Details Emerge On 'Comprehensive Plan' To Make Jerusalem Safer
plan to make jerusalem safer

Jerusalem District Police Commander, Major General Moshe Edri, presented a comprehensive plan to quell Jerusalem's "silent intifada" on Wednesday - one day after declaring intent to form a new task force to combat the violence.

Who Are The Jews Of Silwan, And Why Are They There?
jews of silwan ...who are they?
"Silwan" has hit the headlines time and time again, as dozens of Jewish families have moved in to this predominantly Arab neighborhood despite the violent opposition of many of their Arab neighbors to the presence of Jews there.

Israel, Australia Sign Visa Deal
israel and australia sign visa deal
More Israelis will be able to go to Australia to visit or work, after a new agreement between the two countries was signed Wednesday.

Two Soldiers Wounded in Terror Attack Along Egyptian Border
israel egypt idf soldiers
Two IDF infantry soldiers of the Caracal Battalion were wounded when terrorists opened fire on the vehicle they were traveling in during a routine patrol, along the border with Egypt.
Three Denver Teen Girls Nabbed Joining ISIS "For Islam"
isis teenagers
The global recruitment pull of the brutal Islamic State (ISIS) terrorist group continues to surprise, as three American teenage girls from a suburb of Denver were stopped in Germany on their way to join ISIS in Syria, US officials revealed Tuesday.
Jordan Pressing Israel not to Allow Jewish Temple Mount Prayer
abdullah and abbas
Jordan's King Abdullah II is pressing Israel not to pass a bill allowing Jews to exercise their religious rights and pray on the Temple Mount, the holiest site in Judaism, a senior official of the Hashemite kingdom revealed on Tuesday.
Watch: US Weapons Airdrop Falls into ISIS Hands
That aid went horribly wrong on Monday, when the drop of hand grenades, ammunition and rocket-propelled grenade launchers and other goods fell right into the waiting hands of none other than ISIS. The group documented the drop in a video.
"Tremendously Important" 2,000 Year Old Find in Jerusalem
jerusalem historic latin find
The Israel Antiquities Authority announces a rare find of "tremendous historical significance." A fragment of a stone engraved with an official Latin inscription dedicated to the Roman emperor Hadrian is among "the most important Latin inscriptions ever discovered in Jerusalem."
White House: Nazis Shouldn't Receive Social Security
german neo nazis
Former Nazis should not be collecting Social Security benefits, the White House declared on Monday, a day after an Associated Press investigation revealed that millions of dollars have been paid to war crimes suspects and former SS guards.
After War, Veteran AP Reporter In Gaza Says Enough And Moves To Malaysia
reporter in gaza moves to malaysia
Ibrahim Barzak spent his childhood counting the days to weekends, when he would travel with his father to see friends in Tel Aviv, Herzliya, Ashdod and Jerusalem.
Anti-Semitic Jobbik Party Gains Power; Hungarian Jews Frantic
jobbik gains power
The Jewish community of Hungary has expressed great concern in recent days, following the results of local elections, where far-right party Jobbik has become the second largest party in Hungary, after winning control of fourteen cities and towns.
'She Flew Jets, Rode Motorbikes - But Died On A Hike'
tamar ariel dies in avalanche
Anat Ariel, whose daughter, Captain Tamar Ariel z"l, was killed in an avalanche in Nepal's Annapurna Ridge last week, said that she had not worried when Tamar went on the trip, because she knew her daughter was a very responsible person.
Israel To Sell Gas To Egypt
israel to seel gas to egypt
Officials behind the Tamar gas field on Sunday signed a memorandum of understanding to supply Egypt with Israeli gas.
World Ignores as Hamas Boasts Of Continued Tunnel-Digging
hamas boasts of more tunnel digging
The destruction of the widespread Hamas tunnel network was considered a major Israeli achievement of the recent war in Gaza, but the Hamas weekly newspaper Al-Risalah reports that Hamas continues digging tunnels from Gaza into Israel.
Israeli-Arab Doctor Killed Fighting For ISIS
doctor killed for isis
A doctor who worked as a resident at a hospital in southern Israel was killed while fighting for ISIS.
Rabbi In Voyeurism Case Seen As Distant And - Until Now - Morally Strict
 scandal and rabbi, mikvahs
The arrest of Rabbi Barry Freundel marks a startling turn in the career of a rabbi known as a national leader in establishing precepts for conversion and as a strict moralist, who just last month railed against the corrosive effect of pornography on marriages.
Body Of Fourth Israeli Tourist Found In Nepal
body of fourth israeli tourist found in nepal
The body of a fourth Israeli killed in last week's deadly avalanche in Nepal has been identified by search and rescue teams.
Thousands Rally Against Anti-Semitism In Manchester, UK
rally against antisemitism in manchester
Some 2,500 people attended a rally against anti-Semitism in the English city of Manchester Sunday, as British Jews remain concerned over a spike in anti-Jewish hate crimes in the UK.

Jenin, Shechem Palestinians to Visit Southern Israel Towns
israel home damages
A delegation of Palestinian Arabs from Jenin and Shechem (Nablus) will be visiting Gaza Belt communities on Monday, ostensibly in the name of peace.
Daughter of Hamas' Haniyeh Treated at Israeli Hospital
hamas leader steps down
A daughter of Gazan Hamas leader Ismail Haniyeh was treated this month at a Tel Aviv hospital, receiving emergency treatment at Ichilov Hospital.
Shocking: Muslims Daub Swastika on Temple Mount
swastika on temple mount
On Sunday morning, Jewish visitors to the Temple Mount - the holiest site in Judaism - were appalled to find that Muslim worshipers had daubed anti-Semitic graffiti equating the Jewish Star of David to the Nazi swastika.
Majority of Israelis Oppose Dividing Jerusalem
israel opposes dividing jerusalem
New survey reveals: 74.3% of Israelis oppose a Palestinian state within '67 borders, 76.2% oppose dividing Jerusalem, and 74.9% oppose Jordan Valley withdrawal.
Abbas Calls Jews Visiting Temple Mount "Herd of Cattle"
Palestinian Authority Chairman called Jews visiting the Temple Mount a "herd of cattle" on Saturday, less than 24 hours after he incited violence against Jews visiting Judaism's holiest site and called to prevent their access "by all means."
Watch: Westerners in ISIS Threaten Countries of Origin
several jewish converts fighting for isis
British, French, German nationals threaten to plant ISIS flag "on the White House," and call world leaders "liars" and "swine.
ISIS in Jets for First Time, US Reportedly Trains Rebel Pilots
us isis
The Britain-based Syrian Observatory for Human Rights revealed on Friday that the brutal Islamic State (ISIS) terror group has begun training pilots on three captured fighter jets, relying on the knowledge of Iraqi pilots who have joined the group.

Israel Holds Drill to Prepare Against Ebola Epidemic
ebola in israel
Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu held an evaluation on Thursday evening to check state agencies' preparedness for the Ebola epidemic currently spreading around the globe.
U.S. Anti-ISIS Campaign is 'Operation Inherent Resolve'
us isis
The U.S.-led military mission against the "Islamic State" (ISIS) now has a name - Operation Inherent Resolve.
3 Israeli Hikers Among 16 Dead in Nepal Avalanche
rescue in nepal
At least 16 hikers were killed in an avalanche in Nepal on Tuesday, in a natural disaster that claimed the life of three Israeli tourists along with three Polish tourists, a Vietnamese and nine Nepalese guides.
How a Jewish French Girl Joined ISIS, Tried to Blow up Parents
jewish girl joins isis
A center against Islamic cults reveals how a girl from a religious Jewish family turned into an anti-Semitic Islamic extremist bent on jihad in Syria, who tried to blow up her parents' shop for jihad.
French Official: Several Jewish Converts Fighting For ISIS
several jewish converts fighting for isis
More than one Jewish convert to Islam has joined the Islamic State (ISIS) terror group in Syria, a French official revealed Monday - days after a French Jewish teenager was reported to be working for the Islamist extremist organization.
Ban Says Gaza Ruin 'Beyond Description'
ban says gaza ruin beyond desription
UN Secretary General Ban Ki-Moon visited Gaza on Tuesday, where he lamented the "serious destruction" in the Hamas-controlled region which he said was worse than what happened in Operation Cast Lead in 2009.
8,400 Cases Of Ebola Worldwide Thus Far
un employee dies of ebola
A UN worker infected with Ebola has died in a Liepzig hospital Tuesday, after he traveled to Liberia to treat the disease as part of the organization's relief effort.

Israel Ships Over 600 Tons Of Construction Materials To Gaza
israel ships construction materials to gaza
Israel began transporting construction materials into Gaza on Tuesday, in a "humanitarian gesture" to the Hamas-controlled territory which may be already rebuilding terror tunnels into the Jewish state.
Hamas Says Terror Swap With Israel 'Very Soon'
hamas says terror swap with israel soon
A Hamas official on Tuesday revealed that a a terrorist swap is expected to occur imminently, in a proposed deal that would see Israel release hundreds of jailed terrorists in exchange for the bodies of fallen IDF soldiers Hadar Goldin and Oron Shaul hy"d.

Study: Miami Jewry Sees First Increase Since 1975
miami jews increasing
For the first time in four decades, Miami Jewry is growing.
Sears Removes Swastika Ring For Sale On Website
sears removes swastika ring
The retailing giant Sears removed a swastika ring offered for sale on its website.
Watch: Israeli Police Forces Vs. Temple Mount Rioters
police vs rioters
The Israeli police released shocking footage of Monday's riots on the Temple Mount, demonstrating the extent to which the force must steel themselves against a horde of angry Muslim Arab rioters on Judaism's holiest site.
Sister Of British Hostage Appeals For Direct Contact With ISIS
sister of british hostage appeals for contact with isis
The sister of British hostage John Cantlie has appealed for "direct contact" with the "Islamic State" (IS or ISIS) terrorists holding him, the BBC reported on Monday.
Israel: UK Palestine Vote Undermines Peace Prospects
uk palestine vote undermines peace prospects
Israel warned Tuesday that a vote by British parliament in favor of recognizing a Palestinian state risked undermining the prospects for peace.

ISIS "Declares War on Christians"
isis parade christianity
Islamic State (ISIS) has published a new edition of the propaganda booklet Dabiq, which is again signaling its primary enemy - Christianity.
British Parliament Votes to Recognize "Palestine'"
british parliament votes to recognize palestine
The non-binding resolution was passed by 274 in favor to 12 votes against, to "recognize the state of Palestine alongside the state of Israel" as part of a "contribution to securing a negotiated two-state solution".
Chief Rabbinate Bans Jewish Participation In Christian Festival At Kotel
christian festival at kotel
Prayer vigil organizers call for participation of 'as many Israelis as possible' in "Israeli Guest Night" prior to vigil.
New iPhones Set To Land In Israel
new iphones to land in israel
The iPhone 6 will be arriving in Israel on October 23. The date was announced Monday by Apple's official Israeli importer.
Christian, Jewish Leaders Call To Save Middle East Christians
leaders call to save christians
Prominent leaders of major Jewish and Christian global organizations announced a "historic" joint initiative on Monday, calling on world leaders to take urgent, determined actions to halt the brutal persecution of Christians in the Middle East in a Jerusalem press conference.
Micromedic Product Diagnoses Cervical Cancer
product diagnoses cervical cancer
Micromedic's parent company predicts significant sales of the product in China and India.
Could ISIS Target The West With Ebola?
might isis target west with ebola
Islamic State (ISIS) could be planning to use biological warfare against the West, a military expert stated earlier this week - by introducing the Ebola virus into the camps of its enemies.
IDF Trains 'Spidermen'
idf trains spidermen
Thirteen soldiers completed the IDF's Climbing, Rappelling and Rescue course last week, after facing a slew of diffficult challenges both high above the ground and deep inside it.
Ebola Quarantine Rooms Set Up In Airports
ebola rooms in airports
The Airports Authority is gearing up to keep the Ebola virus from entering Israel, following a discussion of the international health emergency in the Prime Minister's Office Sunday.
Dallas Hospital Worker Contracts Ebola Due To 'Protocol Breach'
hospital worker contracts ebola
Top federal doctors acknowledged Sunday that a "breach in protocol" resulted in a Dallas hospital worker getting Ebola while treating the country's first patient, Fox News reported.
ISIS Magazine: Islam Calls For Sexual Slavery
isis magazine calls for sex slaves
The brutal jihadist Islamic State terror group that has seized large portions of Iraq and Syria in recent months released the fourth edition of its English-language digital magazine "Dabiq" on Sunday, in which it encourages taking women as sex slaves as part of Islam.
UN Chief Says 'Occupation' Is To Blame For Gaza War
un chief says occupation to blame for gaza war
United Nations (UN) Secretary General Ban Ki-moon said on Sunday that the "occupation" is responsible for the recent war in Gaza.

Navy Secretly Tests 'Iron Dome For Ships'
navy secretly tests iron dome for ships
The Israel Navy has conducted a successful secret test of the Barak 8 missile, which is designed to defend ships from the much-vaunted Yakhont anti-ship cruise missiles, reports Channel 2.
Temple Mount Closed To Non-Muslims As 80,000 Jews Gather At Western Wall
temple mount closed to non muslims  as jews gather at kotel
The Temple Mount was closed to non-Muslim visitors as about 80,000 Jewish worshippers visited the Western Wall for Sukkot prayers.
Israel To Screen Arivals From W. African Lands For Ebola
israel to screen for ebola
Israel will screen travelers arriving from West African countries in an effort to prevent the Ebola virus from entering the country.
Report: French Jewish Girl Joined ISIS
french jewish girl joined isis
A Jewish girl was among the some 100 girls and young women who have left France in recent weeks to join ISIS in Syria, according to a French security official.
Email From Lewinsky Scandal: Clinton Didn't Commit Adultery Under Talmudic Approach
clinton didnt commit adultery under talmud
President Bill Clinton was not guilty of adultery with White House intern Monica Lewinsky by using a Talmudic approach, according to an email released by the Clinton Presidential Library.
Netanyahu Slams Ban Ki-Moon's "Occupation" Remarks
netanyahu and moon
Israeli Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu fired at UN Secretary General Ban Ki-Moon's insistence that the "occupation" justified Hamas's launching over 3,600 rockets on Israeli civilians on Monday.
Police Storm Temple Mount, Lock Rioters in Mosque
al aqsa riots
The Jerusalem Police stormed the Temple Mount Monday morning and locked Arab rioters inside the Al Aqsa Mosque, after rocks and fireworks and prepared firebombs were stored inside the Al Aqsa Mosque to use against police and interfere with non-Muslim visits to the Mount.
ISIS Releases Fourth Video of Kidnapped British Journalist
john cantlie video
Islamic State terrorists have released a fourth propaganda video showing abducted British journalist John Cantlie delivering a message under duress.
Arab Rock Throwers Target Widow of Gaza Mortar Victim
dror hanin, killed by terrorists1
The widow of Dror Hanin, who was killed during Operation Protective Edge from a Gaza mortar as he gave out gift bags to soldiers, was a victim of a rock terror attack on Sunday.
US Army Awards $12.7M Contract to Israeli Defense Company
apache helicopter
This is the latest in several contracts given to the defense company.
Hamas Threatens Jews to Leave Israel - Or Else
Hamas leader Khalil al-Haya insisted that Hamas "would not abandon its weapons" on Saturday, boasting that the group is allegedly closer to defeating "the Israeli entity and its leaders" more than ever.
Kotel Rabbi: "Temple Mount has Turned into a Terror Base"
riots temple mount
Rabbi Shmuel Rabinowitz, the rabbi of the Western Wall and Holy Sites, decried the Arab attempts to wreck the week-long Sukkot holiday by launching violent riots against police and Jewish visitors on the Temple Mount, the holiest site in Judaism.
Hamas Vows Fight to "Last Drop of Blood" on Temple Mount Friday
hamas flag on temple mount
Apparently Israel's "gesture" to allow 500 Gazans to pray on the Temple Mount on the Eid al-Adha "sacrifice of Ishmael" - which fell on Yom Kippur and Shabbat - wasn't enough to appease the terrorist group Hamas.
Kerry Urged To Investigate Misuse Of UNRWA Facilities In Gaza
kerry to investiage misuse of unrwa in gaza
Congressman Brian Higgins and Representative Doug Collins call to investigate use of UNRWA facilities to maintain rocket stockpiles.
Masked Palestinians Riot On Temple Mount On Eve Of Sukkot
riot on temple mount
Masked Palestinians rioted on the Temple Mount after it was opened to visitors on the eve of Sukkot.
Busted ISIS Cell Planned Beheadings On London Streets
busted isis cell planned beheadings in london
New details in connection to the arrest of four Islamic terrorists on Tuesday reveal that the cell was affiliated with the Islamic State (ISIS), and planned a brutal beheading - or beheadings - on the streets of London.
Do You Know This Terrorist? FBI Asks Public For Help With ISIS
do you know this terrorist?
Crowdsourcing may be the key to prosecuting foreign nationals fighting in Syria, the Federal Bureau of Investigations (FBI) revealed Tuesday, as it asked for the public's help identifying an Islamic State (ISIS) terrorist.

Chabad's Mitzvah-Cycles Bring Sukkot To Jews Worldwide
mitzvah cycle brings sukkot to jews
Meet the "mitzvah cycle." And it's hitting the streets again this holiday season.

ISIS Claims Attack On French Cultural Center In Gaza
isis claims attck in gaza
An announcement was released Wednesday morning by Islamic State's (ISIS) branch in Gaza, claiming responsibility for an explosion late Tuesday night on the French Cultural Center in western Gaza City.

Video: Muslim States At UN Seethe Over EU's Pro-Israel Walkout
muslim states at un seethe over eu's pro israel walkout
The decision by the EU and other western countries to boycott anti-Israel proceedings at the UNHRC has many Islamic countries up in arms, as can be seen in the embedded video.
Why Are There ISIS Flags in the Galilee?
isis planne to behead entire family
In Northern Israel, city employees found a bag of roughly 25 small flags bearing the logo and inscription of the brutal terror organization on the side of a major road in the Galilee.
Bomb Attack on Israel-Lebanon Border Claimed by Hezbollah
hezbollah claims attack on israel
Hezbollah has claimed responsibility for a bomb attack along the Lebanese-Israeli border which injured two IDF soldiers Tuesday afternoon.
Obama "Can't Buy Control of Israel With Military Aid"
obama netanyahu israel aid
"President Obama is mistaken if he thinks American military aid, which is given for reasons of American strategic interests, buys him the right to dictate to Israel not to build in Jerusalem."
Cancer May Grow Quicker At Night
cancer may grow quicker at night
A group at the Weizmann Institute of Science has found that tumors might grow more quickly at night, meaning that it might be more efficient to give chemotherapy during the night rather than during daytime.
NBC Photographer With Ebola Has Jewish Ties
nbc photographer with ebola jewish ties
An NBC photographer diagnosed with Ebola has a biological Jewish father.
Is Iran Conquering Yemen?
is iran conquering yemen
As in Lebanon via its proxy-terror group Hezbollah, Iran is expanding its grip over the strategically located state of Yemen via another proxy group, this time the Shi'ite terrorists known as the Houthis.
Swedish Politician Apologizes After Claiming Mossad Trains ISIS
swedish polit. apologizes about mossad coming from israel
A local politician with Sweden's ruling party said that Israel trained the jihadist group Islamic State (ISIS) to wage war on Muslims - and has apologized for the statement.
Watch: ISIS Gains Ground - In Libya
isis gains ground in libya
US President Barack Obama has declared war on Islamic State (ISIS), saying that it "misrepresents Islam."

"Nuclear Expert" Killed in Explosion at Iranian Nuclear Plant
nuclear explosion iran
An explosion at Iran's Parchin nuclear plant has killed at least two people, among them an unnamed "nuclear expert", according to Iranian media reports.

Sweden "Tried to Be Helpful" With "Palestine" Recognition
nesser palestine sweden
The breakdown: Sweden wants "good relations" with Israel and an end to the Gaza "tragedy", so they recognized Palestine on Yom Kippur.
Parents of the Three Murdered Teens Partake in PM's Bible Lesson
netanyahu teen parents
Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu hosted a traditional Bible study class in his official residence Sunday. The Bible classes were first held by Israel's founding prime minister, David Ben Gurion
IDF Allows 500 Gazans into Temple Mount as "a Gesture"
hamas al awsa
Hundreds of elderly Gazans paid a rare visit to Jerusalem's Al Aqsa mosque on Sunday after the IDF eased restrictions on movement for the Eid Al Adha festival.
Fourth Hostage Beheaded by ISIS Savages
isis beheads new hostage
Islamic State terrorists have released a video documenting the murder of British aid convoy volunteer Alan Henning. Henning is the fourth western hostage to have been murdered by the group
EU Threatens Israel Over Construction Plans in Jerusalem
eu threatens israel
The European Union on Friday condemned Israel's plans to build 2,610 new homes in a Jewish neighborhood in Jerusalem, calling it "highly detrimental" to diplomatic efforts for Israeli-Palestinian peace.
Gaza Wants $4 Billion, But Did It Steal $700 Million?
"They did not give a cent to the people of Gaza. Hamas leaders took it all," says Fatah spokesman. Are donors aware? Do they care?
Disabled Israeli Children Need Your Help
refuah achim
There are hundreds of other severely ill children that show up to the Refuah VeChaim Institutions, begging for outreach.
Women, Children Barely Escape Terrifying Jerusalem Rock Ambush
rock attack on day care center
The security situation in Jerusalem continues to be unbearable for many Jewish residents, as every day brings another story of Arab violence against Jews. At around 2:00 p.m. Thursday, a young married woman in her 20s and three girls aged 16-17, all residents of Maaleh Zeitim, were surrounded by a rock-throwing mob.
Fatah Terrorists in Shootouts in and Around Jerusalem
al aqsa shootings
In parallel to the so-called "silent intifada" of rock and firebomb terror plaguing Jerusalem, incidents of gunfire in Judea and Samaria have been sharply increasing in recent months.
PA to Ask Security Council: End Israel's "Occupation" by 2016
abbas israel occupation
The Palestinian Authority will ask the United Nations Security Council to set a deadline of November 2016 for Israel to "end the occupation", according to the draft resolution obtained Wednesday.
Three Israeli Soldiers Who Fought In Gaza Committed Suicide
3 israeli soldiers commited suicide
Three Israeli soldiers who fought in Israel's Gaza operation have committed suicide in recent weeks.
Double Standard? White House Excuses Casualties On Airstrikes
white house exceses casualties
After sharply criticizing Israel for civilian casualties in its air campaign in Gaza, which the IDF consistently attempted to avoid, the White House has now issued a statement abandoning the strict policies Obama implemented last year to prevent civilian casualties.
Dutch Teen Suspended From School Following Threats To Cut Off Jews' Heads
dutch student suspended after death threats
A Dutch high school student was suspended after posting a video in which he said he belonged to ISIS and wanted to decapitate Jews.

24% Of Jewish consumers Boycott Arab Businesses
24percent jews boycott arab businesses
One month after the end of Operation Protective Edge, a telephone survey by Geocartagraphia found that 24% of Israeli Jewish consumers are boycotting Arab businesses down from 29% who boycotted businesses during the Gaza operation.
Secret Israel-PA Communication Channel Revealed
secret israel -pa communication
A senior Palestinian Authority source revealed to Yedioth Aharonoth that a secret channel of communication exists between Israel and the PA in parallel to the Cairo truce talks, through which Israel is negotiating with the PA, Hamas and Islamic Jihad representatives.
Dramatic Developments In Investigation Of Murdered Rapeller
developments in death of arami
Police stated that in the past two days there have been dramatic developments in the investigation of the death of Netanel Arami hy''d, the Jewish construction worker who fell 11 stories to his death two weeks ago while rapelling from a Petah Tikva building project.
Two Iranians Sentenced For Using Fake Israeli Passports
two iranians sentenced for using fake israeli passports
Hesamoddin Hatami and Zahra Kolabian, two Iranian citizens arrested in mid-September for attempting to leave Kenya with forged Israeli documents, were sentenced today.
Abbas: If US Vetoes, Security Coordination With Israel At Risk
if us vetoes, security with israel at risk
Palestinian Authority Chairman Mahmoud Abbas said Wednesday that if the United States vetoes the resolution that he will bring before the United Nations Security Council, he will "re-examine" the PA's security cooperation with Israel.
Former IDF Intel Head Sheds New Light on Yom Kippur War Failures
golda meir sinai
As Israel approaches Yom Kippur starting this Friday, a full 41 years since the infamous Yom Kippur War that was underlined by some of Israel's most serious military oversights, new insights have emerged.
Israel Agreed to Let Gazans Pray on Temple Mount
hamas children
Palestinian Authority unity government says Israel made concessions on travel, says it backs Abbas's charges of "genocide."
Arabs Attack Jerusalem Day Care Center
rock attack on day care center
Arab rioters hurling rocks, fireworks and molotov cocktails at a Jewish infantday care center on Ma'ale Hazeitim, the Jewish neighborhood on the Mount of Olives in Jerusalem, were caught on film on Tuesday. Infants were rushed inside to bomb shelters.
Palestinians Honor Murderers of Israeli Teens as Martyrs
Eyal, Gilad, and Naftali
Hamas terrorists Marwan Kawasmeh and Amar Abu Eisha, who abducted and murdered Israeli teens Naftali Frenkel, Eyal Yifrah, and Gilad Sha'ar on June 12, were given the highest status in Islam - martyrdom - by official Palestinian Authority press and leaders.
ISIS Releases New Video of Kidnapped Journalist
isis planne to behead entire family
The Islamic State (IS or ISIS) terrorist group has released a third video of John Cantlie, a British journalist held prisoner for two years, delivering a scripted propaganda attack against U.S. President Barack Obama's strategy in Iraq and Syria.
Hamas: Israel the Source of All World Evil
Hamas claimed Monday night that photos that Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu displayed during his UN General Assembly speech showing Hamas terrorists setting up rocket launchers and firing rockets at Israel from areas containing civilians were fabricated.
Baby Boom: Record Number Of Women Give Birth On Rosh Hashanah
record number of births on RH
A record number of women gave birth over the Jewish New Year (Rosh Hashanah), Maayanei Yeshua hospital reported Monday - over four times more than average.
Netanyahu At UN: 'ISIS Is Hamas, Hamas Is ISIS'
netanyahu at un
In landmark speech, PM calls UNHRC 'an oxymoron,' - and defends Israel as 'the most moral army in the world.'
Obama: US Intelligence Underestimated ISIS
us underestimated isis
US President Barack Obama said US intelligence officials failed to appreciate the gains made by Islamic State (formerly ISIS) extremists in Syria during the last few years of that country's civil war.
British Soccer, Rosh Hashana, And A Tweet
british soccer, rh and a tweet
The Liverpool FC soccer team deleted a tweet wishing its Jewish supporters a happy Rosh Hashanah after the message elicited dozens of anti-Semitic responses.
For Obama At The U.N., What A Difference A Year Makes
obama speaks at un
A year ago, when President Obama took the dais at the U.N. General Assembly, his speech focused on Iran's nuclear program, Syria's chemical weapons and the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. A year on, Obama's mind is elsewhere.

Israeli Online Program To Stop Bedwetting
new israeli program to stop bedwetting
In a new on-line program called Therapee, prerecorded videos that are meant to respond to an online chart filled out by the child and parent together that keeps track of the number of bedwetting incidents and what time they occurred.
Mother Of Murdered Teen Gilad Sha'ar Shares New Year Message
mother of teen shares new year message
As part of a special set of Rosh Hashanah (Jewish New Year) interviews, Arutz Sheva visited Bat-Galim Sha'ar in her home in Talmon, a community in Samaria, to speak about the abduction and murder of her 16-year-old son Gilad and two other teens by Hamas terrorists in June.
Sister of Iranian Nuclear Physicist Says He Was Killed By Revolutionary Guard, Not Israel
scientist killed by guard not israel
The sister of a leading Iranian nuclear physicist widely believed to have been assassinated by Israel says her brother was murdered by Iran's Revolutionary Guard because he wouldn't cooperate with the effort to divert nuclear activities from peaceful purposes.

Indian Navy Buys Israeli Missiles
indian navy busy israeli missiles
The Indian Navy is buying 260 Barak-1 missiles for $143 million.
US Airstrikes Hitting Syrian Civilians Hard
us airstrikes hitting syrians hard
Israel was browbeaten internationally over its recent counter-terror operation against Hamas targets embedded in the Gaza population. Now, the world seems to be largely unperturbed by a similar American campaign against terrorists in Syria and Iraq.
Report: ISIS Islamists At The Gates Of Baghdad
isis at the gates of baghdad
Reports Monday said that Islamist fighters for ISIS, the Islamic State, which has already conquered large areas of Lebanon and Iraq, are at the gates of Baghdad.
Rosh Hashanah Arab Arson On Towns North Of Jerusalem
arson near jerusalem
Firefighting forces conducted an investigation into the blaze that broke out last Friday night between Rosh Hashanah (Jewish New Year) and Shabbat on land adjacent to Dolev, a town located in Samaria just north of Jerusalem.
Jewish Worshippers Ambushed By Arabs In Vicious Jerusalem Attack
jews ambushed by arabs in jerusalem attack
A group of Jews were subjected to a vicious assault in broad daylight after being ambushed by an Arab gang on Rosh Hashanah, in the latest of a spate of violent anti-Semitic incidents in Jerusalem.

