Merkel: It's a Disgrace Jews in Germany Still Face Threats
germany thinks israel is like the nazis

German Chancellor Angela Merkel said Monday it was a "disgrace" that Jews in Germany faced insults, threats or violence, as she marked 70 years since the liberation of the Auschwitz death camp.

Syrian Jihadists Shoot Woman in Town Square for "Adultery"
al qaeda executes woman for adultery
Al-Qaeda-linked terrorists have publicly executed a woman accused of adultery in northwestern Syria. In the video, a crowd of civilians and fighters are seen watching.
Worldwide Suicide Attacks Nearly Double in 2014
Use of popular lethal Muslim weapon up 94%; victims increase from 3,200 to 4,400.

Former US Negotiator: Stop Giving PA Free Rein
US chief negotiator Dennis Ross pens NYT op/ed calling on the EU to 'stop giving Palestinians a pass.'

Femme Fatale Spy who Seduced a High-Ranking Hezbollah Officer has Mysteriously Vanished
Sheikh Naim Qassem confirmed that the organization is "battling espionage within its ranks and has uncovered some major infiltrations" attested to the panic within the Lebanese Shiite group over the discovery of a mole within its ranks.

Founder of French Anti-Semitism Watchdog Moving to Israel
Sammy Ghozlan, founder of France's National Bureau for Vigilance Against Anti-Semitism, said he is immigrating to Israel.

Egypt Set to Begin Doubling Gaza Buffer Zone
Work to begin next week to double the width of a buffer zone being built along Egypt's border with Gaza to prevent terrorist infiltration.

First Recorded Case of Ebola in the UK
Deadly Ebola virus confirmed to have arrived in Glasgow; patient in isolation.

Obama Not Ruling Out Opening Embassy in Iran
"I never say never," says President Obama when asked whether he could envision opening an embassy in Iran.

Iran Censoring 'Offensive' Images on Instagram
Iran has started censoring images posted on photo sharing app Instagram, removing content deemed "offensive".

Michael Oren Joins Kulanu Party, Promises Suave Diplomacy
Former Israeli Ambassador to the United States Michael Oren will be joining Moshe Kahlon, the Kulanu party head announced Wednesday.

Sony Hack Must Have Involved "Inside Man"
North Korea's Internet links were restored Tuesday morning, Dec. 23, after being darkened for nearly10 hours in the latest round of the cyber row between the United States and North Korea.

WikiLeaks Document: CIA Preps Agents to Handle Screenings at Ben Gurion Airport
The Central Intelligence Agency offers guidelines for its operatives using false identities to get through a "secondary screening" at Israel's Ben Gurion International Airport, according to a secret CIA document uploaded to WikiLeaks.

Coke to Open Gaza Factory
Coca-Cola will open its first-ever plant in the Gaza Strip in 2015.

France Ups Security for Police Amid Fears of Jihadi Attacks
french protection
Worries over additional 'lone wolf' attacks inspired by Islamic State group after Muslim convert stabs three police.

141 Murdered in Taliban Attack on Pakistan School
pakistan massacre in school
A bloody attack by Taliban terrorists on a Peshawar school in Pakistan on Tuesday left 141 people dead, 132 of them children and another nine staff members according to officials, in the largest attack in years in the country.
Walgreen's Removes Swastika Patterned Wrapping Paper
Wrapping paper that contains a swastika pattern in its trim recalled from stores after an outraged California shopper noticed it.
Canadian Jihadist Threatens Terrorism In Canada
canadian jihadist threatens canads
Muslim convert who left Canada to join ISIS threatens Canadians they will be "indiscriminately targeted".
Israel Ranks 37th On List of World's Least Corrupt Countries
israel and spanish flag
CPI measures perceived levels of public sector corruption worldwide. Denmark ranked least corrupt; Somalia and North Korea tied at most.

Ireland Condemns Attack, Calls for Talks to "End the Occupation"
har nof israel massacre
Ireland's Foreign Minister, Charlie Flanagan, condemned the terrorist attack on a synagogue in Jerusalem, and called for a return to peace talks that would "the occupation of the Palestinian territories."
Hizbullah And Iran Gaining Strength In Latin America
hizbullah and iran strong in latin america
The arrest of a suspected terrorist in an area where local governments are increasingly willing to make political and economic deals with Iran, Hizbullah's primary backer, point to the growing threat in the area.
NYC Ebola 'Active Monitoring': From 117 Cases to 357 in 1 Week
lisbon jews demand protection
In a stunning press release, the New York City Department of Health and Mental Hygiene and the NYC Health and Hospital Corporation announced that the number of individuals in New York City "actively monitored" for the Ebola infection has jumped to 357 people from 117 people the prior week.
France Adopts Jihadist Travel Ban Law
france bans jihadi travel
France on Tuesday adopted an anti-terrorism law which will slap a travel ban on anyone suspected of planning to wage jihad, after the upper house Senate gave its final stamp of approval.
Bombings in Iraq Leave 34 Dead
34 dead in iraq
At least 34 people were killed and dozens injured Monday by two bomb blasts in and around Baghdad, Iraq's capital, BBC News reported.
Iran Says it Foiled Sabotage on Bushehr Nuclear Reactor
Iranian Intelligence Minister Seyed Mahmoud Alawi announced on Tuesday that the Islamic regime had arrested spies near its Bushehr nuclear reactor, as the country grows ever more paranoid about attempts to sabotage its nuclear program.
Ebola Cover-up? African Dies Vomiting on Plane to New York
ebola in israel
Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) officials dismissed Ebola after a "cursory" exam of an African man, who died on a plane to JFK Airport Thursday in a fit of vomiting.
Kim Jong-Un Makes First Appearance Since September
kim jong un makes first appearance since sept.
North Korea's leader Kim Jong-Un has made his first public appearance for more than a month, AFP reported on Monday night, citing state media which said the leader visited a new housing complex in Pyongyang.
French Security Official: If I Were Jewish, I'd Leave And Join IDF
police in marseille says he would leave if jewish
A senior police officer in the French city of Marseille said that if he were a Jew who cared about his country, he would leave for Israel and join its army.
Spanish Nurse First to Contract Ebola in Europe
ebola clinics in mexico flown in from israel
A Spanish nurse has become the first person to contract Ebola outside of Africa, the Spanish Health Ministry announced, in the third documented case of Ebola in Europe.
Female Kurdish Suicide Bomber Attacks ISIS In Syria
female kurdish suicide bomber attacks is
As Islamic State (ISIS) forces continue to advance on the Kurdish city of Kobane in northern Syria (western Kurdistan), Kurdish forces are engaged a last-ditch, desperate fight to fend off the jihadists.

