AOL Says Israel "Practices Controversial Assassinations"

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 Date Posted: 2012-11-14 18:50:46
The Israeli Defense Forces launched operation "Amud Anan" early on Wednesday, November 14th with the targeted assassination of the commander of Hamas's "military" terror wing, Ahmed Jaabari. It seems that media outlets worldwide are already spinning the story with the typical mainstream slant that depicts Israel as the villain of the region.

One VJ staff member found the following screenshot on the front page of AOL Mail, with the slanted headline: "ISRAEL REPORTEDLY KILLS... Israel suggested it would resume the controversial practice of assassinations."

aol mail headline israel kills

This disturbing headline leads the reader to a Huffington Post article derived from Reuters, which gives a more detailed account of the targeted killing; however still paints Israel as the aggressive villain, not mentioning the hundreds of rockets that the residents of Southern Israel have encountered in the past week until the 14th paragraph in the article.

The strike on Jaabari on Wednesday, which coincided with an Israeli attack on Gaza's weapon capabilities and stockpiles, comes days after Netanyahu vowed that Israel would respond strongly to the extreme escalation of rockets launched at Southern Israel over the past week.

As many as 150 rockets were fired from Gaza at southern Israel within a 24-hour period, leaving thousands of Israelis with lives at a standstill, as offices and schools had to be closed as a safety precaution.

Prime Minister Netanyahu held a press conference on Wednesday evening stating that Israel will not come to terms with the attacks on its citizens.

The Huffington Post article glosses over the number of missiles fired at Israel, devoting only one sentence in the entire piece to this important piece of information.

The article also puts a slant on the recent artillery exchanged between Israel and Syria, stating that: "The escalation in Gaza came in a week when Israel pounded Syrian artillery positions it said had fired into the Israeli-annexed Golan Heights."

In fact, earlier this week, Israel fired warning shots at Syria after a mortar shell from Syria hit an Israeli military post in the Golan Heights. As Arutz7 reported last week, three mortar shells fired from Syria landed in Israel; a military vehicle on patrol in the Golan was hit by Syrian fire; and three Syrian tanks rolled into the demilitarized zone between Israel and Syria.

None of this is specified in the article.

See the full HuffintonPost article here and let us know your thoughts on Facebook. Do you think the article is deliberately misleading?

UPDATE: Palestinian terrorists have fired missiles at the Nuclear Reactor in the Israeli city of Dimona
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