'Smart Fence' to Be Built Around Gaza Belt
fence around gaza
The Defense Ministry and the IDF will build a fence enclosing the Gaza Belt region, after both a survey of the long-term damage of Operation Protective Edge on the bloc and in light of two terrorist infiltrations there within a 48-hour period.
Abbas Threatens Israel with "Political War"
obama says he has legal authority to strike syria
Fatah leader Nabil Shaath says Palestinian Authority Chairman will wage a "political war" against Israel if his latest UN move is rejected.
Bennett: No Jews Will Be Afraid to Walk French Streets
antisemitic attacks up 400% in uk and double in france
On a visit to France Sunday, Economics Minister Naftali Bennett urged Jews still living in the country to come to Israel.
Netanyahu Departs for New York, to "Fight the Lies" at UN
obama says he has legal authority to strike syria
Speaking just before takeoff on his way to New York, Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu reiterated his pledge to "refute the lies" against Israel at the UN General Assembly.
Abbas: Israel in "New War of Genocide" Against Palestine
obama says he has legal authority to strike syria
Palestinian Authority head Mahmoud Abbas's speech at the UN General Assembly Friday demanded that the time for Palestinian independence is now.
88 Senators to Kerry: Hand Gaza to the PA
obama says he has legal authority to strike syria
88 senators are urging the Obama administration to act to take Gaza away from its Hamas terrorist rulers and hand it over to the Palestinian Authority.
Obama: Too Many Israelis Ready to Abandon Peace
obama says he has legal authority to strike syria
U.S. President says the status quo in the Arab-Israeli conflict "is not sustainable" as he addresses the UN General Assembly.
Algerian IS Affiliate Decapitates French Hostage
gourdel beheaded by isis
Algerian extremists allied with the "Islamic State" (IS) group have decapitated a French hostage after France ignored their demand to stop airstrikes in Iraq.
Abbas at UN: Test Of New Plan, Americans As 'Honest Brokers'
un test of new plan
There are no surprises expected when Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas takes to the podium at the United Nations General Assembly on Friday even if different parties come away with vastly different reactions.

PA Asks For $3.8 Billion To Rebuild Gaza
pa asks for 3.8 billion to rebuild gaza
Palestinian Authority (PA) Prime Minister Rami Hamdallah said Tuesday he has asked for $3.8 billion in urgent aid to help rebuild Gaza following the fighting this past summer.
France's National Front Gaining Among Jews
national front gaining among jews
Since taking the helm, Marine Le Pen has worked to elevate the party to a level of respectability it could never achieve under her father, whose often blunt racism cost National Front many votes and left the movement isolated.
BioCancell Share Jumps On Positive Cancer Trial Results
positive cancer trial results
The clinical trials demonstrated safety and effectiveness of the treatment on high-risk bladder cancer patients.
Weizmann Inst: Sweeteners Cause Diabetes, Obesity
sweeteners cause diabetes
A study found that artificial sweeteners adversely affect intestinal bacteria.
Police Ambushed By Muslim Rioters On Temple Mount
police ambushed by muslim rioters
Dozens of Arab rioters began shooting fireworks at police on the Temple Mount on Wednesday morning, just hours before the Jewish New Year (Rosh Hashana) began, and as soon as the holiest site in Judaism was opened to Jewish visitors.
Norway: ISIS Terrorists 'Planned To Behead Entire Family'
isis planne to behead entire family
A group of Danish Muslim extremists sympathetic to the "Islamic State" terrorist group (IS) planned to murder an entire family and film it as a "warning" to Western states intervening against IS in Iraq and Syria.
Doomsday Scenario: 1.4 Million Ebola Victims By January
1.4 million ebola victims by january
Western Africa is currently suffering a lethal Ebola epidemic, but according to a US CDC report released Tuesday, the spread of the virus is liable to leap to frightening proportions by as soon as next January.
Filipino ISIS Group Holding Two Germans Hostage
filipino isis group holding 2 germans hostage
The Filipino terrorist organization Abu Sayyaf, which recently pledged loyalty to the Islamic State, is holding two German citizens captive and demanding 250 million Philippine Pesos from Germany within 15 days - or they will kill the hostages.
Palestinian Youths Riot On Temple Mount
pal youths riot on temple mount
Masked Palestinian youths threw stones and bricks and set off firecrackers at Israeli police officers on the Temple Mount.
EU Chief Reveals A Tenth of ISIS's Terrorists are European
colorado woman pleads guilty to join isis
The European Union counter-terrorism chief on Tuesday revealed that since declaring itself an Islamic caliphate in June, the Islamic State (ISIS) terror group has seen a surge of European jihadists whose numbers jumped from 2,000 to 3,000.
Abbas Will "Drop a Bomb" on Israel at the UN
abbas to ask france to recognize palestine
Abbas is in New York riling up students against "drunk" Israel, ahead of his UN address to get the world behind the "Palestinian strategy."
'Israel the Only Place in Middle East Where Christians are Safe'
christians in israel
Greek Orthodox priest Father Gabriel Nadaf, a leader of the Aramaean Christian minority in Israel, spoke before the UN Human Rights Council on Tuesday in a strong show of support for the Jewish state.
Murderers of the Three Teens Eliminated
Eyal, Gilad, and Naftali
The two terrorists who abducted and murdered three yeshiva boys Eyal Yifrah, Gilad Sha'ar, Naftali Frenkel in June, were located and killed in exchange of gunfire early Tuesday morning.
Breaking: IAF Shoots Down Syrian Aircraft Near Golan
israel shoots down syrian aircraft
Israel shot down a Syrian aircraft on Tuesday as it attempted to fly over the ceasefire line into the Golan Heights; wreckage hits Syrian side.
New Mossad Recruiting Website Goes Online
new mossad rectruiting website
Israel's Mossad intelligence agency has launched a new website to recruit for various positions.
IDF Hero From Operation Protective Edge Engaged
idf hero engaged
IDF officer Lt. Eitan (last name hidden for security purposes), a deputy commander of the Givati brigade, put his life on the line in the fight against Hamas terrorists in Gaza - now he is engaged.

IS Calls To Kill Westerners, Claims Obama Is 'Mule Of The Jews'
is terrorists hitting back
Islamic State (IS or ISIS) terrorists are hitting back at an international coalition to defeat global jihadism on Monday, after the group released a video calling on its followers to attack member countries, including the US and France.
Gaza Schoolchildren Traumatized By Sounds Of Hamas Torture
gaza children traumatized by sounds of hamas
Children at a school in southern Gaza are reportedly being terrorized by the sounds of Hamas detainees being tortured at an adjacent police compound.
Robertson Dubs Religious Rights Group Founder 'Little Jewish Radical'
pat robertson calls group founder little jewish radical
Pat Robertson called an activist for religious freedoms in the military a "little Jewish radical" in condemning the U.S. Air Force for making "so help me God" an optional part of its oath.

Child Rocket Victim, Three Fallen Soldiers - And One Torah
torah scroll, rocket victim, and 3 fallen soldiers
"Dedication, faith and love - that's how the Land of Israel is built." It sounds like a cliche, but with Rabbi Shlomo Raanan, this is not only his motto, it is just his way of life.
Egyptian Host: I Can Understand Suicide Bombings In Israel
egyptian host understands some suicide bombings
An Egyptian television host recently said she "understood" Muslims carrying out suicide bombings in Israel, since Israel is "the enemy", but rejected Muslims doing the same to Christians and fellow Muslims.
Jerusalem Arab Mother Rejoices Over Son's Death
jerusalem arab mother rejoices over son's death
Mohammed Abu Sankara (16) died two weeks ago on Sunday, a week after being wounded while participating in a violent riot in Jerusalem - and evidently nothing could have made his mother any happier.

'They Cut Our Livelihood And Lives In A Moment'
they cut our livelihood and lives
Moriya Arami, the 24-year-old widow of construction worker Netanel Arami of the coastal moshav Ahiezer who fell from a high building to his death last week, revealed on Sunday that her husband worked while under the threat of his Arab co-workers.
Could There Be a "Jerusalem Disengagement" by 2030?
jerusalem split?
Councilman Arieh King exposes "de facto division" of the capital, with all the figures behind his prediction of an Arab majority by 2030.
World Council of Churches Demands Israel Release Terrorists
jailed terrorists in israel
The World Council of Churches is holding its annual "World Week for Peace in Palestine Israel" this week, calling on Israel to release jailed terrorists - despite the severity of their crimes and the abundance of terrorists immediately returning to terror.
Watch: ISIS Captures Millions of Dollars, Gold Ingots
isis captures millions of dollars and gold
The world's richest terrorist organization just got richer.
Dalai Lama Tells Muslims How to Conduct Jihad
dalai lama and jihad
The Dalai Lama on Saturday condemned violence in the name of religion, claiming the Muslim concept of jihad was being misused and misinterpreted by Islamist extremists.
Israel Sends Experts To Fight Ebola In Africa
israel sends expert to fight ebola in africa
Israeli Ambassador to the United Nations Ron Prosor on spoke at a UN Security Council emergency session initiated by America, in which he promised Israeli aid in combating the global ebola epidemic.
Analysts Say Al Qaeda Still A Bigger Threat Than 'Islamic State'
al qaeda bigger threat than is
The Islamic State (IS) group poses a smaller global threat than Al Qaeda despite its recent beheadings of three Westerners, although battle-hardened fighters returning home remain a concern, analysts said on Thursday.
U.S. House Passes Resolution Condemning Anti-Semitism
us house passes anti-semitic resolution
The U.S. House of Representatives on Thursday unanimously passed a resolution condemning the rising tide of anti-Semitism abroad.

Notes Removed From Western Wall Ahead Of Rosh Hashanah
notes removed from kotel
Workers at the Western Wall emptied the holy site of layers of notes from its cracks and crevices for the New Year.

Iran: Blogger Sentenced To Death For 'Insulting Mohammed'
blogger sentenced to death in iran
An Iranian court earlier this week sentenced a blogger to death for insulting the Muslim prophet Mohammed.
Dig Uncovers Gas Chambers At Sobibor Death Camp
dig uncovers gas chambers at sobibor
An archaeological dig at Sobibor has uncovered the Nazi death camp's gas chambers.
Israeli NGO Delivering Aid To Christian, Yazidi Refugees In Iraq
israaid delivers to refugees
IsraAID, an Israeli nongovernmental relief organization, is delivering urgent humanitarian aid to Christian and Yazidi refugees who have fled to Iraq's Kurdish region.
Arrow 2 Missed Target During Israel-U.S. Test
arrow missed target during israel-us test
The Arrow 2 interceptor missile missed its target during a joint U.S.-Israel test.
One Of Oldest Known Synagogues Seized By ISIS In Syria
isis seized one of oldest synogogues
Islamic State jihadists not only threaten the current Middle East - according to antiquities officials in Iraq and Syria, the terror group threatens to erase 5,000 years of history and relics in upper Mesopotamia, including one of the earliest Jewish synagogues.
Released: The "Official" List of Hamas Violations of Int'l Law
hamas trafficking network
In advance of the UN Human Rights Council investigation of Israeli "war crimes" in Gaza this summer, the Lawfare Project has compiled a detailed list of "Hamas's Violations of International Law."
Pope Says Christians in Iraq Suffering 'Just Like the Jews'
pope, peres discuss un of religions
"First the Jews suffered savage attacks, and the world remained in silence. Now it is the Christians who are being annihilated, and once more the world says little. Why does the world not react?" the Pope said. 
Australia Arrests 15 Suspected Islamists in Massive Raid
isis video
15 people have been detained and one person charged with terrorism offenses, following pre-dawn raids across Sydney and Brisbane.

Fatah: "Make The Sons Of Zion Tremble And Burn"
fatah new video
In a video Fatah posted on Facebook, produced by the Al-Aqsa Martyrs' Brigades, Fatah praises as a "heroic Martyr" a member of its military wing who was killed while launching rockets at Israeli cities from the Gaza Strip.
Police Start Eviction Of Families From Tel Aviv Suburb
police eviction of families from tel aviv suburb
Police began forcibly evicting around 20 families from the Tel Aviv suburb of Givat Amal Bet on Wednesday morning, despite the Tel Aviv Municipality's request to wait on the action until after the upcoming Jewish High Holidays.
Fatah Exposes Hamas's Trafficking Network To Europe
hamas trafficking network
Palestinian Authority (PA) Chairman Mahmoud Abbas's Fatah faction has exposed that Hamas is running a human trafficking network, smuggling Gaza residents to Europe for $2,000 to $3,500 per person.
ISIS-Inspired Lone Wolves Seen As Posing 'Significant' Threat To Jews
lone wolves seen as threat to jews
Jewish institutions, which have faced attacks in recent years by lone wolves - now must be wary of returnees from the Iraq-Syria arena who are trained and indoctrinated by the jihadist group ISIS, top security consultants told JTA.
Syrian Mortar Explodes In Israeli Golan Heights
syrian mortar explodes in golan
A mortar shell from Syria exploded in the Golan Heights early on Wednesday afternoon, landing on the Israeli side of the Quneitra crossing that is the only point of access between the two countries.
Watch: Mother Of Murdered Teen's Message To The Jewish People
mother of murdered teen delivers special message
Rachel Frenkel, the mother of murdered Israeli teenager Naftali Frenkel, delivered a special message of resilience Wednesday, in a video address to Jewish content website Aish.com.
Watch: ISIS Declares War On Obama Hollywood Style
isis video
You could not be faulted for mistaking the flashy new video released by the brutal Islamic State (ISIS) terrorist organization for a Hollywood movie trailer.
Israeli Christians' New Nationality: Aramaean, not Arab
israeli christians new nationality aramean
Interior Minister Gideon Saar has instructed the Population, Immigration and Border Authority to allow the registration of a new nationality - Aramaean - in the identity cards of Christian citizens who were registered as Arabs until now.
Why Qatar is Abandoning the Muslim Brotherhood - And Hamas
Whether or not recent rumors of Khaled Mashaal's expulsion are true, Qatar's policy shift could soon leave him out in the cold.

Why Israel's Terror Alert for Europe is so Worrying
israelis warned from travel
Former Counter-Terrorism Bureau chief Yehiam Sasson explains what the new travel warning means for Jews worldwide.
Israel, Palestinians Reach Deal Over Gaza Construction Materials
israel palestinians make deal about imports
The United Nations has brokered an Israeli-Palestinian deal on imports of construction materials to Gaza to ensure they will not be diverted by Hamas terrorists, a UN envoy said Tuesday.
BREAKING: IDF Confirms Rocket Fired From Gaza Hits Israel
rocket fired from gaza to israel
Residents of the Eshkol Regional Council reported Tuesday night that a rocket was fired from Gaza, falling outside of one of the local communities.
Kerry "Won't Rule Out" Military Cooperation With Iran
kerry and iran
After not including Iran in anti-Islamic State coalition, Kerry backtracks even as Khamenei rejects US cooperation.
EU Rep In Gaza: 'Lots of Anger Here - Directed At Palestinians'
lots of anger in gaza
John Gatt-Rutter, the EU's representative to the West Bank and Gaza, says, "There is a lot of anger in Gaza, and a lot of it is aimed at the Palestinians."
Senate Majority Leader: Hamas Is Just As Bad As Islamic State
hamas just as bad as IS says harry reid
In a recent speech, Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-NV) condemned Hamas and noted that it was no better than the Islamic State (IS, formerly ISIS) group.
Egyptian Cleric: 'Global Zionism' Behind Islamist Terror
egyptian cleric: global zionism behind islamic terror
"Global Zionism" is apparently behind the jihadist terrorist organizations - at least according to a senior Egyptian cleric.
Report: Abbas Will Ask France To Recognize 'Palestine'
abbas to ask france to recognize palestine
According to Bethlehem-based news agency Ma'an, Palestinian Authority (PA) chief Mahmoud Abbas will ask French president Francois Hollande to recognize the "state of Palestine" when Abbas meets Hollande in France Friday.

More Girls Than Boys Born In Rocket-Plagued City
more girls than boys in rocket city
Researchers from Ben Gurion University, Barzilai Hospital and the Gertner Institute have found different birth patterns in Sderot, the city most often targeted by Hamas terror rockets, than elsewhere.
Amid Neo-Nazi Surge, Jewish Groups Applaud Greece's Holocaust Denial Ban
jewish groups applaud greece's holocaust denial ban
Jewish groups say the passage of a bill banning Holocaust denial and imposing harsher penalties for hate speech is an important milestone in the fight against Greece's rising neo-Nazi Golden Dawn party.

Israelis Warned Of Heightened Terror Threat Abroad
israelis warned of terror ahead
The Israeli National Security Council's Counter-Terrorism Bureau has warned of the increased likelihood of terror attacks targeting Israeli and Jewish targets in the run up to the High Holy Days, highlighting western Europe as an area of particular concern.
Weapons, Drugs Seized At Ben Gurion Airport
drugs and weapons at ben gurion
Security officials on Monday interdicted two incidents of smuggling at Ben Gurion Airport, preventing passengers from surreptitiously loading drugs and weapons on a plane.

Al Qaeda Flags Continue to Fly Near Temple Mount
al qaeda flags at kotel
Black flags of jihad still flying atop the Kotel Hakatan (the "Small Kotel" in Jerusalem) and neither the police nor the city are doing anything about it.
ISIS Publicly Executes Alleged Spies in Iraq
isis more popular in france
IS terrorists publicly execute eight Sunni men in a small northern Iraqi village for allegedly plotting against the group.
Israel 4th Most Educated Country
israel educated country
According to data recently released by the Organization for Co-operation and Development  and analyzed by content outlet 24/7 Wall St., Israel is in fourth place in the world in terms of education.
Rocket from Syria Explodes in Golan
rockets fall in golan from syria
Rebels, among them Al-Qaeda's Syrian branch the Al-Nusra Front, have been involved in fierce clashes with pro-regime forces for control of the Quneitra area bordering Israel. This has resulted in increased incidents of spillover into Israel.
Islamic State Beheads British Aid Worker
isis more popular in france
The Islamic State group on Saturday released a video showing the execution of British aid worker David Haines in the same grisly manner as the murder of two American journalists in recent weeks.
Is The Yeshiva Of Flatbush Dress Code 'Predatory'?
yeshiva of flatbush dress predatory?
For years, Melissa Duchan had found the dress code for girls at her Orthodox school in Brooklyn, the Yeshivah of Flatbush, onerous.
43 Israeli Intelligence Reservists Vow To Stop Spying On Palestinians
israeli intelligence vow to stop spying on pal's
Dozens of Israeli intelligence corps reservists vowed to stop collecting information on Palestinians.
Israeli Rabbi Fleeing Sex Charges Nabbed In Holland
rabbi fleeing sex charges nabbed in holland
A well-known Israeli rabbi who fled the country after being accused of sex crimes was arrested near Amsterdam.

OU Students Protest 'Blood Bucket' Video, Are Arrested
students protest blood bucket are arrested
An Ohio University student senate meeting erupted into chaos, and four students were arrested over protests of the senate president's recent "blood bucket challenge" of Israel.

Turning Hamas Rockets Into Fruit Trees
turning rockets into fruit trees
In the wake of Operation Protective Edge, a new project has been launched to "turn death into life," by planting 100,000 new fruit trees in the exact areas where over 1,000 Hamas terror missiles fell.
Colorado Woman Pleads Guilty To Conspiracy To Support ISIS
colorado woman pleads guilty to join isis
A Colorado woman pleaded guilty to conspiracy to support Islamic State (IS; formerly known as ISIS) on Wednesday, according to the US Department of Justice.
Wrong Turn In Jerusalem Leads Family To Arab Ambush
family makes wrong turn to arab ambush
A family accidentally drove into the Arab neighborhood of Wadi Joz in Jerusalem on Thursday night, and nearly paid for the wrong turn in Israel's capital city with their lives.

Held Captive by ISIS, Girl Tells of Endless Torture
yazidids commit suicide after brutal rapes
A few women and girls have managed to escape, reporting that those who agree to convert to Islam are being sold to Islamic State fighters for as little as $25. Those that do not face never-ending rape, beatings and eventual death.
Netanyahu: Israel Mourned on 9/11; Palestinians Celebrated
israel on september 11
"Israel fully supports Obama's call for a united action against ISIS," says Prime Minister Netanyahu on the 13th anniversary of the September 11, 2001 terror attacks. "Militant Islam will perish."
Hitler, Nazi Motifs Common in Anti-Semitism During Gaza Op
israeli demonstrations go antisemitic
Anti-Semitism across the globe during Israel's fifty-day self-defense operation against Hamas, Operation Protective Edge, drew heavily on Holocaust and Adolf Hitler references, according to a report released Thursday.

Obama Vows to Fight IS Wherever it Is
obama says he has legal authority to strike syria
U.S. President Barack Obama declared on Wednesday night that Washington will form a broad coalition to combat the Islamic State , saying that "the greatest threat comes from Middle East and North Africa, one of them is Islamic State."
IS 'Copycats' Behead Victim in Sinai, Claim He is "Israeli Spy"
al qaeda copies is behead israeli spy sinai
A beheaded corpse was found in the Sinai Peninsula Wednesday, residents said - bearing a note from a terror group linked to the Islamic State (IS) alleging the victim was an "Israeli spy."
Obama Says He Has "Legal Authority" To Strike Syria
obama says he has legal authority to strike syria
US President Barack Obama says he has the "legal authority" to order US airstrikes on Islamic State (IS, formerly ISIS) forces in Syria, according to sources present at a dinner with foreign policy experts at the White House.
New Outbreak Of Anti-Semitic Graffiti Hts Miami Area
new graffiti in miami
An arrest was made in anti-Semitic vandalism at a Miami Beach synagogue - one among a spate of new hate incidents that have struck the Miami area.
Greece Bans Holocaust Denial, Cracks Down On Hate Speech
greece bans holocaust denial
Lawmakers in Greece passed a law that bans Holocaust denial and imposes stricter penalties for hate speech.
Israel Pulls Back From Anti-Assad Policy
israel pulls back from anti assad policy
The Israeli government has radically changed tack on Syria, reversing a policy and military strategy that were longed geared to opposing Syrian President Bashar Assad, debkafile's exclusive military and intelligence sources report.
PA Officials: Israeli-Palestinian Football Match Is "A Crime Against Humanity"
pa official calls football match crime against humanity
Last week, Palestinian and Israeli boys met in Southern Israel to play in a football match. However, news of the joint sports activity with "the Zionist enemy" was not well received by PA and Fatah leaders.
UN To Investigate Israeli Strikes On Gaza Schools
un to investigate israeli strikes on schools
United Nations (UN) Secretary-General Ban Ki-Moon has revealed his intentions to establish an independent investigative committee into the IAF airstrikes on UN Relief and Works Agency (UNRWA) schools in Gaza.
Israel Hails US Efforts Against IS, But Fears Iran Rapprochement
israeli hails us efforts against is
Israel on Wednesday hailed US efforts to form an alliance to fight jihadists in Syria and Iraq but raised concerns of a rapprochement between Washington and Israel's arch-foe Iran.
Israel Dismantles Access Ramp for Non-Muslims to Temple Mount
temple mount does not allow stars of david?
Israel on Wednesday dismantled a newly erected wooden access ramp to Jerusalem's Temple Mount compound that would have increased access for non-Muslims but which angered Jordan.
Anti-Semitism in Australia: Jewish School Builds Bomb-Proof Wall
australian school builds bomb proof school
A Jewish school in Australia has built a bomb-proof wall to protect it and an adjacent synagogue, in response to a spate of anti-Semitic incidents which has left Australia's Jewish community feeling shaken.
Report: Israel Helping US Build International Coalition Against IS
israel to help usa fight isis
Israel is providing intelligence, including satellite photos and classified information, to support the efforts of the US-led coalition against the organization "Islamic State" (IS; formerly known as ISIS) in Iraq.
UN: $550 Million to Gaza Despite Renewed Terror Tunnels
un wants 550 million for palestinian authority
The United Nations and Palestinian Authority on Tuesday called for international donors to supply $550 million to the Hamas terror enclave of Gaza, despite the fact that Hamas has already restarted construction on its terror tunnels to attack Israel.

Rebels Reportedly Control Syrian Golan, Entering Lebanon
rebels take assaad's golan syria
Syrian rebels strengthened their hold of the Syrian side of the Golan Heights on Tuesday morning, conquering the mountain Al-Mal in the Quneitra region where they have recently been capturing control from Syrian President Bashar Assad's forces.
Steven Sotloff Was Sold to ISIS by "Moderate" Syrian Rebels
sotloff loved israel
Murdered journalist Steven Sotloff was kidnapped and sold to the radical Islamic State terrorist group, or ISIS, by one of the "moderate" rebel groups to whom the US government has considered offering support, according to his family's spokesman.

Istanbul Store Bans Entry To 'Jew Dogs'
instanbul store bans entry to jew dogs
The virulent anti-Semitism that has reared its head with particular animosity in Turkey during Operation Protective Edge shows no sign of abating, as a centrally located store in the country's capital of Istanbul recently refused to do business with "Jew dogs."
Young Muslims Operating 'Sharia Police' In Germany
muslims operating sharia police in germany
Police in the German city of Wuppertal are investigating several young men who announced themselves to be "Sharia police", Russia Today (RT) reports.

Irish Foreign Minister: We May Leave Golan Force
irish minister: we may leave golan
Ireland is considering dropping out of the UN peace force on the Golan Heights, after dozens of Filipino peacekeepers were kidnapped by Islamist rebel groups on the Syrian side of the Golan Heights border.
Israel Rejects New Zealand Ambassador
israel rejects new ambassador
The Israeli government has rejected New Zealand's new ambassador Jonathan Curr because he was also accredited to the Palestinian Authority.
One Third Of Israelis Would Leave If They Could
one third israelis woudl leave if they could
30% of respondents to a Channel 2 survey said they would emigrate if an opportunity arose.
Israel Wants International Force In Gaza
israel wants international force in gaza
Israel wants European monitors to oversee the reconstruction of the Gaza Strip and ensure that the Islamist Hamas movement, which fired thousands of rockets at Israel during seven weeks of fighting, does not re-arm.
Germany's Angela Merkel Calls On Public To Fight Anti-Semitism
merkel calls on public to fight anti-semitism
Chancellor Angela Merkel of Germany called for civic action to fight anti-Semitism following a wave of incidents this summer in her country.
From The Archive: Israel's First West Bank Settlements
israel's first settlements
Last week Israel provoked international criticism with the announcement that it was seizing almost 1,000 acres in the West Bank, a prerequisite for settlement expansion that prohibits Palestinians from using the land for building or agriculture.
Report: Israeli Military Prevented Irish U.N. Peacekeepers' Deaths
irish soldiers in golan helped by israelis
Irish soldiers serving in the Golan Heights would have been killed or taken hostage by Syrian rebels if it weren't for the military intervention of the Israeli army, an Irish newspaper reported.

Study: All Ashkenazi Women Should Be Screened for Cancer Gene
brca gene ashkenazi women
All women of Ashkenazi descent should be screened from age 30 for the BRCA gene mutation that causes breast cancer, an Israeli study recommends.
Arab Rioters Attempt to Blow Up Jerusalem Gas Station
gas station nearly blown up jerusalem
During the course of intense Arab rioting in Jerusalem on Sunday, a massive explosion was miraculously averted in the north-eastern neighborhood of French Hill.
Female Victim of Messianic Sex Cult Speaks Out
messianic cult made women have sex with arab men
A media gag order was lifted on the testimony of the main complainant against the extremist Messianic cult exposed the day before, which brain-washed Jewish women into taking drugs and having sex with Arab men in order to "bring the redemption."
Hamas Rebuilding Attack Tunnels, Says Jerusalem
terror tunnels
Two weeks after the IDF's counter-terror operation Protective Edge in Gaza was halted by a ceasefire, a senior diplomatic source says that Hamas has renewed its production of rockets and the smuggling from Egypt.
Obama: "Systematic Decisions" Being Made on IS
obama talks about isis
US President urges NATO to intervene in Iraq and Syria, insists the US is being "systematic and methodical" in treatment of terror threat.
Hundreds Gather in Miami to Remember Slain Journalist
sotloff loved israel
Hundreds of people gathered over the weekend at a synagogue in Miami, Florida for a service in memory of Steve Sotloff, the American-Israeli journalist who was brutally beheaded by terrorists from the Islamic State.
Hezbollah Terrorist Killed In Explosion On Lebanese Border
terrorist killed in explosion lebanon border
The Lebanese military said one person was killed as Israel blew up a suspicious device after it had been detected in southern Lebanon on Friday.
Israel's Official Ban Of ISIS Allows For Seizure Of Assets
yaalon's ban of isis
Israeli Defense Minister Moshe Yaalon officially outlawed the jihadist group Islamic State, allowing Israel to seize its assets.
Sotloff Family Spokesman Challenges ISIS Leader To Koran Debate
spokesman challenges isis leader to koran debate
The spokesman for the family of murdered Jewish-American journalist Steven Sotloff challenged the leader of the ISIS jihadist group to debate the peaceful teachings of the Koran.
Swiss Jewish Leader Denies Leaking Pro-Gaza Mayor's Nude Selfies
jewish leader denies leaking mayor's nude selfies
The president of a Swiss Jewish community denied accusations that he helped leak nude photos of a pro-Palestinian mayor who had sent them to a younger woman.
Netanyahu Mourns The Passing Of Joan Rivers
bibi mourns passing of rivers
Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu sent his condolences on Thursday evening over the passing of comedy icon Joan Rivers, who died earlier in the day at the age of 81.