Jihad Group "More Dangerous Than Al Qaeda" Joins ISIS
al nusra
Leaders of Khorasan, Nusra Front faction and Al Qaeda splinter group, pledge loyalty to Islamic State and vow to attack America.
Islamic State Releases 70 Kidnapped Kurdish Children
is releasees 70 kurdish children
The "Islamic State" (IS or ISIS) group on Tuesday freed more than 70 Kurdish school children its fighters kidnapped in northern Syria in May, the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights said, according to AFP.
British Jets Launch Airstrikes Against ISIS for First Time
isis planne to behead entire family
Britain conducted its first airstrikes against the Islamic State terrorist group in Iraq Tuesday, as part of international efforts to support local Kurdish, Shia and Iraqi government forces push back against the jihadi advance.
Canada To Take Part In Coalition Against IS
canada to take part in coalition against is
Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper, said over the weekend that the "Islamic State" (IS or ISIS) group is a direct threat to Canada and the world, and therefore Canada will take part in the coalition against the group.
ISIS Executes Human Rights Activist in Mosul Over Facebook Post
isis planne to behead entire family
Islamic State (ISIS) executed a prominent human rights activist in Mosul, Iraq last week, over one critical Facebook post.
Family of British Hostage Receives Message from Him
colorado woman pleads guilty to join isis
The family of British hostage Alan Henning on Tuesday said they have received an audio file of him pleading for his life, the BBC reported.
American Airstrikes Against IS in Syria Have Begun
obama calls rabbis for rosh hasahana
Several Arab nations are involved in the ongoing U.S.-led operation, a defense official said. A diplomatic source identified the nations as Jordan, Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Qatar and the United Arab Emirates.
German Muslims Rally Against Extremism
german muslims rally against extremism
Muslims across Germany are holding a day of prayers and rallies on Friday to condemn Islamic extremism and a backlash against their faith that has seen arson attacks on mosques.
Italy Opens Anti-Semitism Hotline
italy opens antisemitism hotline
A hotline to report anti-Semitic incidents was launched in Italy.
Belgian Synagogue Fire was Anti-Semitism
antisemitic incidents up 383%
The head of the Department for Activities in Israel and Countering anti-Semitism of the World Zionist Organization says that regardless of the claims of Belgian officials, the Brussels synagogue arson attack on Tuesday was no "criminal" act.
10 Arab Countries Back U.S. Campaign Against IS
isis more popular in france
The United States on Thursday received the backing of 10 Arab countries for a "coordinated military campaign" against Islamic State fighters, Reuters reported.
Sixty British Women Join IS "Modesty Police"
isis more popular in france
Women are making the decision to leave Western culture for IS, despite of the terror group's brutality to women under its reign, where women have largely been ordered to cover up completely and stay at home, and forcible rape in the early days of IS was common.
Canada Calls On The World To Fight IS
canada calls on world to fight is
Canadian Foreign Minister John Baird has expressed Canada's determination to act against the Islamic State (IS, formerly ISIS) which has declared an Islamic caliphate in large parts of Syria and Iraq.

