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Iran Wants Israel to Attack and Be Buried

A top Iranian Guards commander has begged Israel to stage an attack so Iran will be justified to throw the "enemy" into the "trash can of history."


A top Iranian Guards commander has begged Israel to stage an attack so Iran will be justified to throw the “enemy’ into the “trash can of history.”

Revolutionary Guards Aerospace Force Commander Brigadier General Ali Hajizadeh told the Iranian Fars News Agency, "One of our big wishes is that they take this action because it is now a long time that we have piled up a huge potential energy and we are eager to spend it and throw the enemies of Islam and Muslims to the trash can of the history."

His comments are part of a continuing and escalating psychological war of words between Iran and Israel and several American officials.

Iran has continually mocked Israel for allegedly bluffing with threats to attack Iran in order to delay or step the Islamic Republic from manufacturing a nuclear weapon.

Ian’s constant militant verbal response is thought by some to be bluff because of doubts whether it has all of the military power it claims.

Nevertheless, the Guards Politburo chief stated, "If the Zionist regime commits such a mistake [of attacking], it would mean that it has entered the final days of its existence since the Islamic Republic of Iran is a powerful and strong country which can defend its territorial integrity and interests across the globe, specially in the Middle-East.”

President Shimon Peres, who almost always appeals for dialogue and not weapons, said earlier this month that an attack on Iran was becoming "increasingly more likely.”

While France has warned Israel not to exercise the “military option,” an increasing number of American officials are reaching the conclusions that it is too late for tougher economic sanctions to stop Iran’s nuclear program.

John Bolton, former U.S. ambassador to the United Nations, said more than two years ago that Israel should take the initiative and attack Iran because sanctions and diplomatic “engagement” would not work.


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