Al Qaeda Rebels To Try UN Peacekeepers Under 'Divine Law'
syrian rebels to try un peacekeepers
The 45 UN peacekeepers from Fiji who were abducted by Al Qaeda-linked Al-Nusra Front rebel forces on the Syrian side of the Golan Heights last Wednesday are to "stand trial" under sharia (Islamic law), according to a Britain-based monitoring group.
'Steven Sotloff Immediately Fell In Love With Israel'
sotloff loved israel
Shirley Sotloff, the mother of US journalist Steven Sotloff who was recently brutally beheaded by Islamic State (IS, formerly ISIS) terrorists in Syria, has spoken out about the love her son held for Israel.
France Leads World Aliyah For the First Time Ever
french aliyah skyrockets
A "climate of anti-Semitism that is losing its taboo" as well as economic difficulties in France, which is suffering from zero growth and record high unemployment, were cited as being the prime causes for the skyrocketing immigration.
How Jewish Reporters in Muslim Lands Hide Their Identity
jewish reporters in muslim lands
Don’t bring it up. If it comes up, change the subject. If you can't change the subject, consider an outright denial. Those are some of the strategies used by Jewish reporters working in the Arab and Muslim Middle East.
Netanyahu: Steven Sotloff was Murdered Because He Symbolized the West
netanyahu on steven sotloff
Prime Minister Netanyahu sends condolences to the family of journalist Steve Sotloff, who was beheaded by IS terrorists.
Daniel's Mother Asks Ban Ki Moon: Why Are You Silent?
parents of 4 yr old killed speak out
The bereaved parents of four year-old Daniel Tregerman, who was killed by a mortar shell fired on their home last month, have penned a letter to UN Secretary General Ban Ki-Moon. "Can you imagine our life, Mr. Secretary-General? How do you live in constant fear of mortar shell and terrorists emerging from tunnels?"
As Chief Suspect Indicted, New Details Emerge in Teens' Murder
pa claims teens murder fabricated
An indictment was submitted today against the mastermind of the kidnap and murder of Israeli teenagers Eyal Yifrah, Gilad Sha'ar and Naftali Frenkel, as more details emerge about the circumstances of their abduction.
IDF Returns Fire at Syrian Army Position as Mortar Hits Golan
The IDF returned fire at a Syrian army position along the northern border Thursday afternoon, after a mortar shell struck Israeli territory.
Antique Torah Discovered in Polish Couch Arrives in Israel
torah discovered in couch
An antique Torah scroll that was discovered in the home of a Polish family was returned to Israel this week. The scroll had been hidden in the family's house by their Jewish neighbors with the onset of World War II.
A Look at Steven Sotloff's Reporting Style
steven sotloff journalist articles
Steven Sotloff, the journalist beheaded Tuesday by the Islamic State, was Jewish and a dual U.S.-Israeli citizen whose detailed and colorful reporting told stories of ordinary people caught in conflicts across the Middle East.
Turkey's New PM: No Hope Of Normalization With Israel
turkeys new pm-no hope with normalization with israel
Turkey's new prime minister, Ahmet Davutoglu, was pessimistic on Monday regarding the possibility of his country normalizing ties with Israel.
UK 'Deplores' Israel Declaring State Land In Judea
uk deplores israel declaring state land in judea
The British government on Monday said it "deplores" an announcement made by Israel on Sunday, in which the Jewish state declared 4,000 dunams (988 acres) of land in Judea as state land.
UN Chief 'Alarmed' By Israel's State Land Designation
un chief alarmed by israels land designation
United Nations (UN) Secretary General Ban Ki-moon on Monday condemned Israel’s decision to declare 4,000 dunams (988 acres) of land in Judea as state land, AFP reports.
Fidel Castro Claims Mossad Is Behind The Islamic State
castro claims mossad behind IS
Former Cuban leader Fidel Castro claimed on Monday that the Israeli intelligence agency Mossad was behind the Islamic State (IS) terrorist group, AFP reports.
Al Qaeda Hints At Anniversary Attack On 9/11
al qaeda hints at anniversary attack
Credible information has reached Saudi, British and Australian agencies that two al Qaeda branches have wrapped up plans to roll out coordinated terrorist spectaculars around the 13th anniversary of the September 11, 2001 attacks.
EU, U.S. Condemn State Land Designation
eu and us condemn staet land designation
Israel was again condemned on Tuesday over its decision to declare 4,000 dunams of land in Judea, mostly in Gush Etzion, as state land, with the European Union (EU) and the U.S. State Department being the latest ones to issue condemnations.
Watch: A Guided Tour Of A Hamas Terror Tunnel
tour of terror tunnel
A new video released by the IDF Spokesperson's Unit provides an inside look at one of the many Hamas terror tunnels exposed and destroyed by the IDF during the recent Operation Protective Edge.
'They Knew The Dangers, But Believed The Story Had To Be Told'
filmmaker about two reporters killed
Filmmaker Matthew VanDyke, a close friend of the two US journalists Steven Sotloff and James Foley who were recently brutally beheaded by Islamic State (IS, formerly ISIS) terrorists in Syria, has said both were committed to their work despite the dangers.
Kerry: U.S. Deeply Concerned By Rising Anti-Semitism
us deeply concerned by rising antisemitism
Secretary of State John Kerry said the recent rise in anti-Semitism is of great concern to the U.S. government.
Leading US Congressmen In Israel: Hamas And ISIS Are The Same
us congressmen in israel
Senior US Congressman Eliot Engel (D-NY) and Ed Royce (R-Calif) held a press conference together with Israeli Foreign Minister Avigdor Liberman Wednesday to emphasize the importance of the US-Israel alliance.
Islamic State Terrorists In Russian Jets: 'Putin, You're Next'
special message by IS to Putin
Islamic State terrorists fresh from the conquest of the last Syrian military base in the north of the country sent a "special message" to Syrian dictator Bashar al-Assad, as well as his key ally, Russian President Vladimir Putin.
Murdered US Journalist Was Actually Israeli
steve soltoff beheaded
A media gag order released reveals that American journalist Steven Sotloff, beheaded by Islamic State - had made aliyah, risked his life to fast on Yom Kippur and pray towards Jerusalem in captivity.
Murdered US Journalist "Kept His Judaism in Captivity"
steve soltoff beheaded
American journalist Steven Sotloff, who was brutally beheaded by the Islamic State terrorist group, took great risks to keep his Jewish faith in captivity, a former fellow-captive of the murdered journalist revealed.
Canadian Brothers Latest in Islamic State's "Foreign Legion"
canadian jihad
Further testimony has been brought regarding the powerful recruitment pull of the Islamic State on the West, as two young Muslim converts from Canada have been identified in the ranks of the extremist terrorist group.
Palestinians Push Three-Year Deadline for Israeli Withdrawals in UN
steve soltoff beheaded
The Palestinian Authority "unity government" intends to seek a UN Security Council resolution setting a three-year deadline for forcing Israel to withdraw from Judea and Samaria, a Palestine Liberation Organization official said Tuesday.

Islamic State Beheads Second US Journalist
steve soltoff beheaded
Footage reveals that Jewish-American journalist Steve Sotloff was beheaded by New Islamic State terrorists; third journalist is threatened, this time a British citizen.
London: Thousands Demand 'Zero Tolerance' for Anti-Semitism
uk against antisemitism
An unprecedented show of Jewish unity took place amidst mounting frustration in London; local Jews say "enough is enough" to anti-Semitic hate crimes.
IDF on High Alert in Golan as Syria Fighting Worsens
syria border israel
As fighting intensified between Syrian army troops and Islamist rebels, the IDF increased its presence on the Golan Heights Monday afternoon. Security officials fear that the fighting could "spill over" the Israeli border.
No More National Geographic Channel for Terrorist Prisoners
no national geographic for palestinian terrorists
National Geographic channel was removed from Megiddo prison, out of fear that terrorists would use its contents to plan escapes.
Infant Among Two Wounded in Rock and Firebomb Attacks
rock jerusalem
A three-year-old toddler was lightly wounded on Monday night by Arab terrorists that hurled rocks through the window of the bus she was riding in.
Syria: 42 Children Die in 36 Hours
syria in ruins, children dying
At least 42 children have been killed in government air strikes and shelling across Syria in the last 36 hours, the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights monitoring group said Sunday, according to AFP.
Bereaved Parents: "This is the Price We Pay For Being Here"
shahar shalev, idf soldier dies
"We received our boy for one and a half months as a gift, because his friends were killed in that battle and we had the time to say goodbye to him. This is the price for our being here, it is the kind of price that has to be paid and there is no alternative, unfortunately."
German Intel Chief: IS Attack in Europe Just a Matter of Time
isis in germany
German intel head says Germans fighting in Syria and Iraq pose a real threat; the Islamic State is 'the new in thing' for aspiring Islamists.

Sinai Terror Group Beheads 4 Accused of Spying for Israel
four beheaded in sinai by ansar bayit al maqdis
Four Egyptian men were beheaded by a Sinai-based terror group for allegedly spying for Israel. The headless bodies were found in the Sinai earlier this month.
IDF Soldier Dies of Wounds Sustained in Gaza Operation
shahar shalev, idf soldier dies
20-year-old Shahar Shalev, a Paratrooper from Alonei Habashan in the central Golan Heights, became Israel's 67th fallen soldier during the operation. His death brought the overall death-toll in Israel to 72.
Reports: Filipino UN Peacekeepers Escape into Israel
syrian rebels capture un personnel
According to reports in Syria, dozens of UN peacekeepers from the Philippines who had been holed up in two military positions in the Syrian Golan escaped into Israel Saturday.
France: Two Teenagers Arrested Over Synagogue Suicide Bomb Plot
two girls arrested in france accused of planning synagogueattack
A source from the French Central Directorate of Homeland Intelligence revealed that two Muslim girls, aged 15 and 17, were arrested a week ago, after authorities uncovered a plan to carry out a suicide bombing inside the Great Synagogue of Lyon.
Watch: Wounded Hero Saved Wife and Son from Shrapnel
jehan israel hero saves kids
Jehan Berman recounts how he was seriously wounded by Hamas mortar shrapnel; and how he managed to save his family because "nothing else matters."
British Islamic State Terrorist Threatens to 'Come Home'
isis in uk
UK terrorists in Syria tell CNN they're ready to commit "blessed acts" of beheading like with James Foley, also in the UK.
Abbas Says US Agreed to 'Palestine Along '67 Borders'
will us push israel to go back to 67 lines
The report comes after Abbas recently declared he would unilaterally ask the UN to set a deadline for Israel to withdraw to the 1949 Armistice lines, a move the US has opposed.
Burial of Missing Student Aharon Soffer
aharon soffer found dead
Aharon Soffer, a 23-year-old yeshiva student from New Jersey who went missing last Friday in the Jerusalem Forest and was found dead on Thursday, was brought for burial on Friday morning.
IDF Expects Syria to Attack Rebels Near Golan Crossing Tonight
eu calls for ceasefire
Senior IDF sources appraised on Thursday that Syrian President Bashar Assad's forces would attack the Syrian side of the Golan Heights over the course of the night, after the Quneitra border crossing to Israel on that side was captured by rebel forces the day before.
Israeli Company ReWalk Going Public
rewalk goes public
The Israeli company ReWalk Robotics, which builds exoskeletons to help people with spinal cord injuries stand and walk, is going public.
PA Wants Foreign Nationals Serving In IDF Investigated For War Crimes
riad malki wants idf nationals investigated for war crimes
Palestinian Authority Foreign Minister Riad Malki called on foreign governments whose citizens serve in the Israel Defense Forces to investigate them for war crimes in Gaza.
EU Calls For Ceasefire To Lead To 'Two State Solution'
eu calls for ceasefire
The European Union (EU) on Wednesday welcomed a long-term ceasefire between Israel and the terrorist organization Hamas in Gaza, calling for more talks to bring a "comprehensive and sustainable agreement."
Report: Second American Killed Fighting For IS In Syria
second american killed fighting for is
The Obama administration is investigating reports from Syria that a second American was killed over the weekend while fighting alongside Islamist State (IS, formerly ISIS) extremists, USA Today reported Wednesday.
89% Of Gaza Residents Support Rocket Attacks On Israel
89% of gaza res's support rocket fire on israel
89% of Gazans support indiscriminate rocket fire against Israel civilians, according to a poll released on Wednesday.

PA To Demand 'Israeli Withdrawal Timetable' At UN
pa to demand israeli withdrawal at un
The Palestinian Authority said Thursday that it was preparing to submit a demand that the UN Security Council set a timetable for a total Israeli withdrawal from Judea, Samaria, and most of Jerusalem.
Report: Abbas, Netanyahu Met In Secret
abbas, bibi met in secret
According to reports, Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu met last week with Palestinian Authority chief Mahmoud Abbas.
Body 'Fitting Aharon Soffer's Description' Found In Jerusalem
body of soffer maybe found
As the search continued for Aharon Soffer, police were reported to be widening the area searched and adding additional forces to the efforts, but the latest reports indicate that the search may be over, after a body was found in Ein Kerem Thursday afternoon.

UN Confirms 43 Peacekeepers Captured by Syrian Rebels on Golan
syrian rebels capture un personnel
Syrian rebels have taken UN personnel prisoner after they took over the area near the Quneitra border crossing on the Golan Heights. The UN personnel were stationed on the Syrian side of the border.
UN Calls for "Restraint" Following Mortar Fire in Golan
syria rockets
The United Nations on Wednesday referred to the shells fired from Syria which hit the Israeli side of the Golan Heights and called on all sides to "exercise restraint".
Watch: Iron Dome Intercepts More Than 10 Rockets at Once
iron dome stops more than ten rockets at once
A video showing Iron Dome rockets fanning out to intercept multiple enemy rockets has gone contagiously viral worldwide.
Tank Shell From Syria Wounds One in Golan
rockets fall in golan israel
An Israeli was lightly wounded by tank fire in the Golan Heights late in the afternoon on Wednesday, after a possibly errant shell struck an Israeli community in the region.
UN Sends First Convoy From Egypt to Gaza Since 2007
rafah border gaza
A United Nations humanitarian aid convoy crossed into Gaza from Egypt on Wednesday, for the first time since Israel imposed a security blockade on the Hamas-ruled terror haven in 2007. Egypt since last year has imposed a siege of its own on Gaza.
Two Mortar Shells Fired at Golan
rockets fall in golan israel
Pitched battles between Syrian president Bashar Assad's forces and rebels, in the area of Quneitra, spilled over into Israel Wednesday morning. Two mortar shells exploded in the Israeli Golan Heights.
Gaza Ceasefire: What Did Israel Agree to?
israel gaza ceasefire points
Azzam al-Ahmed, head of the Palestinian Authority delegation in the Cairo truce talks, revealed to AFP on Tuesday night what exactly was in the long-term ceasefire deal that Israel agreed to, and which went into effect at 7 p.m. that night.
Gaza Barrage Kills One, Injures Six Others
gaza barrage kills one, injures 6
As the Palestinian Authority (PA) claimed that Israel had agreed to a long-term ceasefire on Tuesday, Hamas wounded seven more Israelis with a rocket and mortar barrage on the south. One was wounded critically and shortly thereafter died of his wounds.
Ceasefire Begins, With Rockets Still Raining Down on Israel
abbas israel peace gaza
An Egyptian-brokered ceasefire began at 7 p.m. (16:00 GMT) today (Tuesday), after being officially accepted by the Israeli government just minutes before. At 7:15 p.m. more rocket sirens were sounded in the Eshkol Regional Council area, indicating a further breach of the declared ceasefire.
Islamic State Planning To Use Drones To Attack Israel
is plans to use drones to attack israel
A member of the Islamic State (IS, formerly known as ISIS) has threatened that the organization would soon use unmanned drones to attack Israel.
Two Rockets Strike Upper Galilee
two rockets strike galilee
Sirens sounded throughout the Upper Galilee close to 10:15 pm Monday night, just before a series of explosions were heard near Kiryat Shmona.
Dozens Of People Donate Platelets For Injured Soldier
dozens donate platelets
The parents of Shahar Shelo, a Paratrooper who was badly injured in the first days of the ground offensive in Gaza, asked the public to help save his life earlier this week - and the public responded.
Islamic State Setting A Dangerous Trend, Expert Warns
is setting dangerous trend
Israeli security assessments of the threat posed by Islamic State to the region indicate that its lawlessness, not the group itself, threaten the Middle East, according to a recent article.
Gaza Rocket Strikes Kindergarten - Again
gaza rocket strikes kindergarten again
A rocket struck an empty kindergarten playground in Ashdod Tuesday afternoon, causing damage but leaving no injuries.
Hamas: Our War Is For Liberating Jerusalem, Not Lifting Blockade
war for liberating jerusalem
Hamas's true objective in Operation Protective Edge - and negotiations that may follow - is in "liberating" Jerusalem from the Jews, a Hamas spokesman stated earlier this week.
Poll: Netanyahu's Approval Rating Plummets
netanyahu's rating plummets
A poll of Israelis showed that Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's approval rating has plunged to 38 percent in the last month from a high of 82 percent.
Mumbai Chabad House To Reopen
chabad house to reopen in Mumbai
The reconstructed Chabad house in Mumbai, which closed after a terror attack six years ago, is set to reopen.
Ashkelon Man Tells Of 'Miraculous Escape' From Rocket Strike
man tells of miraculous escape from rocket
The owner of a house which suffered a direct hit in a rocket attack in Ashkelon this morning, has told of his "miraculous" escape.
Rabbinic Court Bars Woman From Introducing Her Children To Female Partner
rabbinic court bans woman from introd children to female partner
A government rabbinic court in Jerusalem issued an order prohibiting a woman from bringing her children to meet her female romantic partner.

Anti-Semitic Fliers Delivered To Sydney Jewish Neighborhoods
antisem fliers to sydney jewish hoods
Anti-Semitic fliers were dropped in the mailboxes of private homes in Jewish suburbs of Sydney.
Jerusalem Arab Indicted For Aiding Three Teens' Murderer
arab indicted for aiding teens murderers
The Jerusalem District Attorney on Tuesday submitted an indictment against Wael Karameh, an Arab resident of Jerusalem's Anata neighborhood in the east of the capital, for aiding the murderers of Eyal Yifrah (19), Naftali Frenkel (16) and Gilad Sha'ar (16) hy''d.
Obama Authorizes Islamic State Recon Flights In Syria
obama authorizes is recon flights
US President Barack Obama on Monday authorized reconnaissance flights over the war-torn nation of Syria, in an apparent prelude to a possible US airstrike on Islamic State (IS, formerly ISIS) terrorists in the country.
Report: Israel, Hamas Agree to a Long-term Ceasefire
abbas israel peace gaza
After Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu called together senior security sources to discuss a long-term ceasefire with Hamas and other Gazan terrorists as proposed by Egypt, Palestinian Authority sources on Tuesday afternoon claim Israel has agreed to the truce.
Direct Hit on House in Ashkelon
ashdod house hit by gaza
A Hamas rocket scored a direct hit on a home in Ashkelon Tuesday morning, causing injuries to six members of the family that lives in it.
IDF Reveals The Gaza That The UN Is Hiding
idf reveals the gaza that un is hiding
An informative new video posted to YouTube on Monday by the IDF shows how the damage in Gaza reported by the UN is only giving half of the picture, and skewing the facts on the ground.
Hamas Mortar Barrage: 20 Shells in 10 Minutes
gaza mortars
At approximately 6 p.m. on Monday evening Gaza terrorists launched a particularly ferocious mortar barrage onto Southern Israel. A full 20 mortar shells peppered the Israeli communities in the course of a mere ten minutes.
Call-Up Of Additional 10,000 Israeli Reservists Authorized
reservists called to idf
A Knesset committee authorized the call-up of an additional 10,000 Israeli reserve soldiers.
Parents Of Four Year-Old Killed By Rocket Fire Speak Out
parents of 4 yr old killed speak out
Heavy mourning and difficult feelings pervade the family home of Daniel Tragerman, hy"d, the four year-old boy who was killed last Friday from fatal injuries after a mortar shell attack on his Nahal Oz home.
London Mosque With Terror Past Locks Up Journalist
london mosque locks up journalist
A British journalist working for Al Jazeera was held against his will while trying to get an interview at London's Finsbury Park Mosque, which formerly was run by the notorious Al Qaeda cleric Abu Hamza, recently convicted on multiple terror charges.
IS-Linked Suspects Identified In James Foley Beheading
is iinked suspects to foley beheading
British authorities have closed in on a number of suspects in the brutal murder of American journalist James Foley, British news outlets reported Friday, after linguistics experts determined that his executioner was a London immigrant to Syria.
Abducted American Journalist Released From Syria
journalist released from syria
Just days after the Islamic State (IS, formerly ISIS) last Tuesday released a video of the horrific decapitation of American journalist James Foley in Syria, an American journalist was released from the war-torn state.

Republicans Call For More Aggressive Action Against IS
republicans call for more action against isis
Republican lawmakers on Sunday called for more aggressive U.S. action to defeat the Islamic State (IS) in Syria and Iraq, accusing President Barack Obama of policies that have failed to thwart potential new threats on U.S. soil, according to Reuters.
After Executions, Hamas Arrests 150 More 'Collaborators'
hamas arrests more collaborators
Hamas is continuing a witch-hunt against suspected "collaborators" in an effort to ascertain how Israel knew of their whereabouts despite their best efforts to remain undetected.
Iran Says It Shot Down Israeli Drone Near Natanz Nuclear Facility
iran shot down israeli drone
Iran claimed that it shot down an Israeli drone near its Natanz uranium enrichment facility.

Earthquake Damages Napa Valley Chabad Center
earthquake damages napa
The Napa Valley Chabad Jewish Center suffered damage in a 6.1 magnitude earthquake.
Israel Is 'Choosing Not To Win', Says British Expert
israel choosing not to win?
Barak Seener, an Associate fellow at Britain's Royal United Services Institute for Defense and Security Studies, thinks Israel is "choosing not to win" the war in Gaza.
570 Rockets Fired On Israel In 5 Days
570 rockets fired on israel in 5 days
No fewer than 570 rockets have been fired at Israel over a five day period, the Foreign Ministry revealed Sunday, tallying the total rocket count since Hamas broke an extended ceasefire on August 19.
Airstrike Eliminates Gaza Terrorists Firing Rockets
army of islam
In coordinated action between the IDF and the Israel Security Agency on Sunday, terrorists from the Gaza terror group "Army of Islam" were eliminated right before they were about to attack Israel.
Morning Rocket Barrage Targets Southern Israel
rockets still flying into israel from gaza
Gaza terrorists have fired tens of rockets at southern Israel Monday morning, as well as at least one long-range rocket at central Israel. 120 rockets were fired into Israel on Sunday.
Four Year-Old Killed By Mortar Shell Laid to Rest
daniel tragerman
"We were the happiest family in the world and I do not accept this," she added. "My Daniel, we want to thank you for teaching us to love, to smile, and for giving us many moments of joy in such a short time. You're smart, sensitive, beautiful."
Abbas to Present Deadline for Israel to "End Occupation"
abbas wants israel to withdraw to 67 lines
Aides to Abbas on Sunday told The Associated Press that he will soon appeal to the international community to set a deadline for Israel to withdraw back to the pre-1967 borders and make way for an independent Palestinian state.
Funeral Set for Four-Year-Old Boy Killed By Mortar Shell
daniel turjeman, four year old boy killed by gaza rocket fire
Funeral arrangements have been set for four year-old Daniel Tragerman, who was killed by Hamas rocket fire Friday afternoon after a rocket struck near his home in Kibbutz Nahal Oz.
Five Rockets from Syria Hit Golan Heights
rockets fall in golan
Five rockets were fired from Syria overnight Saturday and exploded near communities in the Golan Heights. Three sirens were heard in local communities before the rockets exploded.
4-Year-Old Killed by Mortar in Southern Israel
daniel turjeman, four year old boy killed by gaza rocket fire
A four-year-old was killed on Friday evening after a mortar launched from the northern Gaza Strip directly slammed into a car.
Gaza Rocket Scores Direct Hit on Ashdod Synagogue
synagogue israel hit by gaza rocket
A rocket fired by terrorists in Gaza has caused considerable damage to a synagogue in the southern Israeli city of Ashdod.
Report: New UN Resolution Demands Talks Based on 1949 Lines
israel 1949 lines
A new UN Security Council resolution proposed by Germany, Britain and France calling for an end to violence in Gaza contains some significant caveats that are reportedly garnering opposition from Israel.
Netanyahu: Hamas is ISIS, ISIS is Hamas
hunting for jihadist who beheaded american journalist
"We face the same Islamist network and we have to fight it together," said Netanyahu.
Gaza Terror Rockets Target Jerusalem Area
gaza rockets target jerusalem
Rocket sirens on Thursday night were sounded just ten minutes before 9 p.m. in Modi'in, as well as several communities in Samaria, and the Shfela lowland region between the Jerusalem hills and the coast.
The Killing Machine Called ISIS
killing machine called isis
From a small insurgent group formed over a decade ago to fight Western forces in Iraq, the Islamic State has grown today into an organized army, conquering, murdering and displacing anyone who defies its rule along the way.

Paris: 300 Rally Against Israel's Airstrikes In Gaza
300 rally against israel's airstrikes in gaza
Leftist and pro-Palestinian Arab activists rallied in Paris on Wednesday to urge Israel to end its airstrikes in Gaza, The Associated Press (AP) reported.

Islamic State Executioner Of James Foley: 'John' From London
hunting for jihadist who beheaded american journalist
"John" is said to be the leader of a contingent of British fighters for IS nicknamed "The Beatles", due to their British nationality, and is described as "well-educated, intelligent, but highly committed member of the extremist terror group."
Watch: Islamic State Forcibly Converts Hundreds Of Yazidis
islamic state forcibly converts hundreds
The Islamic State terrorist group has released a video, purportedly showing hundreds of members of the Yazidi minority sect converting to Islam.
Woman's Cancer Drives Daughter To Research Breakthrough
cancer drives daughter to research breakthrough
Dr. Svetlana Bunimovich, lecturer at the University of Ariel, will present research done using mathematical models, to improve the treatment of bladder cancer, at a conference to be held at Ariel University next week.
Hamas Terror Chief Deif's Daughter Also Killed In Strike
hamas chief daughter killed in strike
Following the targeted assassination attempt Tuesday night against Mohammed Deif, head of the Hamas "military wing" Al-Qassam Brigades, the body of another family member of the arch-terrorist has reportedly been found.
Badly Wounded Hero Had Shielded Children
badly wounded hero shielded children
A man who was seriously wounded by a Hamas rocket Thursday had been shielding children with his own body.
U.S. Reveals Failed Attempt to Rescue ISIS Hostages in Syria
james foley attacked
A recent attempt to rescue American journalist James Foley and others in Syria failed, a U.S. official told CNN on Wednesday.
Three Senior Hamas Commanders Killed in Pre-Dawn Airstrike
The armed wing of Hamas announced Thursday that three of its senior commanders were killed in a pre-dawn Israeli air strike in Rafah in the southern Gaza Strip.
Hamas Threatens Ben-Gurion Airport, Warns Airlines to Stay Away
hamas tries to hit israeli gas field
Hamas's "military wing" warned foreign airlines on Wednesday against flying into Tel Aviv, threatening to step up its six-week conflict with Israel after firing more than 100 rockets on Israeli civilians and pulling out of peace talks.
Hamas Aims for Israeli Natural Gas Field
hamas tries to hit israeli gas field
Hamas rockets have not hit an Israeli natural gas field, the IDF stated Wednesday, after the terror group's "military wing" boasted two false hits about 30 kilometer from Gaza.
Switzerland: Muslim Protesters Attempt to Storm Synagogue
Muslim anti-Israel demonstrators attempted to force their way into a synagogue in Switzerland, the latest in a string of attacks on synagogues in Europe.
Hamas: Israel Tried to Eliminate Head of "Military Wing"
israel goes after mohammed deif
Hamas leader Moussa Abu Marzouk accused Israel on Tuesday night of having trying to eliminate the head of the group's "military wing", Mohammed Deif, in one of its airstrikes on Gaza.
Firebomb Attacks in Jerusalem Set Home, Bus on Fire
nlotov cocktail attacks launched in jerusalem
An Israeli bus and Jewish home to the immediate east and south-east of the Old City have been hit by molotov cocktail terror attacks launched by Arab terrorists.
BREAKING: Gaza Terrorists Fire Rocket Towards Jerusalem
iron dome stops rocket barrage on israel after ceasefire
A rocket barrage from Gaza on Tuesday evening targeted Jerusalem. Sirens were heard in the capital and its vicinity shortly before midnight.
BREAKING: Gaza Launches Nighttime Rocket Barrage on Central Israel, Tel Aviv
iron dome stops rocket barrage on israel after ceasefire
Gaza terrorists kept up their rocket assault on Israel Tuesday night by firing an eight-rocket barrage on Tel Aviv, and on the southern and Gush Dan central region several minutes before 11 p.m.