Pope, Peres Discuss 'U.N. Of Religions' At Vatican
pope, peres discuss un of religions
Former Israeli President Shimon Peres met with Pope Francis at the Vatican and proposed a "U.N. of religions" to fight terrorism.
Watch: Islamic State's Flashy New Propaganda to the West
steve soltoff beheaded
Islamic State (IS, formerly ISIS), the brutal jihadist terrorist group conquering Iraq and Syria, has released a highly polished new recruitment video partially in German and with English subtitles, targeting jihadist potentials in the West.
Ireland Calls for UN to Review Mandate for Golan Mission
syria un golan
Ireland may not replace its 130-person rapid response force in the Golan Heights, where 44 peacekeepers from Fiji are being held by rebels, Ireland’s Defense Minister said on Monday, according to Reuters.
Poll: ISIS More Popular In France Than In Gaza
isis more popular in france
A poll of French opinion on Islamist group ISIS (also known as ISIL) show one out of ever six residents of the country as having a positive view of the terror group.
Parts Of Europe Ripe For Islamic State Attack
parts of europe ripe for is attack
Dr. Moshe Kantor, head of the Brussels-based European Jewish Congress (EJC) says that the last few weeks have demonstrated that parts of Europe have become vulnerable to a terrorist attack by the Islamic State.
Pro-Palestinians Defend Hitler in London
pro palestinian protest israel
Thousands of people shouted anti-Israel and anti-Semitic slogans, wore anti-Semitic T-shirts, and defended Hitler on Saturday - all in alleged defense of a "free Gaza" and "Palestinian rights" at a protest outside London's Downing Street.
British IS Woman Campaigns for "Equal Right to Kill"
isis woman wants equal right to kill
A 22 year-old UK citizen campaigned for women's rights in Islamic State (IS, formerly ISIS) in an odd way on Friday: by asking to have equal rights to murder as a terrorist herself.
Four Decapitated Bodies Found in Sinai; IS "Copycats" Suspected
sinai decapitations is copycats
Four decapitated bodies were found north of the Sinai Peninsula Wednesday morning, about 15 kilometers from the border with Gaza.
Islamic State Beheads Missing American Journalist
james foley beheaded
The Islamic State (IS, formerly ISIS) released a video on Tuesday which shows the beheading of American journalist James Foley, who disappeared in November 2012 in Syria. In the video he is shown being beheaded.
Pope Francis: I Only Have 2-3 More Years To Live
pope francis says 2-3 yrs to live
Pope Francis believes that he still has a maximum of three years left to live, he told reporters Monday, and indicated that he is considering early retirement.
Yazidis Commit Mass-Suicide After Rape by Islamic State Fighters
yazidids commit suicide after brutal rapes
Eyewitnesses have described how Yazidi girls raped by Muslim fighters from the "Islamic State" (formerly ISIS) committed suicide en-masse after returning to their families, as evidence of systematic rape by Islamists against non-Muslims continue to surface.

Dutch Official Suspended For Saying ISIS Is 'Zionist Plot'
dutch official suspended for saying isis is zionist plot
A project management official at the Dutch National Cyber Security Center has been suspended after tweeting that the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIS), now known as the Islamic State (IS), was a "Zionist plot".
Brave UK Jews Bring Israel To "Jew-Free" Town
uk jews bring israel to jew free town
A small delegation of British Jews bravely made their way to Bradford, UK on Sunday, after notoriously anti-Israel MP George Galloway proudly declared the area Judenrein ("Jew-free"; German).
Glasgow City Council Flies Palestinian Flag
palestinian flag
The city council of Glasgow, Scotland, displayed a Palestinian flag on its building in solidarity with casualties in Gaza.
US Airstrikes Hit "Islamic State" Terrorists in Iraq
isis strikes usa iraq
US President Barack Obama has authorized "limited airstrikes" against the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIS) in Iraq, and the US Air Force has launched it first strikes on Islamist terrorists.

Fidel Castro Rails Against "Palestinian Holocaust" in Gaza
castro says israel is committing holocaust
Former Cuban leader Fidel Castro described Israel's offensive in Gaza as a "new, repugnant form of fascism" in a column titled "Palestinian Holocaust in Gaza."
Spain Suspends Arms Sales To Israel
spain suspends arms sales to israel
The Spanish government "provisionally suspended" arms sales to Israel over its operation in Gaza.
British Government Minister Quits Over Gaza Policy
minister quits over gaza policy
A British government minister - the first Muslim woman to serve in the Cabinet - has resigned over the government's policy on the Gaza conflict.
Watch: Italian Muslim Cleric Calls To 'Kill The Jews'
italian muslim cleric calls to kill the jews
The video below is not from Gaza or Ramallah; it's not from Saudi Arabia or Qatar or any other Arab state, but from the city of San Dona di Piave in northern Italy.
Iran Accuses Israel Of 'Genocide' In Gaza
iran accuses israel of genocide in gaza
Iran's President Hassan Rouhani denounced Monday the "inaction" of the UN Security Council on Gaza, describing the conflict as a "genocidal massacre" of Palestinians by Israel, according to AFP.
Italian Reporter Reveals Hamas Cover-Up Over Misfired Rockets
tank op gaza israel gaza
An Italian journalist who until Tuesday was embedded in Gaza has backed the IDF's account of a rocket strike on a school playground in central Gaza's Shati refugee camp on Monday.

New Zealand Community Mourns Native Israeli Soldier Killed In Gaza
new zealand community mourns israeli soldier
A small community in New Zealand is mourning the loss of a Kiwi-born Israeli soldier killed in action in Gaza.
Pope Francis Appeals For Peace In Middle East, Iraq And Ukraine
pope appeals for peace in middle east
Pope Francis made an impassioned appeal for peace in the Middle East, Iraq and Ukraine.

Report: Hamas To Buy More Rockets From North Korea
hamas to buy more rockets
Hamas have signed an arms deal with North Korea in order to replenish its deplete rocket arsenal, after thousands were either fired at Israeli civilians or destroyed in IDF strikes in recent weeks, according to The Telegraph.
Egypt's Regional Role Changing In Israel-Hamas Crisis
egypts role changing in israel-hamas crisis
Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas is in Egypt today in an attempt to push forward a cease-fire between Israel and the Islamist Hamas movement, although a truce still appears to be days, if not weeks, away.
Nigeria: 60 Women and Girls Escape Boko Haram Captivity
60 women and girls escape boko haram
More than 60 women and girls abducted last month by Boko Haram in northeast Nigeria have escaped their captors, sources said Sunday, according to AFP.
Sweden investigates Israel's boarding of flotillas
Sweden Investigates
Sweden commenced an investigation to determine whether Israel violated international law by boarding Gaza bound ships in 2010 and 2012.

