Holocaust victim and diarist Anne Frank was dedicated in Buenos Aires Wednesday, the Jewish Telegraphic Agency (JTA) reported.
Obama Acknowledges Contacts With Cuba To Free Alan Gross
obama contacts with cuba to free gross
President Barack Obama has for the first time publicly acknowledged that the United States is negotiating with Cuba for the release of Jewish-American contractor Alan Gross through a "variety of channels."
British Mother Jailed For Promoting Jihad On Social Media
british mother jailed for jihad
A British mother of six jailed for five years and three months after using social media to encourage acts of terror in Syria.
UN: Iran's Israel-Genocide Threats 'Totally Unacceptable'
iran's threats unacceptable
Adama Dieng, UN Special Adviser to the Secretary-General on Prevention of Genocide, on Tuesday emphatically stated that Iran's genocidal threats to "wipe Israel off the earth" are "totally unacceptable."
Gunmen Fire On Israeli Embassy In Athens, No Injuries
gunmen fire on israeli embassy athens
Unidentified gunmen opened fire on the Israeli embassy in Athens before dawn Friday but caused no injuries.

Scott Walker's Inflammatory Hanukkah Cocktail
scott walkers hanukkah cocktail
Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker has brought a whole new meaning to the notion of kindling the Hanukkah flames.
Terrorist Throws Acid at Jewish Family Near Jerusalem
terrorist throws acid at jerusalem family
A terrorist attacked a Jewish family with acid in the Gush Etzion region south of Jerusalem Friday, wounding six people including a number of young children.
Ex-CIA Director Says US Holding Pollard for "No Good Reason"
pollard loses consciousness
Former CIA Director admits that the ongoing incarceration of Jonathan Pollard (60), now in his 30th year behind American prison bars, has "no good reason."
University of California Student Union Votes to Boycott Israel
university of california boycotts israel
The University of California graduate student worker union on Wednesday voted in favor of a resolution supporting an academic boycott of Israel, until Israel "has complied with international law and respected the rights of Palestinians."
Report: ISIS Selling James Foley's Body for $1 Million
hunting for jihadist who beheaded american journalist
After failing to receive a ransom for British and American hostages it has executed over the past few months, ISIS is apparently attempting to sell the body of James Foley, an American journalist beheaded in August.
Arab, Muslim, Zionist and Proud: The New Face of Jewish Home?
anat haskia arab mk
So what makes a Muslim Arab mother of three from the Galilee join the Jewish Home of all parties?

Biden To Light 'National Menorah'
biden to light nat. menorah
Vice President Joe Biden will assist in the lighting this year of the Hanukkah menorah on the ellipse in front of the White House.
NY Stabbing Testimony: 'I'm Killing A Jew!'
crown heights attack
Chabad hassid eyewitness to stabbing in Brooklyn tells Arutz Sheva all the details of the shocking attack on the Chabad center.
ISIS Stones Man On Suspicion Of Sodomy
isis stones man on sus. of sodomy
ISIS posts pictures of brutal stoning of man charged with 'acts of the people of Lot,' throwing him off building and hailing rocks on him.

Unveiled: How A Terrorist Killer Became A 'Senior PA Minister'
terrorist turned pa minister
Ziad Abu Ein's death death sparked Palestinian Authority outrage, but the PA 'minister' has a rather darker history than some might imagine.
Jewish Home Goes on New Recruitment Campaign
jewish home party
For the first time, a political party is Israel is turning to the internet to conduct a last-minute recruitment campaign.

UNRWA Demands Another $414 Million for "Refugees of Palestine"
palestinian honor killings
UNRWA in a recent donation conference this week demanded an additional $414 million in aid for "Palestinian refugees living in occupied Palestinian territories."
Ireland to Accept Motion Recognizing "Palestine"
palestinian honor killings
The Irish government is expected to accept a motion to "officially recognize the State of Palestine, on the basis of the 1967 borders with East Jerusalem as the capital."

Watch: Shocking New Footage from Crown Heights Stabbing
crown heights stabbing
New footage has emerged of the Crown Heights stabbing attack on Tuesday, showing an intense standoff between the stabber and the New York Police Department.
Terrorist's Nephew Goes Missing, Raising Alert Level in Hevron
IDF worried that the nephew of one of Israeli teens' murderers has gone "off the grid" to plan a terror attack, raising alert in Hevron.