Missing Soldier Found Dead
missing soldier found dead
The body of missing IDF soldier David Menachem Gordon, 21, has been found dead just days after going missing Sunday.
PA Daily Claims Teens' Murder 'Fabricated' To Start War
pa claims teens murder fabricated
The official Palestinian Authority (PA) daily newspaper has accused Israel of making up the abduction and murder of Naftali Frenkel (16), Gilad Sha'ar (16) and Eyal Yifrah (19) hy''d on June 12 by Hamas terrorists as an excuse to launch Operations Brother's Keeper and Protective Edge.
IS Plans For the Future: "The Jews Time Will Come"
jews and hezbollah's time will come
One undercover reporter spoke with an American born fighter for IS, asking for instructions on how to join the combat forces and what the organization's intentions were. The answers are chilling.
Israeli Envoy To Britain Visits 'Israel-Free Zone'
israel envoy to uk israel free zone
Israel's ambassador to the United Kingdom visited a city whose representative to Parliament declared an "Israel-free zone."
Worse Than Hamas? Gaza's Other Terror Groups
worse than hamas?
Many of Hamas' fellow jihadi travelers in Gaza don't have the same interests. For most, their sole goal is to fight - not just against Israel, but to spread Islamist rule across the whole world.
Three Israeli Arabs Arrested For Robbing Holocaust Survivors
3 arabs arrested for robbing holocaust survivors
The three men, residents of Baka al-Gharbia in their 30s and 40s, allegedly committed a brutal break-in and robbery at the home of two Holocaust survivors.
Netanyahu Pulls Israeli Delegation From Cairo Talks
bibi pulls israeli delegation from cairo talks
Israeli diplomatic sources on Tuesday revealed that following this afternoon's breach of the ceasefire by Gaza terrorists, Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu and Defense Minister Moshe Ya'alon have recalled the Israeli delegation from Cairo truce talks.
IAF Strikes Gaza In Response To Rocket Fire
iaf strikes gaza in response to fire
The Israeli Air Force has struck terrorist targets in the Gaza Strip in response to rocket fire this afternoon, following Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu's order to strike back hard against the perpetrators.
Netanyahu Orders IDF Response After Rockets Fired at Be'er Sheva
rockets in israel again
On Tuesday afternoon, hours before the third extension of a ceasefire between Israel and the terrorist organizations of Hamas and Islamic Jihad in Gaza came to an end, rocket explosions were heard in Be'er Sheva.
Denmark: 100s March Through Muslim Area to Protest Anti-Semitism
antisemitism parade coppenhagen
Hundreds of protesters wearing yarmulkas, Stars of David and other Jewish symbols marched through a predominantly Muslim neighborhood of the Danish capital of Copenhagen, in a march against anti-Semitism.
Gaza Ceasefire Extended by 24 Hours
palestinian delegation cairo meets with israel gaza ceasefire
Israeli and Palestinian Arab negotiators agreed on Monday to extend a temporary ceasefire in Gaza by 24 hours to conduct more talks on a long-term truce, a senior Palestinian Authority official said.
"Breakthrough" Reported in Cairo Talks; Deal Initialed
palestinian delegation cairo meets with israel gaza ceasefire
The Israeli and Palestinian teams to Cairo ceasefire talks have signed their initials to a permanent ceasefire agreement, according to an unconfirmed report by Bethlehem-based Ma'an news.

Train Service In Southern Israel Suspended Over Security Fears
train service in south israel halted
Train service between Ashkelon and Sderot in southern Israel was halted due to security reasons.
IDF Demolishes Homes Of Men Suspected Of Killing Israeli Teens
homes of kidnappers demolished
The homes of two of the men who are said to have planned and carried out the kidnapping and murder of three Israeli teens were demolished, while a third was sealed off.
Protesters Prevent Israeli Cargo Ship From Docking In Calif.
protesters prevent israeli cargo ship from docking
Pro-Palestinian protesters prevented an Israeli cargo ship from unloading at a California port for two straight days.
In Sderot, Netanyahu Urges Steadfastness
netanyahu urges steadfastness in sderot
Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu visited Sderot on Monday and delivered a message of steadfastness, as the latest ceasefire between Israel and Hamas drew to a close.
US Pressuring PA Not To Sue Israel For 'War Crimes'
us pressuring pa not to sue israel for war crimes
A report on Monday reveals that America and other Western countries are pressuring the Palestinian Authority (PA) not to carry out its threat of suing Israel at the International Criminal Court (ICC) for "war crimes."
Obama Authorizes Airstrikes On Iraq's Mosul Dam
obama authorizes airstrikes on mosul dam
The White House on Sunday said President Barack Obama had informed Congress he authorized U.S. airstrikes in Iraq to help retake control of the Mosul Dam, Reuters reported.

UN Says It Will Take 'Months' To Rebuild Gaza
un says it will take months to rebuild gaza
United Nations humanitarian chief Valerie Amos said Sunday on a visit to Iran that it will take months to repair damage to the UN's infrastructure caused by the Israeli airstrikes in Gaza.
Norway And Egypt Gathering Funds To Rebuild Gaza
norway and egypt gather funds to rebuild gaza
Norway announced on Monday that a group of international donors are to meet in Cairo to pledge funds for rebuilding the Hamas stronghold of Gaza, as soon as a truce deal is reached.

Sainsbury's Apologizes For Kosher Food Removal
sainsbury apologizes for kosher food removal
The Sainsbury's supermarket chain issued a statement Monday morning apologizing for removing kosher products from one of its branches.
Hamas Coup Against Abbas Foiled
A large scale operation mounted from May to August by the IDF and Israel Security Agency foiled a Hamas network's plot to carry out a coup in the Palestinian Authority in Judea and Samaria.

IDF Preparing for Possible Resumption of Rocket Fire
The IDF is preparing for a possible resumption of rocket fire from Gaza on Monday evening, as the current five-day ceasefire is set to expire.
Israel to Stop Exports of "Settlement Products' to EU
judea samaria stopping exports to EU
Israel will end its export of poultry and dairy produce to the European Union from Jewish communities beyond the Green Line, Israeli and European officials said on Sunday, according to AFP.
Hamas Threatens Terror in Jerusalem, Judea and Samaria
hsmas gaza
The Hamas terrorist organization in Gaza on Sunday called for an escalation of terror attacks on Jerusalem, Judea and Samaria as an "expression of support" for the war on Israel being waged from Gaza.
Hamas Rejects Egyptian Ceasefire Proposal, Threatens "Long War"
hamas refuses egypt peace treaty
In a message posted on his Facebook page, Hamas's "foreign affairs" chief Osama Hamdan said the Islamist terror group rejects the current Egyptian proposal, and pledged a "long war" of attrition against Israel.
EU Offers to Take Charge of Gaza Border Crossings
egypts truce israel palestinians
The European Union on Friday offered to take charge of Gaza's border crossings and work to prevent illegal arms flows, according to The Associated Press.
Egypt's 11-Point Ceasefire Plan Revealed
egypts truce israel palestinians
An Egyptian newspaper publishes Egypt's plan for a long-term ceasefire in Gaza. Sides have yet to agree to these terms.
Islamic Jihad: Truce Deal With Israel Next Monday
islamic jihad truce with israel
An Islamic Jihad spokesperson on Friday claimed that a truce deal with Israel will be signed as soon the current five-day ceasefire ends next Monday at midnight. The Islamic Jihad terrorist confirmed numerous reports that the proposed truce deal would ease the blockade on Gaza.
Netanyahu: UN Grants Legitimacy to Terrorists
netanyahu says un is hypocritical
Israel Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu lashed out at the UN Human Rights Council, accusing it of granting "legitimacy to terror organizations" by investigating Israel for alleged war crimes in Gaza.
Pentagon on Weapons to Israel: We're Assessing the Process
obama blocks israel missile shipment
The Pentagon says the process of supplying weapons to Israel is being "constantly assessed".

PA Accuses The US Of Establishing Radical Terror Organization ISIS
pa accuses us of establishing isis
The Palestinian Authority official daily has published five articles in the last six weeks accusing the United States of establishing the radical Islamic movement Islamic State (ISIS or IS) that has conquered vast territory in Syria and Iraq in recent months.
Bennett: For Every Rocket, Hit 20 Commanders' Homes In Gaza
bennett on gaza war
Jewish Home Chairman and Economics Minister Naftali Bennett said Thursday that it is time to stop the "unbecoming" negotiations with Hamas and opt for unilateral action against the terror organization.
If Fighting Resumes, UK WIll Stop Arms Sale To Israel
uk will stop sales to israel if fighting resumes
The United Kingdom will not allow a weapons sale to Israel to move forward should Israel and Hamas continue fighting once a three-day truce expires.

Yazidi Toddler Undergoes Heart Surgery In Israel
yazidi toddler has heart surgery in israel
A child from the persecuted Yazidi ethnic group of northern Iraq received heart surgery in Israel.
1,000 Gather For Max Steinberg Memorial Service
1,000 gather for steinberg memorial service
Fallen Israeli soldier Max Steinberg found "inner peace" in his army service, his mother told a crowd of 1,000 at a memorial service in his native Southern California.
Poll Shows Nationalist Surge; Jewish Home At 19 Seats
poll shows nationalist surge
The latest Knesset Channel poll indicates that the nationalist and religious bloc would surge if elections were held today.
Malaysian Teen Investigated For 'Liking' Israel
malaysian teen investigated for liking israel
Police in the Muslim-majority country of Malaysia are investigating a Malaysian teenager for "sedition," after he "liked" a pro-Israel Facebook post.
Obama Reportedly Blocks Israel Missile Shipment
obama blocks israel missile shipment
A new report reveals that US President Barack Obama's administration stopped a shipment of missiles to Israel late last month and tightened weapons shipment procedures to Israel.

US Post Offices Reportedly Refusing Mail To Israel
us post office refusing mail to israel
The Anti-Defamation League (ADL) has written to complain to the US Postmaster General, after receiving widespread reports that US post offices around America have been refusing to accept mail to Israel.
Obama Stresses Importance of "Sustainable" Gaza Ceasefire
obama on israeli palestinian ceasefire
U.S. President Barack Obama on Wednesday told Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu that it was important to reach an agreement on a permanent ceasefire in Gaza.
Israel Retaliates: Launches Airstrikes on Terror Targets in Gaza
israel retaliates to rockets
The Israel Air Force attacked targets in Gaza on Wednesday night. The attacks came after Gaza terrorists fired rockets at southern Israel.
Ceasefire, Hamas Style: Rocket Barrage Hits Southern Israel
gaza ceasefire again
Gaza terrorists fired a barrage of rockets towards southern Israel on Wednesday night, just moments before one ceasefire was set to end and a new one to begin.
Israel and Hamas Agree to Extend Ceasefire
gaza ceasefire again
Israel and the Palestinian Arabs agreed late Wednesday to extend a ceasefire in Gaza after failing to reach a long term agreement in Cairo.
BREAKING: Sirens Sound in South
war in gaza
Conflicting reports from Cairo talks, with midnight deadline just hours away. Israeli team flies home. Palestinians giving press conference. Thousands of IDF reservists were deployed to the Gaza front.
As Lull Ticks Away, Hamas Says All Options are Open"
children in gaza
The terror group still won't give up its demands for sea and air ports. Ceasefire ends at midnight.
Hamas & PA Reportedly Refuse to Return Soldiers' Bodies
oron and hadar bodies negotiated for israel gaza truce
Israel is refusing to any truce agreement that would not include the return of the bodies of Second Lt.Hadar Goldin and First Sgt. Oron Shaul. The Palestinian and Hamas delegation is reportedly refusing to discuss the issue, demanding the release of terrorists jailed in Israel.
Chief Suspect Describes Murder Of Palestinian Teen Mohammed Khdeir
suspect describes murder of pal. teen
The chief suspect in the murder of Palestinian teenager Mohammed Abu Khdeir described the killing in testimony released by Israel's police.
Pope Francis Organizes Soccer Match To Promote Peace
francis organizes soccer match
Pope Francis has organized an exhibition soccer match with all-star players to promote peace between Israelis and Palestinians.
Will PA's New 'Arab Idol' Song Replace Hamas Hit?
will pa's new arob idol song replace hamas hit?
A new song calling for the elimination of Israel by Mohammed Assaf of Gaza, who won the "Arab Idol" singing contest last June, is all the rage on Palestinian Authority (PA) TV, where it has been playing heavily since its first broadcast July 29.
Hamas Brags Of Holding Israel 'At Gunpoint' In Talks
hamas brags of holding israel at gunpoint
In a newly translated interview, Hamas spokesperson Husam Badran declared that his terror organization is holding truce talks in Cairo with Israel being held "at gunpoint" to accept the group's demands.
UN Gaza Probe Head: Me? Anti-Israel?
un gaza probe head: me anti israel?
Prof. William Schabas, a Canadian law professor chosen to helm a United Nations commission examining possible war crimes in Gaza scoffed Monday at charges he's biased against Israel, but his past utterances leave little doubt as to his lack of objectivity.
Contradictory Reports On Cairo Truce Talks
contradictory reports on cairo talks
A senior diplomatic Israeli source sees wide gaps but Hamas talks of compromise.
Official Calls Major Academic Boycott An "Oxymoron"
major boycott an
The announcement by more than one hundred international academics that they have joined the ranks of those advocating a boycott of the state of Israel is being hailed as a victory by the "BDS" movement.
Israel Working To Retrieve Fallen Soldier's Remains
israel working to retrieve soldier's remains
The Israeli government is making every effort to retrieve the body of Sgt. Oron Shaul for burial, Israeli Defense Minister Moshe Yaalon told the slain soldier's family.
How Much Has Israel's War In Gaza Cost?
how much has israel's war in gaza cost
After the missiles have stopped, after the troops have come home, even after most of the wounded are out of the hospital, Israelis will still be feeling the burden of Operation Protective Edge - this time in their pockets.
France: Demand To Change Name Of 'Death To Jews' Village
change name of town called death to jews
The Simon Wiesenthal Center has sent a letter to France's interior minister to demand that a tiny hamlet south of Paris called "Death to Jews" be renamed.

Hamas Clarifies Truce Would Only Be To Plan Next War
hamas clarifies truce only to plan next war
Even as Israeli representatives are in Cairo to discuss a truce with Hamas on Tuesday, the terrorist group is taking pains to clarify it has no intentions of desisting from trying to wipe Israel off the map.
Sixty Days Later, Parents Of Abducted Teens Speak
parents of teens speak
The parents of the three yeshiva boys who were abducted and murdered gave a moving interview to Israel Hayom on Tuesday on the days of waiting, the moments of difficulty and hope - and the news of finding the bodies.
Robin Williams Found Dead at 63
robin williams dead at 63
Comedian and actor Robin Williams supported Israel and considered himself an "honorary Jew."
George Clooney's Fiancee, Alamuddin Rejects Serving on UN's Gaza Panel
Amal Alamuddin, a British human rights lawyer who was named to the United Nations panel that will investigate Israel's alleged "war crimes" in Gaza, has rejected the role - but not because she is pro-Israel.
Meet the Panel That is Going to Investigate Israeli "War Crimes"
A three-member panel appointed by the United Nations Human Rights Council will investigate allegations that Israel violated humanitarian law in Gaza during Operation Protective Edge. The commission of inquiry will be headed by Canada’s William Schabas, and include Amal Alamuddin, and Doudou Diene.
Images Of War - Operation Protective Edge
imges of war
A ceasefire is as good a time as any to select some of the most striking photos of Operation Protective Edge.
Fatah Brags It Killed 11,000 Israelis
To show its prominence Fatah did not choose to cite any actions seeking peace but only actions of violence and terror, even claiming fictitiously that its attacks have killed 11,000 Israelis.

According To Hamas: Hamas Fighters Are Civilians, But All Israelis Are Soldiers
hamas executes dozens of pal's for collaborations
According to Hamas TV broadcasts, all Israelis "are soldiers" and therefore legitimate targets to be massacred.
Garnier Facing Boycott Calls Over Toiletries Donation to Israeli soldiers
garnier facing boycott calls
Garnier was facing a boycott threat over its donation of personal care products to female Israeli soldiers serving in the Gaza operation.
London, Cape Town Rallies Against Israel's Gaza Campaign
rallies against israel in london, cape town
Tens of thousands of protesters in both London and Cape Town slammed Israel's military operation in the Gaza Strip.

Israeli Negotiators Arrive In Cairo For Truce Talks
israeli negot.'s arrive in cairo for talks
Israeli negotiators arrived in Cairo for talks on a permanent truce with Palestinian factions in Gaza after a 72-hour cease-fire remained in place.
Report: Norway, Turkey Offered Gaza Seaport To Hamas
norway, turkey offered gaza a seaport
Turkey and Norway have expressed their willingness in principle to operate a seaport in the Hamas enclave of Gaza, according to the Palestinian delegation in Cairo.
$50,000 Offered For Info On Miami Rabbi Shooting
50,000 offered for info on rabbi shot in miami
The Jewish community of Miami has offered a $50,000 reward for information leading to an arrest regarding the murder of Rabbi Joseph Raksin hy''d, reports the Miami Herald.
IDF 'Tunnel Dome' May Be Deployed By 2015
idf tunnel dome may be deployed by 2015
According to a senior IDF officer, the military is about to carry out comprehensive field tests of technological means for locating tunnels.
Yankees Host Farewell Party for Newest IDF Members
yankees send off lone soldiers
Lone Soldiers receive a special farewell from the New York Yankees before making Aliyah to serve in the IDF.
IS Forces Kill 500 Yazidis, Some of Whom Were Buried Alive
isis strikes usa iraq
Terrorists from the Islamic State (formerly ISIS) have killed at least 500 members of Iraq's Yazidi ethnic minority, some of which were buried alive. An additional 300 women were kidnapped as slaves.

Hillary Clinton Supports IDF Control of Judea, Samaria
hillary clinton supports israel
Hillary Clinton devoted a large part of an interview with The Atlantic to strong support for Israel, saying "If I were the prime minister of Israel, you're damn right I would expect to have control over security."
Hamas Fires Rocket Barrage Moments Before Ceasefire
rocket barrage just before ceasefir israel
Hamas terrorists fired a barrage of rockets towards Israel, including Tel Aviv, just before midnight on Sunday night, when a new 72-hour ceasefire went into effect.
Teen Abduction Mastermind Still at Large in Gaza?
kidnapped boys israel
Palestinian Authority security officials revealed Sunday that a Hamas terrorist expelled to Gaza in the Gilad Shalit deal was in fact behind the abduction and murder of Gilad Sha''ar (16), Naftali Frenkel (16) and Eyal Yifrah (19) on June 12.
Hamas Disturbs Sabbath Calm with Rocket Barrage
rocket hits sderot itsrael
As Israelis were welcoming the Sabbath on Friday evening, Hamas terrorists had plans of their own, firing five rockets towards the south.
British Lawmaker Declares his British Constituency an "Israel-Free Zone"
george galloway
Police in Britain are looking into complaints against a lawmaker who called for his constituency to be "declared an Israel-free zone," and stated that Israeli goods, services and academics were likewise unwelcome.
Two Wounded from Rocket Fire; IAF Retaliates
idf strikes gaza in response to renewed rocket fire
"The renewed rocket attacks by terrorists at Israel are unacceptable, intolerable and shortsighted. "Hamas' bad decision to breach the ceasefire will be pursued by the IDF, we will continue to strike Hamas, its infrastructure, its operatives and restore security for the State of Israel."
Miracle in Sderot: Rocket Hits House, But No Injuries
rocket hits sderot itsrael
A rocket fired from Gaza scored a direct hit on a house in the embattled Israeli city of Sderot - but miraculously no injuries were caused as the residents were out at the time.
Rockets Fired as Truce Breaks; Negotiations Continue
israelis seek shelter from rockets
Sirens have sounded in Ashkelon, Hof Ashkelon, Sderot, the Eshkol region, and the Gaza Belt area Friday, as a 72-hour ceasefire ended between Israel and terrorist organizations in Gaza.
Netanyahu Thanks Diaspora Jews For Standing With Israel
pm thanks diaspora jews
In a letter to Jewish communities around the world, Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu is thanking them for their support in the recent weeks.
Hamas TV: Every Muslim Mother "Must Nurse Her Children On Hatred Of The Sons Of Zion"
hamas tv nurses hatred
A Muslim Brotherhood leader in Kuwait, Tareq Al-Suwaidan, said Muslims "hate" the sons of Zion.
Hamas TV: Perhaps Destruction In Gaza Is "For The Best"
hamas tv cites victory
Hamas is attempting to convince Palestinians that its military actions during the Gaza conflict were victorious and that the war it caused, with all its destruction, was beneficial to the Palestinians.
Video: What Is Hamas Doing To Schools And Hospitals In Gaza?
what is hamas doing to schools and hospitals?
The IDF Spokesperson's Unit has released another video which shows how Hamas fires at Israel from schools, hospitals, mosques and cemeteries in Gaza.
Hamas Executes Dozens of Palestinians For 'Collaboration'
hamas executes dozens of pal's for collaborations
A security official in Gaza, defined as someone close to the Hamas-controlled security forces, confirmed Tuesday that "resistance groups" in Gaza executed tens of Palestinians deemed as alleged "informants" to Israel during Operation Protective Edge.
Injured Gazans Being Treated In Israeli Hospitals
injured gazans treated in israeli hospitals
Doctors and aid agencies are trying to capitalize on a truce in Gaza to evacuate more wounded Palestinians for life-saving medical treatment in Israel and Jordan.
Jonathan Pollard Turns 60 Behind Bars
pollard turns 60 behind bars
Jonathan Pollard turned 60 this week, according to both the Hebrew and Gregorian calendars.

Hospitals Treated Over 2,200 Civilians, Soldiers During Gaza Op.
israel's hospitals treated over 2200 civilians
During the course of Operation Protective Edge, Israel's hospitals treated some 2,200 injured civilians and soldiers, the Health Ministry said Thursday.
Hamas Holds 'Victory Rally' In Gaza
hamas holds victory rally
Hamas staged a "victory rally" on Thursday in Gaza, as the future of a three-day ceasefire remains uncertain.
US Lawsuit Targets Arab Bank Over Hamas Terror Attacks
us lawsuit targets arab bank
Next Monday, attorneys representing 297 US citizens whose loved ones have been killed or injured by Hamas terrorists will file a lawsuit against the Arab Bank, the largest bank in the Middle East, over its role in bankrolling Hamas terrorists.
French Pol's Apology: Showing Israelis Killing Disney Toons Was Misunderstanding
netanyahu killing pinnochio
A French senator apologized for any misunderstandings connected to her praise for a campaign featuring fake pictures of Israeli leaders murdering Disney cartoon characters.
Bennett: IDF Ready to Strike Back Immediately
israel hamas
Economics Minister Naftali Bennett said that he was fully behind Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu when he says that Israel would respond with full force if Hamas resumed its attacks on Israel.
Obama: The People of Gaza Need Hope
obama says gaza needs hope
U.S. President Barack Obama said on Wednesday that the people of Gaza need greater hope for the future but also stressed the importance of Israel’s security.
Ringleader in Revenge Killing Ordered Held Through End of Trial
Mohammed Abu Khdeir
The main suspect in the kidnapping and revenge murder of Palestinian teenager Mohammed Abu Khdeir will remain in police custody until the end of his trial.
Pastors Visit Israel on Solidarity Mission
Bible Lands Museum Jerusalem
Fifty-one pastors from the United States, one from each state and Washington D.C., are visiting Israel on a solidarity mission.
Report: Israel Accepts Ceasefire Extension - Hamas Rejects It
Israel has conditionally agreed to extend a ceasefire that ended the month-long self-defense operation in Gaza, an Israeli official stated on condition of anonymity.
Gaza Conflict Brought Additional 700 Journalists To Israel
Some 705 journalists from 42 countries came to Israel specifically to cover the Gaza conflict, according to Israel's Government Press Office.
Ontario Offers to Treat Wounded Palestinian and Israeli Children
Hopsital For Sick Children
The province of Ontario has offered to treat Palestinian and Israeli children wounded in the Israel-Gaza war.
WATCH: French TV Shows More Evidence of Hamas Hiding Behind Civilians
french reporter proves hamas launches rockets from civilian areas
A France 24 TV journalist - who famously ducked for cover during a live interview when a Hamas rocket was fired right next to him - has gone on the record to report how the rocket was launched in a crowded civilian area and in front of a UN building.
Deputy British PM: Suspend Arms Exports to Israel
Nick Clegg
Britain's Deputy Prime Minister, Nick Clegg, on Tuesday called for arms exports to Israel to be suspended.
Times Newspaper Rejects Ad by Eli Wiesel Condemning Hamas
London's Times newspaper has refused to run an ad featuring Nobel Prize-winner Eli Wiesel opposing Hamas's use of children as human shields in its war with Israel.
Britain's Student Union Votes to Boycott Israel
Anti-Israel Boycott
Britain’s National Union of Students (NUS) has voted to boycott Israel, The Jewish Chronicle reports.
Hamas Encourages Suicide Bombers to Dress as Orthodox Jews
hamas tells suicide bombers to dress as orthodox jews
Hamas terrorists have been encouraged to dress up like ordinary Orthodox Jews, to carry out suicide attacks on Israeli civilians.
IDF Discharges 30,000 Reserve Soldiers
idf reserves sent homes
Roughly 30 hours into a 72-hour cease-fire deal, the IDF has begun to withdraw its ground forces from the Gaza border area, it announced Wednesday afternoon.
Security Forces Arrest Kidnapper of Three Israeli Teens
kidnapped boys israel
Israeli security forces have arrested the leader of the Hamas terror cell which kidnapped and murdered Israeli teenagers Naftali Frenkel, Eyal Yifrah and Gilad Sha'ar, and there is "no doubt" Hamas leadership was aware of the kidnapping.
IDF Captures Hamas Combat Manual Explaining Benefits of Human Shields
hamas manual to kill civilians
The Israeli Defense Forces have uncovered a Hamas manual on "Urban Warfare" which is explicit evidence that Hamas aims toward creating civilian casualties among Palestinians.
Palestinians Riot At Temple Mount For Second Straight Day
riot at temple mount
Masked Palestinians attacked police at the Temple Mount with stones and firebombs for the second morning in a row.
Wounded Palestinians From Gaza In Jerusalem Hospitals
wounded pal. in jerusalem hospital
Fifty of the wounded are being treated in east Jerusalem's hospitals, with the evacuation and treatment being paid by the Palestinian Authority.
Critically Wounded Soldier Opens Eyes For First Time
wounded soldier opns eyes
Great excitement was felt at the Soroka Hospital in Be'er Sheva on Saturday, as an IDF soldier who was critically wounded in Gaza opened his eyes for the first time, the Yedioth Ahronoth newspaper reports.
Angry Palestinians Attack Hamas Official Over Gaza Destruction
angry pal's attack hamas
Palestinian Arab sources said Tuesday that Gaza residents attacked Hamas spokesman Sami Abu Zuhri Saturday evening, near the Shifa Hospital.
Alan Gross Says Goodbyes To Family During Prison Visit
alan gross says goodbye
The family of Alan Gross said the State Department contractor jailed in Cuba has made his goodbyes.
Terror Stabbing At Maaleh Adumim
stabbing at maaleh adumim
A terrorist stabbed a security guard at the entrance to the city of Maaleh Adumim, east of Jerusalem, Tuesday.
Rare Footage: How Hamas Fires Rockets From Civilian Areas
how hamas fires rockets from civilian areas
An Indian TV crew has captured rare footage illustrating how Hamas fires rockets from densely-populated civilian areas - but only after its operatives are safely out of the firing zone.
Italy Expels Muslim Cleric Who Called to "Kill Jews"
italian cleric expelled for inciting antisemitism
The cleric was filmed during a Friday sermon in a mosque near Venice last month calling for Jews to be killed "one by one."
Temple Mount Open to Jews on 9th Av for First Time in 3 Years
jews pray at the temple mount for first time in years
Police entered the area and dispersed Muslim rioters. There were no casualties, and the police have remained in place to maintain order.
Israel Confirms Acceptance of 72-Hour Ceasefire
gaza ceasefire again
Israel confirmed on Monday night that it has agreed to Egypt’s proposal for a 72-hour ceasefire in Gaza, to begin Tuesday morning at 8:00 a.m. local time.
Israeli Soldiers in Gaza Exempt From Tisha b'Av fast, Chief Rabbis Rule
IDF Soldier
Israeli soldiers talking part in the Gaza operation are exempted from fasting on Tisha b'Av, the chief rabbis of Israel ruled.

Gaza Conflict Redraws Mideast Alliances
gaza conflict redraws mideast alliances
What do Israel, Egypt, Jordan, Saudi Arabia, Bahrain and Kuwait all have in common? They see the Islamist Hamas movement as the biggest danger to regional stability.
Israel's Liberman suggests U.N. Authority For Gaza
liberman suggests un authority for gaza
Israel's foreign minister, Avigdor Liberman, said a United Nations mandate can take control of the Gaza Strip.
Watch: Dramatic Footage Of Police Thwarting Car Bomb Attack
police stop car bomber
Israeli Police have released dramatic CCTV footage of the moment a Border Police officer thwarted a major terrorist attack by hurling himself into a car packed with explosives to apprehend a fleeing terrorist.
Watch: IDF Transfers Truckloads Of Goods Into Gaza
trucks into gaza by idf
Even as Hamas continues its terrorist actions and fires rockets towards Israel, the IDF continues to transfer goods to Gazans.
Expert Says Terror Tunnels A Threat In The Galilee
terror tunnels a threat in galilee
Geologist and Col. Yossi Langotsky says that terror tunnels still may be a threat in the Galilee, near the border with Lebanon.
Rockets Strike 2 Hours After Unilateral Ceasefire Begins
rockets strike after ceasefire
Rockets fell in open areas near Ashkelon at roughly 12:05 pm Monday, just two hours after Israel began observing a unilateral cease-fire. No injuries or damage were reported.
Tractor Terror Attack In Jerusalem Kills 1
tractor terror attack
A tractor slammed into a bus in Jerusalem at around 1:40 pm Monday in a terrorist attack, killing one person and injuring six others.
Soldier Shot in Jerusalem
soldier shot in israel
An Israeli man was shot in the stomach at the entrance to the Har Hatzofim (Mount Scopus) tunnel in Jerusalem, in what looks to be the capital's second terror attack in a matter of hours.
Hamas: We Don't Trust Israeli Ceasefire
hamas rejecting israeli ceasefire
Hamas on Sunday night rejected the seven-hour humanitarian ceasefire announced by Israel and scheduled to begin Monday morning at 10:00 a.m.
Shelling of U.N. Gaza School Kills at Least 10 Palestinians
un school shelling
  At least 10 Palestinians were killed and dozens wounded in the shelling of a United Nations school in southern Gaza. Palestinian and United Nations officials blamed the Israel Defense Forces for Sunday morning's shelling in Rafah.
Hamas Fires 70 Rockets and Shells; One Man Wounded
hadar goldrin kidnapped
By sundown on Sunday, Hamas had fired 70 rockets and mortar shells at Israel. One rocket intercepted over greater Tel Aviv. Another over Be'er Sheva. Man wounded in Shaar Hanegev.
Thousands Attend Emotional Funeral of Lt. Hadar Goldin
hadar goldrin kidnapped
Tzur, Hadar's twin brother, said that between the two, "no words were necessary to know and understand. We were perfectly connected. I will not give up – we will both live and never separate. My life is your life, and your life is my life"
Netanyahu: IDF to continue in Gaza "For as Long as Necessary"
idf not leaving gaza
Despite reports that IDF forces pulling out of parts of Gaza, Netanyahu vows to finish operation, reveals Israel is working on answer to tunnels.
IDF Declares Missing Soldier Hadar Goldin as Deceased
hadar goldrin kidnapped
The IDF declared missing IDF officer Second Lieutenant Hadar Goldin, said to have been captured by Hamas, dead. The decision was made according to the findings of a special board, headed by the Chief Rabbi of the IDF.
Hindus Want Kosher-Like Certification
Kosher Sign
Once again, a Jewish "light unto the nations" has begun to shine - this time, on the Hindus.