Egypt: Second Christian Jailed for 'Insulting Islam'
Pope Shenouda
 An Egyptian court has sentenced a Coptic Christian man to six years in jail for "insulting Islam" and stirring up sectarian strife in his village, his lawyer told AFP on Wednesday.
Nigeria: Boko Haram Islamists Kidnap Another 90 Women and Men
boko haram kidnaps 90 more people
Terrorists from the Boko Haram Islamist group in Nigeria have kidnapped more than 60 more women and girls in the northeast of the country, just months after abducting hundreds of schoolgirls in the same area.
Iran And Russia Finalizing Plans For Two More Nuclear Plants
plans for more nuclear plants
Iran is moving to finalize plans with Russia to build at least two more nuclear power plants on the Islamic Republic's southern Gulf shores, AFP reported on Monday, citing Iranian media reports.

Westerners Lured To Fight In Syria
westerners lured to fight in syria
Two weeks ago a little-known extremist jihadist militant group spread across Iraq, starting with Mosul and spreading east toward Baghdad taking both Iraqis and the western world by surprise.
Epic US-Iran Military Cooperation In Iraq?
epic us iran military cooperation
The US and Iran took the first steps for their military cooperation in Iraq on June 16, at the same time as Israel declared war on Tehran's Palestinian ally, Hamas, in the wake of a fruitless four-day sweep of the West Bank Hebron region for the three kidnapped Israeli teenagers.

Muslim Feminist Declaration Blacklisted By Western Feminists
muslim feminist declaration blacklisted
A historic convention that is to be held in the United States for the rights of Muslim women is being studiously ignored by western feminists.
Palestinian Hunger Strikers Vow To Continue Action
pal hunger strike vows to continue
Some 270 Palestinian prisoners are on hunger strike, including 75 men who have been admitted to Israeli hospitals after 48 days of a hunger strike protesting Israel's policy of administrative detention.
Pakistani Taliban Attack Leaves At Least 27 Dead
taliban attack leaves 27 dead
Pakistani authorities reported Monday morning, June 9, that they have regained control of Karachi international airport after a battle from Sunday night until dawn with 10 heavily armed Pakistani Taliban terrorists disguised in military uniforms had left at least 27 people dead.
'Palestine' Soccer Player Manipulates Position To Aid Hamas
soccer player aids hamas
Minister of Culture and Sport Limor Livnat (Likud) sent a letter on Tuesday to FIFA President Sepp Blatter, over reports that a player for the "Palestine" national soccer team manipulated his position to work for the terrorist organization Hamas.
Hamas Leader Ismail Haniyeh Steps Down
hamas leader steps down
Hamas leader Ismail Haniyeh and his "cabinet" in Gaza have resigned, Hamas spokeswoman Israa al-Mudallal said, "paving the way for the new ministers of the consensus government."

Former South African President: Israel Not An Apartheid State
former south african president: israel not apartheid state
F.W. de Klerk, who served as the last President of apartheid-era South Africa, said on Wednesday that it was unfair to say that Israel is an apartheid state.
4 Kidnapped Nigerian Schoolgirls Escape
4 kidnapped nigerian girls escape
Four of the Nigerian girls who were kidnapped by Boko Haram terrorists last month have escaped their captors, the education commissioner for Nigeria's Borno state said on Wednesday, according to Reuters. 219 girls remain missing.
Did Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 Crash From Fuel Starvation?
malaysia air crashed from fuel starvation?
A new report published this week suggests yet another theory as to the fate of 239 missing passengers - this time, based on evidence.

Sudanese Woman Sentenced to Death for Being Christian
christian woman sentenced to death for being christian
A pregnant Sudanese woman who married a Christian man was sentenced to death Thursday for refusing to recant her Christian faith, her lawyer said.
Kidnapped Christian Schoolgirls Reportedly Spotted In CAR
kidnapped christian girls spotted in CAR
Fifty of the more than 200 Christian schoolgirls kidnapped in Nigeria by Al Qaeda-linked terrorist group Boko Haram have reportedly been sighted in central Africa, far from where they were abducted in western Africa.
Kiev Jews Set Up Self-Defense Unit
kiev jews set up self-defense unit
Ukrainian Jews with combat skills formed an intervention unit to stop anti-Semitic attacks.
Iran Nuclear Talks Begin In New York
iran nuclear talks in NY
Nuclear experts from Iran and six world powers are due on Monday to start a week of talks in New York aimed at reaching a permanent agreement that limits Iran's nuclear program.
New App Created For Palestinian Refugees
inakba new palestinian app
As Israelis prepare to celebrate their 66th independence day this week, Palestinians will again mark the day in counter-point, commemorating what they call the Nakba, the "catastrophe."
11 Terrorists Arrested in Connection with Malaysia Flight MH370
malysian plane is israel to blame
A group of 11 terrorists with connections to Al Qaeda were arrested in Kuala Lumpur yesterday in connection with the disappearance of Malaysia Airlines flight MH370, according to reports by the British media.
Geert Wilders And Dutch Jews - End Of The Affair?
wilders and dutch jews -end of the affair?
Standing in front of a giant flag, a tall blond politician asks his excited followers whether their country should have greater or fewer Moroccans.
Yemeni Girls Elope, Face Honor Killing, Child Prostitution
yemini girls elope
Yemeni officials are currently considering a law that would prohibit marriage for girls under age 18, and make involvement in underage marriage a criminal offense.
Israel asks Bangkok Police to Ramp Up Security for Israeli Tourists
israel and thailand beef up security for israelis
The Israeli Embassy in Bangkok asked local police to provide more security for tourists following a thwarted terrorist attack.
White Supremacist Website Linked to Nearly 100 Murders Worldwide
white supremacist group linked to over 100 murders
Nearly 100 murders around the world in the last five years can be traced back to users of the biggest white supremacist forum on the Internet.
Alan Gross Goes On Hunger Strike In Cuban Prison
alan gross hunger strike
American-Jewish contractor Alan Gross has launched a hunger strike to protest his imprisonment in a Cuban jail and the lack of American assistance.

