Today in History, February 14: 1955 Israel acquired four of the seven Dead Sea scrolls.


U.S. Supreme Court Justice Scalia Dies at 79

The death of conservative Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia isalready deeply impacting the country's current political deadlock.

The Brutal BDS Tactics that Harmed Hundreds of Palestinians

SodaStream CEO reveals the long campaign, including libel and a 'terror-like grenade assault,' that made him fire Arabs - and it hasn't stopped.

Kennedy's Murderer Denied Parole Again

Sirhan Sirhan has been denied parole for the 15th time.

Clinton and Sanders Clash Over Relations with Iran

To establish diplomatic ties, or not to establish diplomatic ties? That was the question at Thursday's Democratic debate.


Russia Cutting Deals with ISIS in Syria

While Russia says it is fighting terror group, new evidence shows it is cutting economic deals amid the bloodshed in Syria.

Obama Backtracks on Additional Defense Package for Israel

President Barack Obama has refused to provide extra defense aid to compensate Israel for the damage caused by last year's Iran nuclear deal.

Israel Innovates Intelligent Socks for Diabetics

Hebrew University students aim to reduce foot ulcers by linking pressure-sensing socks to a smartphone app that informs patients of developing risk.

Israeli Startups Raise Over $550m This Month

This is a record breaking amount of money!


Dutch Officials Want to Stop Exporting Dogs to Israel

The government in the Netherlands attempted to ban the export of dogs to Israel, claiming that the IDF uses them as "weapons," but was unable to find the legal means to do so.

White House Does Not Support 'Territories' Portion of Anti-BDS Bill

The Obama administration said it does not support the portion of a new trade law that requires actions against entities that boycott goods manufactured in the West Bank.

97 Terrorists Arrested Trying to Break Daniel Pearl's Murderer Out of Prison

The Pakistani military foiled a prison break operation intended to free the terrorist responsible for the murder of Daniel Pearl.

50,000 Syrian Refugees Flee to Israel and Jordan

Some 50,000 refugees from southern Syria are heading for the border of Jordan and another 20,000 for Quneitra opposite Israels Golan border.


Israeli Spy Vulture Captured in Lebanon

Israeli intelligence forces may or may not be panicking over the arrest of one of their featheriest agents.

The War on Hummus

Anti-hummus activist strikes stores across New York City, then brags about it on Facebook.

H&M Apologizes, Pulls 'Tallit Scarf'

The international retailer faced a barrage of Internet backlash and laughter for a scarf resembling the traditional Jewish prayer shawl.

Soul Food, February 14

The only creatures that are evolved enough to convey pure love are dogs and infants. ? Johnny Depp