White House Condemns 'Barbaric' Breach of Truce by Hamas
White House
The White House has condemned an attack by Hamas terrorists on IDF forces, in which two soldiers were killed and another feared abducted, as a "barbaric" violation of a humanitarian ceasefire which began just hours before.

UN Blasts Israel for Not Sharing Iron Dome with Hamas
Navi Pillay
In what may be one of the most ridiculous accusations yet against Israel, the UN's top human rights official condemned Israel on Thursday for failing to share the Iron Dome anti-missile system with Hamas, Breitbart reports.
Obama Calls on Hamas to Release Kidnapped Soldier
U.S. President Barack Obama on Friday called on Hamas to unconditionally release Second Lieutenant (Platoon Leader) Hadar Goldin, who is feared kidnapped in Gaza.
Times of Israel, 5 Towns Paper, Remove Posting Pondering Genocide in Gaza
The Times of Israel and the 5 Towns Jewish Times removed a blog post calling for genocide to be considered as an option in the Gaza conflict and the Times of Israel dropped the blogger.
Abducted Soldier's Interview About Serving in the IDF
hadar goldrin kidnapped
Hadar Goldin, 23, from Kfar Saba was abducted by Hamas terrorists on Friday morning. Here is an excerpt from an interview he gave last year about the importance of serving Israel.
Breaking Ceasefire, Hamas Abducts Soldier, Kills Two Others
hadar goldrin kidnapped
The IDF released for publication the name of the soldier abducted by terrorists in Gaza. The missing soldier has been named as Second Lieutenant Hadar Goldin, 23, from Kfar Saba.
Names of Four of Five Slain Soldiers Released
idf soldiers killed in gaza july 31
The IDF has released the names of three of the five soldiers killed Thursday night in Gaza. All of them served in the 188th Armored Brigade, or "Lightning Brigade."
Humanitarian Ceasefire Broken; Heavy Fighting in Gaza
hamas breaks ceasefire again
A "humanitarian ceasefire" between Israel and Hamas has broken Friday, after Hamas fired yet another salvo of rockets on Israel despite the bilateral truce.
Kerry: Israel and Hamas Agreed to 72-Hour Ceasefire
Israel and Hamas have agreed to a 72-hour ceasefire in the Gaza conflict, U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry said on Thursday night.
The Images Missing From The Gaza War
images missing from gaza war
Why haven’t we seen journalists’ photographs of Hamas fighters inside Gaza?
32 Countries Tell UN To Recognize Yom Kippur As Official Holiday
32 countries tell un to recognize yom kippur
Some 32 countries wrote a letter to a committee of the United Nations General Assembly in support of Israel's bid to have the international body recognize Yom Kippur as an official holiday.
Israeli Home Front Becomes Battlefront
israel home front becomes battlefront
With its rows of cubicles and telephones, the underground Home Front Command center looks like any call center. But here, the telephone operators are Israeli soldiers, and the callers are Israelis with questions about how to act during a rocket attack.

Israeli Man Seriously Injured In Rocket Strike
man injured in rocket strike
An Israeli man was seriously injured when a rocket landed in Kiryat Gat, located halfway between Tel Aviv and Beersheba.
Jewish Groups File Briefs In Jerusalem Passport Case
jewish groups file briefs in passport case
A number of Jewish groups have filed friend of the court briefs in a Supreme Court case considering whether Americans born in Jerusalem may list "Israel" as their birthplace on their passports.
Belgian Doctor Refuses To Treat Jewish Woman
doctor refuses to treat jewish woman
A Belgian physician who refused to treat a Jewish woman with a fractured rib suggested she visit Gaza to get rid of the pain.
Police Fire At Haredi Woman At Western Wall
police fire at haredi woman at kotel
A woman that police said was dressed in blankets was shot in the leg by an officer at a security checkpoint at the entrance to the Western Wall.
Top Hamas Official: Jews Use Blood In Their Passover Matzos
hamas official: jews use blood in matzahs
Once again, Hamas has used the centuries old "matzah blood libel", that Jews use the blood of non-Jews to make matzah for Passover.
Senate Passes Resolution Supporting Israel
senate passes resolution supporting israel
The Senate has passed a resolution that states the Senate's support of Israel's right to defend itself from Hamas rocket attacks and condemns a biased United Nations report, reports The Hill.
Harper: Hamas Is Responsible For Loss Of Life In Gaza
harper: hamas responsible for loss of life in gaza
Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper on Wednesday blamed Hamas for the heavy loss of civilian life in Gaza, according to AFP.
As War Rages, Nine Years Since Jews Were Expelled From Gush Katif
9 years since jews expelled from gush
The Disengagement/Expulsion from Gush Katif that enabled Hamas to build up its missiles arsenal and tunnels network marks its ninth anniversary this very week.
Hamas Planned War For Months In Advance, Says IDF
hamas planned war months in advance
A senior source in the IDF's Southern Command says the IDF was not surprised by the Hamas tunnel network, and seeks to dispel the widely held notion that the flareup in fighting in Gaza was an unintended result of the large-scale arrests of Hamas terrorists carried out by the IDF after the abduction and murder of three yeshiva boys.
Booby-Trapped Explosives Built Into Walls Of UNRWA Clinic
explosives built into walls of clinic
New details have emerged about the booby-trapped clinic explosion that killed three IDF Maglan unit soldiers in Gaza earlier this week.
Hamas Training in Malaysia for "Advanced" Terror Attacks
paragliding hamas train malaysia
Israeli security forces have captured a senior Hamas commander in the city of Khan Younis in the Gaza Strip - and in doing so thwarted a creative plan to infiltrate Israel to commit a terrorist attack.
IDF Calls Another16,000 Reserve Soldiers to Service
idf soldiers being called into gaza
An additional 16,000 reserve soldiers are being called up for duty, joining some 70,000 reservist who had already been called for service, the IDF announced Thursday. With the call-up, a total of some 86,000 reservists will be on active duty.
Gilad Shalit: "I Pray for the Soldiers"
gilad shalit prays for injured gaza soldiers
  The father of Gilad Shalit, the former IDF Armored Corps soldier who was abducted by Hamas in 2006 and held for five years until he was freed in exchange for more than 1,000 terrorists, says he has visited fallen soldiers' families.
US Embassy in Tel Aviv Severely Restricts Visas for Israelis
visas for israelis now restricted
The US embassy in Tel Aviv has cancelled tourist visa applications for Israelis. Is it a matter of security, or discrimination?
Palestinians in Gaza Try Anti-War Protest, Hamas Executes Them
hamas executes palestinians in anti war rally
Israel reported Tuesday that 20 Palestinians who participated in an anti-war protest in Gaza were executed Monday for collaborating with Israel. Hamas has executed more than 30 Gazan Palestinians accused of collaborating with Israel, according to Palestinian news sources.
Three IDF Soldiers Killed in Gaza; 27 Wounded
idf back in gaza casualties
The soldiers were killed "while uncovering an offensive tunnel shaft in a residence in the southern Gaza Strip... The house and the tunnel were booby trapped with two explosive devices that were detonated against the soldiers."
Israeli Tourists Forced to Leave Maldives Resort after Gaza Demo
maldives: israelis evacuated for their own safety
Officials say Israelis were removed and evacuated from a Maldivian resort "for their own safety", after tearing down a poster equating Israel to Nazi Germany.
Hamas Intensifies Barrage as Israel Agrees to 4-Hour Ceasefire
israeli truce gaza ceasefire
A brief truce at 3:00 pm was punctuated by heavy rocket fire from Gaza; Israeli Cabinet meets on whether to expand, or end the operation.
IDF Launches New Offensive into North, Central Gaza
tank op gaza israel gaza
The Israel Defense Force began to advance toward "new targets" in the Gaza Strip Wednesday morning, ignoring US President Barack Obama's reported attempt to strongarm Israel into an immediate ceasefire.
US Ambassador: Tape of Obama-Netanyahu Conversation Fabricated
obama netanyahu hostile conversatyion
US, Israeli PM rush to reject the authenticity of a recording claimed to be of Obama trying to force an unfavorable ceasefire on Israel.

In Leaked Tape, Hostile Obama Tries to Force PM to Accept Truce
obama netanyahu hostile conversatyion
Damning evidence has emerged of US President Barack Obama's dismissal of Israel's position in favor of supporting the position of Hamas and its allies during ceasefire talks.
BREAKING NEWS: Hamas' Military Leader Emerges, Says Hamas is Winning
hamas resistance
Muhammed Deif, the head commander of the Izz ad-Din al-Qassam Brigades, the military wing of Hamas emerged to give a rare statement to Hamas' media source on the fighting in Gaza.
Nine Out Of 10 Israel's War Dead Monday Died On Israeli Soil
israeli's died on israeli soil
That nine of the 10 Israeli servicemen who died in the counter-terror operation against Hamas Monday, July 28, were killed on Israeli soil was a wake-up call for Israel's war leaders.
A Holocaust Survivor Worries About Her Gazan Daughter
holocaust survivor worries about gazan daughter
"In my time it wasn't Arab or Jew," said Sarah, who speaks Hebrew with a slight European accent. "We knew there was no problem between Jews and Israeli Arabs. I'm very liberal; my husband was the same. We felt no discrimination."

Fatah Promises To "Turn Tel Aviv Into A Ball Of Fire"
fatah wants to turn tel aviv into a ball of fire
Fatah threatens "to turn Tel Aviv into a ball of fire," takes credit for several rockets fired into Israel in the last 24 hours and boasts that "throughout history our movement's hand was the strongest hand in the confrontation with the occupation (i.e., Israel) and still is."
Hamas Celebrates Kidnapping-Murder Of 3 Israeli Teens
hamas celebrates murder of teens
Hamas broadcast a song yesterday honoring the kidnappers and murderers of the three Israeli teenagers Eyal Yifrach, 19, Gilad Shaar, 16, and Naftali Frenkel, 16.
UK Supermarket Chain To Stop Carrying Judea And Samaria Products
uk chain bds
Tesco, the UK's largest supermarket chain, says it will no longer sell products originating from Judea and Samaria starting this September, The Jewish Chronicle reports.
Khamenei Repeats Israel 'Rabid Dog' Insult in Eid al-Fitr Speech
iran's leader insults israel
Iran's supreme leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei accused Israel's leaders of committing "genocide" in Gaza and called on the Islamic world to arm Palestinians fighting "the Zionist regime," according to AFP.
North Korea Denies It Helps Hamas And Hezbollah
n. korea denies it helps hamas
North Korea has denounced allegations that it supplied missiles to Hamas and material support to Hezbollah as "sheer fiction" and a "sinister" effort to link Pyongyang to Middle East disputes, AFP reports.
Holocaust Camp Liberator 'Predicted Gaza War'
camp liberator predicted gaza war
Ninety-one-year-old William Langfan predicted the current Gaza War in a TV interview one year ago with Tom Trento.
Watch: 1,000 Attend Jewish-Christian Pro-Israel Rally In Mexico
1000 attend pro israel rally
More than 1,000 people gathered outside the Israeli embassy in Mexico City on Sunday, according to the Enlace Judio Spanish-language daily, to demonstrate in support of Israel and its self-defense operation in Gaza, Operation Protective Edge.
Gaza's Only Power Plant Knocked Out
gaza's only power plant knocked out
The only power plant supplying electricity to the Gaza Strip was knocked out of commission by Israeli shelling, deputy director of the energy authority in the Palestinian territory said Tuesday.

Hamas Denies Signing Up To 'Unilateral Ceasefire'
hamas denies signing up to ceasefire
Hamas has rejected claims by Secretary General of the Palestine Liberation Organisation, Yasser Abed Rabbo, who claimed that both Hamas and Islamic Jihad had agreed to a unilateral ceasefire for at least 24 hours.
Five Terrorists Killed After Emerging from 'Terror Tunnel'
terrorists killed after emerging from tunnel
Givati Brigade soldiers identified five terrorists on Tuesday afternoon as they exited a terror tunnel.
Meet the Unit Taking Care of Wounded Soldiers
gaza soldiers killed israel number at 53
The IDF's Yakar Unit accompanies soldiers through the entire recovery process, as revealed in special interview. It also helps wounded soldiers and their families cope with their injuries and recovery.
5 More Soldiers Killed During Attempted Terrorist Infiltration
gaza soldiers killed israel number at 53
Five soldiers were killed when Hamas terrorists breached the border from Gaza on Monday. A sixth soldier prevented abduction of a body.
Names of Four Killed Soldiers Released
idf soldiers killed in gaza
The names of the four IDF soldiers who were killed on Monday by a mortar shell near the Gaza border have been cleared for publication.
Five Soldiers Killed in and Near Gaza
idf soldiers killed in gaza
Five soldiers were killed Monday in and near the Gaza Strip. Four of the soldiers were killed by a mortar that struck a group of soldiers near the Gaza border.
Both JetBlue Argument Participants Admit To Being Jewish
both jetblue passengers jewish
The woman who was involved in a verbal altercation about the Middle East with a Jewish doctor booted from a JetBlue flight admitted that she is not Palestinian but Jewish.
Family Of Max Steinberg Comforted By Visitors To Western Wall
family of max comforted by visitors to kotel
The family of the late American-Israeli soldier Max Steinberg visited the Western Wall in Jerusalem.
New Videos On Terror Tunnel Threat Pack A Wallop
new videos on terror tunnel
With very few words, a new pro-Israeli advocacy video explains what the current fighting in Gaza is about and why talk of "proportionate force" is irrelevant.
Two Wounded Soldiers Succumb To Their Injuries
two soldiers succumb to their injuries
Two soldiers who were wounded during Operation Protective Edge in Gaza succumbed to their injuries in Israeli hospitals on Saturday.

Forty-Third IDF Soldier Killed In Gaza Overnight
forty-third soldier killed in gaza overnight
The IDF Spokesperson's Office has released the name of an Israeli soldier killed Saturday night in Gaza on Sunday morning, the forty-third since Operation Protective Edge began nineteen days ago.
Missionaries Harassing IDF Soldiers Manning Iron Dome
missionaries harassing soldiers
Even as IDF soldiers grit their teeth to fight a tough war against Israel's Hamas enemies, they have other threats to worry about - like missionaries seeking to convert IDF soldiers, preventing them from concentrating on their mission.
US Closes Libya Embassy, Hundreds Dead In Syria
us closes libya embassy
Dozens of people were dead Sunday in Libya in clashes between Libyan government troops and Islamist militants in Benghazi.
Terror Group Threatens To 'Chop Off The Heads Of The Jews'
group threatens to chop off heads of jews
Jews who refuse to leave "Palestine" will be subject to beheading, a Palestinian group closely associated with Hamas threatened over the weekend.
At Least Four Killed In Mortar Attack; Injuries Also Reported
four killed in mortar attack
At least four, possibly five, people were killed when a mortar shell scored a direct hit on a home in the Eshkol region Monday afternoon. Several injuries have also been reported.
Thousands Protest Against 'Gaza Genocide' In Rotterdam
thousands protest against gaza genocide in rotterdam
Thousands of people protested in the Dutch port city of Rotterdam on Sunday against what some labelled Israel's "genocide in Gaza", AFP reported, citing local media.
Despite Cease-Fire Talk, Rockets Continue Falling
rockets still falling
As pressure from the US and other countries grew for an immediate cease-fire in Gaza, Hamas terrorists continued firing rockets at Israeli targets.
Obama Administration Caused 'Long-Term Damage', Dayan Says
dayan says Obama admin. caused damage
Danny Dayan, head of the Council of Judea and Samaria, said Monday that asking Israel to stop its attacks on Hamas at this time was "a perversion of morality and diplomacy."
French Official: 1,000 French Jihadists 'Getting Ready'
french jihadists getting ready
"For the first time since World War II, cries and shouts to 'Kill the Jews' have been sounded on the streets of France," said Meir Haviv, a member of the French Parliament.
Netanyahu Vows to Continue Destroying Terror Tunnels
netanyahu hits back at un
Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu issues a harsh response to the UN calls for a cease-fire, and insists the international community "addresses the needs of murderers."
UN Security Council Calls for Immediate Gaza Ceasefire
unhrc votes on gaza
The UN Security Council on Monday called for an immediate humanitarian ceasefire in Gaza to allow for urgent aid to reach civilians as the conflict between Israel and Hamas entered its third week.
IDF Says it Was Not Responsible for UNRWA School Deaths
idf looking into reports that unrwa school shelled in gaza
The IDF on Sunday confirmed firing a mortar round into a Gaza UN shelter where 15 people died on Thursday, but denied killing anyone at the site, according to AFP.
Israel Rejects Hamas Truce Offer
netanyahu explains hamas truce offer
In interviews, Netanyahu says Hamas violated 5 ceasefires. On Sunday: 38 missiles launched, woman hurt in direct hit on Negev home.

Hamas Fires at Israel as Cabinet Votes to Extend Ceasefire on Israel
rockets from hamas stop ceasefire
Hamas fired rockets at central Israel around 10 p.m. Saturday, making a mockery of a four-hour Israeli ceasefire extension that began two hours earlier. The military has confirmed that five IDF soldiers were killed in several incidents during the last 24 hours.
Hamas, Israel Confirm 12-Hour Ceasefire
Israel and Hamas have reportedly agreed to a 12-hour ceasefire in Gaza on Saturday. The IDF halted fire for several hours last week in a humanitarian ceasefire, but Hamas took advantage of this and continued to attack Israel.
Israel Rejects Kerry's Ceasefire Proposal
Israel rejected U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry's proposal for a ceasefire in Gaza on Friday evening. In the past two weeks, Israel has agreed to three separate 'humanitarian truces', all of which Hamas has broken within minutes of their being announced.
Israel's US Ambassador Smashes Biased Coverage on CNN
In one of the best performances by an Israeli spokesman since the start of Operation Protective Edge, Israel's US ambassador, Ron Dermer, turned the tables on a CNN anchor who tried to corner him over the deaths of children in a Gaza school that was bombed.
Air Canada Flight Delayed by Rockets over Tel Aviv
ben gurion airport air canada flight
An Air Canada flight from Toronto was forced to circle the Tel Aviv airport before landing Friday after rockets were fired over the Israeli city, an airline spokeswoman said.
Israel Calls Out UNRWA for Claiming IDF Shelled School
idf looking into reports that unrwa school shelled in gaza
Israel on Thursday called out a United Nations aid agency for falsely claiming that the Israeli Defense Forces did not permit civilians to evacuate a Gaza school where 15 people were killed in an Israeli attack.
Rocket Fired at Eilat Area, Possiby Aiming for Ovda Airport
eilat airport israel nearly hit by rocket
Gaza Arab terrorists continued firing rockets at Israel Thursday night, with a rocket fired at Eilat.
Reuven Rivlin Sworn In as Israel's Tenth President
president rivlin
In a gala ceremony, but a subdued one, Reuven Rivlin was sworn in Thursday evening as the tenth President of Israel. The ceremony was held in the shadow of the heavy fighting still going on in Gaza.
WATCH: American Parents of Max Steinberg Say They are "Overwhelmed by Love"
parents of lone soldier max steinberg
Max Steinberg's family say they are overwhelmed by the outpouring of support from ordinary Israelis, and they stand by decision to bury him in Israel.
Israel Investigating Claims IDF Shelled UN School
idf looking into reports that unrwa school shelled in gaza
Gaza terror groups claimed that the IDF shelled UN school in Gaza on Thursday afternoon. According to the groups, at least 15 people, including children, had been killed. Israel and UNRWA have yet to comment.
Netanyahu: Gaza Operation to Continue "At Full Strength"
netanyahu operation protective edge
Prime Minister says IDF has struck a "significant blow" to Hamas; more than 30 terror tunnels located since the ground operation began.
FAA Lifts Ban on Flights to Israel
america bans flights to israel
The US national aviation authority has lifted a ban on American flights to Israel, but warned of a "very fluid situation" amid intense fighting with Palestinians in nearby Gaza, AFP reports Thursday.
Italian Philosopher Calls to 'Shoot Zionists', Arm Hamas
Hamas' Parade Rocket
Italian philosopher Gianni Vattimo has joined the alarming tide of anti-Israel hate-speech in Europe on Wednesday, saying he wanted to set up a fund to help Hamas "buy better weapons," and saying that he would personally like "to shoot those bastard Zionists."
'No Jews Allowed' Sign Removed From Belgian Cafe Following Complaint
'No Jews Allowed' Sign
Police removed a sign from a Belgian cafe saying that Jews were not allowed following a complaint by an anti-Semitism watchdog.
Why The Tel Aviv Flight Cancellations Are Such a Blow to Israel
Michael Bloomberg (left) with Benjamin Netanyahu (right)
When the Federal Aviation Administration announced a ban Tuesday on U.S. carriers flying to Ben Gurion Airport near Tel Aviv, prompting a slew of similar decisions by European carriers, the flight cancellations were more than just a major inconvenience to thousands of passengers on 160-plus canceled flights.

Hamas Refuses International Cease-Fire Efforts Again
america bans flights to israel
Hamas continues to be uncompromising in its position regarding an international cease-fire on Wednesday. "We reject today and will reject in the future," Hamas leader-in-exile Khaled Meshaal insisted, in a public speech in Qatar.
FAA Extends Ban on Flights to Israel
america bans flights to israel
The Federal Aviation Administration on Wednesday renewed its ban on US flights to Tel Aviv for another 24 hours citing the "potentially hazardous situation" in Israel and Gaza.
BREAKING: Three More Israeli Soldiers Killed in Gaza
idf soldiers murdered
Three IDF soldiers were killed in battle with terrorists in south Gaza early on Wednesday and several others were air lifted to hospital with injuries.
30,000 Attend Max Steinberg's Funeral
max steinberg israel lone soldier
Max, a lone soldier from California spoke with his mother shortly before his death at 4 a.m. on Saturday morning. After coming out of Gaza for a brief refreshing break, he said, "Mom I’m not scared at all for me, I'm scared for you. I'm fine, I’m going back in."
Maps, IDF Uniforms Found in Gaza Terror Tunnels
soldiers idf border praying
Operation Protective Edge's ground offensive has uncovered the full extent of tunnel terror into Israel Wednesday, after a shaft uncovered by the Givati Brigade was revealed to be holding IDF uniforms, maps, and a full weapons cache.
Report: Brief "Humanitarian Ceasefire" in Gaza
israeli aid to gaza
Fighting between Israeli troops and Hamas terrorists was briefly suspended in two flashpoint areas of Gaza on Wednesday to allow convoys of ambulances to retrieve the wounded, an ICRC spokeswoman said.
Kerry Tells Netanyahu: Flight Ban Solely for Safety
kerry israel flight ban
U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry told Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu on Tuesday that a U.S. ban on flights to Israel was solely due to safety concerns, AFP reports.
Two More Officers Killed in Gaza
dmitriy levitas killed in action
Lieutenant Natan Cohen, 23, of Modiin, a company commander in the Armored Corps, and Captain Dmitri Levitas, 26, from Jerusalem were killed in Gaza on Tuesday evening.
Could Artificial Island Solve Gaza Problem?
Transportation Minister Yisrael Katz has unveiled a proposal that he believes could allow Israel to fully disengage from Gaza, without compromising its security.
Second Call to Honor Fallen Soldier at Funeral
Among the soldiers killed in action this week was 24-year-old Max Steinberg, who was a "lone soldier" - a soldier serving in the IDF while his family lives overseas.
Heavy Rocket Fire on Central Israel
america bans flights to israel
Rocket sirens were heard in the coastal cities of Holon, Bat Yam, and in Modiin, located inland between Jerusalem and Tel Aviv. Sirens sounded in Samaria, as well when a barrage of rockets came down around 9 p.m.
Hamas Trying to Kidnap Israeli Soldier
hamas trying to kidnap idf soldier
Hamas has tried to kidnap Israeli soldiers in Gaza, and they are using every means at their disposal.
America Suspends Flights to Israel
america bans flights to israel
The American Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) has temporarily barred flights to and from Israel’s Ben-Gurion Airport following a rocket strike in the area.
14 Terrorists Killed, 187 Targets Destroyed
oron shaul soldier kidnapped hamas gaza israel
IDF soldiers have successfully hit 187 terror targets so far on Tuesday, military sources have revealed. One hundred of the targets were in the Sheijaya neighborhood in northern Gaza.
Missing Soldier Named: Sgt. Oron Shaul, 21
oron shaul soldier kidnapped hamas gaza israel
The IDF thinks Hamas may have taken a part of Oron Shaul's body from the charred APC. His family was told that the chances that he is alive are slim.
Kerry Pledges $47 Million in Aid for Gaza
gaza gets 47 million in aid
U.S. Secretary of State says Gaza operation is "appropriate and legitimate" but adds he is "deeply concerned" about its consequences.
Two More IDF Soldiers Killed in Gaza
two more deaths in gaza
Two more IDF soldiers have been killed in Gaza, the IDF Spokesperson's Unit cleared for publication on Monday night. The latest deaths bring the total number of officers and soldiers who have been killed in Operation Protective Edge so far to 27.
US Calls for Israel to "Do More" for Palestinian Civilians
obama says israel must do more for gaza
Israel must "do more" to protect civilians caught up in the crossfire of its assault on Hamas in the Gaza, the White House said Monday.
Fatah Hands Out Candy to Celebrate "kidnapping" of Israeli Soldier Falsely Claimed by Hamas
Hamas Hands Out Candy
The official Facebook page of Mahmoud Abbas' Fatah party posted images from the Palestinian city of Tulkarem showing Fatah activists handing out candy to people in the street to celebrate the "kidnapping of the Israeli soldier" in Gaza. Yesterday, Hamas disseminated the false claim that it had kidnapped a soldier - a claim that has since been refuted by Israel.
Shelly Dadon Recognized as Terror Victim
Shelly Dadon
The Ministry of Defense finally recognized murdered 20 year-old Shelly Dadon, hy"d, as a victim of terror Monday, over two weeks after an indictment was filed proving that her murder was due to nationalistic motives.
Revealed: Hamas Wore IDF Uniforms in Latest Infiltration Attempt
Hamas Wears IDF Uniforms
The IDF's initial investigation regarding Hamas's latest infiltration attempt from Gaza proved shocking Monday, after it revealed that Hamas has been blending into the Israeli side of the border - by replacing their clothing with replicas of IDF uniforms.
Iraqi Christians Flee for Their Lives after ISIS Ultimatum
Members of ISIS
The Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant has emptied Mosul of Christians, Christian leaders lamented earlier this week, after the Islamist group issued them an ultimatum: convert to Islam, pay non-Muslim taxes - or die.
Soccer Fans to Flood Lone Soldier's Funeral
In a heartfelt call to fans, the Maccabi Haifa soccer club called on its fans to "do a mitzvah (a good deed) and attend the funeral of fallen IDF soldier Nissim Sean Carmeli, so that his funeral will not be empty."

Killed in Action: The Faces of the Golani Heroes
soldiers killed in gaza
The IDF released for publication the names of seven of the 13 Golani Brigade soldiers killed in action at the Shejaiya neighborhood in Gaza Sunday morning.
Fatah Celebrates 'Abduction' of Soldier
The official Facebook page of Fatah, the terror movement and political organization headed by Palestinian Authority chief Mahmoud Abbas, has published photos from Tulkarem, in Samaria, showing Fatah activists passing out sweets to people in the street to celebrate the alleged abduction of an IDF soldier in Gaza.
IDF Photo Shows Rockets Fired From Hospital
Hamas uses hospitals to shoot rockets at Israel
On Monday the IDF released photos and videos that offered irrefutable proof that Hamas terrorists were indeed using civilian neighborhoods and facilities - including hospitals - to fire rockets at Israel.