Hezbollah Cell Nabbed In Germany
hezbollah cell nabbed in germany
German authorities banned a group Tuesday accused of raising money for the Lebanese terrorist group Hezbollah and staged raids across the country on homes and offices used by the organization, AFP reports.
Senate Votes To Ban Iran UN Ambassador From Entering The US
us senate to ban terrorists from entering
The US Senate has unanimously passed a bill barring known terrorists from entering the United States as ambassadors to the United Nations.
PA's Czech Ambassador Killed By Explosives In Books
PA's czech ambassador killed by explosives in books
It was not a booby-trapped safe that killed Jamal al-Jamal, Palestinian Authority (PA) Ambassador to the Czech Republic, on January 1.
US Arms Syrian Rebels With Heavy Weapons, Anti-Tank Abilities
us arms syrian rebels with weapons
Two Syrian rebel militias judged moderate in Washington have in the last few days taken delivery and begun using - mostly in the Idlib region - the first advanced US weapon to be deployed in more than three years of civil war, debkafile's military sources reveal.

National Front Party Head: No Non-Pork Options In School Menus
non pork options no longer offered in schools
Non-pork options for Jewish and Muslim students will no longer be offered in school menus in towns where France's far-right National Front party won local elections, the head of the party said.

Syrian Refugees In Lebanon Reach One Million Mark
syrian refugees reach one million mark
The United Nations registered the one-millionth Syrian refugee in Lebanon on Thursday, as the civil war enters its fourth year.
Girl Converted By Mumbai Martyrs Is World Muay Thai Champ
girl converted by mumbai martyrs world thai champ
Sarah Avraham, a Kiryat Arba high school student, is the world's new champion in Muay Thai, or Thai boxing.
World's Largest Passover Seder Threatened By MFA Strike
world's largest passover seder threatened by MFA
Despite reports that the Israeli Foreign Ministry strike has threatened preparations in Nepal for what is hailed as the world's biggest celebration of the Jewish Passover holiday (Pesach), Chabad clarified that seder night feast will be held regardless of strikes.
Malaysian PM: It's Official, Plane Has Crashed With No Survivors
plane has officially crashed; no survivors
At a press conference Monday night local time, Malaysian Prime Minister Najib Razak said that there was no hope for the recovery of the Malaysian Airlines flight that has been missing for two weeks.
German Firm That Once Served Nazis Now To Lay Railways In Israel
german firm that served nazis is helping israel
DB BahnBau, a subsidiary of transport giant Deutsche Bahn, has won the tender for laying 100 kilometers of railway in Israel's northern and central regions.
In Rural Uganda, Small Jewish Community Splits Over Conversion
ugandan jewish community splits over conversion
On Fridays at sundown, the Jewish residents of this village set amid the lush hills of eastern Uganda gather in the synagogue to greet Shabbat.
Putin Signs Crimean Treaty After Harsh Anti-American Speech
putin signs crimean treaty
Russian President Vladimir Putin declared Tuesday, March 18, that Russia would henceforth strongly defend its national interests against the "cold war tactics" practiced by the United States and the West.
Interpol Names Iranian Men Involved In Missing Malaysian Flight
two names of iranian men involved in missing plane
As the search for the 239 missing passengers of Malaysian Airlines Flight 370 continues, the names of the Iranians involved in the plane's disappearance have been revealed on Tuesday.
North Korea's Concentration Camps
north korea's concentration camps
The country's horrendous concentration camps have lasted 12 times as long as Auschwitz.

Worldwide Probe To Identify Two Missing Passengers Aboard Missing Malaysian Airliner
missing plane and passangers
Two passengers who boarded the Malaysian airliner which dropped out of sight two hours after departing Kuala Lumpur Saturday, March 8, purchased flight tickets at the same time with serial numbers in sequence.
U.K.'s Incoming Top Veterinarian Calls For Ban On Ritual Slaughter
uk's top veterinarian calls for ban on ritual slaughter
The president-elect of the British Veterinary Association called for a ban on slaughtering cattle without first stunning it, which in effect would outlaw traditional kosher slaughter.
Women In Saudi Arabia Challenging Establishment
want to end male guardianship system
A group of ten women have petitioned the Shura council, the consultative body that governs Saudi Arabia based on Islamic law, to end the complete control of male guardians.