Preacher In Al Aqsa: We Will Slaughter You Jews
preacher in al aqsa says will slaughter jews
Blatant incitement against Jews on Temple Mount sees preacher claim Jews are 'abominable,' with growing audience.
UN Attempt To Save Jewish Sites From ISIS - Too Little Too Late?
unesco conf. to save jewish sites from isis
Urgent conference held to preserve ancient sites in Iraq and Syria - but how serious is UNESCO about protecting Jewish heritage sites?
Netanyahu Vows 'Not To Stop Working' To Free Pollard
bibi vows to free pollard
Netanyahu holds first Cabinet meeting since Knesset dissolution, vows to keep Israel safe - and working to free the longtime prisoner.
Israel Signs R&D Agreement With Mexico
israel signs agreement with mexico
Expanding Israeli alliances continue with industrial R&D agreement, which may hail the coming of other Latin American agreements.
Terrorist Prisoners Make More Than PA Police
terror. prisoners make more than pa police
MK Orit Struk reveals in Knesset Committee meeting that terrorists make a good living in prison - off of Israeli taxpayer money.
Putin Aide Says Israel Is Training ISIS
putin aide says israel trains isis
A senior aide to Russian President Vladimir Putin has accused Israel's Mossad of training Islamic State (aka ISIS) terrorists operating in Iraq and Syria, Iran's Press TV reports.

Mid-East Sources: Israel's Air Strikes Hit Russian Top-Line Air Defense Missiles Sent To Syria And Hizballah
israel air strikes over syria
Israel's air strikes near Damascus international air port and the Syrian-Lebanese border Sunday, Dec. 7, are depicted by Middle East military and intelligence sources as Israel’s first overt military clash with Russia in the course of the more than three-year Syrian war.

IDF Launches Criminal Probes Into Gaza Operation Incidents
criminal probes into gaza operation incidents
The Israel Defense Forces opened criminal investigations into eight deadly incidents that occurred during its 50-day Gaza operation.
Hagee: Meant To Call Obama Anti-Israel, Not Anti-Semitic
hagee meant to call obama antiisrael
Pastor John Hagee "clarified" that he did not mean to call President Obama anti-Semitic but anti-Israel.
Watch: Footage Of Alleged Israeli Airstrike Near Damascus
israeli airstrikes near damascus
Syrian state TV has aired what it says is footage of Israeli airstrikes near the capital Damascus.
Should Israel Take Military Action Against Iran?
israel milit. action against iran?
Philanthropists, activists, and military officials weigh in on Iran - and why a military strike may be in the not-so-distant future.
Russia Demands Israel Explain Airstrikes In Syria
russia demands israel explain airstrikes in syria
Syria, which accused Israel of carrying out airstrikes near their nation's capital Sunday, subsequently complained to the United Nations about the strikes.
Abbas: There Are 6 Million "Palestinian Refugees" - Including Me
abbas says he is a refugee
In an interview with an Egyptian newspaper, the Palestinian Authority Chairman reiterates his support for "the [Palestinian] right of return", and rejects recognition of Israel.

Syria Demands UN Impose Sanctions on Israel
syria says israel should be sanctioned
Syria's Foreign Ministry on Sunday demanded that the United Nations impose sanctions on Israel in response to what it termed "the Israeli aggression on the Syrian soil."
Clinton Calls for Strengthening of Ties with Israel
tensions could threaten pa
Former U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton dismissed reports of tensions between Jerusalem and Washington, saying the cooperation between the two countries is "quite extraordinary" and that her country should strengthen its ties with Israel.
Internal Palestinian Tensions Could Threaten Palestinian Authority
tensions could threaten pa
The Palestinian unity government that was meant to put an end to the long-time rivalry between the Islamist Hamas movement, which controls Gaza, and the Fatah movement, in charge in the West Bank, has expired, say Hamas leaders.
FDA Approves GI-View's 360 Degree Colonoscope
fda approves colonoscope
GI-View seeks to raise $20 million from new investors for marketing the device.
Israelis Still A Long Way From US Visa Waiver
israels a long way from us visa waiver
A bill extending strategic cooperation between Israel and the US will in practice still leave Israelis queueing for US visas.
Cousin Of Murdered Palestinian Teen Helped Supermarket Terror Victims
pal teen helps supermarket victims
A cousin of the Palestinian teen who was burned alive in an apparent retaliatory attack was among the first to help the wounded in a stabbing attack at a West Bank supermarket.
Museum Lets You Take A Tour Of The Roman Ghetto
musuem tour of roman ghetto
Rome has a new walk on its historical tourism circuit on a dark page of history: a virtual stroll through the streets of the ghetto to which Jews were confined for more than three centuries in an anti-Semitic policy.