Another Terrorist Infiltration Foiled
Residents of the Shaar Hanegev, Sdot Negev and Eshkol regions near Gaza were told to stay in their homes Monday morning because of a terrorist infiltration.
Breaking: Seven More IDF Soldiers, Officers Killed
gaza border
The IDF Spokesperson's Office stated Monday night that seven additional soldiers and officers have been killed in Gaza, as the fourteenth day of Operation Protective Edge draws to a close.
Report: IDF Destroys Iranian Missiles Meant for Hamas
did the idf dstroy missile warehouse in sudan?
A weekend report said that Israel destroyed a warehouse in Sudan that contained Iranian missiles, destined for Gaza.
IDF Creates Field Hospital for Injured Palestinians
israel sets up field hospital for palestinians
The IDF will create a field hospital outside Gaza in order to treat injured Palestinians, army sources announced Sunday. Chief of Staff Benny Gantz has approved the measure.
Netanyahu: We're "Turning Back" the Disengagement
idf soldiers killed in gaza
Netanyahu said that Israel has embarked on a gradual process of undoing the harm done by the 2005 unilateral Gaza withdrawal known as the Disengagement, which ended up allowing Hamas to take over Gaza.
Names of 5 Killed Soldiers Released
soldiers killed in gaza july 20
The IDF cleared for publication on Sunday night the names of five of the 13 officers and soldiers who were killed in an attack on an APC in Gaza.
IDF Works to Destroy 34 Terror Tunnels
idf soldiers killed in gaza
As of Saturday night, the IDF has uncovered 34 terror tunnels, including 5 which extend from Gaza far into Israel, the IDF Spokesperson's Office announced Saturday night.
Officer, Soldier Killed after Terrorists Tunnel into Israel
idf soldiers killed in gaza
Col. Amotz Greenberg, 45, and Sergeant Adar Bersano, 20, were killed after terrorists infiltrated Israel for attempted kidnapping.
Two More IDF Soldiers Killed in Gaza
soldiers killed in gaza
Cadet Bar Rahav, 21, of Ramat Yishai, was killed when an anti-tank missile hit the military vehicle in which he was riding in Gaza. Sergeant Benaya Ruval, 20, of Holon, was killed in clashes in Gaza.
Siren Interrupts Obama and Netanyahu's Telephone Call
obama netanyahu phone call
U.S. President Barack Obama got to hear an incoming rocket siren during a telephone conversation with Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu on Friday.
One Woman Injured in Latest Gaza Rocket Salvo
car hit by rocket in ashdod
Hamas terrorists fired a large salvo of rockets towards Israel on Friday evening. The rocket attacks targeted both southern Israel as well as central Israel, as sirens were heard in the Tel Aviv area.
Netanyahu Defends IDF, "Inevitable" Ground Offensive
israel gaza
Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu spoke at length about the ground offensive in Gaza on Friday, as Operation Protective Edge against Hamas enters its eleventh day.
One IDF Soldier Killed, 15 Terrorists Eliminated in Gaza
idf moves into gaza
The IDF has released a summary of the last eight hours of Operation Protective Edge's ground offensive in Gaza on Friday morning, after tens of thousands of soldiers were called up to enter Gaza and destroy Hamas's arsenals and terror tunnels.

idf moves into gaza
IDF forces began a ground incursion into the Gaza Strip on Thursday night, on the 10th day of Operation Protective Edge, and after more than 60 Hamas missiles rained down on Israel throughout Thursday.
Terrorists Who Killed Israeli Volunteer "Murdered a Whole World"
dror hanin, killed by terrorists1
"Yesterday was the 17th of Tammuz," Dror's brother said, noting the traditional fast day marking the beginning of the end for the First and Second Temples in Jerusalem. "For us, your death was nothing short of the fall of the Third Temple."
Hamas Government Praises, Encourages Human Shields
iaf airstrike
The Palestinian Authority and Hamas are urging residents not to respond to the IDF's warnings to evacuate towns in Gaza close to the Israeli border on Thursday, as the IDF gears up for a possible ground offensive.
Hillary Sides with Israel vs. Jon Stewart
hilary on jon steawrt show about israel
Possible presidential candidate says Israelis are "absolutely right they can't just sit here and let the rockets rain down."
Cease-Fire or Not, Hamas Continues Rocket Barrage on Israel
iron dome stops hamas missiles
Hamas terrorists launched a major attack on Israel's heartland Thursday morning, as Red Color alert sirens were sounded in communities throughout central Israel.
IDF Nabs 13 Terrorists Entering Israel Through Terror Tunnel
terror tunnel stopped by israel
The IDF authorized for publication Thursday morning that soldiers had successfully prevented a major terrorist incursion into Israel by Gaza Arab terrorists.
IDF Launches Investigation After Four Children Die in Airstrike
IDF investigates Airstrike
IDF Spokesman, Brigadier General Moti Almoz addressed reports of four Palestinian Arab children being killed in an IAF airstrike on Wednesday, noting that the accidental deaths were the result of Hamas using civilians as human shields.
Israel Accepts UN Request for Six-Hour "Humanitarian Ceasefire"
israel may move into gaza
Hamas has yet to respond to request from UN envoy Robert Serry. Ceasefire to begin tomorrow regardless.
Photos: Hamas Fires 94 Rockets In Israel; Hits In Ashdod, Ashkelon
hamas fires 94 rockets
Hamas terrorists fire nearly 100 into southern Israel on Wednesday, including seven at Ashdod and nineteen at Ashkelon.

Lebanese Army Arrests Two Terrorists Over Rockets On Israel
two pal. brother's arrested
Two Palestinian Arab brothers suspected of involvement in rocket attacks on northern Israel have been arrested by the Lebanese army, the military said on Wednesday.
Netanyahu To Hamas: 'We Will Fight You And Defeat You'
netanyahu to hamas: we will defeat u
Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu reiterated Israel's right to self-defense Wednesday, in a meeting with Italian Foreign Minister Federica Mogherini.
Arab Politician Stages 'Moment Of Silence' For Gaza Dead In Parliment
knesset member poses moment of silence for dead in gaza
MK Basel Ghattas (Balad) cause a firestorm in the Knesset Wednesday, after he staged a "moment of silence" for the "victims" of Israel's operation against Hamas in Gaza.

Pew Survey: Jews Most Popular Religious Group In U.S.
jews most popular religious group in us
A new survey by the Pew Research Center shows that Jews are the most warmly regarded religious group in America.
Ministers Weigh Ground Offensive, Call Up More Reservists
A ground offensive is in the works, AFP reports Wednesday, after Hamas broke Tuesday's brief cease-fire and pummeled Israel with rockets - and threats.

Dror was Killed as He Gave Gift Bags to Soldiers
dror hanin, killed by terrorists1
Dror Hanin, 38, a married father of three from Beit Aryeh in the Shomron, was killed Tuesday by a Hamas mortar shell as he gave out gift bags to soldiers at the Erez Crossing near Gaza.
IDF Warns Northern Gaza Residents to Evacuate Their Homes
israel may move into gaza
The IDF has warned residents of northern Gaza to evacuate their homes, Al Arabiya reported on Tuesday night.
Netanyahu Fires Deputy Defense Minister Danny Danon
danny danon fired by netanyahu in middle of operation
In a dramatic development Tuesday, Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu has fired his Deputy Defense Minister Danny Danon. Danon responds: "I will not sell my ideology for the sake of an office and a chauffeur."
Brooklyn Baby Named for 3 Murdered Israeli Teens
Eyal, Gilad, and Naftali
The name was announced at the baby's bris on Monday, according to the NRG news website. He is the son of Yankee and Bina Teitelbaum, who live in the Crown Heights neighborhood.
Netanyahu Promises "Great Force" Until Hamas Stops Rockets
netanyahu promises great force
"Hamas chose to continue the conflict and it will pay the price for it," Netanyahu said. "Anyone who tries to harm the citizens of Israel, Israel will hurt them."
Rockets Fired at Tel Aviv, Southern Israel; 1 Dead
israeli killed from rocket fire
An Israeli man in his thirties was killed when terrorists in the Gaza Strip launched a fresh barrage of rockets on central and southern Israel Tuesday afternoon. The man was apparently distributing food to soldiers when he was killed by mortar fire.
IDF Renews Strikes in Gaza After Hamas Rejects Ceasefire
gaza ceasefire
More than 40 rockets have been fired on Israel since "truce" was declared; after hours of restraint, Israel responds.
Breaking: Hamas Fires Rockets on Israel After Egyptian "Truce"
hamas fires rockets after ceasefire called with israel
Israel has accepted a cease-fire - but Hamas has not, lobbing rockets at Israel less than one hour after announcement.
Egypt Proposes Ceasefire for 9:00 AM
Rocket Fired From Gaza
Egypt proposed a ceasefire in the conflict between Israel and Hamas to start at 0600 GMT (9:00 AM IST) Tuesday and be followed by talks on easing the flow of goods into Gaza.
10-Year-Old Girl Injured in Rocket Attack Fighting for Her Life
Rocket Attack
Three people were seriously injured from rocket fire in Be'er Sheva on Monday, including two teenage sisters.
Hamas Reiterates 'Conditions' For Cease-Fire
hamas reiterates conditions for cease fire
Hamas officials reiterated on Monday that a cease-fire was not on the agenda, unless Israel agreed to major concessions - including several that Israel has in the past said are non-negotiable.

Two Teenage Girls Injured From Rocket Fire In Be'er Sheva
teenage girls injured from rockets
Three people were seriously injured from rocket fire in Be'er Sheva on Monday, including two teenage sisters.
Arab Cleric: Israel Defends Us From Hamas Missiles
arab cleric says israel defends us from hamas
The Mukhtar (Islamic religious leader) of the Jerusalem neighborhood of Sur Baher on Monday praised Israel for defending the city - and particularly the Al-Aqsa mosque on the Temple Mount - from Hamas rockets.
Hamas In Their Own Words
hamas in their own words
A Hamas spokesperson confirms "We are leading our people to death".
Watch: Egyptian TV Hosts 'Sick And Tired' Of Hamas
egyptian tv hosts sick and tired of hamas
It is no secret that the Egyptian government has been taking some pleasure in watching events unfold in the Gaza Strip.
The New Feminism? Fatah Glorifies Female Rocket Launchers
fatah glorifies women rocket launchers
In a video posted on Fatah's official Facebook page today, Fatah prides itself on its "young women," who "part from their children, leave their homes and go to the battlefield carrying burial shrouds to fight in the ranks of the Palestinian resistance in the Gaza Strip."
Shin Bet Releases Details Of Murder Of Palestinian Teen
mohammed abu khader
Israel's Shin Bet security service released the details of the murder of Palestinian teen Mohammed Abu Khdeir.
Soon In Gaza? IDF Paratroopers Train For Urban Warfare
paratroopers train for urban warfare
Seven days after Operation Protective Edge began to stop a constant barrage of rocket fire from Gaza, the IDF has begun training its paratroopers for a ground offensive.
Watch: Ashkelon Residents Dedicate Torah Scroll Under Fire
ashkelon residents dedicate torah under fire
Residents of the southern city of Ashkelon didn't let a few rockets spoil the dedication of a new Torah scroll Sunday.
Hamas Boasts It Has Drone Arsenal
hamas boasts it has drone
Hamas on Monday confirmed that it had sent out a drone over Israel earlier in the day. A Hamas spokesperson said that the Izz-a-Din al-Qassam wing of the terror group had dispatched the drone, and that the terror group had more of them.
Federal Officer Fires Gun During LA Pro-Israel Rally
officer fires gun during pro israel rally in la
A federal officer fired his weapon in the direction of counter demonstrators at a rally in support of Israel held in Los Angeles.
Germany: Police Car Broadcasts Anti-Israel Slogans
police car germany anti israel march
Islamist anti-Israel protesters used a police car's speakers to broadcast messages of hate during a heated march against Israel's defensive operation in Gaza.
Hamas Sends Drone at Ashdod, IDF Intercepts It
german drone
An enemy Unmanned Aerial Vehicle, apparently laden with explosives, was shot down by the IDF near the port city of Ashdod Monday morning. Strong explosion rocks the city.
Operation Protective Edge Enters Day 7
gaza israel conflict
As the counterterrorism Operation Protective Edge enters its seventh day on Monday, the IDF Spokesperson’s Unit has released a summary of the operation thus far.
Iron Dome Intercepts 7 Rockets Over Ashkelon
iron dome israel gaza
The Iron Dome anti-missile system intercepted seven rockets that were fired towards the city of Ashkelon and the Hof Ashkelon region.
Hamas Rocket Strikes Gaza Electric Supply, Israel not Fixing It
rocket from gaza stops gaza electricity
Seventy thousand Gazans were in the dark Sunday night after a Hamas rocket hit the power line that supplies electricity to those places. It's not clear when Israel Electric Company workers will be able to repair the system, due to the fact that rockets continue to land in Israel.
Canada Calls on Allies to Support Israel
stephen harper israel
“The indiscriminate rocket attacks from Gaza on Israel are terrorist acts, for which there is no justification. Failure by the international community to condemn these reprehensible actions would encourage these terrorists to continue their appalling actions."
Sirens Sound in Samaria, for the First Time
rockets land in israel
Hamas's latest salvo of rockets, around 8:00 p.m. on Sunday, appears to have been aimed at Jerusalem and the Binyamin/Samaria region. Rocket warning sirens went off in Ariel, Shilo and Eli in Samaria, as well as Psagot - for the first time in recent memory.
Sirens in Northern Israel, on Lebanese Border
rockets launches at israel from lebanon
Sirens sounded Saturday evening in northern Israel as rockets were apparently fired from Lebanon into the Jewish state.
Rockets Launched at Israel from Sinai, Too
rockets launches at israel from sinai
The Ansar Bayt Al-Makdis terror organization, which identifies ideologically with Al Qaeda, published a video Friday allegedly documenting the launching of five 107 mm rockets at Israel. The launch took place in the Sinai peninsula.
IDF Begins Dropping Leaflets Telling Gazans to Leave Their Homes
iaf gaza
The IDF has begun dropping leaflets on certain parts of Gaza, telling residents to leave their homes. The move is being interpreted as a preparation for a possible ground offensive by the IDF.
Watch: IDF Calls Off Airstrike After Seeing Children Near Target
merkava tank israel idf gaza
The IDF Spokesperson's Unit has uploaded a video which shows how the IDF calls off Gaza airstrikes upon realizing that there are innocent civilians in the area.
Two More Rockets Intercepted Over Tel Aviv
Iron Dome in Action
Two more rockets were fired from Gaza towards the Gush Dan region of central Israel shortly before 9:00 p.m. on Friday evening.
Netanyahu Vows Operation Will Continue Until Rockets Stop
beer sheva injurt israel gaza
Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said on Friday that he would not bow to world entreaties to stop Operation Protective Edge, until rocket fire from Gaza terrorists ceased.
Rocket Hits Be'er Sheva Home, One Person Injured
Be'er Sheva
A rocket fired from Gaza hit a home in the southern Israeli city of Be'er Sheva on Friday evening.
Jewish Groups Launch Emergency Campaigns for Israel
US Aid
American Jewish groups are launching emergency fundraising campaigns to send Israel aid while the fighting with Hamas continues.
UN Human Rights Commissioner Attacks Israel Over Self-Defense
Navi Pillay
UN High Commissioner for Human Rights, Navi Pillay, attacked Israel's right to defend itself on Friday, casting into doubt Israel's right to stop the constant rocket fire from Gaza under international law.
IDF Chief of Staff Says Hamas 'Made a Big Mistake'
IDF Chief of Staff Lt. Gen. Benny Gantz visited an IDF paratrooper base in the south on Friday, and outlined to journalists the next steps planned by the IDF as part of Operation Protective Edge.
Hamas Fires Rockets at Ben Gurion Airport
hamas targets central cities
Iron Dome shoots down rockets over Tel Aviv, after Hamas boasts of shooting four M-75 rockets at Ben Gurion airport for the first time.
""No Country Provides Electricity to the Enemy at Wartime"
Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu admitted Thursday to members of the Security Committee that harsh steps, such as cutting off the water and electricity to Gaza in response to the incessant rocket fire, are being opposed by the government's legal advisers.
Sirens Heard in Haifa and Carmel Coast Region
hafa gets rockets too
For the first time since the Second Lebanon War of 2006, sirens were heard in the city of Haifa overnight Thursday.
Watch: Hamas Sings 'Blow up Tel Aviv' on TV
Hamas Terrorists
Hamas terrorists have been busy in recent days launching hundreds of potentially lethal missiles on Israeli civilian populations. A new video from Hamas's TV reveals they have also been busy singing about launching the missiles on Israeli cities.
Rocket Hits Ashdod Gas Station, One Serious Injury
ashdod rocket fire hits gas station
A rocket fired by terrorists in the Hamas enclave of Gaza hit a gas station and exploded in the coastal city of Ashdod on Friday morning, causing at least one serious injury.
US, UN Call for Gaza Ceasefire as Ground Offensive Looms
John Kerry
As the IDF on Thursday afternoon warned 100,00 Gaza residents to leave the security border, possibly indicating an imminent ground offensive, both the United Nations and the United States have called for a ceasefire.
What If Terrorists Could Shoot Rockets At Your Country?
if terrorists could shoot rockets at your country
Imagine if Gaza terrorists were your neighbors and could shoot the M-302 rocket at your home.

Putin: 'I support the struggle of Israel'
putins supports israel
Putin responded to Rabbi Yosef, asking him to tell Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu that he is a true friend of Israel and of Netanyahu.
One Person Seriously Wounded From Terror Fire In Negev
one person wounded in negev
One person suffered serious wounds in the Eshkol region of the Negev Thursday evening.
Iron Dome Frustrates Hamas
iron dome frustrates hamas
Most of the rockets stored by Hamas now threatening southern Israel and the Dan Region were manufactured on regular production lines and smuggled into the Gaza Strip through tunnels in the Rafiah region.

Hamas Says Aiming For Israel's Nuclear Reactor In Dimona
hamas aiming for nuclear reactor
Hamas claimed responsibility for three rockets fired at Dimona in southern Israel, saying the terror group was aiming for the city's nuclear reactor.
Police Officer Accused Of Beating Palestinian-American Teen Suspended
police officer suspended
An Israeli police officer shown in a video beating Palestinian-American teen Tariq Abu Khdeir was suspended and could be indicted.
Watch: Hamas Spokesman Encourages Using Civilians As Shields
hamas encourages human shields
The IDF Spokesperson's Unit continues to expose Hamas's use of civilians as human shields.
Rand Paul: Via PA, US May Be Funding Hamas
us may be funding hamas
US Senator Rand Paul said Wednesday that the American government was "potentially" funding Hamas, through its donations to the Palestinian Authority.

Amazing Footage Shows How Elephants React To Air Raid Sirens
how elephants react to air sirens
With the increased range of rockets fired by Hamas and Islamic Jihad from the Gaza Strip, Israel's major population centers in the center of the country are firmly within their reach. Israel's Safari zoo is in this region. This incredible video shows how elephants react quickly to protect their young when air sirens go off.
Hamas Blames John Kerry For Gaza Operation
hamas blames kerry for gaza
According to Hamas spokesperson Moussa Abu Marzuk, the fact that some 70 Gaza Arabs have been killed in the latest round of fighting between Israel and Hamas is all the fault of US Secretary of State John Kerry.
Despite Ongoing Rocket Fire, Israel Transfers Aid To Gaza
israel transfers aid to gaza
Despite the ongoing rocket fire by Gaza terrorists, Israel has not halted the entry of trucks into Gaza - and on Thursday, some 200 trucks carrying food and "basic supplies" entered Gaza.

After Tel Aviv, Hamas Targets Central Plain Cities
hamas targets central cities
Hamas terrorists on Thursday afternoon launched yet another heavy barrage of rockets at Israeli cities in the center of the country.

ISIS Spokesman Explains Why 'Islamic State' Not Supporting Hamas
isis not supporting hamas
The Islamic State, or ISIS, has responded to critics who have questioned why its leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi is not actively supporting Hamas in fighting Israel.
IDF Warns Gazans Near Border to Evacuate Immediately
merkava tank israel idf gaza
The IDF on Thursday afternoon contacted by phone Arab residents of Gaza living near the security border, warning them to evacuate their homes immediately.
Iron Dome Halts Four Tel Aviv-Bound Missiles
rockets hit tel aviv
As hundreds of thousands of commuters were driving and riding into the Tel Aviv area Thursday morning, Gaza terrorists fired at least four rockets at the Dan area.
Fatah: We Want to Fight Israel Together With Hamas
Mahmoud Abbas' Fatah movement asserted yesterday in a Facebook post that it sees the reconciliation with Hamas "as an opportunity to establish a united front to fight Israel."

Hamas to Israelis: "Wait For Suicide Attacks On Every Bus, Cafe and Street"
Hamas broadcast numerous videos in Hebrew today in an attempt at psychological warfare against Israel, or at least an attempt to make its own people think it is successfully intimidating Israel.
Terrorists Fire 40 Rockets Towards Southern Israel
iron dome stops rocket above tel aviv
Sirens were heard throughout Israel when terrorists from Gaza fired a salvo of at least 40 rockets towards southern Israel on Wednesday night, shortly after 11:00 p.m.
Breaking: Second Terrorist Infiltration from Gaza into Israel
idf attacks terrorist gaza infiltration
One terrorist was killed as the other ran, after a second infiltration near Zikim in Israel's Negev. Earlier infiltration was dealt with swiftly by the IDF.

Man wearing Star of David pendant attacked in Berlin park
Star of David Pendant
A man wearing a Star of David pendant and cap was attacked in a Berlin park in what investigators suspect was a hate crime.
Netanyahu Decides to Expand Operations Until Rockets Stop
Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu held security consultations at IDF Southern Command headquarters in Be'er Sheva Wednesday, along with Defense Minister Moshe Yaalon, IDF Chief-of-Staff Lt.-Gen.
Hamas Kidnappers 'Intended to Murder Teens from the Start'
Eyal, Gilad, and Naftali
Three Israeli teenagers kidnapped and murdered by Hamas were the victims of a premeditated execution by their captors, and were never meant to be used as bargaining chips to free imprisoned terrorists, according to a US official involved in the case.
Abbas Says He'll Turn to International Community Against Israel
Mahmoud Abbas
Palestinian Authority Chairman Mahmoud Abbas demanded on Tuesday night that Israel "immediately stop" its aerial campaign in Gaza and threatened to turn to the international community on the issue.
Exclusive: Status Quo Changed at David's Tomb
Kind David's Tomb
In a Knesset Interior Committee meeting on Monday chaired by MK Miri Regev (Likud), it was revealed that Christians received permission to hold fixed prayers in the David's Tomb Compound, in a breach of the status quo that threatens Jewish prayer rights.
IDF Chief of Staff Approves Ground Offensive Plans
merkava tank israel idf gaza
IDF Chief of Staff, Lt. Gen. Benny Gantz, has approved all of the plans for an IDF ground offensive into Gaza. Pressure on Gaza will grow in the coming hours and the IAF attacks will become even more intense.
This is How Hamas Uses Human Shields
el al flights postponed due to rocket fire
The IDF has published photographic evidence of the use of human shields by Hamas.
El Al Tells Passengers It's OK to Cancel Flights
el al flights postponed due to rocket fire
Tel-Aviv's Sde Dov Airport was temporarily shut down after a rocket was fired at the Gush Dan region, which includes Tel-Aviv. Ben Gurion International Airport warns that civilian air traffic corridors have been narrowed.
Rockets Strike as Far North as Haifa
rockets can hit tel aviv
A Hamas Grad Katyusha terror rocket was intercepted in the skies over Bat Yam, south of Tel Aviv, Wednesday afternoon. Two rockets landed in the sea near Haifa, reports AFP, noting the city is 165 kilometers (102 miles) away from the Hamas stronghold of Gaza.
Five Rockets Shot Down by Iron Dome over Tel Aviv
merkava tank israel idf gaza
"Color Red" rocket warning sirens were sounded in the coastal Gush Dan region early on Wednesday morning, sending residents of Tel Aviv, Rishon Letzion, Ashdod and other cities to shelters.
Report: Gaza Airstrike Kills Senior Islamic Jihad Member
iaf gaza
A senior terrorist in the Islamic Jihad was killed in an Israeli airstrike on Tuesday night, Gaza medics told AFP.
Tunnel Blows Up as More Rockets Are Found
Gaza Terror Tunnels
Residents of the kibbutz community of Kerem Shalom were warned of a possible terrorist infiltration Tuesday morning and told to remain inside their homes. At the same time, Hamas's armed wing said it had blown up a tunnel in the region.
BREAKING NEWS: Rocket Hits House in the Jerusalem Area
rockets fall in jerusalem
Two rockets have hit a house in the Jerusalem area after the Color Red siren was heard in Jerusalem for the first time in years.
IDF Eliminates Hamas Terrorists Who Breached Gaza Border
idf eliminates terrorists breaching gaza
Four Hamas terrorists breached the Gaza security border on Tuesday amid the ongoing shower of rockets, which have continued raining on Israel after IDF Operation Protective Edge was launched the previous night.
100,000 Israelis Download Emergency Alert App
hatzaloh emergency alert app
As the IDF launches Operation Protective Edge, United Hatzalah, Israel's fastest emergency response service, have placed their 2,300 volunteers on high alert across the country - including their 400 volunteers based in target zones in Southern Israel.
Mohammad's Mother Mourning Her Son
he was skinny but loved to eat
Suha listens politely, dark circles under her eyes. She's barely slept since her son Mohammed was kidnapped from the main street in front of his house here last Wednesday.

BREAKING NEWS: Iron Dome Intercepts Rocket over Tel Aviv
iron dome stops rocket above tel aviv
Rocket sirens were heard deep into Israel's coastal region as Gaza terrorists step up rocket assault with long range missiles, some intended for the citizens of Tel Aviv.
Murdered Arab Boy's Dad Plays Politics With Jewish Teens' Murder
murdered arab boy's dad plays politics
Shmuel Shai Cohen, the grandfather of murdered Israeli teen Gilad Sha'ar hy"d, was interviewed alongside the father of murdered Arab teen Mohammed Abu-Khder on Tuesday on a Voice of Israel public radio show.

Beaten U.S. Teen Denies Participating In Eastern Jerusalem Riot
teen denies particip. in jerusalem riots
The American teenager who was shown in a video being beaten by Israeli police denied being involved in eastern Jerusalem rioting.
BBC Warns - Gaza Photos Aren't Really From Gaza
gaza photos not from gaza
The British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) published a short report Tuesday in which it warned that many of the graphic images that are being shared on social media, are not from the latest conflict and not from Gaza.
Family Of Slain Palestinian Refuses To receive Peres
family of slain pal. refuses to receive peres
The family of Muhammad Abu Khdeir, the teen killed in an alleged revenge attack, rejected a condolence visit by Israeli President Shimon Peres.
Rachel Frenkel Condemns Revenge Killing, Offers Condolences
racheli frenkel bring back our boys, prayers
Rachel Fraenkel denounced the revenge killing of a Palestinian teen and offered condolences to the family.
Hamas Vows Revenge After Use of Human Shields Goes Awry
hamas vows revenge after use of human shield goes bad
Hamas has vowed revenge after an attempt to use Palestinian civilians as human shields resulted in several fatalities, as Israeli Air Force planes targeted the home of a Hamas commander.
Heart Machine Saves Woman's Life after Bee Sting
heart machine saves woman's life
A special heart and lung machine known as an ECMO saved the life of a 37-year-old mother of three from the Golan Heights last Thursday after she was stung by a bee.
IDF Calls Up 40,000 Reservists, Ordered To 'Hit Hamas Hard'
reservists called to hit hamas hard
The Security Cabinet has approved IDF Chief of Staff Lt. Gen. Benny Gantz's request to call up 40,000 reservists to the Gaza border, in the clearest signal yet that the IDF is planning a ground offensive into the Hamas-controlled territory in response to ceaseless rocket-fire on Israeli civilians.
Southern Residents Fear for Their Lives as Rockets Keep Falling
israeli residents taking refuge
As the IDF mobilizes for a ground offensive, Israelis living within the line of Hamas rocket fire wait in fear and frustration, having been forces to stay within a 15-second distance of their nearest bomb shelter as rocket after rocket falls on their homes from Gaza.
State of Emergency Declared After Rocket Fire
rockets can hit tel aviv
Israel's Defense Minister warns military operations "won't end in just a few days," noting that the IDF is preparing to expand the operation against Hamas.
Rockets Can Hit Tel Aviv, Citizens Told To Prepare
rockets can hit tel aviv
The Homefront Command has ordered that bomb shelters in towns and cities within 40 kilometers of the Gaza border be cleaned out and prepared for use. This is the first time such orders have been given since 2011's Pillar of Defense operation against Hamas terrorists in Gaza.

Thirty Rockets Fired Into Israel In Ten Minutes
thirty rockets fired into israel
Hamas fired over 30 rockets in a ten-minute period into Israel on Monday, with hits reported in Sha'ar HaNegev, the Eshkol Region, Netivot, Sderot, and Be'er Sheva between 8:00 - 8:10 pm IST.
Liberman Party Splits From Netanyahu
party split during crisis
Israeli Foreign Minister Avigdor Liberman has dissolved the partnership between the political party he heads, Yisrael Beiteinu, and Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's Likud party.
Details Emerge In Arab Teen's Murder Investigation
details in teen's murder
The Jerusalem District Court has permitted for publication further details about the investigation over the murder of 16 year-old Mohammed Abu-Khder, including background on the suspects.
Israel Mobilizes More Reserves, Hamas Prepares to Hit Tel Aviv
hamas prepares to hit tel aviv
The IDF mobilized another 1,500 reservists Monday, July 7, in readiness for a broad operation to curb the escalating rocket fire.

