Dutch Restaurant Erased Israel from Map for "Culinary Reasons"
dutch restaurant replaces israel with palestine

Dutch restaurant owners cited their gastronomical focus in explaining why they had replaced Israel with Palestine in a map of the Middle East they had printed.

Program Banning Palestinians from Public Buses is Suspended
egged bus
A controversial program to prevent Palestinian workers from riding on Israeli public transportation in the West Bank was suspended a day after it was launched.
Montana Man Shoots Bartender Over Non-Kosher Drink
man shoots man in montana after unkosher drink
Monte Leon Hanson, 59, allegedly shot his bartender neighbor, killing his dog the morning after the man made Hanson a red beer.
Vatican Set to Recognize Palestinian Saints
palestinian saints to be recognized by vatican
Two Palestinian women who lived in Bethlehem almost a century and a half ago have been honored with the highest accolade that the Catholic Church can bestow.
Al Jazeera America Denies Being Anti-Semitic, Sexist, Anti-American
al jazeera sued for antisemitism
Al Jazeera America denied allegations by a former employee who said that the news channel overlooked anti-Semitic, sexist and anti-American misconduct.
A Russian Satellite Full of Toxic Fuel is Heading Towards Earth
russian satellite heading toward earth
The US Air Force is anxiously monitoring the descent of a Russian satellite carrying 3,000 pounds of toxic fuel that has malfunctioned and threatens to careen into the Earth within two weeks.
Fanta, the Nazis and That One Commercial
fanta and the nazi business
Nazis foiled a Fanta ad this week, after Coca-Cola inc. pulled a TV spot in Germany because it failed to mention the Third Reich's role in creating the popular soda.
German Leader Resigns Over Hitler Selfies
hitler selfie
The head of a growing anti-immigrant, anti-Islam movement in Germany stepped down under pressure after photos of him dressed as Hitler appeared in the country’s most popular daily.
Orthodox Paper that Cropped Out Women: No Apology
orthodox paper cuts women out of photo
The Orthodox newspaper Hamevaser received international attention in recent days after it cropped out the images of female leaders from a photo of the march held in Paris following the terror attacks there.
Turkey Blocks Sites With Charlie Hebdo Covers
charlie hebdo cover
Turkey on Wednesday blocked web sites where the satirical covers - featuring a cartoon of Mohammed - of France's Charlie Hebdo magazine were available on-line.
Saudi Religious Scholar Issues Religious Ban on Snowmen
snowman in saudi arabia banned by muslim scholar
A religious scholar in Saudi Arabia has put a religious Muslim ban on building snowmen, saying that such things will not be condoned.
Google Street View Returns to Israel
Google Street View returned to Israel three years after it first photographed the nation's streets.


US Asks Poland to Extradite Roman Polanski
Filmmaker arrested for sex offenses in Poland becomes center of global scandal.

FIFA Visits Gaza to Help Rebuild Soccer Stadiums
A delegation from FIFA arrived in Gaza on Monday to help rebuild stadiums damaged during last summer's war.

El Al Tickets on Sale Tuesday
el al
From June 28 through August 20, Ben Gurion to Boston return tickets start from $1,400.

Fourteen IDF Innovations of 2014
New programs, new equipment, new regulations; IDF releases list of developments last year, many of which were instituted during the war.

Four Year-Old Buys Nazi Ring In Vending Machine
nazi ring
A vending company in Tulsa, Oklahoma is under fire on Friday, after a four-year-old boy presented a toy ring with Nazi insignia on it to his shocked mother.