The Man Who Is After The Palestinian Presidency
dahlan campaining to be president of PA
Mohammad Dahlan, the former leader of Fatah in Gaza who was expelled from the party three years ago, has quietly begun his campaign for president of the Palestinian Authority, a political analyst says.

Report: Abbas To Receive White House Invite
abbas to visit white house
Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas could be invited for a visit to the White House in the near future, the P.A.'s chief negotiator reportedly told a local radio station.
Looking at Kiev, Through Blood and Fire
fire in kiev whats happening in kiev
After spending last year living in Kiev, the author describes feelings of painful powerlessness in the current crisis, as images in the news are filled with blood and smoke, burning cars, and streets ravaged by conflict.
Nuclear Talks With Iran And Three Unattainable U.S. Pledges To Israel
talks between iran and six powers
The second round of talks between the six powers and Iran - this time for a final, comprehensive resolution of the dispute over Iran's nuclear program - opened in Geneva Tuesday, Feb. 18.
UN Report Details "Nazi-Like" Abuse in North Korea
kim jong il nazi like?
Atrocities committed by North Korea against its own people are "strikingly similar" to those perpetrated by the Nazis during World War II, the head of a United Nations panel said. 120,000 North Koreans are thought to be imprisoned across the country, many of them in four large camps.
Will Socotra Be The New Guantanamo?
will socotra be the new guantanamo?
Amid renewed American promises to close down the notorious Guantanamo prison in Cuba, there is speculation that Socotra, an isolated island in the Indian Ocean, could host a new prison facility for Yemenis after they are released from the controversial US-run prison.

Female Genital Mutilation Affects 140 Million Women
practice of female circumcision
Senait Demisse was only seven when several female members of her family carried out the traditional practice of female genital mutilation (FGM) in her village in Ethiopia.
Suicide Bombing In Beirut Kills 1, Injures 3
suicide bombing in beirut kills 1
A suicide bomber detonated himself in a van in Beirut Monday afternoon, killing 1 and injuring at least 3.
Iran's Khamenei Bans Chatting Between Unrelated Men and Women
Khamenei tops list of anti-semitic slurrers
Iran's Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei has issued a religious edict banning online chatting between unrelated men and women, one day after Iran's Foreign Minister touted his country as a "model for democracy" in the region.
First Female Lawyer in Saudi Arabia
muslim woman becomes lawyer in saudi arabia
Bayan Zaharan, the daughter of a Saudi businessman, has become Saudi Arabia's first female lawyer thanks to a royal decree, which has begun opening up the profession to women.
Syrian Mufti's Aide Gives Army Permission to Rape
Syrian mufti's aide gives army permission to rape
Human rights groups report that thousands of women have been raped by Syrian army soldiers in the ongoing war, which is now in its third year and has left 130,000 dead.

India to Buy 15 Drones from Israel
News Pakistan reports that while India has already invested in Israeli Air Force technology, the upgrade will give the Indian government long-range control over survey and reconnaissance missions via satellite.
Christmas Bombing Targets Iraqi Christians
bomb attacks christians in baghdad on christmas
A car bomb targeted a church in the Iraqi capital Wednesday as worshippers left after a Christmas service, killing at least 35 people, most of them Christians, security officials said.
Syria: New Rebel Alliance To Rival Islamists
new rebel alliance to rival islamists
The Free Syrian Army has reportedly set up a new alliance of Syrian rebel brigades, hoping to revive its waning influence as Islamist factions gain momentum at its expense.
US and Britain Suspend Funding for Syrian Rebels
islamist rebel
The United States and Britain have both rescinded funding for Syrian rebel groups, news outlets reported Wednesday.
Syria: Islamists Find a New Way to Behead
new form of beheading in syria
The war has seen more than 120,000 people killed in just under three years, with many mass executions documented, as well as on thousands of women and girls, and torture of prisoners, sometimes ending in their death.
Deadly Suicide Bombing Kills Four In Damascus
deadly suicide bombing kills four in Damascus
A deadly suicide bombing hit central Damascus Tuesday, killing at least four people and injuring 17 others, according to state media.
Now Angola Denies Islam Ban
angola denies it banned islam
Angolan officials have reacted to reports yesterday that their country had banned the practice of Islam and begun to destroy the country's mosques by strenuously denying the accuracy of the reports.
Lebanon: 22 Killed in Iranian Embassy Blasts
lebanese embassy explosion
Two deadly blasts took place in quick succession near the Iranian embassy in Beirut on Tuesday morning. Al Arabiya reported the death toll at 18, and at least 50 were reported injured.
Nuclear Deal May Sink in Geneva
nuclear deal may sink in geneva
According to debkafile's intelligence and Iranian sources, the way ahead in the nuclear negotiations between Iran and the six powers in Geneva is still bristling with mines, more so even than the first round.
Anti-Semitism Concerns Over New EU Right-Wing Alliance
anti-semitism concerns over new EU alliance
The anti-immigration Danish People's Party (DPP) on Thursday opposed the prospect of joining the new European Union (EU) right-wing alliance being formed by Dutch politician Geert Wilders and French leader Marine Le Pen, citing concerns over Le Pen's perceived anti-Semitism.

Kerry Tells Senators to Disregard Israeli Reports on Iran
kerry tells senators to disregard israeli reports on Iran's progess of nuclear weapons
Secretary of State John Kerry reportedly told U.S. senators to disregard Israeli reports of Iran’s progress in developing a nuclear weapon.