U.S. Anti-Semites Attend Syrian 'Counterterrorism' Conference
syrian counterterrorism conference
The Anti-Defamation League (ADL) has revealed that the Syrian government's Counterterrorism and Religious Extremism Conference is the latest conference organized by a foreign government that has attracted American anti-Semites.
Hamas Official Vows To Annihilate 'Brothers Of Apes And Pigs'
hamas official vows to annihilate brothers of apes
An official in Hamas recently vowed to annihilate the "brothers of apes and pigs" - that is, the Jews.
Putin Calls Crimea Russia's 'Temple Mount'
putin calls crimea russias temple mount
Russian President Vladimir Putin on Thursday made a surprising statement during his annual state of the union address, in which he talked about his country's "absolutely legitimate" annexation of Crimea from Ukraine in March amid a Russian military invasion.
Expert: US Sanctions Report A Political Ploy
us sanctins report political ploy
Article claiming US looking to take 'active steps' against Israel meant to sway the elections, Strategic Affairs expert tells Arutz Sheva.
Canadian Teen Robs Store To Pay For Flight To ISIS
canadian teens robs store to get to isis
15 year-old boy in Montreal stated he felt 'sinful' for living in non-Muslim country, robbed store to pay for flight to Turkey to join ISIS.

Hamas Vows 'Blood-bath' In 'Spontaneous Reaction' To Israel
hamas leader vows blood bath
Hamas politburo chief Khaled Mashaal has blamed the rise of terror in Jerusalem and in Israel as a whole on a "spontaneous reaction to Israeli stubbornness," in an interview with Sky News Friday morning.

Jonathan Pollard Loses Consciousness And Is Hospitalized
pollard loses consciousness
Jonathan Pollard (60), who just recently began his 30th year of incarceration in the US on charges of spying for Israel, lost consciousness on Friday and was admitted to a hospital outside the prison.
Israel's Oil Spill Will Take Years to Clean, Cost $7.6 Million
oil spill israel
Environmental disaster: Professional assessments say Israel's oil spill will take a year to clear waste, several years to rehabilitate important nature reserve from Arava spill.
Obama Set on Obstructing Netanyahu's Re-Election
did ap ban a pro israel expert
President Barack Obama and his White House National Security team headed by Susan Rice have decided to seize on the political crisis besetting the Israeli government and the upcoming general election on March 17 for action to bar Binyamin Netanyahu’s reelection to a fourth term as prime minister.
Why Did AP Refuse to Quote a Pro-Israel Expert?
did ap ban a pro israel expert
Proof has now been produced that the Associated Press implemented a policy of banning quotes from the head of NGO Monitor on Israel-Gaza issues.
Could an Arab Muslim Woman Become the Newest Jewish Home MK?
anat haskia arab mk
"Jews who seek change in Arab attitudes should help me, by empowering me to fight in the Knesset against other Arab MKs"

UK Family Seeks Daughter Missing in Israel
mia reeves
"Nobody has seen anything of her, or heard anything from her, since she said goodbye at her Hostel in Tel Aviv on Sunday morning."

How an Israeli Man Just Narrowly Escaped an Arab Lynch Mob
The Central District Attorney's office filed an indictment Thursday morning at the Lod District Court against Muhammed Haj Yahia, 21, a resident of Taibeh, who attempted to burn a Jewish man alive in a violent attack.
Terror Victim Directed Medics Treating Him after Stabbing Attack
wife of synagogue massacre terrorist expelled
Injured medic takes charge of the situation after terrorist stabs two in a Jerusalem area supermarket - giving instructions despite wounds.
China Sends Its 'Panda Diplomacy' To Israel
china sends pandas to israel
The latest proof of a solidifying alliance between Israel and China is an ancient tradition know as "panda diplomacy" - China is poised to send two giant panda bears to the Haifa Educational Zoo following a twin-city agreement between Haifa and Chendu signed last week.
Hamas Rocket Test Shows Prep For Next War
hamas rocket test
Three rockets fired in test by Hamas from Tel Katifa, Jewish community before Disengagement expelled all Jews from Gaza.
Understanding Hizbullah In Lebanon
understanding hizbullah in lebanon
In American policy making circles, the name Hizbullah cuts a shadowy figure of a radical Islamist terrorist group, hell-bent on Israel's destruction.
Belgian Government To Support Recognizing Palestine
belgium govt to recog palestine
The parties that make up Belgium's federal government have agreed to recognize Palestinian statehood unilaterally, a Belgian daily reported.
U.S. Guidelines Draft Recommends Male Circumcision
us recommends male circumcision
Male circumcision should be recommended to parents of newborn boys because of its benefits, according to a draft of federal guidelines.
Wife Of Alan Gross: 'I Am Afraid That We Are At The End'
alan gross at the end
The wife of Alan Gross said "I am afraid that we are at the end" as the American-Jewish contractor marked the completion of his fifth year in a Cuban prison.
British Lawmakers Call For Economic Sanctions, Boycotts On Israel
british lawmakers call for santions and boycotts on israel
British lawmakers called for economic sanctions and boycotts on Israel over its treatment of the Palestinians.
83% Of Israeli Teens Experienced Online Anti-Semitism In 2014
more online antisem. in 2014
Jewish Israeli teenagers have faced more anti-Semitism and anti-Israel expressions online in 2014 than they have in previous years, a new poll reveals.