Turkish Hair Removal Ad Features 9/11 Mastermind
turkish hair ad features 9/11 mastermind
A Turkish cosmetics company recently ran a controversial online ad for its hair removal product, featuring none other than self-proclaimed mastermind of the September 11, 2001 attacks, Khalid Sheikh Mohammed.
You Don't See That Every Day: Lion Stopped At Iraqi Checkpoint
lion stopped at checkpoint
Members of a Shia militia manning a checkpoint near the front lines of the battle with ISIS in northern Iraq stopped a pickup truck with a rather unusual passenger this week: a lion.
Jack the Ripper Not Necessarily Jewish
jack the ripper not jewish
You can rest easy. Turns out Jack the Ripper might not have been Jewish after all.
Netanyahu: I Never Ate Non-Kosher Food
Kosher Sign
"I have never eaten non-kosher food," Prime Minister Binyanin Netanyahu said in an interview recorded before Yom Kippur. He was hinting that while he has sat in restaurants that serve non-kosher food, he never ate the food himself.
Egyptian Commentator Demands Jews Return Gold Taken In Exodus
commentator demands jews return gold from exodus
Not for the first time, an Egyptian commentator (this time a political scientist) has demanded that the Jews compensate Egypt for the gold they took on their way to freedom from slavery.
IDF Soldiers Punished for Whatsapp Name Leaks
idf punishes over name leak whatsapp
Two soldiers who were involved in leaking a list of IDF soldiers killed in action during Operation Protective Edge were punished by their commanders in a military trial, Channel Two reported Thursday.
You'll Never Guess Who's Selling This T-Shirt
zara holocaust shirt for kids
How can a retail giant could possibly think that this is an acceptable design?
Hamas Propaganda Claims Donation From Football Star Ronaldo
renaldo donates to hamas?
In what is probably a case of false propaganda, Gaza terrorists claimed top football star Cristiano Ronaldo donated 1.2 million euros to Gaza. "He is a legend and we hope he will convert to Islam," the group said.
Abbas Compares Teen's Murder to Auschwitz
abbas compares murder to auschqitz
Palestinian Authority chairman Mahmoud Abbas compared the murder of Palestinian teen Mohammed Abu Khder to the Nazi extermination of millions at Auschwitz on Wednesday.
Egypt Jails Christian Teacher For Insulting Islam
egypt jails christian teacher for insulting islam
An Egyptian appeals court jailed a female Coptic Christian teacher for six months after parents of her students accused her of evangelizing and insulting Islam, her lawyer said on Monday.
German Parliament Extends Pensions for Jews Who Worked in Nazi Ghettos
auschwitz sign
The German Bundestag unanimously passed legislation approving back payments of so-called ghetto pensions for Jewish survivors.
Egypt Arrests Seven Men From 'Gay Wedding' Video
egypt arrests seven men from gay video
Egypt arrested seven men on Saturday for taking part in a gay wedding video that went viral on social media, accusing them of inciting debauchery and undermining public morals.
The Lynyrd Skynyrd Connection to Mount Zion & King David's Tomb
lynard skynard at yeshiva
As preparations for Shavuot are underway, a rabbi reminisces about rock star Artimus Pyle's three years as a yeshiva student on Mt. Zion.
Why Do Octopuses Not Get Tangled Up?
octopus discoveris may lead to new breakthroughs in robotic technology
Researchers at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem have discovered why an octopus's suckers stick to practically anything except its own body. Now this sticky discovery may lead to new breakthroughs in robot technology.
Israel Allows Sex Changes for 18-Year-Olds
israel allows 18 year olds to have gender change
Israel lowered the minimum age to be approved for a sex change from 21 to 18, and created new regulations for those who wish to undergo the procedure.
Non-Jewish Couple Donates Holocaust Torah to Virginia University
torah donated to vcu
A non-Jewish couple from Arizona donated a 250-year-old Torah scroll recovered from the Nazis to Virginia Commonwealth University.
The Donetsk Flier, Translated
jews ordered to register in the ukraine
A translation of the flier that demands all Jewish citizens of Donetsk, Ukraine to register themselves as Jews or face deportation.
Missouri Mayor Endorses Suspected Kansas Killer's Views
missouri mayor endorses kansas shooter
The new mayor of the Missouri hometown of Frazier Glenn Miller said he agreed with some of the views of the suspected killer of three people at Jewish sites in suburban Kansas City, Kan.
Customs Officials Nab Underwear Diamond Smuggler
customs nabs underwear diamond smuggler
In their efforts to collect taxes due the government, workers of the Israel Tax Authority allow nothing to stand in their way - not even a pair of underwear, which is where they discovered a stash of undeclared diamonds earlier this week.
Irish Bomber Blows Himself Up After Forgetting to Change Clock
car bomb explodes because terrorist forgot to set clock
An Irish terrorist set the record for stupidity-induced near-death earlier this week, when his bomb detonated early - after he forgot to "spring forward" to daylight savings time.
Kosher Nightclub to Open in Moscow
moscow opens kosher nightclub
A Russian Jewish group is preparing to open a kosher nightclub in the center of Moscow. The new club is meant to expose Muscovites to "a slice of the Tel Aviv nightlife and thus allow Moscow Jews to immerse themselves in that scene."
Ritz Presents Kosher Bacon Crackers
ritz bacon flavored is kosher
Ritz has a new bacon-flavored cracker hitting shelves - with kosher certification.
Israel and Germany: Moving Beyond the Holocaust?
angela merkel netanyahu hitler shadow moustache
The story behind the photo of Binyamin Netanyahu and Angela Merkel. Why did something so trivial go viral? And what does the world's reaction reveal about international opinion on Israel?
Inside The Mind Of A Suicide Bomber
inside the mind of a suicide bomber
“The fundamental difference between male and female suicide bombers is in their level of fundamentalism,” explains Dr. Anat Berko.