Has Obama Been Easing Iran Sanctions For Five Months?
has Obama been easing Iran sanctions for 5 months?
A report indicates that US President Barack Obama has been easing sanctions on Iran for the past five months without Congressional approval, and despite the lack of any agreement over the Islamic regime's nuclear weapons program.

Huge Explosion Averted in Afula
huge explosives averted in afula
Intelligence, Investigations, and Surveillance officials from the Northern District of the Israeli police force have uncovered a weapons cache under the foundations of an Afula building.
Germany Finds 1,500 Paintings Stolen by Nazis
Germany finds 1,500 paintings stolen by Nazis
Nearly 1,500 priceless paintings, including works by Picasso and Matisse, that were stolen by the Nazis have been discovered in a flat in Munich, a news report said Sunday, according to AFP.

Israeli-Palestinian Security Cooperation Stronger than Ever
with release of Palestinian prisoners, security remains solid
As Israel prepares to release another group of 26 Palestinian prisoners later this week, Israeli security experts say security cooperation with the Palestinian authority remains solid despite three separate incidents in which Palestinians killed Israelis.

Tsunami Hits Japan After 7.1 Earthquake, Fukushima Evacuated
tsunami in japan fukushima evacuated 2013
A 30-centimeter (12-inch) tsunami hit Japan on Friday after a 7.1-magnitude earthquake was felt in the country, AFP reported.

India 'Briefed Israel on Danger to Rajasthan Tourists'
India 'Briefed Israel on Danger to Rajasthan Tourists'
Israel was briefed last month about a possible Indian Mujahideen attack against its citizens who visit the Rajasthan region of India, Indian home ministry and Israeli sources told the Hindustan Times Wednesday.

Iran 'Gifts' Russia with Copy of US Drone
US Drone
Iran says it has now mass produced the highly advanced US ScanEagle drone it says it downed last year.

