Today in History, October 10: 1966: The Jewish musical duo, Simon and Garfunkel, released the album Parsley, Sage, Rosemary and Thyme.


Gaza Rockets Miss Israel, Hit Gaza

The rockets missed the mark and exploded on the Gazan side of the border. It is still unknown whether there were any injuries or damages.

Palestinians Reportedly Killed in Gaza-Israel Border Riot

Palestinian sources say a couple of Palestinians were killed by IDF forces.

McCain: Terror Wave May be Due to Obama's Weakness

Ex-presidential candidate says Abbas acting with impunity, likely due to perceived American weakness in region.

Fourth Stabbing on Thursday: Soldier Stabbed by Arab Terrorist in Afula

A Jewish man in his twenties was stabbed and moderately to seriously wounded in an Arab terror attack in the northern city of Afula on Thursday, marking the fourth such stabbing of the day.


US Military Aid to Israel to Rise

The "Washington Post" reports that the Obama administration is in talks with Israel over a $35 billion, 10-year package.

Air Europa to Offers Tel Aviv - South America fares

Spanish airline Air Europa announced special pricing on Wednesday for Israelis flying to South America.


How Israeli Volunteers On the Ground in Europe Are Helping Syrian Refugees

Israelis are doing their part to help with the refugee problem.

Switzerland to Lift Sanctions Against Iran

The sanctions will be lifted on Thursday, the Swiss government said in a statement, to support show support for the reached July 14 between Iran and six major world powers.

Air France Deeply Regrets Removing Israel From its Map

Israels name is often absent from atlases, textbooks and official publications by firms seeking to avoid angering Arab consumers over Israel.

Iran Orders Chinese Fighter Jets After Warplane Purchase From Moscow

On the heels of announcing the building of two new nuclear reactors, Iran is about to conclude a transaction with China for the purchase of mult-irole jet fighter planes. This transaction comes only days after purchasing a fleet of in-flight refueling warplanes from Moscow.


Ben Carson Blames Gun Control for the Holocaust

In an interview Thursday on CNN, Carson said fewer people would have been killed by the Nazis had more citizens been armed.

Judge Rules: The Muslims Are Coming! Ads to Run in NY Subways

The ads promoting The Muslims Are Coming! contain phrases such as The Ugly Truth About Muslims: Muslims have great frittata recipes and Those Terrorists Are All Nutjobs, with the word nutjobs replacing the word Muslims."

Outrage as Nazi Flag Unfurled in Center of French City

The French city of Nice has sought to reassure visitors who were shocked to discover a massive Nazi flag flying prominently on a local government building.

Russian Boy Finds 3,000-year-old Artifact InTemple Mount

A rare stone artifact dating to the 10th-century BCE was found in Jerusalem by a 10-year-old volunteer.

Soul Food, October 10

If you're walking down the right path and you're willing to keep walking, eventually you'll make progress.-Barack Obama