Removal of Religion from Palestinian IDs Pleases Public
palestinian id cards remove religion
References to personal religious affiliation are being removed from identification cards for the first time since the establishment of the Palestinian Authority. Nevertheless, the decision is not entirely removed from politics.
PA Allocates $46 Million More For Terrorists In 2014
pa allocates $46 million more for terrorists in 2014
Last week, the PA announced that it will be giving an additional $46 million a year to released prisoners, a category which includes hundreds of murderers of civilians.
Israeli Breast Cancer Survivor Designs Nipples
israeli breast cancer survivor designs nipples
Some 4,500 women a year are diagnosed with breast cancer in Israel, according to the Israel Cancer Association.
Flamboyant Billionaire Stewart Rahr Wows Israel
billionaire wows israel
A unique brand of humanitarian philanthropy takes the capital by storm.

Hebrew Article from 1924 Claimed Hitler "Favorable to Jews"
hitler article 1924 says hitler liked jews
An elderly Israeli, discovered what is perhaps the strangest newspaper article ever - a 1924 article in a Hebrew-language newspaper that called Hitler "favorable to the Jewish people."
"Govt. to Split Jerusalem, Where are the Rabbis?"
rabbi speaks out against splitting jerusalem
The government is planning to cede several sites in ancient Jerusalem to Muslim and Christian ownership, and Israel's rabbis remain silent, Rabbi Yisrael Ariel has accused.
California Rabbi Wins First MMA Fight
rabbi boxer yossi alport
California-based Rabbi Yossi Eilfort wins his first amateur Mixed Martial Arts match by TKO, and now wants to promote self-defense among religious Jews.
Jerusalem Biblical Zoo Welcomes Swedish Lion
new lion at biblical zoo
The Jerusalem Biblical Zoo is welcoming a new male lion from Sweden. The zoo already is searching for a mate for him.
Chechnya: Name Your Baby Mohammed, Get $1,000
1000 dollars to name a baby mohammed
The President of Chechnya declared Monday that a charity managed by his mother Aimani would pay $1,000 to families naming their infants born that day Mohammed, after the founder of Islam.
Nigeria: Homosexual Relationships Punishable By 14-Year Sentence
Nigeria 14 year sentence for gay relationships
Nigerian President Goodluck Jonathan signed a bill into law earlier this month which sets the sentence to up to 14 years imprisonment for participants in homosexual relationships.
Menachem Stark, Slumlord or Saint?
menachem stark family
While mainstream media outlets scrutinized Stark's relationships with tenants, contractors and lenders, haredi Orthodox publications offered a decidedly different take - celebrating his many virtues.


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