Arab MK Tibi Attacks Jewish State Law On CNN
arab mk attacks jewish state law
Amid the government controversy over the Jewish State Law that would enshrine Israel's status as the nation-state of the Jewish people, radical Arab MK Ahmed Tibi (United Arab List) went to CNN to slam the "inflammatory declarations and bills."
Watch: Mother Of Har Nof Terrorist Praises Her Son's Actions
mother of har nof praises sons actions
The mother of one of the terrorists who murdered five people at a Jerusalem synagogue last month sang a poem praising his actions and expressing her pride at having raised her son to be a killer - just one day after the massacre.
Minimum Wage To Be Raised To 5,000 Shekels
min. wage raised
Histadrut head and Manufacturers' Association president agree to gradual raise of 700 shekels completing in January 2017.
Two Injured In Mishor Adumim Stabbing Attack
two injured in stabbing
Two people were injured in a stabbing attack Wednesday afternoon, after a terrorist began attacking civilians at a Rami-Levy superstore in Mishor Adumim, near Ma'ale Adumim in the Jerusalem area.
Election Date Set for March 17
elections set in israel
A date has been set for snap elections after Prime Minister Netanyahu effectively disbanded the government.
US Presbytarian Church Under Heat for Meeting Hezbollah
church met with hezbollah
Documentary and video evidence was sent to the IRS showing Presbyterian Church USA delegates meeting with members of Hezbollah - which is designated by the US as a terrorist organization
Netanyahu Fires Multiple Ministers, Other Ministers Resign in Protest
isis israel
Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu addressed the nation on Tuesday night shortly after 8 p.m., less than two hours after firing coalition members Finance Minister Yair Lapid (Yesh Atid) and Justice Minister Tzipi Livni, effectively disbanding the government.
US-Led Warplanes Cut Through to ISIS Targets in Syria & Iraq Over Israel
isis israel
All US and European coalition strike and surveillance flights against ISIS forces in Syria and Iraq under Operation Inherent Resolve have been reaching their targets through the skies of Israel and Jordan, US, European and civilian monitors of global air force movements report.
Israeli Teen Volunteers Preventing the Next Terror Attack?
israeli teen guard for attacks
Attacks on Route 60 have become so commonplace that new measures to keep children safe on school buses have been enacted in at least one Samaria community. Meet "Shuttle Guard."
FBI, Homeland Security Warn Vets Over ISIS Threat - in the US
isis beheads man and puts him on cross
US authorities are highly concerned that Islamic State (ISIS) is targeting its military servicemen - not only in the Middle East, but at home.
Britain on High Alert for Al Qaeda Christmas Bombings
al qaeda planning christmas bombings
British authorities believe Al-Qaeda is planning a major terror attack for the Christmas holiday, according to a British news daily, including placing bombs on five passenger planes.
Senegalese Imams Visit Yad Vashem
imams visit yad vashem
Six Muslim religious leaders are visiting Israel this week as part of a joint initiative by the African and Diaspora Religions Department of the Foreign Ministry in Senegal and the Israeli Embassy in Dakar, Senegal's capital.
Report: Divorced Mothers Turning To Prostitution
divorced mothers turn to prostitution
Dozens of divorced and separated Israeli mothers have joined the sex trade in the southern city of Eilat, according to a report on Channel 2 News's website.

Turkish Minister: Muslims Discovered The Earth Is Round
turkish minister claims muslims dis. earth is round
Turkish Science Minister claims Muslims 'preceded Galileo' in discovering spherical Earth.
Tel Aviv Synagogue Vandalized In Reaction To Jewish State Bill
synogogue vandalized
A Tel Aviv synagogue apparently was vandalized in protest of Israel's nation-state bill.