115,000 Dead in Syrian Conflict
syrian violence toll: 115,00 people dead
A report released by the British-based Syrian Observatory for Human Rights at the beginning of October tallied the overall death toll from the Syrian conflict at more than 115,000 people.
Hezbollah Helps Syrian Army Retake Key Town
syrian government forces retake town with help from hezbollah fighters
Forces loyal to Syrian President Bashar al-Assad have reportedly retaken a key town to the south of the capital Damascus with the help of Iraqi volunteers from the Shia Abul Fadl al-Abbas brigades and Hezbollah.
More Attacks on Egypt's Coptic Christians
coptic christian attacks in egypt elevated
The Egyptian Coptic Christian community has faced increasing levels of violence since the removal of President Mohamed Morsi by the military in July. The community has suffered deadly mob violence and attacks on religious buildings.
Kuwait Proposes Test to "Detect" Gays, Ban their Entry
kuwaitt to ban all homosexuals
Gulf countries could seek to bar entry to all homosexual tourists and expats, a senior Kuwaiti government official claimed, adding that medical tests could be introduced to detect such individuals.
Assad Places War Jets in Iran for Safety
Reports find that Iran has given permission to Bashar Assad's regime to keep his war planes in their territory to protect them from possible attack. Iran may have also sent elite troops from its Revolutionary Guard to support the forces of Syrian President Bashar Al Assad.
Yemen: Eight Year-Old Girl Dies on her Wedding Night
yemeni girls
A girl of eight years old has died after suffering internal injuries on the night of her arranged marriage - to a man more than five times her age.
US Joins Russia in Drawing Ceasefire Lines for Syrian War
john kerry paris
Incoming US Secretary of State John Kerry, on his first foreign trip, set forth what sounded like a new Obama administration policy for Syria in his remarks in Paris Wednesday, Feb. 27.
N. Korea Threatens Nuke Attack on Mainland USA
  North Korea is threatening the US with a nuclear attack, claiming it has long-range missiles with atomic warheads capable of reaching the American mainland.
Syrian Rebels Down Warplane
Syrian rebels downed a warplane over Hammuriyeh on Wednesday, shortly after an air strike killed at least 14 people and wounded dozens more in the Damascus province town.
Israel: Urge Tunisia To Protect Jews
Israel's Foreign Ministry charged its diplomats with calling on the international community to urge the Tunisian government to protect its Jewish community.
Syrian Jets Bomb Northern Sir Base Seized by Islamist-Led Rebels
al jarra
Tuesday night, Feb. 12, the Syrian Air Force began bombing the large al-Jarra air base which rebels led by Islamist battalions conquered near the northern city of Aleppo.
Thousands Protest Egypt's Morsi
morsi protest
Thousands demonstrated against Egypt's President Mohamed Morsi and his political backers, the country's ruling Muslim Brotherhood, on the second anniversary of former President Hosni Mubarak's ouster from power.
Cyprus Upgrades Palestinian Mission to Embassy
Foreign Minister Erato Kozakou-Marcoullis said Friday that the upgrade is in line with Cyprus' recognition of Palestinian statehood in 1988.
Egypt Receives First Batch of F-16s from the U.S.
At a ceremony in honor of the F-16s received from the U.S., Sisi said Egypt looks forward to further cooperation to build and develop the combat capabilities of the Armed Forces.
Fatah Missiles and Russian-Iranian Military Cooperation to Bolster Assad
fatah missiles russia
French and Israeli intelligence sources affirmed Saturday, Dec. 29, that, contrary to reports appearing in the United States Friday, Iran has accelerated rather than slowed down its 20-percent grade enrichment of uranium and is racing toward a nuclear weapons capacity.
Citing Violence and Bloodshed, Top Syrian General Defects
al shallal
In the latest blow to the Syrian government, the head of Syria's military police has defected and has now declared allegiance to the rebel uprising seeking to overthrow President Bashar al-Assad.
Assad's Deadly Agenda: First Chemicals, Next, Iskander 9K720
syria weapons
While NATO unpacked the Patriots in Turkey, a dozen mobile batteries, each carrying a pair of Iskander missiles, were fixed into position opposite Turkey, and another dozen, opposite Jordan and Israel. At all their stations, the Russian missiles pointed at US military targets.
Iran Congratulates North Korea on Rocket Launch
north korean
Iran congratulated North Korea on Wednesday for its "successful" launch of a long-range rocket, an incident that provoked global condemnation.
Jordanian Tourism Ministry Warns Israeli Tourists on Jewish Symbols
david star text
The Jordanian Tourism Ministry warned Israelis not to wear Jewish symbols when visiting the country.
Netherlands to Cease Funding Jewish Broadcasting
Prominent representatives of the Jewish community in the Netherlands have expressed outrage over the Cabinet's plans to cease providing funding for Jewish Broadcaster Joodse Omroep, the only Jewish broadcasting network in the Netherlands.
Greek Neo-Nazi MPs Try to Bring Guns into Parliament
nikolaos mihaloliakos
Members of the neo-Nazi Golden Dawn party attempted to enter the Greek parliament armed with guns but were stopped by a metal detector and asked to leave.
Iran Launches Islamic YouTube Rival
mehr youtube iran
Iran has launched its own video-sharing website to compete with Google’s YouTube, whose content is deemed inappropriate by the Islamic regime, state television reported Sunday.
Did Assad Pass Chemical Weapons to Hizballah?
chemical weapons in syria
There is growing concern that some of the chemical weapons the Assad regime has been pushing out of the Damascus area in the last few days were sent across the border to Hizballah strongholds in the Lebanese Beqaa Valley to keep them out of rebel hands.
Australia Summons Israeli Envoy Over Settlement Construction
Israel's ambassador to Australia was dressed down by government officials after being summoned over Jerusalem's decision to expand settlement construction.
US Ultimatum Averted Iranian-Pakistani Warship Drill
pakistan warship
Iranian and Pakistani warships had planned their first ever rendezvous to take place in Port Sudan Friday, Nov. 30. The United States put a stop to this plan at the last moment by threatening to call off the direct talks with Tehran that were scheduled to open Saturday, Dec. 1.
Hungarians Protest Jobbik Party's Anti-Semitism
jobbik anti semitic remark
Thousands demonstrated in front of the Hungarian Parliament building in Budapest to protest against the anti-Semitism of the far-right Jobbik party.
Demonstrations Continue Against Morsi Power Grab
morsi flag
Police fired tear gas and beat demonstrators as large-scale protests in Cairo's Tahrir Square continued over Egyptian President Mohamed Morsi's power grab.
Pakistan Says it Test-Fired Nuclear Capable Ballistic Missile
pakistan nuclear capable
Pakistan on Wednesday said it has successfully test-fired a medium-range ballistic missile capable of carrying a nuclear warhead.
US-Led NATO Intervention Begins in Syria War
patriot battery
Tuesday, Nov. 27, the Middle East military spotlight swung around from Gaza to the Syrian war with steps for the start of US and NATO intervention in that conflict.
London Cops Investigate "Anti-Semitic" Bomb Delivery
golders green
Metropolitan Police reportedly said the recent delivery of an explosive device to a house near London was an anti-Semitic hate crime.
Egypt's Constitution Draft Based on Islam
morsi flag
Egypt's Muslim Brotherhood-led government is suggesting that the country's new constitution be based on the principles of Islam.
US Embassy Warns Americans of Terror Alert in Egypt
The US Embassy has warned American citizens in Cairo to remain alert and be aware the diplomatic mission has credible information terrorists are targeting female missionaries in Egypt.
Sudan Blames Israel of Arms Factory Attack
Sudan blamed Israel for an attack on an arms factory in Khartoum.
Moshe Dayan's Grave Vandalized on Yahrtzheit
moshe dayan
The grave of Moshe Dayan was vandalized on the anniversary of the former Israeli defense minister's death.
"Iran's Gestapo" Rounds Up Christians
no christians
Iranian police, termed "Iran's Gestapo" by a Christian news site, has arrested between 100 and 400 Christians and thrown them into prisons.

Iran Submits Proposal to End Syrian Crisis
Iran has given a proposal to find an exit strategy for the Syrian crisis, the Al Arabiya network reported on Sunday.
French Police Find Jihadist Bomb Lab
jihadist bomb lab paris
French police have found an explosives lab which they say Jihadists used in the recent bombing of a kosher store near Paris. French President Francois Hollande has said he would beef up security around Jewish institutions.

Iraq to Stop All Iranian Planes Bound for Syria
iaf 16
Iraq is determined to stop and search flights from Iran over its territory which are suspected of carrying weapons to Syria, Foreign Minister Hoshyar Zebari said.


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