U.S. To Restrict Certain Electronic Devices On Planes
us to restrict certain elec. devices on planes
Officials in the United States said on Sunday they will not allow uncharged electronic devices onto U.S.-bound airplanes at some overseas airports, according to Sky News.
For The Third Time: Palestinians Fly Nazi Flag Over Main Highway
palestinians fly nazi flag over main highway
For at least the third time in recent months, Arab residents of Beit Umar have flown a Nazi flag over the village facing the main highway, angering Jewish residents.
Chief Rabbi Condemns Murder: 'Not The Way Of The Torah'
rabbi lau condemns murder
Ashkenazic Chief Rabbi David Lau on Monday condemned the murder of Mohammed Abu Khder, an Arab teenager from Jerusalem who was found burned to death last Wednesday.
French Jews Reenact 1947 'Illegal' Aliyah To Israel By Boat
french jews reeanact illegal aliyah to israel
Over 800 French Jewish students are currently taking part in an educational program to strengthen their ties to Israel by reenacting the dramatic voyage of Hatikva, a ship carrying 1,414 Jews who tried to enter Israel in 1947 that was turned away by the British.
Watch: Hamas Video Targets 'Settlers' In Judea And Samaria
hamas video targets settlers
Hamas published yet another YouTube propaganda video against Israelis, this time warning "settlers" in Judea and Samaria that their homes are within their rockets' range.
Israeli Troops Fire On Syrian Positions After Mortar Strikes Golan
israeli troops fire at syria
Israeli troops fired at Syrian military positions in response to a mortar fired on the Golan Heights.
IAF Strikes Hamas in Response to Rocket Barrage Escalation
hamas hit hard by idf
After rocket attacks continued to escalate throughout the weekend, the Israeli Air Force went into its first serious action against terrorist targets in the Gaza Strip during Sunday night, not just bombing empty buildings, but hitting Hamas operatives.
PM Tells Father of Murdered Arab Teen: Justice Will be Served
mohammed abu khader
Speaking to Mohammed Abu Khder's father Netanyahu vows "justice will be served", says murder "unacceptable by any human being".
Police Arrest Suspect in Murder of Shelly Dadon
shelly dadon
In a dramatic development Sunday, police have announced that the murder of 20-year-old Afula resident Shelly Dadon has been solved after an Arab taxi driver confessed to stabbing her to death for "nationalistic reasons."
Netanyahu Tells PA: Find Teens' Murderers, Like We Found Khder's
netanyahu says capture kidnapped boys murderer like israel capture murderer of arab teen
Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu said Sunday that the Palestinian Authority must locate the terrorists who abducted and murdered three Jewish teens on June 12, just as Israel located and arrested the suspected murderers of Arab teen Mohammed Khder of Shuafat in just a few days.
Police: Abu Khder Suspects "Connected Themselves" to Murder
suha khader son of murdered arab boy
Six suspects were in custody Sunday night on suspicion of being involved in the murder of Mohammed Abu Khder. The six were arrested earlier Sunday.
Suspect in Boys' Kidnapping Arrested in Hevron
kidnapped boys israel
A third possible suspect in the abduction and murder of Naftali Frenkel (16), Gilad Sha'ar (16), and Eyal Yifrah (19) was arrested Sunday, after a news expose revealed the man's connection to the case.
Unrest Spreads to Northern Israel
rock attacks spread to northern israel
Rioting by Arab extremists spread to Israel's north on Saturday, amid increased rocket fire from Gaza and a tense security situation throughout the country.
Norway Calls on "Occupier" Israel to Show Restraint
borge brende and israel
Norway's Foreign Minister on Friday warned against an escalation between Israel and the Palestinian Authority, and also made sure to point a finger at Israel as "an occupying power"
Six More Rockets Hit Southern Israel Amid Ceasefire Rumors
The rocket fire from Gaza continued Friday night, as at least six rockets exploded in the Eshkol Regional Council in southern Israel.
Thousands Attend Angry Funeral for Murdered Arab Teen
Before and after the funeral, Arab extremists clashed with Israeli police near the procession and elsewhere in eastern Jerusalem, and thousands of officers were deployed in case of widespread unrest.
Israel Sends Troop Reinforcements To Gaza Border
israel sends troop reinforcements to gaza
Israeli defense officials passed the word to foreign news agencies Thursday, July 3, that troop reinforcements had been sent to the Gaza Strip border amid intensifying Palestinian rocket barrages.
IDF To Punish Soldiers Who Demanded 'Revenge' For Teens' Deaths
idf reprimands soldiers for revenge of teens
The IDF is planning to use a "strong hand" against soldiers it finds out have called for revenge in the wake of the murders of Israeli teens Eyal Yifrah, Naftali Frenkel, and Gilad Sha'ar.
Murdered Arab Youth's Parents 'Gave Contradicting Statements'
arab youth's parents gave contridictory statements
In a report Wednesday night, reporter Moshe Nussbaum cites contradictory statements by the youth's parents, who both told police different stories about another attempted kidnapping - that of Muhammad's nine year old brother - that may or may not have taken place.
Petition Calls To Expel Hamas Leaders From Judea And Samaria
call to expel hamas from judea and samaria
The Shurat Hadin (Israel Law Center) organization on Thursday sent a letter to Defense Minister Moshe Yaalon and to heads of IDF units in Judea and Samaria demanding that they immediately expel Hamas' top leadership who are located in the region.
Miracle in Sderot: Rocket Hits Day Camp, No One Injured
damage in sderot
A Kassam rocket fired by Gaza Arab terrorists struck a building used as the base for a summer day camp in Sderot Thursday morning. No one was injured, but a home suffered extensive damage.
Jewish Analyst Justifies Killing of Israeli Teens on Argentina TV
pedro brieger comments on kidnapped teens
Argentine Jewish leaders slammed CNN in Spanish contributor Pedro Brieger for justifying the killing of three Israeli teens in a commentary on Argentina television.
Kerry Phones Netanyahu to Discuss Murder of Arab Teen
kerry tells netanyahu to find arab teens murderer
State Department spokeswoman told reporters that during the telephone conversation between the two, Netanyahu told Kerry he had "asked for an investigation to find out who was responsible for the despicable murder as soon as possible, that anyone who takes a life will be punished severely."
Israel and U.S. Sign Tax Information Pact
Israel and US hand shake
  The Israeli and US governments have signed an agreement aimed at improving international tax law enforcement and implementing the provisions of the US Foreign Accounts Tax Compliance Act.
Israel among 193 countries certified for NSA monitoring
Flag of NSA
Israel is among the vast majority of countries that the U.S. National Security Agency may monitor for information about its targets.

Israel Accepts U.S. Offer in Search for Teens' Murderers
U.S. and Israel
Israel accepted U.S. assistance in its search for the murderers of three kidnapped teenagers, U.S. deputy national security adviser Ben Rhodes said.

Official: Rioting the Product of Premeditated Incitement
arab riots break out in jerusalem in response
Jerusalem Councilman Aryeh King blames the breakout of Israeli Arab and Palestinian rioting on lack of police presence, and claims the murder of 16-year-old Mohammed Abu Khder was planned specifically to arouse unrest.
Rockets Rain on Israel as Hamas Vows Revenge
hamas rockets rain down on israel in
A total of 11 rockets have fallen on Israeli soil from Gaza since early Wednesday, coinciding with an immense show of violence, and Israeli Arabs rioting throughout Jerusalem, lobbing bombs at police.
"I Thought Gilad Would Be Home Before Shabbat"
shaar family
The mother of murdered teen Gilad Sha'ar confronted top security officials, pleading for answers about how the system failed her son.
Multiple Fires Break Out Near Jerusalem
ein kerm fire
Fifty-one firefighting teams and six firefighting planes were called out when massive brushfires were reported in Lifta, Even Sapir, Tzur Hadassah. Is it weather or terror?
Missing Part of Call Made During Kidnapping is Released
kidnapped boys israel
A news site has published a more complete version of the emergency police hotline recording of the distress call Gilad Sha'ar made shortly before he was murdered, in which one of the abductors can be heard calling a third person and announcing in Arabic - "We've brought three!"
Netanyahu: We Will Find and Punish Teens' Murderers
netanyahu ows to find teens murderers
“Whoever was involved in the kidnapping and the murder will bear the consequences. We will neither rest nor slacken until we reach the last of them, and it does not matter where they will try to hide. We will reach them all," Netanyahu said in a televised address.
Body of Palestinian Teen Found
East Jerusalem is Israels
Israel police said they were investigating reports of a kidnapping and confirmed finding a body, but have refused to say whether the two incidents were connected.
Veiled Admission? Hamas Says Kidnapping Was 'Failed Activity'
hamas says kidnapping failed
A Hamas spokesperson on Tuesday released a statement just after the funeral of Eyal Yifrah (19), Naftali Frenkel (16) and Gilad Sha'ar (16), who were kidnapped and murdered by Hamas terrorists.
Photo Essay: Israel United In Grief
israel united in grief
The morning after their bodies were found bound and hastily buried in a shallow grave, Israel continues to mourn over the horrific murders of Naftali Frenkel (16), Gilad Sha'ar (16), and Eyal Yifrah (19), hy"d Tuesday.
Fatah Lies, Falsely Depicts Murdered Teens As Soldiers
fatah gloats
Following its Facebook celebrations of the kidnapping of three Israeli teens, the Fatah movement, headed by Mahmoud Abbas, referred to the murdered kids as "soldiers" in its first reaction to the news of the discovery of the boys' dead bodies.
60,000 Israelis Download App To Notify Of Abduction
israelis download safety app
Some 60,000 Israelis have downloaded a free app designed to assist in the event of an abduction.
'He Was Always Smiling, Even As A Baby'
gilad was smiled even as a baby
As all Israel mourns the horrific murders of Naftali Frenkel (16), Gilad Sha'ar (16), and Eyal Yifrah (19), bereaved families are still left reeling - not only from the news itself, but how it was delivered.
Rockets Land In Israel On Day Of Teens' Funeral
rockets in israel on day of teen's funeral
Terrorists from Hamas-controlled Gaza fired at least four rockets at southern Israel Tuesday morning, reported Voice of Israel public radio. No one was reported hurt.
One Of The Kidnapped Teens Resisted Attackers
one of teens resisted attackers
Forensic findings on the body of one of the three teenage boys abducted and murdered on June 12 show that the boy put up "meaningful resistance" to his attackers.
New Jewish Community Dedicated In Wake Of Boys' Murder
new jewish community dedicated in wake of murders
Activists from Women in Green joined a group of Jewish residents of Judea and Samaria to form the new community of Givat Oz on Monday night, in a show of Jewish and Zionist strength and renewal.
Russian Jets Poised To Fight ISIS In Iraq
russian jets to fight isis in iraq
While the Obama administration struggles to speed up delivery of U.S. military assistance to the government of Iraq, Vladimir Putin has already delivered not only fighter jets but also the pilots needed to fly them, diplomatic sources told The Daily Beast.
MK Calls For Death Penalty, Annexation After Teens' Murders
death penalty for murderers
Chairman of the Knesset Committee for Foreign Affairs and Defense, MK Ze'ev Elkin (Likud) called for the death penalty for the murderers of Naftali Frenkel (16), Gilad Sha'ar (16), and Eyal Yifrah (19) Tuesday, as part of efforts to increase deterrence against Palestinian Arab terrorism.
Recording Of Kidnapped Teen's Frantic Call To Police Released
kidnapped boys israel
Police have released the harrowing recording of the moment one of the teenagers kidnapped and murdered by Muslim terrorists informed them he had been kidnapped.
Thousands Gather for Funeral for Three Murdered Teenagers
funeral for gilad eyal naftali
At 5:30 p.m. the three Israeli teenagers abducted and murdered by terrorists - Eyal Yifrah, 19, from Elad; Naftali Frenkel, 16, from Nof Ayalon; and Gilad Sha'ar, 16, from Talmon - were laid to rest side-by-side at Modi'in cemetery, where an estimated 50,000 people gathered.
Naftali, Gilad and Eyal Will Be Buried Side by Side
kidnapped boys israel
The families of murdered yeshiva boys Naftali Frenkel, Gilad Sha'ar and Eyal Yifrah have agreed to hold a joint funeral for the three and to bury them side by side in Modiin, according to Channel 1. The funerals are expected to take place Tuesday afternoon.
Abbas Pleads with US to Restrain Israel
operation brothers keeper
Palestinian Authority head Mahmoud Abbas has been conducting "feverish" communications with the United States and other countries, to pressure Israel not to launch a large scale operation in response to the murder of three yeshiva boys.
Again? Woman Found in Arab Village after Apparent Abduction
israeli woman abducted found in arab village
A new incident involving the apparent abduction of a Jewish victim took place Monday night, shortly after it was announced that the bodies of three abducted yeshiva boys had been found.
WATCH: Naftali Frenkel Singing About Youth Cut Short
naftali fraenkel video
Mekor Haim yeshiva in has released footage of murdered teen Naftali Frenkel (16), singing a song about youth cut short on Israel's 66th Memorial Day earlier this year.
Details Emerging on How Bodies of Teens Were Located
bring back our boys, boys found murdered
Hours after the bodies of Eyal Yifrah, Gilad Sha'ar and Naftali Frenkel were found, some details are emerging as to how security forces were able to locate the bodies.

IDF Hits More than 30 Terrorist Targets in Gaza
gaza airstrike in retaliation for rockets in southern israel
The IDF launched extensive airstrikes in Gaza on Monday night, hitting more than 30 targets in the Hamas-controlled region, in retaliation for rocket fire on southern Israel.
Obama Condemns Murders But Asks Israel to "Show Restraint"
obama responds to teens murder
U.S. President Barack Obama condemned on Monday the murder of Israeli teenagers Eyal Yifrah (19), Naftali Frenkel (16), and Gilad Sha'ar (16), but also called on both sides not to take steps "that could further destabilize the situation."
Netanyahu Vows: "Hamas Will Pay" for Boys' Murder
netanyahu responds to murder of israeli teens
"They were murdered in cold blood by human animals," he said. "In the name of the entire Jewish people, I want to say to the dear families - mothers and fathers, grandmothers and grandfathers, sisters and brothers - our hearts are bleeding. We are crying with you."
In Pictures: Israel Unites to Grieve, Remember Murdered Teens
kidnapped israeli teens found murdered
Israelis throughout the country are united in grief following the news that the bodies of Israeli teenagers Eyal Yifrah (19), Gilad Sha'ar (16) and Naftali Frenkel (16) were discovered in a shallow grave close to the village of Halhoul.
Hamas Vows to "Open the Gates of Hell" if IDF Responds to Murders
hamas warns israel not to respond to teenage boys murders
The Hamas terrorist group has warned it will "open the gates of hell" if Israel sought to escalate its operation against the Islamist group in response to the murder of the three Israeli teenagers whose bodies were found this afternoon.
Israeli Leaders React to Teens' Triple Murder, Call for Immediate Action
naftali gilad eyal found murdered
"The murderers of children cannot be called 'human beings' - we will pursue them until they are destroyed," Deputy Education Minister Avi Wortzman stated Monday night. "My heart is with the noble Sha'ar, Frenkel, and Yifrah families. There are no words and there is no comfort."
Hevron Council Head Calls For Death Penalty For Teens' Murderers
dimri calls for death penalty for teen's murderers
"We cannot remain silent. These murderers must be the first ones to pay with their own lives for these murders. They must be brought to justice, alive or dead," Yohai Damai, head of the Hevron Hills Regional Council said.
Islamists Murder At Least 50 In Northeastern Nigeria
islamists murder at least 50
Gunmen on motorcycles burnt churches and hit villages near Chibok in northeastern Nigeria Sunday, leaving at least 50 dead.
Teens Kidnappers Were Terrorists Previously Released From Israeli Prisons
kidnapped israeli boys confirmed dead
It has been confirmed that two of the terrorists involved in the kidnapping and murder of three Israeli teens have previously been arrested by Israel multiple times for acts of terror. Israel released them from custody, despite being aware of their ongoing terror activities.
Three Bodies Found in Hevron Confirmed to be Kidnapped Teens
kidnapped boys israel
Three bodies that were discovered by the IDF in the Hevron area have been confirmed to be those of kidnapped Israeli teens, Naftali Frenkel (16), Gilad Sha'ar (16), Eyal Yifrah (19).
Pa. Law Urges Schools To Teach About Holocaust
pa law for schools to teach holocaust
A new law in Pennsylvania "strongly encourages," but does not require, schools to teach a Holocaust curriculum.
Israel Sends Aid To Syrian Refugees
israel sends aid to syria
Although Israel and Syria are officially in a state of war, Israel has provided hundreds of tons of food aid to Syrian refugees in both Jordan and inside Syria.
Parents Of Kidnapped Teens Visit Site Of Abduction
parents visit site of abduction
The parents of the three kidnapped Israeli teens visited the West Bank junction from where their sons were abducted hours before a massive solidarity rally in Tel Aviv.

Three Officers, Two Cops To Be Dismissed Over Teens' Abduction
cops dismissed over teens
The committee determined that in case of doubt about the veracity of a call, it must be treated as a real call until proven otherwise.
Temple Mount: Jews Harassed, Ordered To 'Respect Ramadan'
jews ordered to respect ramadan
As the Muslim holy month of Ramadan begins, further restrictions have been imposed on Jews wishing to ascend the Temple Mount, Judaism's holiest site.

Op-Ed: The Presbyterians' Judaism problem
pres church problem
The Jewish world has been shaken by the decision of the Presbyterian Church (USA) to divest from three companies that it claims "further the Israeli occupation of Palestine."
"Kidnapping Handbooks" May Have Guided Teens Abduction
hamas portrays teens as soldiers
Hamas has been planning for the abduction of more Israelis for years, the Israeli Embassy in New Zealand revealed Friday, and even released several "kidnappers' handbooks" published by Hamas which encourage future abductions.
Kidnapper's Mother "Proud of Him to my Last Day"
Marwan Kawasmeh (L), Amar Abu-Eisha
The mother of one of the Hamas kidnappers who the IDF has identified as being behind the June 12 abduction of three Israeli teens has spoken out, both denying his involvement yet saying if he is behind the abduction "I'll be proud of him till my final day."
Kidnapped Teen's Mother "Overwhelmed" at Tel Aviv Mega Rally
rally for bring back our boys
An anonymous donor gave the funds for the mammoth event being held in Tel Aviv's Rabin Square Sunday night, calling for the safe return of the three abducted yeshiva boys – Gilad Sha'ar, Naftali Frenkel and Eyal Yifrah.
Massive Blaze as Gaza Rocket Strikes Sderot Factory
sderot rocket fire
Gaza terrorists fired two rockets on Israel on Saturday evening, hitting Israeli communities. One rocket directly hit the "Denber" plastic factory in Sderot's industrial area, causing a large fire to break out.
Israeli Firefighters Come Under Fire From Syria
Israeli firefighters responding to a call on the Golan Heights Sunday morning were fired upon by forces on the other side of the Syrian border.
Gaza Terrorists Continue Rocket Assault
gaza rockets
Hours after two rockets were fired from Gaza towards the Sderot area, setting a factory on fire and burning it down, two more rockets were fired by terrorists in the Hamas stronghold on Saturday night.
Israeli Doctor Makes House Calls to Palestinians
Dr. Glick
As Dr. Yitzchak Glick drives through the steep streets of this West Bank village of some 1000 residents, he is repeatedly stopped by Palestinians residents. Some just want to say hello and shake his hand. Others ask him to stop in and check on a family member.

Father of Hamas Kidnapper 'Doesn't Believe It'
Marwan Kawasmeh (L), Amar Abu-Eisha
The father of one of the two Hamas terrorists named by the IDF on Thursday as being behind the abduction of three Israeli teens two weeks ago lost no time denying his son's involvement.

Benghazi Attack Suspect to Arrive in U.S. on the Weekend
U.S. Consulate in Benghazi
Ahmed Abu Khatallah, the suspected leader of the 2012 attack on the U.S. compound in Benghazi, Libya, is expected to arrive in the United States this weekend after recently being captured by American troops.

Russia Versus 'Nazi Frankenstein' as 90,000 People Flee Clashes
pPetro Poroshenko
A senior adviser to Russian President Vladimir Putin called Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko a "Nazi" on Thursday, as a war of words continues alongside the physical violence ahead of controversial deal with the European Union.

Hamas Calls on Iran to Join the 'Struggle' Against Israel
Khaled Mashaal
Hamas's political bureau leader Khaled Mashaal, currently living in Qatar, sent a letter to Iranian President Hassan Rouhani on Thursday, calling on him to joint the "struggle" against Israel in light of Operation Brother's Keeper.

Expert: "Small Western Wall" Just as Holy as Kotel
small kotel is holy too
An expert on Jerusalem and the holy places, says that the Small Kotel is a holy place and should be treated as such.
France, Spain, Italy Launch BDS "Settlement" Warnings
bds israel
Both Spain and Italy have published advisories warning their citizens against doing business with "settlements," just days after a similar advisory was published in the French-language section of the French Foreign Ministry website.
Shimon Peres' Speech To Congress Today
peres' speech to congress
Address by the President of the State of Israel, Shimon Peres, at the United States Congress - 26th June 2014

BREAKING NEWS: Two Kidnapping Terrorist Suspects Named
kidnapped boys israel
The IDF on Thursday evening authorized for publication the identities of two Hamas terrorists being hunted for being "deeply involved" in the kidnappings of Israeli teens Eyal Yifrah (19), Naftali Frenkel (16), and Gilad Sha'ar (16).
Palestinian Prisoners End Hunger Strike As Ramadan Nears
pal prisoners end hunger strike with ramadan
Dozens of Palestinians in Israeli jails suspended a nearly two-month-old hunger strike.
Palestinians Confirm Ploy To Continue Paying Salaries To Terrorists
pa confirms ploy to continue paying terrorists
Palestinian Media Watch reported this month that the Palestinian Authority had devised a ploy to avoid criticism from donor countries for its policy of paying salaries to terrorists.
Times Square Billboard Calls To #bringbackourboys
billboard calls to bringbackourboys
An advertisement calling for the return of three kidnapped Israeli teens is running on a digital billboard in Times Square.
Obama Expresses Concern For Missing Israeli Teens
obama expresses concern
President Obama expressed "deep concern" about three missing Israeli teenagers during a meeting with Israeli President Shimon Peres and American Jewish leaders.
Israel Offers 'Moderate' Arab Nations Help Against ISIS
israel offers aid to moderate arab nations
Foreign Minister Avigdor Liberman met with US Secretary of State John Kerry in Paris on Thursday, and in the process made an offer to help "moderate" Arab nations in the region deal with the threat of Islamist extremists rapidly conquering Iraq.

Arab MKs Declare 'Temple Mount for Muslims Only'
arab mk's declare temple mount only for muslims
The Arab Raam-Taal party in the Knesset held a meeting on Monday with all its members, to discuss issues related to "Palestine's Interior" (the state of Israel) and "the occupied state of Palestine" (Judea, Samaria and Gaza).
Judge Orders Release Of Arab Who Broke Jewish Minor's Skull
judge orders release of arab who attacked jew
A judge ordered the release of an Arab resident of Jerusalem who broke a Jewish minor's skull with a wooden bat hours before the holiday of Shavuot began at the start of the month, as the youth was on his way to the Western Wall (Kotel).

Surgeon Says He's Tired of Treating Palestinians; the Israeli Knesset Erupts
israeli dillemma in conflict
A former aide to Yassar Arafat, (who is now a member of Israeli Parliament) tells another minister that his "head is twisted" for defending an Israeli doctor's moral dilemma in treating Palestinian children whose parents may have been involved in the abduction of three Israeli boys.
Operation Brother's Keeper to Continue at Full Force
idf operation brothers keeper
Operation Brother's Keeper will continue at full force, the Security Cabinet declared Wednesday night, less than 24 hours after it announced that the search for three yeshiva students kidnapped by Hamas would be scaled down out of concerns for both Ramadan and Israel's international standing.
Huckabee Denounces US Aid to Palestinians Following Unity Pact
Mike Huckabee visits Israel
Former Arkansas governor and GOP presidential candidate Mike Huckabee visited the town of Tzufim in Samaria Wednesday, for a tour on life in Judea and Samaria (Shomron).

Mother of Kidnapped Teen Makes Emotional Address to Knesset
moms of kidnapped israeli boys
Mother of kidnapped 16-year-old Gilad Sha'ar begs the Israeli government to reconsider scaling back the operation to find the kidnapped boys, criticizing an Israeli deal made to "appease" jailed terrorists, saying "Could it be? Eyal, Gilad, and Naftali are being held by Hamas terrorist kidnappers - and the Prime Minister seeks to appease them, to please them?"

Israel to Downscale Operation Searching for Kidnapped Teens
kindapped boys called police, were ignored
Israel's Cabinet agreed to reduce the presence of the country's military in the West Bank and limit its incursions into Palestinian areas only 12 days after the kidnapping of three Israeli teens.
Mike Huckabee Demands Obama Denounce Hamas
huckabee demands obama denounce hamas
Former Republican presidential contender and Arkansas governor Mike Huckabee demanded that President Obama speak out against the kidnapping.
Anti-Semitic Assault And Stabbing In Paris Library
anti-semitic attack in paris library
The wave of anti-Semitic violence continues to rock French Jewry, as a gang of 20 attackers on Monday reportedly assaulted visibly Jewish students wearing kippot (yarmulkes) at a local library in the capital city of Paris.
Abbas' Fatah Movement To Israelis: "Death Is Near"
abbas fatah movement to israelis: death is near
Only four days after the kidnapping of the three Israeli youths, Mahmoud Abbas' Fatah movement posted a video on its Facebook page promising Israelis: "Death is near." [Facebook, "Fatah - The Main Page," June 16, 2014]
Huckabee Vows To Stand Up For Israel In Future Presidential Race
huckabee stands up for israel
The International Committee For the Land of Israel and Ateret Cohanim held a gala dinner in honor of former Arkansas governor Mike Huckabee Monday, in gratitude for his tremendous support for and activism on behalf of the State of Israel.
Bill Clinton 'Hates Obama More Than Any Man Who Ever Lived'
clinton hates obama
A new expose book reveals the great hatred that exists between US President Barack Obama and his wife Michelle on one side, and former President Bill Clinton and his wife, former US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, on the other.

Kidnapped Teen's Mother Speaks Out at the UN
racheli frenkel at unrhc
Racheli Frenkel, the mother of kidnapped teen Naftali Frenkel (16), addressed the United Nations Human Rights Counci on Tuesday, and began her speech by saying "I have come here today as a mother."
Sisters of Kidnapped Teen Publish Open Letter to IDF
gilad shahar bring back our boys
The sisters of kidnapped 16-year-old Gilad Sha'ar released a public letter to IDF soldiers actively participating in Operation Brothers' Keeper Tuesday.
Syria Asks UN to Take Action Against Israel
Syrian Border
Syria's Deputy Foreign Minister, Faisal Mekdad, on Sunday asked the United Nations to take actions against Israel, claiming it violated the 1974 ceasefire agreement in the Golan Heights.

Palestinians: We Are Not Helping Israel Find Kidnapped Teens
palestinians not helping to find kidnapped teens
The Palestinian Authority really isn't cooperating with Israel on finding three kidnapped Israeli teens - or on anything else, according to Rami Hamdallah, the PA's Prime Minister.
Mother Of Abducted Teen Naftali Frenkel To Address U.N. Council
mother of kidnapped teen to address un
The mother of kidnapped Israeli teenager Naftali Frenkel will address the United Nations Human Rights Council.

Report: US, UK Knew About ISIS Takeover Months In Advance
us and uk knew about isis takeover
What if the blitz military conquest could have been prevented altogether?
Hamas TV Entertains Children With Rocket Sounds
hamas entertains children with rocket sounds
In its latest episode, Hamas TV's children's program Tomorrow's Pioneers chose to teach young viewers what a rocket sounds like "when it is launched from us" and "when it reaches them [the Israelis]." [Al-Aqsa TV (Hamas), June 20, 2014]
Netanyahu Slams Presbyterian Divestment
netanyahu slams bds
Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu criticized the Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.) vote to divest from companies that do business with Israeli West Bank security forces.
Malaysian Court Upholds Ban On Non-Muslims Using 'Allah'
muslim court ban on allah
Malaysia's Federal Court banned non-Muslims from using the world "Allah" to refer to God in a 4-3 judgement Monday, sparking a debate on both free speech and freedom of religion.

Hevron Murderer Caught: Terrorist Freed In Shalit Deal
hevron murderers caught
A media gag order was lifted on Monday, revealing that the murderer of Chief Superintendent Baruch Mizrahi Hy''d in April was a released terrorist who had gone free in the 2011 Gilad Shalit prisoner swap.
Hamas Leader Says Crackdown Has Sparked Third Intifada
haniyeh calls for 3rd intifada against israel
Hamas leader Ismail Haniyeh stated that a third intifada (terror war against Israel) had started on Monday, citing ongoing unrest in the Palestinian Authority as the IDF cracks down on Hamas in Judea and Samaria in response to the kidnapping of three Israeli teens.
Terror Expert Reveals "We Know They're Still Alive"
testimony from last person to speak with missing teens
The search for the three teens kidnapped by Hamas continues, with IDF forces arresting 37 Hamas terrorists over Sunday night in Judea and Samaria as part of Operation Brother's Keeper.
UN Chief "Concerned" Over Israeli Arrests of Terrorists
ban ki moon hits out at israel for responding to kidnappers
UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon on Sunday expressed "solidarity" with the families of the three kidnapped Israeli teenagers, but also hit out at Israel for arresting Hamas terrorists as part of its operation to locate the three teens.
Golan Heights Explosion Kills Israeli Teen, IDF Responds
teen killed in exposion in golan heights
At least one person is dead and several are injured in an explosion on the Israeli side of the Golan Heights Sunday, after an explosive device was detonated near a passing vehicle.
Riots Break Out At Temple Mount Again
temple mount does not allow stars of david?
Arab rioters threw rocks and bottles at police at the entrance to the Temple Mount on Friday, when Muslim visitors hold regular prayer services on the holiest site to Judaism.

