Today in History, May 31: 1942: Auschwitz III opened up. It was a massive labor camp for the construction of synthetic oil and rubber.


ISIS Fighter Tries to Sell Sex Slaves on Facebook

“To all the bros thinking about buying a slave, this one is $8,000.”

880 Refugees Died in One Week Trying to Cross the Mediterranean

In 2016 alone, over 2,500 migrants have lost their lives in shipwrecks and capsizing in a desperate bid for safety across the sea.

Israel Seizes Loads of Drones Being Smuggled into Gaza

The new Orad system provides protection against drones by tracking their flight path, then neutralizing hostile drones by blocking their radio and GPS signals.

One-Year-Old Was Left in a Car & Died of Heatstroke

15-month-old Eliya Weingott died of a heatstroke after being left in a car for several hours.


Israeli Company Will Build Medical Marijuana Plant in New Mexico

Panaxia has devised a method of extracting precise dosages of medical cannabis, which will be the basis of their U.S. pilot plan.

Catholic Church Spent Over $2 Million to Block Child-Sex Law

A new bill aiming to grant justice to victims of child sex abuse threatens to bankrupt the Catholic Church, which is employing an army of lobbyists to fight it.

SodaStream Launches New Homemade Beer System

The Israeli home drinks maker saw its share price soar after the announcement.

Congress Warns: Obama Failing to Prevent Major Weapons Sale to Iran

Republicans protest Obama failing to use sanctions or veto power to stop game-changing weapons from being sold to Iran.


Iraqi Forces Prepare for Major Push into Fallujah

With 50,000 civilian lives at stake, Iraqi special forces prepare for their toughest battle yet - ISIS looks increasingly weakened.

Ukraine Honors Nationalists Who Butchered Jews

For the first time, the country observed a moment of silence for Symon Petliura, a 1920s statesman blamed for the murder of 50,000 Jewish compatriots.

Why Putin Sent a Lost Israeli Tank Home

It is safe to assume that Putin consulted Assad before making this gesture and both had their own reasons for making it. It is also possible that the Syrian ruler may also decide to disclose what happened to three missing Israeli soldiers and perhaps even return their remains.

Unexploded WWII Bomb Found in German Airport

A total of 54 flights were diverted on Sunday after an unexploded American bomb dropped during World War II was found at Hanover Airport in northern Germany.


Saudis Ban Cat Selfies and Snapchat Filters

And not for the reasons you'd think.

Country Music Star Threatens Iran in Weird NRA Video

The NRA, which recently announced its endorsement of Trump, released a video of country musician Charlie Daniels telling the "ayatollahs of Iran" to fear the "swamp folks" and "mountain men" of America.

A Jewish Day Camp in a German Beer Hall?

Well this sure doesn't sound like any Jewish day camp we went to...

Hasidic Rabbi's Daughter Learns of His Death on WhatsApp

The daughter of the deceased, Rabbi Yitzhak Rosenberg, is now calling on the community to be careful with the news they spread.

Soul Food, May 31

“If a man cannot understand the beauty of life, it is probably because life never understood the beauty in him.”
- Criss Jami