Uruguay Elects President With Ties To Israel, Jewish Community
uruguay new president with ties to israel
Uruguay elected a president who has twice traveled to Israel and has an open dialogue with his country's Jewish community.
Watch: Netanyahu's Son Avner Joins The IDF
bibi's son joins idf
Netanyahu 'full of pride' as son enlists in combat unit with Field Intelligence Corps; Avner previously won the National Bible Quiz.
Rabbi Seeks To Bring Back Cave Burial
rabbi seeks to bring back cave burial
Head of Etzion Bloc Religious Council seeks to bring back Talmudic era custom of exhumation and use of ossuaries.
US, Turkey Close To Deal On Joint Action Against ISIS
us, turkey cloes to deal on action against isis
The US and Turkey are close to an agreement on joint military action against the Islamic State (ISIS) terrorist group in northern Syria, according to the Wall Street Journal.

ISIS Internet Forum Debates Fate Of Gil Rosenberg
isis internet forum debates fate of rosenberg
The status of Gil Rosenberg, a dual Canadian-Israeli citizen who volunteered to join the Kurdish militia, and was reportedly stationed in Kobani, Syria, remains unknown.
Anti-Israel Incitement In State-Funded Jerusalem Schools
arab ta head describes israel as islamic palestinian arab
Arab Jerusalem Teachers' Association head describes Israel as 'Islamic Palestinian Arab.' Have PA educational norms seeped into the capital?
Netanyahu Blames Ministers For 'Trying To Knock Him Down'
bibi blames ministers
Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu issued sharp criticism against several of his ministers, particularly Finance Minister Yair Lapid, blaming them for the current coalition crisis.
UNESCO Debates ISIS Erasing of Jewish History
isis destroying jewish artifacts
UNESCO is to hold a special session on preserving Jewish historical sites that have fallen under the iron grip of the Islamic State (ISIS) terrorist organization.
Nazi Alois Brunner "Taught Assad How to Torture"
alois brunner syria nazi
Reliable information shows that Alois Brunner, a top Nazi fugitive whom Final Solution architect Adolf Eichmann called his "best man," is dead and buried in Syria.
Abbas: We Will Never Recognize Israel as a Jewish State
abbas refuses to acknowledge israel... again
"We will never recognize the Jewishness of the state of Israel," Palestinian Authority Chairman Mahmoud Abbas declared at a meeting of Arab foreign ministers on Saturday.
Pope Condemns "Barbaric" ISIS Attacks
pope francis says 2-3 yrs to live
Just days after he called for dialogue with the Islamic State (ISIS) terrorist group, Pope Francis on Friday condemned the group and called for interfaith cooperation in order to combat it, Reuters reports.
France Readies to Vote on "Palestine" Recognition
israel, france and a palestinian state
The vote comes hot on the heels of a similar resolution approved by British lawmakers on October 13, Spanish MPs on November 18 and the formal recognition by Sweden on October 30.
Father of Murdered Druze Officer Visits Har Nof Synagogue
father of terror victim visits synagogue
Family members of Druze police officer Sergeant Major Zidan Seif (30) visited the Jerusalem synagogue in Har Nof where Seif was murdered by two Arab terrorists last Tuesday, as he tried to stop their attack in which they murdered four Jews at prayer.
Major Hamas Plot to Attack Jerusalem's Teddy Stadium Thwarted
israel stops hamas from blowing up stadium
Israeli security services, together with the IDF, broke up a major Hamas terrorist cell that was planning attacks on a range of high-profile Israeli targets, including Jerusalem's Teddy Stadium.

EU Parliament Postpones Vote On Recognition Of 'Palestine'
eu parliament postpones vote
A senior Fatah official on Tuesday said that a European Union parliament vote to recognize "Palestine" as a state has been postponed due to an issue of wording.
Jewish Construction Worker Was Killed By Arabs In Terror Attack
jewish const. worker killed by arabs
In a dramatic turn of events Petah Tikva's Magistrates Court on Wednesday morning lifted a gag order over the murder of Jewish construction worker Netanel Arami - revealing that his murder was indeed an Arab terrorist attack.
Wife Of Synagogue Massacre Terrorist Expelled
wife of synagogue massacre terrorist expelled
Nadia Abu Jamal has permit of stay stripped after her husband and his cousin slaughter Jews at prayer and police officer.
Iran's Khamenei: ISIS Diverts Muslims From Palestine
isis diverts muslims
'The forefront of Muslims' struggle was focused on the occupied Palestine,' Khamenei said, 'but the Takfiri stream changed this front line.'

UK: Islamist Preacher Justifies Beheading Non-Muslim Civilians