Watch: Netanyahu Meets Parents of Kidnapped Teens
netanyahu meets kudnapped teens parents
Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu and his wife Sarah met the parents of Eyal Yifrah (19), Naftali Frenkel (16), and Gilad Sha'ar (16) on Friday at the Prime Minister's Residence in Jerusalem. "The nation is giving you strength, and you give them strength in return," Netanyahu said.
Even the Palestinians Blame Terrorist Releases for Kidnapping
celebration of terror release in jerusalem
In the wake of last week's abduction of three kidnapped yeshiva students, much criticism has been lobbed at Israel's longtime policy of releasing terrorists in exchange for captives. Now new criticism comes from within the Palestinian Authority itself.
IDF Reveals Hamas In Turkey Likely Behind Kidnapping
idf reveals hamas in turkey may be behind kidnapping
A senior IDF source said Thursday that the search for the three Israeli teens kidnapped by Hamas terrorists last Thursday suggests that Hamas leadership abroad, and particularly in Turkey, is behind the abduction.
Terrorists Attempt Attack On IDF Post Near Bethlehem
terror attack on idf near bethlehem
According to reports, Palestinian Arabs in a passing vehicle attempted to run over IDF soldiers stationed near the Palestinian Arab city.
Police Begin Investigation Into Mishandled Abduction
police begin investigation into hashandled abduction
Police Commissioner Yohanan Danino has launched an internal investigation into the police force on Wednesday, following the confirmed delay between a call from three kidnapped teenagers to police and the time the incident was reported to the IDF.
Conflicting Abbas And PA Responses To Kidnapping
conflicting views about kidnapping
Abbas defended the PA's cooperation with Israel in the search for the three kidnapped Israeli youths, however Abbas also accused Israel of "causing a sharp escalation" and exploiting the kidnapping to damage the Palestinian infrastructure.
Peres Tells Parents Of Abductees He'll Involve Obama
peres tells parents he'll involve obama
Outgoing President Shimon Peres hosted the parents of abducted teenagers Gilad Sha'ar, Eyal Yifrah and Naftali Frenkel in the Presidential Residence Thursday.
N.Y. Rabbi Refuses Apology From Man Who Bleached Him
rabbi refuses apology
Rabbi Nuchem Rosenberg, an activist against Hasidic child sex abusers, refused to accept an apology from the man who threw bleach in his face.
American Jews Take Up Cause Of Missing Israeli Teens
american jews and missing teens
The disappearance of three Israeli teens in the West Bank last week is being taken as a call to action uniting many disparate elements of the American Jewish community.

Israel Bans 'Islamic Relief' Charity For Funding Hamas
israel bans islamic relief charity
Defense Minister Moshe Yaalon on Thursday signed an order declaring the Islamic Relief Worldwide (IRW) group illegal. Based on the order, the organization can no longer raise money or distribute money in Israel or anywhere in Judea and Samaria.
Israeli Ambassador Accuses EU of Supporting Kidnapping
israeli ambassador accuses eu of supporting kidnapping
Israeli Ambassador to Italy Naor Gilon sharply criticized the European Union Thursday for its stance on the three Israeli teens who were kidnapped by Hamas terrorists last Thursday, accusing the Europeans of supporting the abduction.

30 More Arrested Overnight, Two from Shalit Deal
bring back our boys
Thus far, 53 of the terrorists freed in Shalit deal were re-arrested and may return to serve their sentence as Operation Brothers' Keeper, the search for three abducted yeshiva students, enters its seventh day.
IAF Strikes in Gaza After Rocket Attack
idf strike
The Israeli Air Force launched airstrikes on several targets in Gaza on Wednesday night, in response to two rockets fired by Gaza terrorists on Wednesday evening
US Urges "Restraint" in Search for Kidnapped Teenagers
bring back our boys
The United States on Wednesday called on both Israel and the Palestinian Arabs to "show restraint" as Israel tightened their grip on Hamas hunting for three kidnapped teenagers, saying that the situation is "incredibly sensitive."

Naftali's Uncle: "Palestinians Tell Me Kidnapping is Repulsive"
kindapped boys called police, were ignored
Intel Jerusalem General Manager, and uncle of Naftali Frankel-  one of the three boys kidnapped by terrorists last week, Yishai Fraenkel, has given a candid interview in which he says that some of the Palestinians he works with are also repulsed by the kidnapping.
10 IDF Brigades Grind Hamas Down; Still No Trace of Kidnapped Boys After 6 Days
idf search for kidnapped boys still on
As the massive search for the three kidnapped teenagers Gil-Ad Sha'ar, Naftali Frenkel and Eyal Yifrach, went into its sixth day Wednesday, June 8, Israelis were getting impatient and skeptical about the prospects of finding them.
New York Opera Cancels Screening Over Anti-Semitic Fears
new york met cancels opera
New York's Metropolitan Opera said Tuesday it had scrapped a live cinema broadcast of an American opera inspired by a 1985 hijacking by Palestinian Arab terrorists, over fears that it might fan anti-Semitism.
UN "Unsure" If Kidnapping Really Happened
ban ki moon says teens might not be kidnapped
A spokesperson for United Nations Secretary General Ban Ki-Moon said Tuesday night that the UN has no "concrete evidence" that Eyal Yifrah, 19, Naftali Frenkel, 16, and Gilad Sha'ar, 16, were "actually" kidnapped by Hamas terrorists, despite an admission from a Palestinian terror group.
Will Michele Obama Help Kidnapped Teens?
appeal to michelle obama to help kidnapped teens
Five days since the abduction of Israeli teenagers Eyal Yifrah, Naftali Frenkel and Gilad Sha'ar, as security forces continue their intensive search to find them, the outpouring of sympathy on social media hasn't subsided either.

US Special Forces Capture Benghazi Raid Leader Abu Khattala
us forces capture benghazi leader
Ahmed Abu Khattala, commander of the Libyan Ansar al-Sharia, who led the 2012 assault on the US consulate in Benghazi, has been captured in a secret US Special Operations forces raid in the same Libyan town.

Questions Over Police Response To Kidnapping
questions over poilce about kidnapping
While the broad operation to find the three Israeli youths kidnapped on Thursday continues in Judea and Samaria, tough questions arise from examination of what happened in the first few hours after it became known that they had gone missing.

U.S. Consulate Issues Warning On West Bank Travel
warning on west bank travel
American citizens should take precautions and avoid demonstrations during travel in the West Bank, the U.S. Consulate in Jerusalem warned.
Kidnapped Teens' Families Have 'Very Emotional' First Meeting
3 teens families meet
The families of the three kidnapped Israeli teenagers met together for the first time.
MKs Seek Legal Action Against Hanin Zoabi
mk's seek legal action against hanin zoabi
Culture Minister Limor Livnat announced that she intends to turn today to the Attorney General demanding an investigation into MK Hanin Zoabi, and whether her remarks justifying the kidnapping of three yeshiva students can be classified as an offense.

IAF Strikes In Gaza Following Rocket Attack
iaf airstrike gaza
The Israeli Air Force (IAF) targeted several terrorist-related sites in Gaza on Monday night.
Five Days Later, EU Finally Condemns Kidnapping
eu condemns kidnapping
The European Union (EU) finally issued a condemnation of the abduction of three yeshiva students by Hamas terrorists on their way home from school Tuesday.

Hamas Defiant Over Israeli Crackdown
hamas defiant over crackdown
Mere hours after the Knesset Security Cabinet decided to give the internal security minister a freer hand to harshen conditions for jailed Hamas terrorists, the Gaza-based terrorist organization released an official statement in response.

Largest US Protestant Church Votes Again On BDS
church votes on bds
America's largest Protestant Christian denomination, the United Methodist Church, is again voting this week on whether to join the Boycott, Divestment, Sanctions (BDS) movement against Israel, just a week after it divested from a security company with Israeli ties.
Israeli-Arab Parliament Member Justifies Yeshiva Students' Abduction
zoabi says kidnappngs justified
Israeli Arab Knesset member, Hanin Zoabi, argued that the three kidnappers responsible for the abduction of three teenage yeshiva students are "not terrorists" on Radio Tel Aviv Tuesday morning, in an inflammatory interview.
Human Rights Watch Condemns Kidnapping AND Israel's Arrests
yeshiva boys kidnapped gaza hands out candy
The U.S.-based Human Rights Watch on Monday condemned the kidnapping of the three Israeli youths in Gush Etzion, but also had words of criticism for Israel with respect to its arrest campaign of Hamas terrorists in response.
Israeli Artists Dedicate New Single To Kidnapped Teens
bring back our boys
Famed and successful singers Naftali Kalfa and Gad Elbaz wasted no time in releasing a song, "Bring Back Our Boys," dedicated to the three yeshiva students who were abducted Thursday by terrorists.
WATCH: Eyal Yifrah Singing, A Week Before He Was Kidnapped
eyal singing a week before kidnapping
A Youtube video uploaded by friends of Eyal Yifrah, one of the three teenagers abducted and murdered by Hamas terrorists, shows an energetic, happy, talented young man, singing a love song with a friend.
Hebron Under Curfew As IDF Closes In On Terrorists Holding 3 Israeli Boys
search in hebron for terrorists
Five days after their disappearance, heavy IDF Special Forces units are tightening the siege on the Palestinian terrorist organization, which snatched Naftali Frenkel, 16, Gil-Ad Shaar, 16, and Eyal Yifrach, 19, Thursday night.

Iron Dome Intercepts Rockets Over Ashkelon
iron dome intercepts rockets
Two rockets fired from Gaza at Ashkelon were intercepted by the Iron Dome anti-missile system, while two others landed in open areas of the southern Israeli city.
Fatah Continues To Celebrate Kidnapping While Abbas Issues Tepid Condemnation
celebration of kidnapping
Mahmoud Abbas' Fatah movement continues to glorify and celebrate the kidnapping of three Israeli youths last week, with postings on its official Facebook page.
Palestinians Distort World Cup Logo to Brag About Kidnapping
pa and fatah celebrate kidnapping
In an odious distortion of the World Cup 2014 logo, the official Palestinian Authority daily printed today a cartoon celebrating the kidnapping of three Israeli youths last Thursday night, June 12, 2014.
Jonathan Pollard Calls For Public Support For Kidnapped Teens
pollard calls for public support for teens
Esther Pollard, the wife of Israeli spy and longtime US prisoner Jonathan Pollard, visited the family of kidnapped 16-year-old Naftali Frenkel in Nof Ayalon on Monday, and brought words of hope.
Jerusalem And Tel Aviv United In Prayer
israel united in prayer
In a strong showing of unity, Jews throughout Israel prayed for the safe return of the three yeshiva students who were kidnapped from Kfar Etzion in Judea last Thursday by terrorists.
Testimony: Last Person To Speak To The Kidnapped Teens
testimony from last person to speak with missing teens
Testimony has been received from likely the last person to speak to Gilad Sha'ar, 16, Naftali Frenkel, 16, and Eyal Yifrah, 19 before they were kidnapped last Thursday night by terrorists.
Abducted Teen's Uncle Makes Emotional Plea for Mercy
emotional prayers at kotel for kidnapped yeshiva boys eyal, naftali and gilad
The uncle of a missing Israeli teenager made a heartfelt plea for "mercy" to his suspected kidnappers Monday, after the family spent a fourth sleepless night worrying for his safety.

Red Cross Calls for Release of Kidnapped Youths
kindapped boys called police, were ignored
The International Committee of the Red Cross on Sunday called for the immediate and unconditional release of the three Israeli teenagers who were kidnapped by terrorists last week.
Watch: Parents of Kidnapped U.S-Israeli Teen: "Israel Will Bring You Back"
naftali frenkel mom speaks out aboutkidnapped yeshiva boys
The parents of Naftali Frenkel, one of three teens kidnapped last week, assured their son that “Israel will bring you back.”
Palestinian Authority President Abbas' Wife Convalescing in Top Tel Aviv Hospital
abbas wife in israeli hospital, how israelis treat palestinians
While Palestinian terrorists are kidnapping Israeli teens, Israel is taking care of the wife of Palestinian Authority chief Mahmoud Abbas in a top Tel Aviv hospital where she recently underwent surgery.
Kidnapped Teens Called Police During Abduction; Police Assumed It Was a Prank
kindapped boys called police, were ignored
Explosive revelation: One of the teens abducted Thursday night called the police hotline, but police did not take him seriously, thinking it was a prank.
Watch: Brother of Abducted Teen Leads Emotional Prayer Rally
eyals brother leads emotional prayer service
Watch the brother of Eyal Yifrah, one of the Israeli students kidnapped on Thursday night lead an emotional prayer service in his hometown of Elad.
Gaza: Palestinians Celebrate Kidnapping by Handing out Candy
yeshiva boys kidnapped gaza hands out candy
Palestinians in Gaza have celebrated the kidnapping of three Israeli students by handing out sweets to passersby.
Kidnapped Teens Identified, Whereabouts Still Unknown
pray for our boys, kidnapped yeshiva teens, eyal yifrach, gil ad sha'har, naftali frenkel
The names and pictures of the three Israeli boys kidnapped by Palestinian terrorists outside Hebron Thursday night, June 12, were released Saturday in an unusual step while the massive search for them was in full momentum.
Kidnapped Teens Identified, Whereabouts Still Unknown
pray for our boys, kidnapped yeshiva teens, eyal yifrach, gil ad sha'har, naftali frenkel
The names and pictures of the three Israeli boys kidnapped by Palestinian terrorists outside Hebron Thursday night, June 12, were released Saturday in an unusual step while the massive search for them was in full momentum.
Abbas Claims Palestinians Will Assist Israel in Search for Missing Students
palestinians kidnap three yeshiva boys from israel
Palestinian Authority Chairman Abbas said the PA would assist Israel in the search for the three kidnapped yeshiva students near Hevron. This is after Hamas spokesman Hassan Badran openly called on Arabs in Judea and Samaria to obstruct the Israeli effort to find the boys.
US Quietly Releases More Military Prisoners in Afghanistan
obama releasing more prisoners
The Obama administration has quietly returned a dozen detainees from a small US military prison in Afghanistan, defense officials stated Thursday night, in another controversial prisoner release set to tone down the US's war on terror.
Israel Asks Kerry to Assist in Search for Missing Yeshiva Boys
israel asks usa for help with kidnapped yeshiva boys
Justice Minister Tzipi Livni met on Friday in London with U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry, and asked him to help in the search for the three yeshiva students who were kidnapped near Hevron.
Hamas Calls on Palestinians to Obstruct the IDF Search for the Kidnapped Teens
kidnapped yeshiva boys
The IDF Chief of Staff has put all active units on full readiness to take action based on intelligence information, meanwhile Hamas spokesman calls on Palestinians to "obstruct" the Israeli search for the kidnapped teens.
Three Yeshiva Students Kidnapped by Terrorists in Judea
idf looking for kidnapped yeshiva boys
Three Israeli Yeshiva students from a religious kibbutz were kidnapped by terrorists on Thursday night.
88 Senators to Obama: Reconsider Aid to PA
obama asked to stop aid to palestinian authority
An overwhelming majority of 88 U.S. Senators have sent a letter to President Barack Obama urging him to reconsider aid to the Palestinian Authority (PA) over its forming a unity government with Hamas.
Stanley Fischer Confirmed as Vice Chair of Federal Reserve
stanley fischer vice chairman of federal reserve
The U.S. Senate on Thursday confirmed President Barack Obama's nomination of Stanley Fischer, the former governor of the Bank of Israel, to be vice chairman of the Federal Reserve, reports The Associated Press.
Obama Says Short-Term Military Actions Required in Iraq
obama says short term military actions required in iraq
US President Barack Obama declared on Thursday that short-term military actions will have to be taken in Iraq, following the take-over by an Al Qaeda break-off Islamist terrorist group.
Israeli Drone Helps Nab Brazilian Drug Kingpin
israeli drone catches brazil drug dealer
As Brazilian authorities work hard to crack down on the country's notorious organized crime rings ahead of the World Cup, Israeli technology is playing a crucial role.
Netanyahu: We Kill Those Who Want to Kill Us
netanyahu explains israeli policy
Israel’s policy is to "kill those who plan to kill you", Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu said on Wednesday night, responding to the IDF's elimination of a Gaza terrorist who planned to carry out deadly attacks in Israel.
Palestinians Avoid U.S. Aid Cutoff, But What Happens When Hamas Runs In Elections?
new pal government kosher?
Is the new Palestinian government kosher under U.S. law?
Rocket Fired From Gaza Damages Road In Southern Israel
rockets fired from gaza cause damage
A rocket fired from Gaza that landed on a major road in southern Israel caused significant damage.
PA TV Says Arab Students Reclaimed Occupied Territories In Jerusalem
hebrew un. students on PA tv
Official Palestinian Authority TV lauded Israeli Arabs of the student movement Watan ("Homeland") for a festival they held in the amphitheater at Hebrew University last month.
Study Finds Women Don't Belong In Combat
study finds women don't belong in combat
A new book sums up 13 years of research on female participation in IDF combat units and declares the feminist experiment in the Israeli military a failure.
Knesset Rejects Civil Marriage Bill
knesset rejects civil marriage bill
The Knesset rejected Labor Mk Stav Shafir's Civil Marriage bill Wednesday, which lost to a landslide vote of 19 for and 52 against.

Did the US Save Nazi General to Gain Rocket Technology Secrets?
hans kammler, did us hel nazi scientists escape
A German documentary reveals evidence that the US faked an SS missiles expert's suicide, spirited off to America to develop weapons programs.
Jewish Republican Loses Primary to Tea Party
eric cantor loses republican primary
House Majority Leader Eric Cantor, the only Jewish Republican in Congress, lost the GOP Virginia primary Tuesday night to Dave Brat, an economics professor and political novice who is a member of the Tea Party movement.
Clinton: Benghazi Criticism Encourages Me To Run For President
hillary encouraged to run for president
If former U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton decides not to run for president, it will probably not be because of the 2012 terrorist attack on the American consulate in Benghazi, Libya.
Reuven Rivlin Is Israel's Tenth President
rivlin new president of israel
Former Knesset speaker, Likud MK Reuven Rivlin, has won Israel's presidential elections, beating his opponent MK Meir Sheetrit (Hatnua) in the second round of votes.
Palestinian Professor Who Took Students To Auschwitz Resigns
professor who took students to auschwitz resigns
The Palestinian professor who touched off a maelstrom of controversy by taking a group of students to visit the Auschwitz-Birkenau death camps in Poland is now at odds with his former employer after the school accepted his resignation.

Jewish Teens Sprayed With Tear Gas In Paris Suburb
jewish teens sprayed with tear gas in paris
Two Jewish teenagers reported that they were sprayed with tear gas in an attack in Sarcelles, a northern suburb of Paris.

Jewish Teens Escape Axe Attack in Paris
jewish teens escape axe attack in paris
Two Jewish teenagers told police they narrowly escaped an attack near Paris by a hatchet-wielding man and three others. The incident occurred last week.
King David's Tomb Room 'Conquered' By The Church
david's tomb conquered by church
It is worth noting that the institution of regular Catholic prayers at the site constitute a severe breach of Jewish prayer rights.

PA TV Presents Cities And Places In Israel As "Palestine"
pa uses tv to teach palestinians israel is palestine
Palestinian Media Watch has documented that just like Hamas, the PA regularly uses PA TV to teach Palestinians to see a world in which there is no Israel - only "Palestine."

Israeli Physician-Assisted Suicide Bill Advances
physician assisted suicide bill advances
The day after a Knesset committee advanced a physician-assisted suicide bill, an Israeli government minister appealed the vote.
Will Presbyterian Church Divest From Israel?
will presbyterian church divest from israel?
A successful divestment vote at the biennial Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.) General Assembly this month could precipitate a rupture between the mainline Protestant denomination and the Jewish community.

Islamist Leader Attacks Pope for Visiting "Muslim" Western Wall
pope criticized for western wall viit
Islamic Movement leader Sheikh Raed Salah, head of the radical Islamic Movement in Israel writes letter to pope, accusing him of "approving occupation" in visit, and not apologizing to Muslims.
UN Envoy Meets Ministers of New Palestinian Unity Government
australian ambassador summoned by palestinian unity
In a sign that the international community is recognizing the new Hamas-Fatah unity government, a United Nations envoy on Sunday became the first senior international official to meet with ministers of the new government in Gaza.
Peres at the Vatican: "Pray for the Peace of Jerusalem"
president of israel prays for peace at the vatican
"Prayer is all-powerful. Let us use it to bring peace to the Middle East and peace to the world," tweets the pope.
Clinton Calls Obama's Building Freeze a "Mistake"
clinton criticizes obama's line on israel and judea samaria construction
Former US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton has some biting words for President Barack Obama in her new memoir, saying his push for a construction freeze in Judea and Samaria was a mistake.
Netanyahu's Statements Raise Fears of "Disengagement"
netanyahu makes controversial statements
Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu reportedly made controversial statements in a closed meeting on Monday, saying "I don't want one state from the (Mediterranean) Sea to the Jordan (River)... we must separate from the Palestinians."
Jerusalem is the "2016 Islamic Tourism Capital"
jerusalem is the 2016 tourism capital for islam????
A Palestinian Authority official said Thursday that the Organization of Islamic Cooperation chose Jerusalem as the "capital of Islamic tourism" for 2016.
Australia Drops the Term "Occupied" Regarding Jerusalem
australia drops the word occupation speaking about jerusalem
The Australian government has dropped the usage of the term "occupied" when referring to Jewish neighborhoods in parts of Jerusalem claimed by the Palestinian Authority, in what could signal a significant shift in the country's Middle East policy.
Jews Again Banned from Temple Mount by Police
Hundreds of Jews who attempted to ascend the Temple Mount Wednesday morning were shocked to discover that they were barred entry onto the holy site.
The Truth About The Palestinian Unity Government
truth about palestine government
Hamas' current Prime Minister, Ismail Haniyeh, expressed his expectations for the new Palestinian government.
Palestinian Official: Time For International Community to Tell Israel 'Enough'
abbas aide says new government lays groundwork for coexistence
Senior Abbas aide says new government lays groundwork for coexistence.

Two Suspects Arrested In Beating Of Jewish Man In Paris Suburb
suspects arrested in beating of jewihs man
Police arrested two men in the severe beating of a Jewish man in Creteil, a Paris suburb.
Israeli Middle Schools To Teach Evolution
middle schools in israel to teach evolution
Israeli middle schools for the first time will teach evolution as part of the core curriculum.
600-Year-Old Grand Hall Excavated Under Western Wall
temple mount does not allow stars of david?
A grand hall from the early 14th century was fully excavated in the Western Wall tunnels.
US Promises PLO Unity Elections in "East Jerusalem"
abbas unity government
The American administration has promised the new Fatah-Hamas unity government, which was sworn in this Monday, that it will convince Israel to allow that new government's elections to be held in the eastern part of Jerusalem.
Israel Develops Blood Test to Detect Breast Cancer
israeli develops blood test to detect breast cancer
The Octava Pink test is already available in Israel and Italy; now the FDA is reviewing procedure for use in the US.
Teenage Terrorist Convicted For Murder Of IDF Soldier
teenage terrorist convicted
The Samaria Military Court convicted 16 year-old Palestinian terrorist Hussein Rawadara, a Jenin native, over the murder of 19 year-old soldier Eden Atias hy"d in November, Walla! News reports Monday.

Tens Of Thousands March In 50th Annual N.Y. Israel Parade
50th annual israel parade
Tens of thousands marched in New York in the Celebrate Israel Parade, which is marking its 50th anniversary.
US Assistant Secretary Of State Gives Incorrect Testimony To Congress About PA Salaries To Terrorists
us assistant of state gives incorrect testimony
According to PA law and in practice the PA does not give stipends to terrorist prisoners' families but salaries to the terrorist prisoners themselves.
Israelis Help Flood Victims In Serbia
israelis help flood victims in serbia
An Israeli delegation of volunteers has spent the past week in Serbia, coordinating the volunteer efforts, after a request from the Serbian government.
Israel Threatens Sanctions Against New Palestinian Government
netanyahu and abbas
Israeli Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu has threatened to impose sanctions against the new unity government comprised of Mahmoud Abbas's Fatah faction and the Gaza-based Islamist Hamas movement that was sworn-in at a ceremony in Ramallah on Monday.
Jerusalem Terror Attack, Police/Media Coverup Suspected
terror attack/ media coverup
An apparent serious terror attack took place in northern Jerusalem's Ramat Shlomo neighborhood late Friday night, but most Israeli and Jewish news sources are ignoring the incident.
Suspect In Brussels Jewish Museum Shooting Claims Responsibility In Video
shooter claims responsibility in video
A man arrested on suspicion of killing four people last month at the Jewish Museum of Belgium allegedly claimed responsibility for the attack in a video.
Air Force "Second Only to USAF," Says Its Commander
israeli air force one of best in world
Major General Amir Eshel says that by the years' end, the Israeli Air Force will soon be four times as effective as it was 2 years ago.
Netanyahu Condemns Europe on Stance Favoring Fatah-Hamas Unity
netanyahu castigates european countries for hamas support
Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu castigated European countries for their positive position regarding the unity government between the Fatah and Hamas movements, which is due to be announced later Monday.
Taliban Welcomes "Victory" After US Exchange
taliban issues congratulations over terrorist swap with usa
A Taliban leader issued a rare public statement congratulating Islamists over the US terrorist release; meanwhile, the Afghan government is livid over the swap.
Suspect Arrested over Jewish Museum Shooting
brussel jewish shooter footage
A Frenchman with suspected ties to Islamic radicals in Syria has been arrested over last week's shooting at the Jewish Museum in Brussels that left four people dead, investigation sources told AFP on Sunday.
Pope's Western Wall Note Revealed
pope francis note western wall
The contents of the note that Pope Francis left in the Western Wall have been released.
Report: Netanyahu Approached Elie Wiesel Over Presidency
elie wiesel to be israeli president?
Israeli Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu had tried to convince Nobel laureate and Holocaust survivor Elie Wiesel to be a candidate in the race for president, media said on Friday.
IDF Manhunt After Terror Cell at Large in Samaria
The IDF on Friday afternoon began a manhunt in Samaria. Their target: the terror cell that is believed to have been behind the foiled suicide bombing.
Suicide Bombing Prevented in Samaria
idf stops terror attack
Security forces apprehended an Arab terrorist wearing a bomb belt at Tapuach Junction in Samaria, near the city of Ariel, on Friday morning.
Brussel's Killer Of Tel Aviv Couple Gets Away Clean
brussel's killer gets away clean
With no arrests or leads, and without the aid of an ally or friendly superpower, the Belgian investigation has very little chance of catching the shooter or identifying the principal who would have ordered a targeted assassination.
Ancient Torah Scroll Returned To British Jews
old torah scroll returned to british jews
A 250-year-old Torah scroll that has spent half its existence in a museum was returned to a British Jewish community.
US Group: Iranian Hackers Target Israelis On Facebook
hackers hit israelis on facebook
Iranian hackers used social media networks to spy on Israelis, and supporters of Israel in the US and Britain, a report by an American security firm said Thursday.
Soldier Suspended Over 'Pallywood' Nakba Shooting
soldier suspended over nakba shooting
The IDF has reportedly suspended a non-combat soldier who allegedly fired his weapon during the "Nakba Day" clashes two weeks ago on May 15, in which two Arab rioters died.
Israeli Doctors Use Mother's Liver to Save Infant
baby gets mothers liver transplanted to save life in israel
Israeli doctors on Wednesday successfully transplanted a portion of a liver into the body of a seven month old infant. Doctors said that the operation saved the infant's life.
Islamists at Al-Aqsa: Liberate Jerusalem from "Jews Filth"
islamic ally cries to rid jerusalem of jew filth
An Islamic organization held a mass rally at the Al-Aqsa Mosque last week, in which members of the group called upon the army of Pakistan and the Islamic nation to liberate Jerusalem from "Jewish filth".
Small Guatemalan Town Uses Nazi-Esque Tactics to Expel Jews
mayor orders jews to leave
The mayor of a Guatemalan town has made a "Jew registry," ordering two Jewish families to leave. "Their customs aren't like ours," he insists.
Assad Destroys 400-Year-Old Synagogue
syria army destroys 400 year old synagogue
Syrian Arab Army forces flattened the Eliyahu Hanavi Synagogue in the Jobar neighborhood of Damascus over the weekend, according to the Daily Beast.
47 Years Since Six Day War, Jerusalem Leads Israel
jerusalem day starts in israel
Jerusalem Day, beginning Tuesday night, will be celebrated in Israel's capital through a series of events featuring top Israeli musicians and various performances.
Israel Respects Ukrainians' Election Choice
israel respects ukranians' election choice
Israel's Foreign Ministry said it welcomes the election process that voted in billionaire Petro Poroshenko as Ukraine president.
Belgian Jews Gather To Mourn After Museum Attack
belgian jews gather to mourn after attack
Undeterred by the fact that the killer is at large with at least one other accomplice, approximately 2,000 people, many with their small children, showed up at the museum entrance for a vigil a mere 27 hours after the attack.
Arab-Israeli Parliament Member Asks Hamas For Help
arab-israeli parliament asks hamas for help
Arab MK Masud Ganaim (Raam-Taal) appealed to the Palestinian Authority (PA) for help fighting the Jewish State Law, proposed by Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu on May 1, which would affix Israel's status as the nation-state of the Jewish people as a Basic Law.
Rare Crusader-Era Monastery Seal Found
crusade era monestary seal found in jerusalem
A rare seal of the Monastery of St. Sabas has been excavated in the Bayit VeGan neighborhood of Jerusalem. The 800 year old seal is in excellent condition.
Peres to Join Abbas for "Prayer for Peace" at the Vatican
peres joins abbas for pope prayer
Israeli President Shimon Peres on Monday accepted an invitation from Pope Francis to go to the Vatican for a joint prayer for peace with Palestinian Authority leader Mahmoud Abbas.
Genetic Testing Bill Raises Questions about Medical Freedom
Bill, if passed, would mandate genetic testing for specific diseases on every newborn. But is it the State's right to decide?
Pope Makes Impromptu Visit to Terror Victims' Memorial
pope francis in jerusalem
Speaking at a solemn ceremony at the Hall of Remembrance after meeting survivors, the Pope spoke of "the boundless tragedy of the Holocaust" describing it as an "unfathomable abyss."
Watch: Police Reveal Video Footage of Brussels Attack
brussel jewish shooter footage
A fourth victim was pronounced dead Sunday and Belgium's Jewish community was placed on high alert as police hunted down a gunman who opened fire at the Brussels Jewish Museum in an attack blamed on growing anti-Semitism.
Suspect Arrested in Brussels Shooting Attack
brussels jewish shooting
Three people were killed on-site and another fatally wounded when a gunman attacked the Jewish Museum in the center of Brussels on Saturday, authorities said.
Iranian Court Orders Ban on Instagram